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  1. RachelS

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    Aww, no :( I love this fic.

    I'm looking forward to the last update though.
  2. mimi

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    Chapter 79

    It was daybreak when Mikey finally stretched his weary hands over his head and yawned, finally deciding to get some long overdue rest. He carefully put aside the many newspapers from around the world he'd been sitting through the previous night. As usual, nothing turned up in the papers that gave away any clue to their location.

    He was tired. He made his way to the kitchen and pulled out a can of cold coffee and a slice of chocolate cake.

    It was funny how nothing changed much in the past hundred years. You'd think there would be flying cars and robots to bend our will, but no. The only thing improved so far was that they finally found a way to reduce air pollution, and only by .67892 percent.

    Humanity was coming to a standstill.

    Mikey was afraid that he too was coming to a standstill. Julia had nagged him time and again to let them go, but no.
    He wouldn't.

    He couldn't.

    Not when he needed her the most.

    His Weesie.

    How long had it been since he'd last uttered her name?

    Mikey couldn't remember.

    He didn't want to.

    It was too painful.

    It was his fault, Mikey had decided long ago.
    He had taken her away from him.
    And he was suppose to be Mikey's brother.

    Well, he'd severed that bond a long time ago when he decided to just up and leave, taking Louisa with him.

    And he was going to pay.

    The End.


    Lexi wanted me to post it for her. Now, here it is. The last chapter.
  3. TKQwerty

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    I'm not gonna lie, I am super sad this fic is over...:glare:<3

    But! I hope you keep writing, your super talented. Can't wait for more :) (I hope!)
  4. RachelS

    RachelS New Member

    :eek: Sequel much? xD Jk, but it certainly sets it up for one. :)

    That was a great final chapter! :] I hope you find the time to keep writing some more stuff Lexi, because I really enjoy your writing.

    I really, really enjoyed this fic. It was/is one of my favourites :)
  5. Dani4MCR

    Dani4MCR New Member

    it's over :'(
    this fic was awesome
    i sure hope there is a sequel :D:D:D:D:D
    i can't believe it's over
    i loved it :D
  6. Moonshyne

    Moonshyne New Member

    Hi Lexi,

    Like the others said I really loved this fic and I too am sad that it's over. I do hope you continue writing because you have a knack of getting out certain emotion especially humor. Besides you killed Hannah Montana so you rock!!!
  7. Kaley

    Kaley Active Member

    It's over. :'(
    I hope there's a sequel.
    It was amazing!
  8. xXFazXx

    xXFazXx New Member

    please say there will be a sequel

    i loved this fic
  9. darkestnight

    darkestnight Coffee Girl

    I really hope there will be a sequel, there is certainly a set up for one.
    I loved it Lexi, you are such a fantastic writer.
  10. Yoshi.

    Yoshi. Nerdfighter


    Oh wells...I hope there will be a sequal
  11. Katelyn McFly

    Katelyn McFly Dr. DeathDefying

    I'm really sad this is over.
    I loved it.
  12. Angila

    Angila InkGirl. Staff Member

    Whoa it's over?! It sounds like you left room for a sequel, Lexi...I hope you're going to do one!
    I loved this story from the beginning, and am sad that it's over. But it was purely amazing, as are you.
  13. Lexi

    Lexi Active Member

    Thank you :)

    There is.

    And thank you :)

    There is.

    And people say I have a weird sense of humor.

    There is.

    There is.

    There is.

    There is.

    Thank you :)

    Thank you, Angie <3

    And there will be x]
    Soon, I promise.

    I just have to remember to bring the first few chapters of it the next time I'm lucky enough to go online.

  14. Yoshi.

    Yoshi. Nerdfighter

    Th-...There's...Going a SEQUAL! YAY!

    I LOVE YOU! *hugs* Ah.. I seriously can't wait
  15. Dani4MCR

    Dani4MCR New Member

    i'm well happy now :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
  16. Stefi

    Stefi New Member

    :( :( :( :(

    GAH!!!! POOR MIKEY!!! HE WENT WEIRD!!! :( :( :(

    i can't believe it finished!!!! :'(

    glad there's a sequel though. this fic is fantastic!!!

    eep, i'm at an utter loss of words. -_-'
  17. Lexi

    Lexi Active Member

    Aha, thank you guys x]

    I already have the first few chapters of the sequel made.

    But it needs some tweaking.

    Watch out for it :]

    The title will be FEAR. (not in all caps, of course)

    Aaaaaaand make way for a new lead character :]

    We'll be focusing more on someone else (two of them, actually) instead of Gerard and Louisa.

    Sure, they'll be in it, but they will no longer be the pivotal figures of the fic :]

    Now I'm saying too much.

    Love you guys <333
  18. Angila

    Angila InkGirl. Staff Member

    ^Ah Lexi I can't wait for the sequel!
  19. RachelS

    RachelS New Member

    Same! I'm really excited for it! :)
  20. Stefi

    Stefi New Member

    YAY!!! ohmygod, i can't wait!!!

    i'll make sure to keep an eye out for it!

    erm, Lexi, just in case i miss it, could you please pm me when it's up?
    if it's okay, that is.

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