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  1. Aw loved it as usual. I liked that Frank's all supportive even if it sucks. The part where it's like "He's from Texas but never has lived on a farm." made a laugh because everytime I say I'm from Oklahoma someone asks that. Ughhhhh Bee don't say that you're gonna die.
  2. Chapter 47

    THIS IS THE END!... WELL PART 1 OF THE END.. I have wrote 51 chapters.
    the last 4 chapters I wote a from 1 am so I hope it doesnt show. I do have a sequel though so it's not all over.
    I could have put more into this chapter but I think it's better without.
    Chapter 47

    Bee’s P.O.V

    As the weeks went by I got weaker and weaker, I was cold and pale, I became thin and fragile.
    My whole world came crashing down around me, within a few weeks I had lost everything, it was like a tornado had ripped through my entire being and left nothing but the rubble of memories.
    Everyday felt like a time bomb slowly ticking down, waiting to explode; waiting for the fuse to die and my heart with it.

    "Bee, you don’t have much longer, your body has been trying to defend the last stages of the cancer without any of the treatment. There is nothing we can do. I'm so sorry to be the bearer of bad news." Dr Dunn’s mournful expression told me it all when he walked through the door. My mom was out there waiting, I told her not to tell anyone else.
    "I don't want anyone to know." I swallow around the dry lump in my throat.
    "We won't tell if you don't want us to, can we do anything to make you more comfortable?" He places his warm hand on my cold one.
    "Could I get a bandanna please?" I croak as I hold back salty tears.
    "Of course, do you want me to send your mom in?" He asks as he walks to the door.
    "No, could you tell her to go home and tell the guys later but not Gerard, I can handle him, please?" I plead and look at my cell on the table next to my bed.
    "No problem, I'll be back in a bit." He gives me a sad smile giving up hope.
    After he's gone I call Gee.
    "Hello, Bee?" He answers.
    "Gee, I'm in hospital, please don't panic its the last thing I need." I rush it all out and hear his breath rush into the phone as he takes a big calming breath.
    "What happened?" He asks calmly.
    "I got up and fell straight down, there was blood everywhere but luckily mom was home and she rushed me to the hospital. My baby is dead Gee." I sob openly saying it for the first time. "I killed my baby."
    "No you didn't Bee, these things happen, I can't come home so you just gotta stick it through." The light in his voice is different and better than mournful.
    "I don't want anyone to know yet." Or ever, seeing as I'm gonna die anyway.
    "Okay, call me when you can, I gotta get to class. I love you sis."
    "I love you too." I manage a small smile as I wipe away the tears on my cheeks and end the call just as Dr Dunn returns.
    "Here, I heard you like electric blue; I also got you a better blanket as you were cold." He hands me the vibrant cloth and I tie it around my hair so it feels better and less annoying and he puts a thick blue blanket on top of the thin one already on then takes a seat.
    "Thank you." I smile and fiddle with the soft blanket.
    "It's what I'm here for, but as of five minutes ago I am off duty, so I am here as your visitor if you want to talk." He leans forward in his seat resting his elbow on his jeans just noticing him changing out of his uniform.
    "You're young to be a doctor." I state as the words just slip out my mouth.
    "Yeah, I'm twenty two but I've been studying medicine since I was fourteen, my dad was a doctor and I graduated super early." He tells me and I wonder if he really wants this job or if it’s his dads influence?
    "Wow. I wanted to be a teacher; I'm great with kids, or a cop." I sigh as crack one dream breaks.
    "Awesome, I'm too much of a wimp to be a cop." He laughs and I join him for a moment before it dies off.
    "What's your first name Dr Dunn?" My gaze drops to my IV.
    "Carter. Pretty boring huh?" He rolls his eyes.
    "Seriously have you heard my name?"

    I talk to Carter for a couple more hours, getting into more medical stuff along the way, before I fall asleep.

    The next time I'm awake is sometime the next day, the guys talk to me but I'm not listening, I'm not there.
    I'm gonna die.
    I barely reply to what they say as that thought runs through my mind.
    To me I'm already dead inside.

