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    Rating: 15 (for language, etc.)

    Main Characters: Gerard Way/OFC

    Disclaimer:This story is the product of my over-active imagination. Therefore, it is entirely fictional and in no way are any of the characters related to / based on any person, living or dead.

    Chapter Index:

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    Chapter 28-Page 25 Chapter 56-Page 84
    (500 years ago)

    The chiming of the grandfather clock was the only sound heard in the living room.

    Finally, the voice of Mary Alice, the owner of the house, reverberated around the room.

    "To Donna," she said, while raising a goblet filled with crimson wine.

    "To Donna," echoed around the room, and glasses were also raised.

    Mary Alice looked around the room. Sitting on the sofa were a man and two women. The man had short dark hair, and his face was deathly pale. Everyone in the room was deathly pale.

    "So that means HE's the oldest now." a young woman blurted out from across the room.

    "I don't trust him." the man sitting on the couch commented darkly.

    "What's not to trust?" a cold voice suddenly echoed around the room.
    Everyone jumped, startled, and immediately looked around the room for the source of the voice.

    A figure emerged from the shadows. He was pale as a ghost, and his hazel eyes took in every detail of the room.

    He cast a malevolent eye towards the man on the couch. "Tell me, Anthony."

    The man paled - if that was possible. "It is simply that, it's hard to trust a new leader after one just died."

    "I'm sure Donna wanted him to be, Anthony." Mary Alice said.

    After a tense moment of silence, the pale figure turned and disappeared.

    "I hope this goes well," Anthony said, exhaling the breath he had been unconciously holding.

    CHAPTER 1 (present)


    "Damn it," Louisa cursed under her breath as she threw her books into her locker and raced down the hall for first period English.

    She made it to her seat just as the teacher came inside the room, and breathed a sigh of relief.

    "Hey," a voice next to her said.

    She looked up and saw Frank, her best friend, smiling at her.
    "Hi, Frankie,"

    He ran his hand affectionately through her long brown hair.

    "So how was your date with Jess?" she asked.

    "Okay," he said in a bored voice.

    "Don't you like her?"

    "She's nice and all, but she's just not my type. Besides, she couldn't keep up with my awesome energy!" he said, smiling an ear-to-ear grin.

    Louisa swatted him playfully on his butt.

    "Mr. Iero and Ms. Jacobson, do you think you could keep your hands away from each other long enough to pay attention?" the teacher's irritating, scratchy voice said.

    "Sure thing, Mr. Smith," Frank said. "It's just that I have a lot of sexual tension that needs release."

    The girls in the classroom giggled and cast longing glances into Frank's direction, and envious looks into Louisa's.

    Louisa rolled her eyes. Everyone thought that she and Frank were an on and off couple, but really, they were just friends. Friends who didn't mind getting intimate, but she'd never think of doing it with Frank.

    After school Frank walked Louisa to her house.

    "I'll call you later, sweetie," Frank murmured as he kissed her on the cheek.

    "You better," Louisa smiled as Frank bounced jovially down the driveway and out of her sight.

    She pushed open the door and went inside the house.

    What she saw made her want to scream, cry, and throw up at the same time.
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    I like it.
    And that's saying something, because I only read one fic on this entire site. I hope to read more soon?
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    It's pretty good.

    I want to find out what she saw.
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    Lovely! Really. PLEASE UPDATE SOON! This is awesome. :D
  5. I like it!
    Update soon, yes? =]
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    This sounds really interesting!

    More soon? :]
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    Jhai, that's quite an unusual username...
    Is it a shortcut for what hurts the most?
    Glad you like the fic :)
    I kinda lost the draft I made for the fic :oops:, so I'm tearing the house apart looking for it... All I can say is that what Louisa saw will change her life.
    And ever.
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    Chapter 2

    There were bodies in the living room.

    One was her mother's, her body twisted into horrible angles, and her head cut off. The eyes of the decapitated head stared lifelessly at the ceiling.

    A mass of blood and gore sat in the middle of the room. It would have been unrecognizable, were it not for the ring on a finger. The ring belonged to her sister.

    Just as she felt like throwing up, she heard an anguished groan coming from the back of the sofa. She ran, and she found her father clutching his stomach.Blood oozed from where a wooden spike was impaled.

    "Father," she whispered, unable to say anything more.

    Her father looked up at her weakly. "I need to turn you, Louisa," he said, coughing out blood.

    When Louisa was silent, he continued.

    "I want our bloodline to continue, Louisa, you're my last hope. Please," he begged.
    I think some family history would be useful at this point.

    Louisa's parents are both vampires. Her younger sister is also a vampire because she wanted to be, so her father turned her. Louisa, on the other hand, wanted nothing to do with it, as she wanted to live as normal a life as possible.

    Louisa knelt down near her father. "Okay," she said in a small voice.

