The Stranger From Afar

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    Since having my son my inventive juices are somehow lacking, so i thought id try and get them flowing again by writing a fan fic! :). And apologies in advance if it takes me quite a while to update!, life with a 10 month old baby keeps me on my toes at the best of times!:^_^:

    The Stranger From Afar

    Rating: 18+ Language, sex etc!

    Summary: Gerard plays a gig in a far away place, a place where he has never seen before. Can he adapt to city living or will he always be the country bumpkin!?

    Genre: Tragic romance

    Characters: My Chemical Romance (Gerard, Mikey, Ray, Bob etc lol), Ville Valo!, and lots of others!

    Disclaimer: This story is a work of my own wicked mind..None of it is true!:mosh:

    Introduction - Page 1


    -"I think my balls are freezing off" Mikey said crudely while shivvering and winding his coat tighter around his slender frame, the band nod in agreement as Gerard pipes up.

    -"I hear you, why would anyone want to play a gig in this iced hell hole?" Gerard sighed watching his breath float up in grey clouds shivvering too!, he proceeded to hitch up his sleeve to see what the time was on his rolex, the time was 1:03am but the landscape looked like it was still 12 midday. That was the only problem with anywhere near the artic circle, especially Finland

    -"Lets get inside before we all freeze to death" Bob suggested, the band nodded in agreement before lugging their instruments and suitcases into the small lobby of the hotel, the heat instantly warmed the blood in the veins as they all sighed happy to be in the warmth. After checking into the hotel the band we're shown to their rooms, as the luggage handler turned to leave Frank touched his arm.

    -"Hey, what is there to do for fun around here?..This place is just a huge ice rink" Frank asked tilting his head to a 40 degree angle waiting for an answer, the luggage handler gave them a funny look before straightening his uniform.

    -"Well..Theres a bar downstairs..There are several clubs in Helsinki..Even if this place is just a huge ice rink" The luggage handler said in his mixed Finnish accent looking at little offended as he reached the end of his sentence, he turned and made a sharp exit before Gerard could protest his friends innocence.

    -"There you go upsetting the locals, we've been here what...15 minutes and you've already offended someone" Gerard lectured, Frank hung his head before murmuring something about he needed to get his trousers out of the suitcase before they creased up, the guys always taunted him about his OCD ways..Frank always hated anything being creased but said in his defense that a smart man was a happy man.

    -"What are we seriously going to do in this place?..Theres got to be something entertaining here!" Bob protested throwing himself heavily down onto the mattress.

    -"This is a five star hotel, surely our agent wouldn't just plonk us in the middle of nowhere and expect us to find our own amusement" Gerard said cheerfully pointing to a club with a red sign that gleamed brightly through the dim panes of the window, his smile even more mischievous!

    -"It says in the brochure that that's a strip club!" Mikey reasoned, ever the sensible one in the band, the guys all tutted and resorted to hitting him over the head with their pillows.

    -"Strip club it is then" Gerard said opening the hotel door with a bunch of excited band mates following in suit, all apart from Mikey who had stayed sitting on his bed watching his friends follow his brother out into the night, they all finally stopped and turned around

    -"C'mon mikey, it'll be fun..Lots of girls, drunken boobs..It'll be a great way to celebrate our first night in the arctic circle!" Ray said looking at his friend, Mikey shook his head.

    -"Nah, guys im getting jetlagged, ill probably just go to the bar and then hit the sack" Mikey sighed, the band all looked at each other and shrugged before leaving Mikey in the room and heading out into the bitterly cold night!

    But who would have the best night?
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    I'm kinda confused on what this story is actually about... but I'll stick around to find out
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    I'm enjoying this, I can't wait to see what sort of pickle they get themselves into.

    I hear you on the trying to get back into writing after having a baby too, my creative talents have dried up and I can't go deep or ugly enough to write well while keeping myself sane to look after him.

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