The Hyperactive Pessimist Is On The Run Again!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by MySecretSanctuary, Mar 22, 2009.

  1. MySecretSanctuary

    MySecretSanctuary New Member

    Haha- the titlleeee, anywayysss, I is Allie!!! (Or just call me Stripes, or Cake. A friend, Willow, nicknamed me Stripes 'cause I was wearing a striped jacket that day-and she nicknamed me Cake because...well....long story short, we just finished eating Pocky and food was still on the mind XD) Haha, anyway, I was introduced here by Tara! From KawaiiVille....XD, 'Nyways, if you talk to me, I have a obsession with The Legend Of Zelda and Naruto, so expect me to bring it up- on to the topic: MCR rules! They're my fourth favorite band :D The GazettE still remains at number one, though XD. You can also catch me on Quizilla (LovelyLoveless) or Youtube (xXDragonXXFireXx) :D my favorite colors are Blue, Green and Purple, and I can listen to all types of music- but I absolutely hate Haris Pilton, Ciley Myrus and yeah. Also, expect me to listen to write ALOT of fanfictions. I also want to make a band- I've learned "Temple of Time" "Zelda's Lullaby" "Lost Woods" and "Fairy Fountain" from The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time. "Love Story" by someone Idk of, it sounds like Beethoven. An odd form of "Don't Jump" by Tokio Hotel, "Dearly Beloved" from Kingdom Hearts, and the begining of "In The End" by Linkin Park on Piano, probably more but idk. I'm learning Guitar and I have a poster of the chords on my wall so I can practice alot of 'em any time. I'm also a vocalist, aka, I absolutely LOVE to sing :D Its my passion ^^ Well- I've wasted a minute or two of your time, better go now, before I freak out about how I beat The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess last night at 11:31 PM o.o trust could happen XD
  2. Tara

    Tara New Member

    Love the icon. >=]
    Friend invite.

    Welcome to the forums. I expect, no, demand, you become active on here, and you can obviously ask me if you need any help. It's pretty much the same style as KV so you should be fine.

    Dude, I want a chord poster. That's be awesome.
    And I want to learn piano. -Jealous-
  3. MySecretSanctuary

    MySecretSanctuary New Member

    Haha, thanks! I actually made the Icon myself, even if Kiro is my favorite member from Cinema Bizarre, Strify is second- and thats my favorite Icon I made :p
    Friend Invite Accept!

    Haha, I'm joined on some other forums aswell, but they're Rp forums, I just joined a Naruto forum :D. And don't worry- since I don't have to worry about being complained at, I should be on every day, unless I forget to, which is quite rarely since I'm on my comp ALOT :D

    XD, I actually got it at Walmart, surprisingly
    Haha, if you have a keyboard you can look up the chords and notes if you want, I can look up one for you :p
  4. Alice!

    Alice! ублюдок

    Hi I'm Alice. :)
    Welcome To The Black Parade, have fun! :D
  5. mcrmaria

    mcrmaria Active Member

    Hey I'm Maria
    Welcome to !!
  6. Lokeriel

    Lokeriel Because Boomerangs Staff Member

    Hi, I'm Ash.
    Welcome to!
    please be sure to read the rules.
    And since I see you plan on writing fan fics, please read this thread before you do so; Fan Fiction Guidelines/FAQ/Ratings
    Enjoy your stay here
  7. Noemi.

    Noemi. New Member

    Hi Allie, I'm Noemi.
    You remind me a lot of some of my friends.
    The Gazette is cool, I like Filth In The Beauty.
    Epic song.

    Gah, I miss playing Zelda.
    It ruled.

    Oh and sweet, I live in Texas too!

    Well read the rules, have fun, etc, etc.

    Feel free to PM/VM me anytime!

    Welcome again!
  8. MySecretSanctuary

    MySecretSanctuary New Member

    To Lokeriel: Haha, halloo Yellow-sannnn (Yesh, I just met you and I already gave you a nickname, hence your Icon and Signature color XD)
    Willl do, ^^ and yeah, I'll make a fanfiction if I get an idea- :D, I shall read the rulessss!! :p
    I should enjoy- if not, feel free to smack me XD

    To Mcrmaria: HIIIIII!!!

    To Demox: Halloooo person! ^^

    To Noemi_mcr: Halllooo! :D I love that song! Its actually the first song I've heard by them :p
    Yeah- I miss Ocarina of Time. But alas, I still have to complete Wind Waker, A Link To The Past, Phantom Hourglass, and than grab three other people and play Four Swords XDXD, since I already completed TP and OoC: Original and Master Quest (I get bored :D)
    Holy bajaminajulikakairordonhyrule! SWEET!
    Friend Request Sent
  9. Noemi.

    Noemi. New Member

    I got it and accepted it.

  10. MySecretSanctuary

    MySecretSanctuary New Member

    :D Yayysssss!! ^^, *insert hyperactive spazz here* I still can't believe I beat TP......and that I'm almost done with WW...just have to find two more freaking JOY PENDANTS! Isn't it typical, when you're not looking for something you find it everywhere, but when you ARE looking for something you can't find it at all? XD
  11. JC_Cainstone

    JC_Cainstone Active Member

    :O I love The GazettE! I'm listening to Filth in the Beauty right now XD.

    Anyway! Welcome! I'm Amelia :) I hope you have fun here.
  12. MySecretSanctuary

    MySecretSanctuary New Member

    Haha, HIII!! I should, like I said, feel free to smack me if I don't :D
  13. Jaya.

    Jaya. Active Member

    Heylo! :DD
    Quite obviously, I'm Jaya.

    Read the rules, have fun... and stuff?
  14. MySecretSanctuary

    MySecretSanctuary New Member

    Haha, kays! Actually, I'm going to write a Frankie-kun story :D, and I already read the rules of the basics, I read them before I join :p and Hiissssss!! XD
  15. Mr.E

    Mr.E New Member

    Welcome to the site! Thats all yay!
  16. MySecretSanctuary

    MySecretSanctuary New Member

    ^^ Weeeeeeeee!!!
  17. Monique

    Monique Guest

    Hi my name's Monique (duh)
    && i love you're intro.
    && wow, i know a lot of people that are obsessed with NARUTO.
    you must he soo cool.
    so yeah, welcome to the black parade
    and carry on!
  18. MySecretSanctuary

    MySecretSanctuary New Member

    Why, thanks! ^^
    Ah, yes they are- I, myself, am obsessed with the anime, the characters not so much. (Though Deidara and Sasori are HAWT! <3 XD)
    Ah- I wouldn't say that. I suffer from being bored constantly *insert chibi confusion signs here XD*
    *Gaspith* NU! It ishn't hugith! ITS....
    *Glomps* XD
  19. Mr.Mr.

    Mr.Mr. -- SUPPORT TBP -- Staff Member

    Welcome to the forum:)
  20. MySecretSanctuary

    MySecretSanctuary New Member

    Arrrriggato! ^^

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