    She could see that this was a great relief to her dying father.

    She let her neck rest against her father's dry mouth. As she felt his fangs sink into her flesh, she stared up the ceiling, and wondered how she would ever explain all this to Frank.

    Then she wondered if she could even see Frank again.


    Mary Alice walked briskly along a dark hallway. The thick, bloodred carpet muffled her footsteps, but she knew that he could hear her approaching. Passing ancient portraits and statues, she came to a grand oak door at the very end of the hallway.

    Before she could even knock, a cold voice said: "Come in."

    She took a deep breath, and, on the exhale, opened the door to his study.

    He sat behind a rosewood desk. There were numerous papers and official-looking documents atop the desk, but she could tell that his attention was on the picture frame on the right hand part of the desk.

    He did not switch his attention from his mother's picture to Mary Alice.

    "Yes?" he asked.

    "3 vampires have been killed, sir," she replied in a shaky voice. It did not matter that she had been assisting him for 500 years. He still gave her the creeps.

    He was silent.

    "It was the Jacobson family, sir,"

    At this, he looked up from the picture and contemplated Mary Alice through his cold eyes.

    "The Jacobson vampires are gone then?" (You know, I don't really think that Jacobson and vampires go well together:'()

    Mary Alice fidgeted nervously. "Uh, actually, sir, the father was able to turn his eldest daughter before he died,"

    "So she is the last of them?"

    "Yes, sir,"

    "I want to see her. Now."

    At this, Mary Alice was shocked. He had never entertained guests in his study. As far as she knew, she was the only person allowed to enter. But only with permission, of course.

    "Well, Mary Alice?"

    She was unaware that she had stayed silent for more than a minute.

    "V-very well, sir," she said as she quickly walked out of his study.

    500 years or not, Gerard Way still scared her.
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    Please update! This story is dark, i like itt!
    Especially the part with the dead bodies -evil grin-
    I like dead bodies :)

    *New reader*
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    Chapter 4

    Louisa woke up in an unfamiliar room.

    She glanced around her, and saw that the walls were dark, and the art covering it morbid. But somehow she felt comforted by the eerie aura surrounding her.

    She lay on a bed with dark red covers, and she saw that she wasn't wearing her black shirt and jeans anymore, but rather a flimsy silk nightgown that she ordinarily wouldn't have been caught dead wearing.

    She walked to the full length mirror across the bed, and carefully studied her reflection.

    Her skin was paler, and her once brown hair had turned into a silky black that reminded her of a starless night sky. Her eyes (which were brown) were now a golden hue.

    Suddenly, a door near the old closet opened.

    Louisa turned and saw a tall, pale woman dressed in a formal-looking outfit. Her blond hair was piled on top of her head in a neat bun.

    "I see you are awake, Ms. Jacobson," she said in a smooth, I-am-professional-so-don't-mess-with-me voice.

    "Where the fuck am I?" Louisa demanded.

    "You are in Way Manor, miss," the pale woman replied calmly. "The master would like to see you. Kindly dress. Your garments are in the armoire. Thank you."

    With that, the woman closed the door, leaving Lousia alone in the room once more.

    Who the hell was "the master", and who did he think he was, ordering her around like that?

    Well, not directly, but sending his messenger to do it for him.

    Regardless, Louisa decided to do as she was told.

    She opened a drawer in the "armoire" and saw that her clothes had indeed been placed inside.

    She opted to wear a formal black dress that fell to her knees. There were no sleeves, or straps, or anything, leaving her pale shoulders bare. And around her neck, she put on her mother's pearls.

    Just as she fastened the catch on the necklace, the door opened and the woman with the blond hair stuck her head in again.

    "Good, you are dressed appropriately. Please follow me."

    The pale woman led Louisa down a hall. There were numerous portraits on the wall, each depicting a vampire sucking his victim's blood. There were also busts of old men, and Lousia felt as though every time she took a step, their eyes followed her.

    "Uh, 'scuse me, but what the hell is going on?" she asked the woman.

    "The master has heard of your unfortunate predicament. He was good friends with your great-grandfather."

    There's that master again... Damn, he must be old. she thought.

    "I suppose you realize that he is a vampire," the woman said as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. "He's the oldest among all of our kind, so mind you respect him."

    Vampires..? Great...

    They stopped at an oak door. The pale woman raised her fist to knock, but before she could, a cold, chilly voice which sounded as if it were emanating from the grave said: "Come in". (Gerard really gets a kick out of doing that :glare: )

    The pale woman opened the door.

    She motioned Louisa to go inside, and once Louisa stepped over the threshold, the door shut behind her.

    She glanced around and saw a figure looking out the window at the wailing rain. His face was hidden in the shadows, and all Louisa could see of him was his tall (everyone is tall to her, 'cause she's only 5"1), lean body and the pale, graceful hand holding a wine glass filled with what looked like red wine.

