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  1. Chapter 29

    Guess who failed their exams!!.... yup me! I am so clever I got almost all my questions wrong and my english story was as they put it 'Not on the subject we had hoped for and not structured as should, it lacks that pull yet very descriptive.' hmmm the story I did was about a girl who think's she's an outsider but she actaully isnt because a guy notices her and is actually in love with her but he's an outsider and in the end it's too late because they both kill themselves... I loved writing it though I put so much emotion in and I got an F!
    Chapter 29
    Bob’s P.O.V

    We sat under our usually tree, I lay my head back against the bark and Bee lay her head back against my shoulder upset about something Kaitlynn had said, all the buzz from this morning has disappeared.
    Frank and Gerard sat in each other’s laps sneaking kisses and whispering, Ray sat a little bit apart from the very moody Mikey but kept sneaking glances at each other along with smirks when they caught each other looking. I was used to this; I was used to the people around me happy and in love, warm and cheery, I used to envy them so much and try to ignore them whilst they kissed and hugs and laughed. I used to feel so broken and damaged that no one wanted me that I wanted to shut myself off and feel the one feeling I had left I knew I could trust to be there, pain. Bringing flesh to point and feeling that spark that ignited everything, it banished the emptiness and filled me with the feeling I knew so well. But I didn’t need that now, I had Bee.
    I looked down to my shoulder to check she was still there; thankfully my eyes met her empty looking brown pupils; my past occurring in my mind made me feel slightly depressed and it must have showed.
    “You okay baby?” she asked stroking my cheek making it tingle and turn it warm.
    “Yeah, I was just thinking don’t worry, I’m fine.” I sighed and placed my hand over hers that lay cupped on my jaw; I linked our fingers and pulled them down holding them in my lap.
    “What were you thinking about?” she asked her eyes lay on our conjoined hands.
    “The old me.” I whispered into her ear and grazed my thumb over the back of her hand.
    “I don’t care which you you are as long as I have you with me and I know I’m safe that doesn’t matter to me.” I could feel her heart beat faster through her chest and onto my shoulder.
    “I love you.” I stated as I bent my neck down to steal a kiss.
    The feeling of cold against warm, coffee against cigarettes, soft against rough lips... I loved every kiss and every touch as they sent pulses and sparks through me and made my heart race like she was adrenaline.
    “I love you too.” She whispered against my lips when we broke apart and my eyes must have been big and bold as she let out little giggles at my facial expression.
    Every pulse in me went flooding to a part of my body that was a little too eager and wanting to stand to a halt.
    I thought against my body and turned deep red trying to cover up the embarrassing camel hump that I blushed to call a very big hard-on.
    Bee realised and blushed before sifting herself into my lap opening my legs wide so she could nestle between them and cover me. I beamed my embarrassed smile at her... God I hate being a stupid testosterone boosted teenager in love... she gave me her little goofy Gerard-like grin and lent back against me again her head back against my chest so I could rest my chin on her forehead and she closed her eyes as I watched her and wondered about what she was thinking or picturing under that thin layer of perfect silk skin.
    It was silent for a while apart from Mikey and Ray talking about comics and bands I had heard them tell each other to check out and Frank and Gerard talk about things I would rather not think about... They are such an awesome couple I think that their way of expressing their love is contact and emotion whereas with Bee and I it is more all talk and feelings and showing... not that we don’t get physical but it for us is our way of expression or we’ll just burst.
    “Bob?” Bee asks her fingers tracing circles in my leg leaving a little line from the fibres.
    “Yes honey Bee?” I sing in my weird monotone voice that doesn’t sound teasing or attractive.
    “When we are older will you take me all over to explore?” she asked finding a different spot on my leg closer to the wholes Frank had made in my jeans in the summer when he insisted to do it pleading and commenting on how it would be nice to see some flesh and it was big girl target... back then I laughed but now it was kinda cool ‘cus I don’t need them to attract girls but instead to keep Bee running her fingers round and round my knee feeling her cold tips against the warm.
    “Of course I will, we can go anywhere you want, as long as I am with you we can get lost and I’d still be happy.” I smiled catching her hand and just laying it on my knee whilst she grabbed my other hand and wrapped it around her waist and up under her cool t-shirt just to rest and caress on her cold smooth stomach.
    “I’ve dreamt ever since I was little to go to a beach and just lay back in someone’s arms reaching out into the hot sand and feel it in my fingers separate and mould back around it so carefully and delicately encasing them in the small grains. Just digging my hand deep to feel the dry smooth feeling sitting on the beach being able to do that feeling two heart beats and two body heats, watching as the sun sets and the sand turn from a beautiful golden spark into a pale cold white from the moon... that is where I want to go.” She lets her hands fall to the grass either side of us and rake it through her hands sighing and her eyes fluttering at the touch of a dream... a face I’d seen so many times when we were having sex... it was a face of pure pleasure and relaxed, it made me think about all the dreams she had in that head of hers... all the things she has missed out on.
    “Hey Bob I’d take her if I were you! Plenty of beach sex!” Frank shouted over.
    Bee lifted her head up and to the side to glare at Frank and I flushed red.
    “Dude that’s my sister!” Mikey spoke before I got a chance.
    “That’s why I didn’t say it to you fuckface!” Frank sneered at his best friend.
    “No but you will be to Gerard later tonight.” Ray laughed and Mikey shot him a ‘seriously-that-is-my-fucking-brother-you-are-talking-about’ look... honestly these guys were so lame it made no sense.
    “Okay can we all just shut up now.” I cringed and lay my head back.
    It was silent and I realised we only had a couple more minutes before the end of lunch and Bee and I would have to separate and then I wouldn’t be able to see her again until after her work shift... I guess that was good though because I really needed to think of a present for her birthday tomorrow.
    “One day I will make all your dreams come true, just me and you gorgeous, we will make our own little world where we will be together forever... I promise.” I whispered in her ear and nuzzled my face in her hair that smelt so perfect and unique that no other scent could copy or translate... could never be remade... Bee, her smell, her pure smell.
    I could feel her blush and also as I look at her face shying away I could see the cute little tear roll down her cheek.
    Before I could do or say anything more the bell rang and Bee was up and grabbing her messenger bag from beside us.
    “I will see you guys after work, later Gee, bye sweetie.” She kissed the top of my head then walked away from the fleeing group pulling her sleeves over her hands and holding them in a fist.
    I looked after her before getting up grabbing my backpack and following her... something didn’t feel right... like I shouldn’t let her out of my sight just yet.

