The Unsinkable Sinks (Titanic story)

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    Title: The Unsinkable Sinks

    Raiting: 12 possibly 15 (Minor language)

    Characters: Gerard Way, Katharine Miller, Mikey Way, Lillian (Lilly) Carlisle, Ray Toro, Hollie Bareham, Frank Ireo, Emma Jay Hayes (Haze), Bob Bryar, Dana Farelly.

    Genre: Romance, friendship

    Summery: A ship destined to New York, supposedly unsinkable. What happens when the RMS Titanic hits an iceberg?

    Chapter index: Chapter 1/ Prolouge-Page 1
    Chapter 2-Page 1
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    Chapter 1/Prolouge: Does it have to end this way?


    The icy blue depths take innocent lives slowly freezing their bodies until their hearts stop beating and their last breath is taken away. The supposedly unsinkable ship slowly lowers into the ocean, screams heard on board from crew and unfortunate passengers.

    "I don't want this to be goodbye." Katharine sobbed in her lovers arms.

    "Do not worry my love, it'll never be goodbye." Gerard hugged his fiancé in his tight grip not wanting to let go.

    His grip on the plank of wood that was keeping them from sinking was getting weaker and weaker by the second as the heat escaped both of their bodies. Watching as the grand cruse liner disappear into the murky depths of the Atlantic ocean.

    "I love you Gerard Way." Katharine whispered to her lover.

    "I love you too, Katharine Miller..."

    Hope you like it reviews appreciated =)
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    ^ Haha I saw this on FicWad and I'm going to say the same thing on looks amazing I can't wait for more :)
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    Chapter 2: Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous

    Chapter 2: Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous: A/N: All my chapter titles are going to be from songs or lyrics from songs:

    Days earlier: April 9th 1912

    "Isn't this a wonderful birthday present?" Katharine asked her soon to be husband as they boarded the infamous, Titanic.

    "Indeed it is darling" Gerard flashed his well known smile, showing off his perfect teeth.

    "Would you like me to show you to your room?" A man with dirty blond hair asked the couple.

    "Yes, if you would" The man nodded and took their bags off them, which wasn't alot just a few smart clothes, jewellery. Along the way the couple saw many people they knew but quite allot they had never seen before.

    "Sir, ma'am, Here's your room, feel free to explore while we make your room more homely"

    "I think a walk is well over due, come lets find Michel and Lillian" Gerard took Katharine's hand in his and led the way to the restaurant where crowds of people, rich like themselves and poor, happily clapped to the tunes coming from the piano and violins.

    "Gerard, Katharine do join us" Michael waved to his older sibling.

    "Good afternoon, Frank, Raymond, Michael. Where is Bob and you fine ladies" Gerard made sure Katharine took her seat before seating himself.

    "Bob is getting us another round of drinks and I believe the girls are over there enjoying the music, care to join them Katharine?" Raymond turned to Katharine who shook her head.

    "I would love to, but I am in no mind for dancing right now"

    "Oh Gerard, Mother and Farther are in their room preparing for your wedding" Michael informed taking a sip of water.

    "Oh your parents do fuss over us!" Katharine smiled and shook her head.

    "It's for the best, to give you the wedding you deserve" Smiling, Gerard gave Katharine a kiss on the cheek.

    "Frank, darling I feel tired I think I'm going to lie down before dinner" Emma Hayes or Haze as Frank commonly called his Fiancé announced. "Oh hello Katharine, Gerard"

    "Okay, be ready for dinner though" Frank kissed Haze lightly.

    "Hello Haze, I think I will walk with you I need to get ready for tonight as well, see you boys later. Tell the girls I said hello wont you" Katharine kissed Gerard before getting up.

    "We will" Michael called after them. Katharine and Haze walked through the grand hallways of the Titanic enjoying light convocation with each other.

    "Oh I am so glad you and Gerard are finally getting married!"

    "Me too, it is the perfect opportunity to see family over in America" Katharine couldn't wait to see her mother and farther who had to stay in America due to her father's work commitment.

    "Quite, Hey will you watch where your walking!" Haze was already anxious of the big crowds of people never mind the fact that they were in the middle of the ocean. A girl about 5'6 had been knocked onto the floor. her long black hair was quite well kept apart from the odd knot here and there. "Oh I'm dreadfully sorry, didn't mean to snap"

    "It's okay, I wasn't looking where I was going" Her hazily orange eyes looked up at the 2 women with sorrow.

    "What's the matter?" Katharine asked confused on why this girl would be so sad, on a boat like this.

    "It seems I have lost my way, I am supposed to be in the 3rd class cabins not up here" Her dress was white with a single black cloth round the middle, unlike Katharine's or Haze's.

    "Come with us" Katharine said. "What's your name before we continue"

    "Abbie Hudson, ma'am" Abbie bowed her head, her black hair covering her face.

    "No need for the ma'am sometimes it really gets quite annoying" Katharine started to walk again Abbie and Haze followed.

    "May I ask, where the hell are we going" Some passers by turned and looked at Abbie in disgust.

    "You know 3rd class passengers are not allowed on the 1st class cabins, we are going to make you 1st class" Haze smiled.

    "You sure Frank and Gerard won't mind?" Katharine asked Haze who shook her head. "Alright, Abbie let's make you 1st class"

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    First off how you spell Mikey's name is Michael :)
    But great chapter :)
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    Fuck this is awesome I love it and me wanna read onnnnnnnnnn
    Lots of love adrenaline (natty)
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    I really like what you've written, but you'll need to include a genre in your initial post. If you want to use coloured fonts, please use darker ones too, yellow is very difficult to read.
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    ^Oh okai i'll change it
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    Thanks, but you'll still need to change your initial post to include genre. The layout should look like this:

    You'll also need to change it within 24 hours to prevent your fic from being locked.
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    I really like this :3 It's a really creative and amazing idea :D
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    thanks =) i dont know if im writing anymore on the story yet but if i do your one of the first to know =)

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