    He's got great posture for an old man.

    "Take a seat." he said. "Please." he added as an afterthought.

    Louisa decided to sit on one of the red armchairs in front of a beautiful rosewood desk.

    A flash of lightning illuminated his face for a fraction of a second, but it was enough for Lousia to catch a glimpse of a face that made her pulse race.

    He had silky black hair that hung in over his eyes in an unkempt manner. His eyes were a beautiful hazel. He had a delicateness about him, and all in all he had a sort of childlike, vulnerable face.

    He walked towards the desk and sat behind it, setting the wine glass down on the tabletop. It was not red wine, as Louisa had assumed earlier, but blood.

    He held out his hand for Louisa to shake.

    Louisa did, and was surprised by how cold his hand felt. They were both silent for a while, until Louisa realized that his hand was still holding hers.

    "Tell me about yourself," he said, loosening his grip but not letting go. ?He let his hand rest lightly on top of hers on the table.

    "Well..." Louisa was at a loss as to what she should say. He had such a powerfully seductive aura, and every moment she spent with his hand on top of hers was scrambling her mind.

    He sensed her discomfort, and he grinned deeply.

    This caused her more discomfort.

    "Let me tell you something about youself," he said in a low voice.

    Louisa leaned forward to hear him better.

    He cupped her chin with his other hand, tilting her face so that he was looking directly at her soft lips.

    "You have the most kissable lips I've ever seen," he murmured, gently stroking her bottom lip with his thumb.

    Louisa felt her eyes close of their own accord. He moved his thumb away from her bottom lip and put his lips there instead.

    Despite the fact that his hands were so cold, his lips were strangely warm. He gently tugged at her bottom lip until her lips parted, and he covered her mouth fully with his.

    She felt his hands grow warm, as they caressed her cheeks, brushed past her shoulders and came up to her neck and stayed there, pulling her head closer.

    Then she heard a crash.
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    this is definitly interesting so far!
    but one suggestion; i think you should be easily able to intergrate things you have in parathensis into the story. for example;
    rather than the parenthensis, you could put "She thought" or something similar.
    oh, and Gerards eyes are hazel, if you want to edit that question out ^_^
    otherwise, i am definitly looking foward to more!
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    Hazel? Thanks :) I've been wondering about that for a long time...
    And thanks for the suggestion :) It's much appreciated.:)
    I'll go edit it out now...
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    *falls off chair*
    its amazing!!
    i LOVE IT
    best vampire gee story EVER
    writey morey pleasy
    <3 <3 xx
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    Chapter 5

    Louisa blinked once, and realized that she had been daydreaming.

    The crash she heard was that of an antique vase falling to the floor and breaking into a million fragments.

    She had been staring into his eyes the whole time, and she felt her cheeks flush with embarrassment as she remembered what she had been thinking about.

    "Well?" he said, a little impatient.

    At the sound of his voice, she immediately snapped out of the dreamlike state she was in.

    "Oh! Oh, I'm sorry," she apologized. "I was just..." her voice trailed off.

    "Just what?" he demanded, annoyance clearly etched in his voice.

    She glanced down and saw that his hand had left hers.

    The daydream began when she said "Well..."

    Fortunately, the pale woman chose that moment to poke her head into the room.

    "Excuse me, sir, but Anthony would like to see you," she informed him.

    "Thank you, Mary Alice," he said and, without further ado, walked out of the room.

    Mary Alice stared at his retreating back, then at Louisa.
    "Did you do anything?"

    "I... I just... nothing." Louisa said finally with downcast eyes.

    "Let me guess. You looked into his eyes, was somehow hypnotized, and ridiculous images started to form in your head?"

    Louisa didn't know if Mary Alice was teasing her or if she was psychic. "Uh... actually, yeah," she ventured.

    Mary Alice sighed and sat down on the other armchair. "That's what happened to me the first time I met Gerard,"


    "Yes. There's just something in his eyes, isn't there? Something captivating..."

    Louisa thought for a moment. "So, he's your boyfriend?"

    "No!" Mary Alice exclaimed, shocked that Louisa would even think of such a thing. "No, of course not, he's... well... he's like my boss, or something like that," - Mary Alice lowered her voice - "He's also a snobby bastard, so I hate him, but I don't have any other choice but to work for him,"


    "Because... well, it's like a contract I have with him. Only 600 more years, and I'm out of here,"

    600 years?

    "How old is Gerard?" Louisa asked. "He doesn't exactly look like "the oldest","
    "Well, let's see... probably around 800 years old, or so,"

    Louisa's mouth dropped open. "800 years? Are you pulling my leg?"

    Mary Alice didn't seem to understand. "No, do you see my hands on your leg? They're right here!" she said, waving her hands in front of Louisa's face.

    "No, what I mean is, are you kidding me?"