    I followed her through the hall far enough behind just to see how she was settling in I guess. I felt like I just wanted to leap at her and hold her tight like a shield and walk her through the halls so no one could touch my precious Bee.
    It was when I saw her round the corner where I knew would be the worst place to walk through alone when I was grabbed and shoved into a locker.
    With pure rage I punched the guy holding me tightly against the locker one around my neck one on my shoulder.
    “What the fuck dude!” I shouted ignoring the hand gripping my throat against the locker.
    “That girl you were following, you better stay the fuck away Bryar, she is mine.” He snarled licking his lips... I was finally remembering who the guy was... it was a jerk called Adam who was a year bellow... then I realised that he had left my arms and legs free and had no back up.
    “Oh really Adam I don’t see you practically living with her, I don’t see you kissing her with lust and passion... do you?” I smirked and brought my leg up kicking him in the shin and bringing my fist up punching him in the eye and he doubles over.
    I tower over him. “Are you so fucking dumb that you haven’t even noticed how much I love her you sick prick, didn’t I make myself clear to every fucking person in this school that if you lay one finger on her... or even breathe near her I will beat your fucking ass into a pulp!” I shout at him as he lay still and I know what is coming next so all I do is wait.
    Then it comes his fist and body shoots up and goes to punch me when I grab his wrist and duck.
    It looks so ninja-y but I fail and his other fist knocks me on the nose which had no effect as a second later I am grabbing his collar and shoving him into a locker. “This is what you jerks do to my friends let’s see what happened when it is reversed.” I smirk and block the locker door.
    I see the crowd clear as I turn around and I check my nose. It’s bleeding but not broken or even hurt that much but I shrug and realised Bee has probably gotten to class okay and head off to my mom to see what she can do.

    Bee P.O.V

    I notice that Bob is following me but I don’t make it known to him I know, as I’m about the turn the corner to the corridor my class is in I feel his presence disappear and a whole new one form, it’s like death and alarms warning me.
    “Hey Way girl!” I hear one of the cheerleaders I just walked past call after me.
    “Hey Way! Wait up!” I hear another call and then soft but heavy pounds through the hall after me.
    Before I can blink I am being pulled around the face the two fake boobed and cement faced cheerleaders that I didn’t want to have anything to do with.
    They look at me with wide eyes. “What never seen someone normal before?” the one with dark hair barks at me.
    “I’ve seen normal and I’ve seen Barbie.” I mumbled clutching onto my sleeves like they were the only thing I had to really hold on for.
    “Well then, let us Barbie dolls tell you something straight, back off of Bob. He is ours; not some black emo gothic wrist cutting freak!” the other one with light blonde hair that was obviously died from its natural horrid dry brown.
    That’s when they grab me and push me back... being the absolute klutz I am I stumble back into someone who snaps ‘watch it!’ Before pushing me back to them.
    The brunette now has a little bit of my hair and is tugging at it. “Got the message freak?” she spat.
    “Fucking fine.” I snarled and she let go and as I run my hand through the sore part I turn and find them gone and the corridor is almost empty.
    I walk back the way I came to maybe go find Bob and warn him about how two cheerleaders are after him and have their fork and spoon at the ready, I walk past a locker and I hear a whimper.
    “Bee help me.” I hear and it’s not a voice I recognise, I look towards the locker with a random bin in front of it and try to peer in through the vent gaps.
    “Who the fuck are you and how do you know my name?” I frown in confusion at the blue striped white full standing locker.
    “Just let me out and I’ll explain, please Bee.” The voice sounded so helpless and scared my hands were already at the broken dial just turning it, I moved the bin out of the way and pulled the locker door open.
    A guy in a football jacket jumped out of the too cramped locker straightening himself and running a hand through his stupid hair that clung to his face like a bowler hair cut but longer, I had defiantly never seen him before.
    “I’m Adam.” He put his hand out for me to shake but I rudely refused, I was not going to get involved with a jock.
    “Bandit.” I reply stiffly “As you know for some strange reason; may I ask how the fuck you got in there?” I gestured towards the abandoned locker.
    “Well let’s just say your boyfriend got the wrong idea and managed to fit me in there.” He sighed but I could tell there was something not quite right about him.
    “So you’re saying Bob put you in there?” I raised an eyebrow and he nodded.
    “It was totally worth it thought... I met you.” He smiled the ugliest smile ever showing his big rabbit teeth.
    Holy fuck he is freaking me out. My mind screamed for some kind of help. “How did you know my name?” my mind flashed back to my unanswered question.
    It was still afternoon registration and the corridors were empty and no one witnessed Adam push me slowly against the locker door he was just in and run his hands through my hair and neck.
    I squirmed but there was a weight on my shoulder that held me down, so I did what I knew now was best... I clenched my fist tight and put as much force as I could bringing it back and unleashing one big blow to his nose making him jump back clasping onto it and trying to stop the blood running freely.
    It didn’t stop him from stepping forward again and pressing his lips to mine with force making my head hit the locker door and the searing pain shoot through me. My arms came to his chest and I pushed and pushed but he wouldn’t budge.
    Every time I struggled and he attacked me more trying to prize my lips open but I kept them sealed tight.
    I knew what was happening and I knew I wouldn’t let it happen, in my final attempt I found my knee and used it; he doubled over the blood still running from his nose.
    “Don’t you ever try that again, if you didn’t learn the last time learn now that if you come anywhere near me I will cut off your little love truncheon with rusty shears and shove them up your ass, got me?” I spat towering over him, wow I like this Bandit... feisty.
    “I’m sorry, I was doing a favour for a friend.” He explained.
    “What by kissing me? I don’t see how that was a favour!” my voice grew louder but not loud enough to interrupt homerooms.
    “It was for Luke, to try and break you and Bob up, he is obsessed with you!” he huffed trying to stand.
    “Luke from the House of Horrors shop, he would do that and you agreed!” my jaw dropped.
    “I didn’t at first but then he showed me who you were and I gotta say Bandit you are really pretty, I’m so sorry... I’m gonna warn you Bandit, be careful.” He sucked in a sharp breath.
    The bell rang for last period and I found my feet running to class.