    I'm meant to be sleeping. But instead I just finished writing.
    I stare up at the ceiling a little while.

    They say your life flashes before your eyes before you die but the images behind my eyelids are ones that will never be, an ideal future but will never come true…
    I’m at prom in a stunning blue dress sequined from bust to hip where it puffed out like a tutu, my hair long and caramel brown curled and pinned back with blue gem pins.
    I’m at graduation in a blue gown, the cap half falling off, holding the diploma I just about managed to get thanks to Mr. Tyrer giving me an A on a paper.
    Holding a baby girl. Luna. Tufts of blonde curls and striking blue eyes, rosy cheeks and a cute button nose.
    Me with a baby boy. Jackson. Darker dirty blonde straight hair with murky blue eyes and a mischievous grin.
    I’m stood in front of a class teaching a little older with a happy glowing smile on my face.
    Bob and I getting married, my white dress with a sweetheart neckline and puffy bottom, Bob in a black tuxedo with a red tie and our child wedged in-between us.
    Buying a house, small and wooden with roses climbing up the side, a porch with a swing and a big yard.
    Having more children, a selection of boys and girls all cute with azure blue eyes and balls of energy.
    Holidays on beautiful beaches, watching and laughing as we run into the cold ocean jumping waves and feeling the summer sun beat down on my face, the warm sand between my toes and watching the sunset with Bob on a picnic blanket cuddled close whilst the kids run free laughter bubbling out of them and warming the cold wind.
    Christmas by the fire, a big tree decorated in red and black trinkets, presents piled underneath it, watching the angelic faces light up as they unwrap the festive covered presents, in delight they sling their arms around our necks and their innocent joy melts into our hearts wishing to see the pure warmth and love on their faces every day.
    The band making it big, touring, saving lives, pouring heart and soul into every performance and loving every moment.
    Getting greyer as we sit on the porch swing of the house we bought many years ago watching as our children play with our grandchildren seeing the innocence in their eyes once more.
    Then finally fading away together on that swing as years pass, we grow fragile and the light and warmth dies into dull cold grief as the sun descends and darkness cloaks our perfect image on the swing... together until death.

    That was my ideal future; this was my fantasy future, one that would never come true. It was just a dream that would forever live in a star.
    As my heart monitor began to beep slower I pulled out the IV in my hand, I looked up at the ceiling and prayed to God to look after my family, the guys included, especially Bob and Gee. I closed my eyes and released the air in my lungs.
    Coldness enters my body and I'm numb to the pain spiking through my nerves.
    This was death. Head on. I don't know if its seconds, minutes or hours but the whole world freezes like as if I was stuck in front of an oncoming truck. The pain of leaving this world could never overtake the beauty of the way death makes you realize the part you play in it.
    My heart struggles its last beat and the world fades to nothing; emptiness of death.

  3. Oh that was perfect. Absolutely perfect. They can't both die :( I teared up when the future she wanted was being described. It was just heartbreakingly perfect. Excuse me while I go cry.
  4. Chapter 48

    I couldnt wait so I am going to update chapter 48... I cried while I wrote this and I will probably cry while I update.
    Cyanide Sparks: I'm really glad you liked it. Thank you.
    Chapter 48

    While Bee slipped away Gee was on his way home. It was too late.
    Dr Dunn found the big envelope lay on the hospital bedside table addressed to ‘My family.’
    The first letter Mikey read aloud,
    “Thank you for being the best family I could ever dream of.
    I admire and pray for every one of you.
    Live like the stars you are and stay strong like the hero's you make out to be.
    One day your life's gonna flash in front of your eyes, make it worth watching.
    It's all about putting a big exclamation mark at the end of your life.
    I love you guys,
    Bee xxx”

    Donna stared at her letter, seeing the word ‘Mom’ printed on the front made tears spark in her eyes, the paper began to shake as she opened it.