    "Oh, why didn't you say so? No, I am not jesting, he is 800 years old. He is a vampire after all."

    Louisa looked uncertain. "Uh, just so you know, I know absolutely nada about vampires. I didn't want to have anything to do with them,"

    "What is this nada?"

    "It means I don't know anything about them," Louisa explained patiently.

    "Oh, well, you don't have to worry about that. We hold a ball every year for those vampires who have been newly turned. The new ones will be taken in by one of the elders, so that the elders may teach them all that they need to know,"


    "The males who are over 350 years old. There are about 200 of them."

    "So Gerard's an elder?"

    "Yes, but he hasn't taken in a protégée since... well... since never,"

    "Why not?"

    Mary Alice shrugged. "He just doesn't."

    Then Gerard came back in.

    "The ball has been moved earlier. Anthony cannot be here during the traditional time of year." he informed Mary Alice.

    Mary Alice drew a notebook out of her pocket. "When shall we hold it, then?"

    "This Saturday. Send word." then he turned and closed the door behind him.

    When Mary Alice was sure that he was far away, she groaned out loud and slumped in her chair.

    "How does he expect me to notify at least a thousand vampires and find a venue on such short notice?" she complained.

    "I could help if you want," Louisa offered.

    "Would you?" Mary Alice looked extremely grateful. "Thank you, although I must warn you that it will be a lot of work,"

    Louisa shrugged. "It's all right with me,"

    (The Next Day)

    "Excuse me, does a Mr. Way live here?" Louisa asked the maid at the gate of a grand mansion.

    She looked at the list again in surprise.

    Michael James Way

    Maybe they're brothers,

    The maid ushered her in.

    She was made to sit down on a comfortable sofa in the living room, and while she waited, she was served chocolate ship cookies and Coke.

    "Forgive the food," the maid said apologetically. "But they are Mr. Way's favorites."

    Louisa smiled. "It's okay,"

    The maid left to summon "Mr. Way".

    Although she smiled, inside she was feeling very homesick. Chocolate cookies and Coke reminded her painfully of Frank.

    She wondered what he was doing now.

    Then she heard footsteps approaching.

    "Good morning!" said a cheerful voice.

    Louisa turned around and saw a thin, pale man with dark hair and a cheerful, isn't-the-world-absolutely-beautiful grin on his face.

    They're brothers? What the fuck? Maybe one of them is adopted...
    The man - Mr. Way - sat down beside Louisa and popped a whole cookie into his mouth.

    "So what's up?" he asked her while trying to drink the soda and eat another cookie at the same time.

    Louisa smiled at his antics. "It's my duty to inform you that the ball has been moved to this Saturday night,"

    Mr. Way choked on his soda.

    "SATURDAY?!" he exclaimed in disbelief. "Fuck Gerard! Now I have to go and find a suit! I hate suits!" he whined. "Plus I have to find an escort! Fuckhimfuckhimfuckhim!!!"

    Yes, he really reminded her of Frank.

    "Do you think Gerard in screwing Mary Alice?" he suddenly asked her in such a calm voice that you'd never know he was throwing a tantrum just 5 seconds ago.

    "Uh... I don't think so, Mr. Way-"


    "Okay, Mikey, I don't think so, because Mary Alice hates him and thinks he's a snobby bastard."

    Mikey nodded the way you'd expect a monk to nod when answering a very deep question with a very wise answer. "Yeah, that's true. Does Mary Alice have a date to the ball?"


    "Then I'll ask her!" he said brightly.

    At this point, Louisa was beginning to worry about not having an escort.

    "Don't worry," Mikey said comfortingly, as if he had read her mind. "You don't need an escort, 'cause you're one of the new vampires."

    Louisa raised a eyebrow at him. "How did you know?"

    Mikey rolled his eyes. "Gerard called me last night and he was Louisa this, and Louisa that. I've never heard him talk so much about a female before," he added, shooting Louisa a knowing glance.

    "I know what you're thinking," Louisa smiled at him. "But I just met him last night and I don't think he likes me very much."

    "Why not?" he asked, curious as a 3-year-old asking his parents where he came from.

    Louisa told him what happened last night.

    By the time she was finished, Mikey was roaring with laughter.

    "What's so funny?" Louisa asked indignantly.

    Mikey put a hand on Louisa's shoulder to steady himself.

    "Nothing," he choked. It was hard for him to say anything while laughing his ass off. "It just seems funny!"

    Then he started laughing hysterically again.


    Mikey's got a weird sense of humor. :mmm:
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    Oooohh great updates!
    Mikey is so adorable!! Love him <333
    Update soon
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    *hands out cookies that have speakers in them and the song playing is Helena to all new readers*
    I'll probably update tomorrow, or later, 'cause... um... well, let's just say I'm working out a few kinks in the next chapter :)

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