    I sat in last lesson thinking, scribbling down the words I heard from Mr Tyrer’s mouth not taking anything in, I couldn’t concentrate.
    Why would Luke piercings want to break Bob and I up? Why is he so obsessed? I had to be careful, why? Why am I always the one is danger? Had Bob been with those girls? Were those girls another part of Luke’s meddling?Adam came into class late with blood on his clothes and walking a little funny he gave me a little smile but I frowned at him.
    I had to forget. I needed to forget.
  2. Chapter 30

    I seemed to have lost my commenters... oh well I love posting as much as I love writing... I've been doing less writing lately and days are going too quick after I get home... so I though I'd update... Chapter 30 wow.... now I need your advice.... Bob and Bee- I wanted to do like a sex kinda scene but do you think it would be ewww and taking away all innocence from Bee's character?... I had the idea in my head but I dont know how it would sound... if it's just eww or kinda sweet I dont have a clue! :help: like now! I want to try something new I guess... I have started to go more into that with Bob and Bee's character but it's very little and not very imaginative but it's sweet.
    so anyway here is Chapter 30 and I would like some feedback.
    Chapter 30

    Bee P.O.V

    I arrived at the shop a little later that day taking a longer route and and avoiding walking past House of Horrors.
    Now I knew Luke was a little obsessed I didn’t want to be seen anywhere near there.

    “Hey Brian!” I called as I walked into the empty for once shop I worked at and walked behind the counter grabbing my name tag which wasn’t my actual name but just ‘BW’ so people called me BW...
    “Hey Bee!” Brian appeared from the back room carrying a box of comic books.
    “Is that the new stupid Orangebook comics we were told to test run?” I ask looking at the box Brian set on the counter.
    “Yeah, it’s the new Star Boy and Dead Pegasus, it’s crap but I think we might have a lot a sales.” He pulled out the stack of comics and started to put them on the rack closest to the door so that the costumers could see it from outside and the 1st thing they saw when they entered.
    I sat back in the small chair behind the counter and watched as the costumers came in in their school crowds.
    Brian joined me reading the new comic as I sat writing my worries away on the back of an envelope I had found. “How was school?” he asked flipping through the brightly coloured pages.
    “It was okay I guess, I had work experience at number 4.” I mumbled playing with one of the bags I was handing a customer who had bought 4 of Star Boy and Dead Pegasus obviously as a cheap present.
    “Oh that’s awesome; when I did my work experience few years ago I went to work at my fathers mechanics! You should have seen me it was so funny I put the battery upside-down and forgot to hook the brakes! Boy was he mad.” Brian laughed as he folded up the spare property which in his case consisted of a Marilyn Manson and a misfits t-shirt I had brought in so we didn’t have to wear the other one if one of us needed it.
    “Oh cool, I was thinking about my shift tomorrow if I could come in a little later as it’s my birthday?” I asked fiddling with my converse laces.
    “Yeah sure, I would say take the whole day off but we have a big order coming in of DVD’s and CD’s remember... what are you gonna be anyway... 18?” Brian mussed over my mature features.
    “17 actually.” I blushed.
    “Cool still young not like old 20 year old me... so can you drive yet... like have you got a car?” he laughed... wow 20 years old and still puppy faced! Aww!
    “No, I mean yeah I can drive it’s just Gerard won’t let me go anywhere near his or Ray’s car, I have no way got the money to get one and I don’t think my mom has either... not like I see her.” I sighed and walked over to the Action section in the DVD’s where a few cases had fallen of the shelf.
    “I’m sure my dad could give you a great deal, when you are ready just tell me and I’ll give you the info.” Brain’s voice turned away from me and to the woman with brown hair that was pinned up in a bun and wearing a business suit... she had all the Scream and High School Musical movies... it made me laugh at when you saw a customer and you guess what they are gonna buy before they pay.. I usually win against Brian and when I see a person like that I think... Business woman on the way to pick up her kids from school ready for a night seducing her partner on the couch while watching a comedy horror classic whilst the kids are in their bedroom watching musicals they re enact at school with their best friends dreaming for the story to be their life.
    I saw my noodle-brain co-worker fumble with finding the right DVD for the right case in the sea of plastic little square disk filled folders arranged in alphabetical order and genre order, I sighed and grabbed the correct disks handing them to him and disappearing in the back room to get myself a coffee.
    “Hey Bee isn’t that your hubby outside the shop?” I hear Brian call.
    By hubby he means boyfriend and by boyfriend he means Bob... god I wish he just said Bob saves all this deduction in my head.
    I walk back out to the front and hand Brian my cup of coffee I just made.
    I look out the window into the not so busy hall to see Bob holding a small bundle against his shoulder and walking with a talk slim blonde woman.
    I know instantly that maybe that is Leo his baby brother but I am torn on whether that is his mom or someone else maybe his dad’s girlfriend.
    “Who’s he with?” Brian asked peering over my shoulder.
    “I don’t know exactly but I think I have a clue... I’m taking a break.” I turn almost knocking him over, I try to jump over the counter in action James Bond style but end up almost falling straight on my ass or breaking an ankle.
    I hear Brian laugh and sigh as I stumble out the store.

