The Last Thing You Bought?

Discussion in 'General Off Topic' started by mcrxsophfee, Jul 1, 2008.

  1. mcrxsophfee

    mcrxsophfee Active Member

    I searched several things that could be this topic and nothing came up. I'm also not sure if this should go here or in the off topic section. If it already is a thread then I apologise and you can lock it.

    So, it’s pretty simple. You just write down what the last thing you brought was.

    Today, I brought four books. 'Out Are The Lights' by Richard Laymon, 'No Sanctuary' by Richard Laymon, 'Interview With A Vampire' by Anne Rice and 'Talking To Strangers' by Anne Cassidy.
  2. Madden

    Madden Faut souffrir pour être

    I was going to make a thread like this actually - but I was going to call it 'The Last Five Things You Bought' then remembered that I wouldn't remember all five, so.

    -stops rambling-

    I bought Ribena Light.
  3. rockprincess

    rockprincess Active Member

    bracelts from Hot Topic

    or was it a shirt???

    (we will never know)
  4. Thea

    Thea Guest

    Kerrang! and a Diet coke

    XOMBIE Guest

    A caramel slice which was yum
  6. Shaz.

    Shaz. Gleek.

    Jones soda.
  7. cinthia

    cinthia New Member

    gansito (kind of a twinky)
  8. dosEXE

    dosEXE Guest

    Movie ticket, candy, and all that jazz.
  9. Pansy_Face

    Pansy_Face Setting my friends on fire

    Blaqk Audio shirt on clearance. Checkered backpack. Subway sub. An eggplant.
  10. xokay_nowx

    xokay_nowx Become, become, become

    Pajama pants from Target.
  11. Trish

    Trish Guest

    A Simple Plan CD off of iTunes
  12. Lor

    Lor New Member

    Lunch at work.
  13. Nikki Marie

    Nikki Marie New Member

    The Black Parade Is Dead! dvd/cd
  14. AMB

    AMB Guest

    ^ SNAP!! me too x
  15. VickyWild

    VickyWild New Member




    Plus Chicken Korma, Noodles.

    Andd the most important purchase I ever make;

  16. Nurul

    Nurul Madridista

    ^I miss shopping for books =/

    But anyway;
    Chicken burger.
  17. Holly

    Holly Active Member

    I paid 20 pence for an OXO cube, and 20 pence for some Risotto Rice.
  18. Lovesong

    Lovesong She's a Rebel

    The Black Parade Is Dead! dvd/cd <3
  19. Madden

    Madden Faut souffrir pour être

    • Hair grips.
    • Bracelet.
    • New Netball kit.
  20. Kayla?!

    Kayla?! Guest

    McDonald's food for my friends last night, haha.

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