    I know you think you haven't been the ideal mom but I believe life is a game of heaven and hell. One minute life could be heaven then the next it could be hell but no matter what there is a likely chance it'll be heavens turn again at one point you just have to keep playing to get to it.
    I don't know what to say mom.
    These are my last words for you to read but what if they are better left unsaid?
    I know no one can prepare for death but writing these letters is last on my to do list.
    I love you mom.
    Rebecca-Bandit xxx

    Frankie and Ray sat with their letter between them as they silently read Bee’s words.

    Look after my boys.
    I want to thank you both for making my brothers lives as beautiful as they are and for being an amazing friend for Bob.
    I would have wrote you a letter each but I'm finding this really hard to put into words.
    Thank you for being more than my brothers boyfriends.
    For fixing my hair and finding me when I was lost.
    You two are very special, y'know that?
    You guys are amazing at guitar, I know you both will go far and so will My Chemical Romance if you work at it.
    Frankie, our bakery may not make it but bake your socks off cus you are so awesome, right Ray?
    And Ray, I may not be in any more of your photographs but capture every moment before its gone, the good times and the bad because you might have captured the best moment in a persons life and never know, a photograph can tell a million stories.
    It's always good to plan ahead; it wasn't raining when Noah built the arch.
    Keep being the warriors you have always been. Stay strong. Good luck.
    I love you guys,
    Bee xxx.

    ‘Mikey ,
    We've never really opened up to each other, have we?
    Almost 18 years and all we seem to share is DNA.
    I guess I've always taken the spotlight from you and I'm sorry. I really am. For everything.
    You're a smart guy, an amazing bass player and probably the only person I wish I could have been there for.
    But you will finally have something I never will; a future.
    What you and Ray have is precious so when life spits in your face or stamps your toes remember that and fight for the love you will never replace.
    I like to think that when someone dies they become a star and the light from that star shines forever amongst many others. I hope that right now I'm up there with the wishes and dreams of the world and that one day yours will come true... and when it does, think of me and see it as a gift as my way of saying sorry.
    These letters are probably the last thing you'll have of me. Remember my words and live on what I will never have.
    Goodbye, Mikey Moo, I love you.
    Bee xxx’

    You've always been my hero. My role model. My inspiration.
    You picked me up when I fell, you fixed the pieces of me that were broken, you guided me and taught me how to be myself again.
    Remembering the night I came home, I was a mess and I was lost, you were there for me and you told me to get it together.
    I was stupid back then. I was hell, I hated myself for being that person, I am disgusted at the person I was. You were the only person who cared, you didn't see me as a drunken asswhole, you saw me as your little sister... your very misguided little sister.
    You have always been swooping in when I needed you.
    I look up to you and wish I was the person you are.
    You are achieving your dream right now, that's all I want for everyone; all I want is for people to achieve their dreams while they can. Finish what you've started because you deserve it. Grandma would be proud of you. I'm proud of you and so is everyone else.
    It's so hard to write these letters. To put my last words onto paper has been probably the hardest thing I've had to do in my last few weeks.
    Look after yourself for a change. You deserve it.
    I love you super Gee.
    Bee xxx’

    Alisha was surprised she had been included in the guy’s letters, Bob had handed it to her the day after Bee died, and the heartache of loosing another friend had finally taken its toll.

    ‘Thanks for being and awesome friend.
    I hope you and Brian make it work, you two are really good together and the life you have is defiantly worth treasuring.
    I'm sorry I broke my promises.
    Dance extra hard as if no one is watching at prom for me.
    And clap extra hard as if I'm there at graduation for me.
    Me and Kaitlynn are watching over you.
    When life goes to shit remember no matter what to punch life in the face, tackle your demons and go for it. Nothings stopping you but yourself.
    Love you.
    Bee xxx’

    Gerard called Jenifer a couple of days after Bee died; the letter came a couple of days after that... graduation day.