    I start to walk towards them and the women notices me and mentioned something to Bob and they stop walking allowing me to make it to them in two strides. Bob faced me with the most heart melting smile and I can’t resist but mirror him.
    “Hey, what you doing here?” I ask cheerily.
    “Well I was babysitting but Lucy didn’t need to go to college today so she suggested we go to the mall for a bit and maybe come and see you.” He blushed making me blush making the woman who I know is Lucy who is his dad’s girlfriend giggle making the little bundle let out a little laugh that made my legs go weak.
    “So you must be Bee, Bob has told us alot about you and he is 100% spot on about you... absolutely beautiful.” She looked me over with the biggest smile I’d ever seen. Says the woman with amazingly deep blue eyes with eyelashes that bat than blink.
    I blushed. “You are really pretty yourself.” I blurted not knowing what to say.
    “This is Leo.” Bob rearranged his arms so that the little bundle turned into a flapping chubby baby with matching blue eyes with deep blue rims and small specs of light, little tufts of brownish blonde hair and pale skin close to Bob’s... it was like a mini Bob.
    I find myself wanting to reach out and touch him but I can’t let myself ever since I visited my aunties that one Christmas and was told off for touching my cousin and making her cry I had been afraid to ever go near one.
    “He’s a cute little fella.” I smile at him.
    “Bob, let Bee hold her future brother in law.” Lucy instructed Bob and with a panicked expression on my face Bob hands him over to me his arms under the weight telling me I wouldn’t drop him.
    I settle him in and pull him to me tight. “Beautiful.” I cooed and let my hand stroke his flushed cheek and giggled at the touch.
    “You should have seen some of the looks some kids from school gave me when they saw me with him they all must have thought he was mine.” Bob laughed but I wasn’t concentrating on him as my eyes connected with the small being in my arms... I know I’m too young to brood but aww I want one!
    “I think in your role of Super Bob people think you have just robbed a nursery on the escape route from the Looney bin!” Lucy laughed.
    “Super Bob seriously?” I raise an eyebrow at him and he just laughs nodding.
    It wasn’t long after first holding him that Leo started making my arms tired, Bob took him but before he settled him down in his arms he crinkled up his nose and shoved him at Lucy who immediately pouted and disappeared in the search of a bathroom.
    As soon as she’s gone Bob pulls me to him. “So what really brought you here?” I asked wrapping my arms around his neck.
    “That’s for me to know and you to find out, beautiful.” He purrs and before I can muster a word his lips are on mine in a life preserving kiss and a tangle of hands.
    My feet aren’t on the ground anymore and Bob is lifting me high and proud, as if I was Leo, my curtain of hair falling down around us.
    He lowers me back down and our lips attach again into a light kiss this time. Suck that Luke! I mentally scream at him in my mind noticing it is eyesight from his store.
    “You coming for dinner tonight?” I ask looking into his marble eyes.
    “Only if you want me.” he whispered against my cheek.
    “Always.” I smile.
    Our lips meet again and we keep each other wrapped up in our arms.
    “Okay break apart love birds, I do believe you are in the presence of a baby here.” Lucy interrupts.
    Our lips unattached themselves and I look sheepishly at my shoes... oh how interesting my beloved converse are on this fine day.
    “I gotta go get back to work anyway, I’ll see you later, it was a pleasure meeting you Lucy.” I look up and back to the store where I can see Brian’s face glued against the window.
    “Okay awesome, I hope to see you soon, Bye Bee.” Lucy smiles giving me a one armed hug pressing Leo into me.
    “Bye, see you later beautiful.” Bob caressed my cheek and kissed my forehead before I turned to leave in a total love haze.
    Somebody’s love drunk! I hear a teasing voice in my head.
    ‘Hey shut up you are that somebody and so fucking what if I am!’ I snap back.

