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    OMG its fwankie yaaaay
    *Innocently Hopes*
  2. HelenasXinterlude13

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    Oh shit.....

    It is his father, isn't it? I hope it isn't. If it is that would suck. BIG TIME. :(
    If it is, I hope he doesn't kill them. That would suck even BIGGER time. :'(
  3. Moonshyne

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    I love the chapter. I agree it woudl suck if it was his dad bout who else could it be. Frankie and Angila should be dead unless????

    Great update looking forward to more.
  4. RachelS

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    Aww no. I don't want them to be found :(

    I hope they get away before whoever it is finds them.

    More when you can :)
  5. HelenasXinterlude13

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    Well, if it is his father, then Gerard and Louisa should totally kick his ass so much that it will hurt to sit for the rest of his eternal life. :guns: :stealth:
  6. Nurul

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    I bet it's Frank.
    Turned into a vampire.
    On Gerard's Dad's side.
    Lovely updates, Buggie.
  7. HelenasXinterlude13

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    But if it was Frank, turned into a vampire, why would he be on Gerard's father's side? Gerard's father wants to kill Louisa but Frank just wants her back 'cause he loves her.

    So many questions! :confused:
  8. Yoshi.

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    ^Maybe because shes with Gee now??
  9. Lexi

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    It's not Frank, unfortunately :(

    Chapter 78

    “Thanks for buying me the flowers,” Louisa grinned as she and Gerard continued down the street.

    “It was nothing,” Gerard said airily, waving a hand at her. He snaked his arm around her shoulder and drew her close to him, breathing in the scent of her hair.

    “You smell good,” he commented.

    “So do you,” Louisa said, her attention focused on a pretty kitten meowing at people.

    “It’s so cute,” she said, detaching herself from Gerard and rushing over to the kitten.

    Gerard rolled his eyes.

    Another favorite animal.

    He’d give kittens three weeks before she grew tired of them and fell in love with something else. Turtles, perhaps. Or fishes.

    He’d always wanted to go to a tropical place.

    Just as Gerard was seriously contemplating moving to the Caribbean, Louisa returned with the kitten in her arms and a bright smile.

    Oh, no.

    Not this again.

    “Louisa.” Gerard stated sternly.

    “What?” Louisa asked innocently, her eyes wide.

    “You are not to bring that kitten home.”

    “But Alfie’s so cute!” Louisa wailed.


    She’d named it already.

    It was going to be a lot harder prying it from her hands.

    “You know I don’t like cats.” Gerard said.

    “Well, maybe you don’t, but I do,” Louisa pouted, shoving Alfie into Gerard’s face. “Isn’t he adorable? Come on, just this once!”

    “Fine!” Gerard spluttered, pushing the cat and its stinky fur away from his face. “But don’t get too attached to it. We could leave at any time and we can’t bring it with us.”

    “Always the pessimist. And stop calling Alfie an ‘it’!” Louisa chided him, tickling “Alfie” under his chin.

    “But what about me?” Gerard whined. “Don’t I get any attention?”

    “Oh, shush, you. You get enough attention.”

    “Not nearly enough.” Gerard growled, pulling Louisa into a bone-crushing embrace, Alfie landing in between them.

    “Do you always have to do this where people can see us?” Louisa asked nervously, looking around her.

    “Don’t care,” Gerard mumbled as he nibbled on the soft skin of her neck.

    “Not here,” Louisa tried to push him away half-heartedly, but she knew it was no use once Gerard was in the mood.

    He hadn’t had a woman in years, and his hormones went into overdrive a lot more often now that the only company he had was Louisa.

    Not that they’d really done anything.

    A few kisses and cuddles here and there, but nothing farther than that. Never on the lips, either.

    Louisa always knew when to stop Gerard.

    But the problem was if she wanted to.

    She’d have to figure it out in the next hundred years, then, or it was going to drive her insane.
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    Ahh, beast. HAVE SEXYTIME. /n00b
    Great update.
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    haha awww Gee no like kitten :( damn
    Gee is horny boy
  12. Dani4MCR

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    Hahaha he is a horny devil isn't he
    worried the cats trying to take his place now?
    lmfao xD
    that was cute more soonage?
  13. Moonshyne

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    That was really, really cute. Poor Gee over a hundred years and no action.

    Maybe someday Louisa would give in.
  14. Lexi

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    ^ I hope so x]

    It's weird. They're my characters, but they have their own minds. I know some of you can relate :p

    The damn girl is so confused.
  15. RachelS

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    Aha, yeah I can relate xD. They end up going off in a totally different direction than what you'd planned, right? Aha, the joys of story writing.

    Anyway, great chapter. I hope Louisa makes up her mind about Gerard soon though.

    More when you can :)
  16. Nurul

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    Love the update, Buggie.
    Oh, and my Art teacher's called Alfie.
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    Ha, I agree with Julia. Have SEXYTIME!
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    That was cute. :clapping: More updates as soon as you can please.
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    Gerard's a horny devil.
    Great update. :)
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    *new reader*
    wow, I just spent half the morning reading this, it's so great!!!!!!!!!!
    I love you!!!!!!!! You killed Bitchannah wh**etana!!!!!!!! YAAAAAAAYYYY
    Awwww cuteeee
    updatee soonn xxxxx

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