    ‘Thanks for putting up with me being an asswhole.
    There are no atheists on a sinking ship... didn't work for the priest on the Titanic.
    Bee xx’

    I havent forgotten Bob, you'll just have to wait untill the next chapter xx
  5. Tears everywhere. So sad. Ugh. It was great. I just know I'm going to bawl when Bob's chapter.
  6. Chapter 49

    Cyanide Sparks: I think I'm gonna dump the next chapter on you 'cus I'm kinda impatient.
    Chapter 49

    Bob’s P.O.V

    From the first time I saw you I knew I had a purpose to sort out my life, to help sort out yours, to live. Even with the dribble running from your lip on your face I knew you were special. You were so goofy and sweet. You were drunk and stupid too but I loved you for it.
    All the things you did for me, you and the guys did, made me for once in my life feel wanted and good about myself and have done ever since.
    We have all had our bumps in the road, we all have our secrets and mistakes, but those bumps and those faults make us who we are.
    I'm so god damn proud of you. Through thick and thin you held it together, even in these last few weeks, you stayed by my side and you have stuck by the side of everyone who has ever needed you.
    Your letter is the hardest to write.
    Look down to your left… I’m there... in your heart. I won’t leave you, I’m always by your side and I’m always watching you. I’m watching over you from where ever I am and I swear that I’ll never let anything hurt you, ever. And don’t worry about me anymore I’m fine, don’t worry about the male angels flirting with me either because I’ve already got my angel, Bob. You. And you’ve got me, and you will ALWAYS have me, I promise. My heart, though no longer beating, belongs to you my angel. Find someone else. Someone to love you like I do. I doubt you’ll find someone that loves you more than I do, because I do love you Bob, more than I can ever say. I’ll still kiss you when you’re sad. I’ll still hug you while you’re sleeping. I promise I’ll take care of you. I will be hugging your heart, and kissing your cheeks when you sleep. I will be watching you live your life to the full. I will be watching you proudly and happily as I watch you fall in love again with someone else and have a family. And I won't be jealous, because all I want for you is you to be happy.
    I have cherished every moment I have ever had with you. Deep in my heart. Beating or not, inside is memories I shall keep with me forever. I'm sorry things didn't turn out as we hoped it would, I'm sorry for the pain I've put you through but embrace it, put your pain into something beautiful. Be the change you wanna make in the world.
    Live your dreams. Don't go a day without thanking god you're alive, without loving who you are and without making yourself proud. I want you to live my life for me, I may not be there but I'll be in your heart, I'll be watching over you; living in the stars.
    Take care, I love you, scruff pot.
    Bee xxx
  7. Aw that was just too sad. Poor Bob, and everyone else.
  8. Chapter 50

    One more chapter after this xx
    Chapter 50

    The rain continues to fall in the sea of black umbrella’s.
    Carter is there, so is Mr Wentz and Mr Tyrer, Bob’s father and Lucy too. The people whose lives she has touched stand and grieve as she is lowered into the ground, as they read her poem.
    “I didn’t believe in angels
    Until the day I found you,
    I said what they told me were myths
    But the stories must be true.”
    Mikey’s hands shake as he reads.
    “Your perfect ocean blue eyes that glimmer
    Bore into my mixed brown orbs,
    In our minds we write songs
    As our kisses play the cords.”
    Ray holds Mikey’s hand.
    “I’d never thought I’d get out of my school hell
    Using pain and drowning as a friend,”
    Jenifer sniffles.
    “But it all changed when I got my wish
    And I left to let my heart mend.”
    Alisha turns away and into the waiting arms of Brian.
    “I have to say I’ve loved you
    Right from the start,
    Not because you helped me
    But because you fixed my unused heart.”
    Frankie clutches the rosary in his palm.
    “And as I lay in your arms at night
    Feeling so warm and complete again,
    It makes me want to be with you forever holding you tight
    Knowing when we part we’ll meet again.”
    Gerard chokes out around a sob.
    “You saved me and yourself from something so cold
    These feelings I have are strange and new,
    It’s like I don’t need to fit a mould
    Because you are my angel and I love you.”
    Bob stares at the same spot of grass in front of him, his umbrella held by Donna, his eyes are red but he can’t shed any more tears.
    When she is fully lowered red roses are thrown down, with each rose thrown a paper star is thrown too with words Bee has wrote in their letters and the promises they have made for her.
    There are no hymns sang and no church ceremony, only one song played, ‘The light outlives the star.’ By Roger Alan Wade.
    ‘There are stars so distant
    The light that left 'em ages ago just came into view
    That twinkling we're seeing now
    May be from a star that burned out ages ago
    When I was young like you