    Bob P.O.V

    “Wow Bob Wow.” Lucy enthusiastic over how beautiful my Bee is.
    “Hey now cut the crap let’s just get her my mind-blowing gift and go before she see’s us on her way out of work.” I sigh walking with my arms swinging.
    “And why did you think of this mind blowing gift in the first place Super in love Bob?” she teases.
    “Because I know that little girl inside still wants everything she’s ever imagined... I want to give her that.” I smile letting my whole heart glow inside of my chest.
    “Oh, well let us make sure all her dreams come true eh?” she slings her arm around me and guides me toward the store I know I’ll need for my gift to come true.
    My Bee will get everything she wanted.
    :oops: sorry if this just randomly goes from past to present tense I dont know why it's done that x hope you liked it x
  3. Awww I just love Super Bob. Really great :)
  4. Chapter 31

    Hey! sorry I havent updated sooner but I've been through alot already this year and I found it hard to have the will to write anything. However I am going to update now!
    I think this chapter will make you laugh... remember Bee is meant to cook?... well her experience is my experience (a lot of the stuff she does I have done and I've got a bucket load for you to laugh at in the fic still to come) AND we find out what the deal is with Bob's mom... remember the night Bob came home and she acted freaky?... well we will go a little into that too...
    I hope you enjoy this update! Be sure to comment!
    Chapter 31

    Bee P.O.V

    After my shift Gerard took me to the local Super-save and we walked down the aisles talking about comics and our relationships... I didn’t pick up anything... let’s face it I didn’t know what I was doing.
    “Listen you better not like buy out the whole store ‘cus I’ve only got a 20 and I’m not ready to blow the bank.” Gerard held out his crumpled up note and sighed at it miserably.
    “I only think you’ll be needing about $3 for my amazing meal tonight!” I grin and pull a box of Mac and Cheese off the shelf take Gerard’s money from his hand and run to the till stumbling on the slightly wet floor and slamming the box down on the belt before Gerard could catch me.
    “Hey no fair you are younger than me!” he pants.
    I smile. “I may be younger than you pops but I also smoke once in a blue moon unlike you which is basically once in a blink of an eye.” I tease and turn to the cashier handing her the note and grabbing the box, Gerard took the change and receipt before I could and we both walked out into the rain laughing.

    We entered the almost silent house and I skipped to the kitchen to find Mikey sat at the counter waiting with a sauce pan.
    “Is it my twin instincts or is it that obvious that you would pick Mac and Cheese?” he twirls the pan in his hand.
    “Twin!” Gerard shouts from sitting in front of the TV.
    “But would you rather have anything else?” I shrug and grab the pan from his hands.
    “Bandit we eat Mac and Cheese every fucking night why would we want anything else?” he laughs.
    I look at the box in my hands looking for the instructions.
    “Fuck a duck how the hell do I cook this?” I ask staring over the box in my hand.
    “You open the box put it in the pan and add water.” Mikey rolled his eyes grabbing the pan and putting it on the hob.
    I looked at the box in my hand and looked around it for the opening clawing at the cardboard looking sheepishly at it. “Ummm Mike’s?” I ask peering at him.
    “Oh no way RB you are on your own this time.” He smirked shaking his head in disbelief of my inability of making Mac and Cheese.
    “Fine.” I pout and go to the cutlery draw fishing out a fork and stabbing the box to death until it creates a big whole and bits of pasta fly everywhere.
    “Now put it in the pan.” Mikey prompts.
    I hold out the box and pour it over the pan at a tall height making the bits of pasta scatter and jump out of the pan.
    I look at the mess I’ve made and giggle not knowing what to do now.
    Add water.
    I remember and look for something to transfer the water to the pan in... I find nothing so hey hoe I cup my hands and turn on the tap rushing back and forth to and from the pan and the sink splattering water everywhere.
    When I almost slip and I run out of energy rushing back and forth from the pan to the sink I look at the dials on the stove.
    Mikey jumped from his seat and turns the knob for me. “I thought I better do that looking at the mess you’ve already made.” He sighed and sat back watching me carefully.
    I see the ring burn red and the water start to bubble... at least I know it’s boiling... I guess I was kinda dumb when it came to some things because of limited staff and boring lessons at my old school. I was still a bright kid though, even if I didn’t know my way around the kitchen, however Mikey and probably all the guys were cleverer than me.
    I stood and watched it boil stirring it trying to look like I knew what I was doing.
    “I think it’s done now.” Mikey told me as I watched the water disappear and it form into a kinda runny cheese.
    “See wasn’t that bad.” I smile and turn off the whole stove before I set something on fire and turn starting to walk to the table where Mikey is sat ready to plate up my swill. “See and you said I can’t coo-fuck!” I grunt and slip on the titled floor covered in a lake of water, my two hands that are clutching the pan shoot up and the contense flings behind me on the wall, I land on my butt and stare ahead of me emotionless.
    A chorus of giggling and laughing breaks out from the other side of the kitchen, my head snaps up to glare and the 4 doubled over guys in the doorway clutching onto their sides... I look over to Mikey who is laughing but had concern and sarcasm in his eyes.
    “Stop laughing at me, it’s not funny, it actually really hurt!” I pout still sat in the mini lake on the floor letting my jeans absorb it up.
    “No but we just stood here for about half hour watching your attempt of cooking, you couldn’t even open the box, you even used your hands as a jug instead on taking the pan to the sink... if you’d have just done that we wouldn’t have laughed but that was the icing on the cake!” Ray laughed I presumed payback for my regretfully shit prank.
    “Like seriously Bee a box!” Gerard smiled.
    “Still not funny.” I pouted and stood up carefully watching as the water ran off my jeans, I threw the pan down with a loud clang and stormed off to my bedroom... or let’s say basement.

