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    *new reader*
    ive been reading this for days now.
    pretty much the best fic ive ever read.
  2. RachelS

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    Wowowowow, I missed so much!

    One hundred years? That's so long. It's sad that she doesn't remember anything.

    More when you can :)
  3. Lexi

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    Chapter 76

    *Julia’s P.O.V*

    He’s changed so much.

    I never realized that their disappearance would affect him the way it did.

    The Mikey I knew was gone.

    I sighed wearily as I climbed the steps to his study – which was really Gerard’s, by the way, but he doesn’t like me mentioning his brother’s name around him – carrying two mugs of hot chocolate.

    “Heyyyyy, Mikester!” I greeted as cheerily as I could, pushing open the door with my foot.

    “Hi,” he said curtly, bent over some piece of paper.

    “I brought ya hot chocolate,” I said softly, setting the mug down near the paper.

    He didn’t say anything, his concentration focused on whatever paper he was reading.

    I sighed and made my way out the room.

    I hated it when my time spent with Mikey ended with him being completely cold and impersonal. It feels as though he doesn’t even know me anymore.

    I miss the old him so much.

    I miss the Mikey that laughed, and cried, and whined, and cared. The one who reached out to everyone instead of keeping his feelings bottled up inside and acting like some arrogant jerk.

    He better snap out of it in the next hundred years, or I’ll have to bitch slap him up the ass.
  4. Lexi

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    It's short, but most of the next few chapters are introductions into the new lives of all the characters :)
  5. Yoshi.

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    Aww. Poor Mikey! I hope he gets better.

    More soon?
  6. Julia

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    -bitch slaps Mikey... in the ass-

    Aw no.
    YAY @ MY POV.
    Great update peach.
  7. xXFazXx

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    Awww come on Mikey be happy again
    love it
  8. xXFazXx

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    Awww come on Mikey be happy again
    love it
  9. Katelyn McFly

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    Ha. Sorry that update was kinda sad but that last line made me burst out laughing.
  10. Moonshyne

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    Hi Lexi!!

    That was so sad. I really feel for Mikey. I feel bad for Julia too because she lost the person she knew and loved.

    Can't wait to read more when you can.
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    *New Reader*
    jus spent the past 4 hours reading it all haha
    i LOVE it its sooooooo funny and sweet etc
    more soon?
    my fave part was obv killing Hannah Montana :D:D:D
    i was cheering :]
  12. RachelS

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    Aww that chapter was so sad :(

    Mikey's not Mikey anymore.

    More when you can :)
  13. Lexi

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    Chapter 77

    He stood silently, watching the pair exchange shy glances as they walked hand in hand down the road, stopping every now and then to drag the other into some shop they passed that looked interesting.

    But then again, everything in Italy would be interesting to such a pair.

    His eyes narrowed as he observed Gerard rolling his eyes in amusement at Louisa’s excitement over a pretty bouquet of roses tied into a bunch by a thick red ribbon.

    Needless to say, Gerard bought the bouquet, resulting in an ecstatic Louisa squealing and throwing her arms around his neck.

    It made his blood boil to see the pair so happy and in love.

    They were, he could tell.

    It was just that neither of them knew it yet.

    But all that would end soon.

    He didn’t spend a hundred years hunting them down just to have his way barred by their petty, unknown feelings for one another.

    Oh dear.
  14. Julia

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    I bet it's his dad!
  15. Dani4MCR

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    i bet its him too
  16. Katelyn McFly

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    AH! Uh-oh. That can't be good.
  17. Kaley

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    That can't be good.
    It must be his dad...

    Great update. :)
  18. Angila

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    Oh great updates, Lexi! I feel so bad for Mikey and Julia. And now they've been found...
    More whenever you can!
  19. xXFazXx

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    run away
    more soooooon please
  20. TKQwerty

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    I bet it's Frankie[​IMG]

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