    That's the way
    That's the way our people are
    He ain't gone long as he shines on
    In our hearts
    And just so we know
    Right where you are
    God lets the light outlive the star

    The stars we see in the sky at night
    Are there all day but they're lost in the sunlight
    For without darkness, stars cannot shine
    As without sorrow, joy will be benign

    That's the way
    That's the way our people are
    He ain't gone long as he shines on
    In our hearts
    And just so we know
    Right where you are
    God lets the light outlive the star

    Oh and that's the way
    That's the way our people are
    He ain't gone long as he shines on and on
    In our hearts
    And just so we know
    Brother, right where you are
    God lets the light outlive the star.’​

    This is her last goodbye.
  9. Aw it was so sad and I loved if. The funeral was perfect. And the poem. Ugh it was jut great.
  10. Final Chapter/Epilogue

    Cyanide Sparks: I wanted to put something of Bee's in and I wrote/she wrote that poem when she came home and I thought it was nice to put it back in because Bee liked to write poems and not to spoil or anything but the sequel (yes there is a sequel) is more about that and the way Bee saw the world, its very different but I personally think that poems make you look at the world through different eyes and your perspective changes, like looking through a telescope or squinting you see things different and you understand things differently.
    So here is the last Chapter/Epilogue. (Sorry it's so short)

    10 years later...

    I light the white candle in the centre if the stone and watch as the flame flickers and dips.
    "So Danger Days just came out, it’s pretty big, its different y'know. Carter and Jenifer sent these flowers," I put the white lilies in the vase of peach lilies I know Donna had put in. "Alisha and Brian had a baby girl, they called her Rebecca, she's the cutest thing too has really dark hair and beautiful emerald green eyes. Leo decided to spend the summer with me, Lucy and dad wanted some time alone, he's the perfect pitcher and he can sure throw a punch, just like me, you should see him now Bee all grown up it makes me think of when we baby sat him, all I thought about was how one day we would have a family, all he did was giggle and roll around and its all he does now." I chuckle and put my white and red roses in the other vase across from the lilies and begin scattering the pebbles out. "After ten years you would think everything has changed but it really hasn't, I still miss you every day and I still follow your letter. The guys do too. I finally popped the question too; April said yes, she isn't in a hurry to get married though, but I couldnt give her your ring Bee, it's not mine to give. I finally learnt how to love again, I know you would have wanted it that way; she makes me happier than I have been in a long time... about ten years to be exact, but she can't bring back what we had. Love is rare Bee, I was lucky to find it again but a last love can never beat the first.
    Your mom did too... you know Mr Tyrer? Well he will soon be your stepfather... its creepy to think about it but she's happy, she's a different person, a better person Bee. Mikey got rid of his glasses and Gerard dyed his hair red. He and Frankie are debating whether to move to LA or not to be closer to the studio. I think we are gonna have a pretty hectic schedule this summer but it’s for our fans, we save their lives like you saved ours and we pour our heart and soul out every night in case you're listening. We miss you, Bee." My fingers trace the gold letters on the stone
    'Saints protect her now, angels of the lord.'
    I feel a hand on my shoulder and I rise to my full height before turning to see Gee and the guys standing behind me wearing the same black smart tuxedo's as I am, the ones we were told to wear for the awards, I couldnt go without seeing my Bee.
    "It's time to go." Gee says softly.
    I turn back to Bee. "I love you Bee, see you when I get back, I'm going to be the change I wanna see in the world." I stare at her stone, her photo, taken with her hair long and slightly curled and her smile lighting up her face and her eyes a perfect mix of blue and brown, in the oval in the corner. The beautiful flowers in the base of pebbles and candles.
    I step aside and watch as one by one the guys take the main candle and light a tea light each.
    "You will always shine on in our hearts Bee."
  11. Aw that was great. I'm glad Bob found someone but didn't just put Bee out of his mind forever. The whole story was perfect and I will definitely be here for the sequel

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