    I used my time in my bedroom to change my jeans and banish myself of makeup; I looked the mirror that used to be Elena’s staring at my ugly face... what did Lucy really think about the way I looked? Pastey? Bug eyed? Fucking ugly? Plain? Boring? Fat? A nerd? A dork? Spotty? Horse teeth? Pig nosed?
    It made me sick to look at my face in detail... it made me want to smash every mirror in the house.
    It made me want to push something.
    I just curled up on my bed and thought of how useless I had become... can’t even make box Mac and fucking Cheese.

    Eventually footsteps entered my room and I felt Bob grab me and pull me over his shoulder fireman style.
    “Owww Bob! Bob my head! Blood rush! Fuck the stairs!” I stared at the upside-down stairs as he climbed them feeling my body jump as he took each step. “Has anyone else told you that you have a lovely ass?” I commented smirking at how it was right in my face and that his unusually tight jeans stuck to it making it appear rounded and soft... now I sounded like Frank... Fuck it he is my boyfriend after all!
    He didn’t respond.
    “Are you kidnapping me or something?” I asked as we reached the top of the stairs from the basement and Bob walked past the people still in the kitchen calmed down from their laughing fit who were staring at the upside-down over the shoulder hair falling almost touching the floor me.
    Still nothing.
    “I get it you are going to use me as a mop seeing as I’m useless at everything else.” I huffed whilst feeling the entire blood flood pound in my head.
    With a huff Bob entered the living room and plonked me on the couch and stood with his hands on his hips. “Yes I have heard my ass is lovely, no I’m not kidnapping you and if you keep saying all that shit about being useless I WILL use your head as a mop!” Bob answered all my questions not stopping or taking a breath.
    “I was just saying.” I shrugged.
    Bob gave me an evil eye before slumping down next to me and pulling me close kissing my lips, cheeks, forehead, eyes, nose, jaw and back to my lips as if he knew what I was thinking about not so long ago.
    “I want you to meet my mom.” Bob whispered and stroked the back of my hand.
    “Really, when?” I ask my eyes going wide.
    “Tonight.” He announced and I felt my head push to his chest.
    “Okay.” I sigh, I guess it sounds like an overreaction but I knew about Bob’s mom... I knew she had emotional problems... I was worried she wouldn’t like me.
    One by one the others joined us sitting in various places people had claimed... Frank sat in the chair I spent my 1st night in eating the Mac and Cheese he must have scooped up from where I had flung it.
    Bob sat on my right with me cuddling into my knees into his chest and Mikey and Ray sat on my left with Gerard at our feet.
    “So you guys thought of a band name yet?” I asked whilst flicking through the channels and giving up handing the remote to Gee.
    “Yeah, Chemical Cyanide.” Gerard smiled at me making his voice sound British like Mr Tyrer.
    “I like the Chemical bit.” I nod and look at my hands.
    “I saw this book and it was like Chemical something and I thought that would be awesome in a band name.” Mikey announced into Ray’s shoulder.
    “How about Chemical Romance?” I suggest the book Mikey was talking about popping into my head.
    “Yeah that’s cool... seeing as all of us are in like love I think that’s be cool.” Frank mumbled around his gob full of pasta.
    “My... My Chemical Romance.” I said to my skinny awkward knees not really thinking it through or keeping it in my head.
    “What did you just say?” Ray blinked at me whilst I carried on staring at my knees.
    “Fuck why didn’t we think of that!” Frank swallowed his last gulp of macaroni staring at me in awe.
    I don’t see the big deal about it... My Chemical Romance... doesn’t that make sense? My- well... my... Chemical- the guys drinking and taking drugs, the feelings and emotions... Romance- everyone is in love.
    It kinda makes sense right?

    “My Chemical Romance, MCR, My Chem., My Chemical Romance.” Gerard jiggled it about.
    “Fuck I love it!” Bob smiled at me and kissed my forehead making me look up properly to see everyone grinning at me with the ‘You-know-you-love-us’ look in their eyes.
    “Fine guys have it!” I laughed and went back to picking on my jeans.
    “Love you Bee!” Frankie grinned at me like a 3 year old which made me want to just break out into a chorus of ‘aww’ing.
    “Love you too guys.” I chuckled and soon got a little edgy with my appearance again, I started to rub my eyes begging them to change colour or at least look nicer or prettier, I began to scratch my cheeks wishing them to melt away and build up a new person, I bit my red lips and let the skin peal.
    Bob placed his hands over mine to stop me, lowering his head down so his lips were almost in my ear. “Come on, let’s go... and would you stop clawing at your face lip you’re perfect so stop trying to change that.” He whispered.
    “Sorry.” I gave him a lopsided smile and he pulled me up with him from the couch.
    “We are going to mine for a bit, we’ll see you later guys.” Bob said pulling me and fishing his pockets for his car keys almost at the door.
    “Bring pizza!” Frank called from his chair, I couldn’t see him but I could imagine Gerard’s eyes glaring at him.
    “Frank you just ate off the floor, there is no way in hell you could possibly be hungry!” Gerard scowled.
    “Not for now! For later!” Frankie scoffed.
    Bob looked at me with plead in his eyes I smiled and shrugged. “See ya later!” I laughed and shut the door behind me.

    I jumped into Bob’s black dirty car and felt myself blend in with the darkness forming around us.
    As he began to drive off the curb I began to pull on my clothes and press on my hair to make sure I looked nice... enough.
    “Stop trying to adjust yourself, you are who you are and I’d have it no other way, I just want you to be the Rebecca-Bandit Way I fell in love with... not someone who wants to be someone their not... you are perfect and beautiful and every time I see you it makes me fall in love with you a little bit more than I was before.” Bob said in a quiet tone pure longing and sadness in his voice... did me wanting to change make him that sad?
    For that moment in time I felt so perfect, so beautiful, so loved that I felt like I was on a cloud.
    “I’m not perfect though... I’m far from it.” I argue.
    “Don’t go there Bee... it makes me feel shit when you say stuff like that... may not be perfect in some peoples, maybe even your own, but in my eyes you are!” he almost shout but had to slow his speed before he lost control.
    “Well I’m sorry but I’m not good enough for you, I am useless... worthless even... I don’t see how anyone could be seen with me.” I looked down at my wrist a sudden burn and attraction to it.... it was like it was calling me.
    I felt the car come to a stop and I look up to realise we have barely left my street.
    I didn’t need words to make him know I understood.
    “I love you too.” I whispered and reached out my hand to run my fingers through his perfect blonde thin hair.
    Our lips met and our touches sparked like when we first met.

    After a mini make out session in Bob’s car we headed off again this time singing along to Iron Maiden. Everything had disappeared from me, all my self hate; the atmosphere was smooth and welcoming... at least for now.
    From what Bob had actually told me about his mom was all good and petticoat swirls, maybe a little bit nutty sometimes but he explained it was just a thing she goes through every once in a while since her and his dad divorced it’s like she’s drunk but she’s not... she forgets things and sometimes gets very dumb that she can’t really function, she doesn’t want help... she doesn’t even remember after one of her episodes she knows but can’t remember exactly... it hurt Bob to see her like that and you could tell in his eyes it bothered him, I guess that’s why he used to spend so much time drunk or cutting or with her... he’s had to watch about 80zillion chick flicks and deal with all that soppy shit over and over again.
    The current Iron Maiden song ends and I noticed the opening to a Misfits song in the CD.
    “Would it sound soppy if I made us a mix tape?” he asked flicking his eyes from me to the road... it was raining and I could tell in his eyes he looked disappointed by the sudden change in the weather.
    “No, it sounds quite cute actually.” I take my hands out of my pockets as they started to sweat a bit and Bob grabs it before its even out of my sleeve properly, he pulls it over to him and rests it on his leg gently stroking the back of it soothingly and it makes me just want to melt into him with his arms around me and staying like that forever.
    It was silence for a while until Bob broke out into song at my favourite part of the song. “SHE LOVES NAKED SIN! HE LOVES EVIL SEX! SHE HAS LOST CONTROL! THEY ARE GROWING OLD! SHE WILL HIDE IN SILENCE! THEN HER DAY WILL COME! SHE WAS VIRGIN VIXEN! SHE IS ON THE RUN! SHE IS ON THE RUN! SHE IS ON THE RUN!” Bob sings and it makes me giggle as his hand leaves mine on his thigh to pull into a driveway.
    Bob’s house is super nice, it’s like ours but it is defiantly bigger and the basement has steps leading up that is probably not filled with someone’s shit and call it a bedroom, a large vine growing up the house blooming with a few flowers that I had no idea what they were called.
    “Is it me or does almost every Misfits song involve sex in one form or another... like seriously Hollywood Babylon is exactly the same.” I blink and pull my eyes away from the house with no lights visibly on and onto him who is sat there staring at my still dead hand and I looked to notice I had gone from his thigh to his crotch.
    I blushed and notice how he was holding it in pretty well.
    “Is it me or do you keep leaving me blue balled today?” he laughed and opened the car door.
    “You know I’ll make it up to you later right?” I smirk and follow him, as soon as my door closes the front downstairs light flashes on and the curtain twitches a little, not enough to see anyone though.
    Bob met me on my side of the car and pulled me to the porch where there was a flower that must have fallen off the creeper lay randomly on the wood.
    Bob reached down and picked up the peach and beautiful red blend of the colours in the petals it was beautiful like a rose but then like a poppy at the same time. He delicately placed it in our entwined hands and kissed my forehead softly.
    My eyes stayed linked with the beautiful petals.
    “It’s called the BB flower, my mom couldn’t think of a name when they started to grow in the summer, I suggested something unique and beautiful like it is.... so then she decided to call it BB for Bob Bryar, I sulked about it at first but then I met you and it became Bec Bandit or Bec and Bob, it became more beautiful.” His words were so thoughtful and dreamlike they pulled me in and tied me up.
    I bit my lips and looked up at him, his fingers hooked my chin and pulled his lips to mine, his metal lip ring felt cold from the temperature of the rain and for the first time in a while I could actually feel it there cold and leaving a metallic taste behind... but it was perfect.
  5. When I entered Bob’s house it smelt like fresh baked cookies and a small waft of flowers, the hallway was filled with them in bunches arranged from the ones in the front yard and from neighbours that I had noticed.
    There was a light on in the kitchen and the sound of a light song.
    “Oh, kiss me beneath the milky twilight, lead me out on the moonlit floor, lift your open hand, strike up the band and make the fireflies dance, silver moon’s sparkling, so kiss me.” a soft voice sang and Bob’s smile immediately widened.
    “Hey mom!” Bob called from the hall way setting his keys on the side table and I placed the flower next to them not wanting it to get lost.
    “Bob honey, you’re home, I’ve made cookies!” the woman sang entering the hall with oven mitts on and a slightly flushed face I guessed from bending down too long.
    But wow. She was beautiful, I thought Lucy was pretty but Bob’s mom was stunning, she had long curly dark blonde hair that was like a ripple of waves over her shoulders, under her flushed cheeks she had Bob’s paleness and blue eyes... wow those eyes, they were more of a deep turquoise kind of blue than Bob’s light sky blue with a blend of deep ocean blue eyes.
    “You must be Bee.” She greeted me taking off her mitts and pulling me into a little hug, it was awkward and when she pulled away she looked me over.
    “Nice to finally meet you Mrs Bryar.” I blushed as Bob put his arm around my waist and looping his finger in one of my belt loops in my jeans.
    “Oh call me Liza.” She smiled at me and then to her son. “Well come on then Bob don’t leave your girlfriend standing in the hallway as if it’s heavens waiting room, bring her into the kitchen or something and get her a coffee or a cookie.” ‘Liza’ looked disappointedly at Bob and he clutched onto my side more.
    We followed her into the kitchen and Bob sat me down on at the counter on one of the tall red stools.
    Bob’s mom, it’s gonna be impossible to call her Liza for some reason, set down two coffee’s in front of us and took a seat on the opposite side of the counter in what looked like a more comfortable seat. “It’s so nice to finally meet you, Bob has told me so much about you and he was so right... it made me wonder where he’d been keeping you.” She sipped her coffee and pushed the plate of warm cookies towards us.
    I took one carefully searching for the smallest one and broke a bit off of it to nibble on it. “It’s a pleasure to meet you too.” I blushed and carried on nibbling the small break off of cookie.
    “So do you play any instruments Bee?” she asked fidgeting in her place discarding her coffee and the cookie she had just taken a bite from as far away as possible.
    “No, I’ve never had the time or patience to learn anything.” Clearing the crumbly smooth texture from my mouth with coffee.
    I look at Bob who is content at just staring at me with a glint of firry longing and passion in his eyes, something that made me go a little weak but then embarrassed as I realise I have been staring at him with the same look since I noticed his lustful glare.
    “So you’re not in Bob’s band Chemical Cyanide, Bob has been playing nonstop when he’s home and singing, it’s pure torture but it’s nice to see him smile.” She beamed a big toothy grin at me.
    “It’s not called that anymore, mom, it’s My Chemical Romance.” Bob turned his eyes away from me onto his mom rolling them at her.
    “Really, fuck that’s good, who thought of that? I bet it was Mikey or Gerard... those boys have such a vivid imagination ever since they were little.” She seemed to zone out into thought... did she know us when we were little, was I with them, would she remember me?
    “Actually Bee did.” Bob smiled and took my hand under the counter it was sticky from his finished cookie and my unfinished cookie I gave him.
    “Wow, another brain in the family.”
    It was quiet for a moment and Bob’s fingers began to stroke my hand gently causing it to raise Goosebumps. “How haven’t I met you before, you’ve never been into my office before?”
    “I guess not.” I mumbled... but isn’t that a good thing.
    “Umm... Mom, we’re just gonna go upstairs and sort through some CD’s and stuff, if you need us call us.”Bob pulled me up and we began to make our way out.
    “Okay, not to loud, oh and Happy birthday for tomorrow Bee.” Liza smirked and I blushed.
    “Thank you Mrs...Umm... Liza” I nodded and disappeared from the kitchen and up the stairs.

    Bob mom P.O.V

    Bob had a girlfriend... she looked nice; I mean she was a Way. She was sent to a catholic school, was she kicked out?
    She had scars on her wrists similar ones I had seen on Bob’s, the ones that had stopped appearing since he met her, I guess she was good for him and he smiled for the first time since the divorce that wasn’t forced from me.
    This Rebecca-Bandit girl was finally getting to him, I was grateful, but no matter whose sister she was or how nice she was I had a bad feeling about her.
    I remember the day we decided not to intervene with the Way’s anymore... she was alot younger then, I knew where she would go eventually and I knew she’d be back one day... if the father hadn’t killed her.
    But she wasn’t the heart of my problems, I’m ill.
    I’m a nurse and I’m ill... I can’t help it, ever since Bob’s been with that girl I can’t help it.
    I can’t tell anyone.
    I loved the little sing song in the car x
    Comment on what you think!
  6. I just love Bee and Bob, soo sweet together. I really wanna know what's up with Bob's mom. Amazing like always
  7. Chapter 32

    Hello! I'm back! tadar! I totally forgot about what was in this chapter sooo I'm back with a little lovebite and passion in the chapter. :wub: ;):$:
    Chapter 32

    Ray’s P.O.V

    Mikey squeaked as my lips came down on his. I pulled away after maybe two seconds and ran my hands down his body to rest on his thighs.
    Leaning down, I inhaled the scent of his skin, pressing a soft kiss to his neck.
    He smelled a lot like Gerard, when I first met him it freaked me out that he smelt like my best friend and I put me off doing things with him when I first met, in time it changed from Gerard’s smell to Mikey’s smell. My Mikey’s smell, like lavender and coffee with a hint of me. It was similar now, but different. It was like, Mikey smelt sweeter or something. I looked at his face, his sweet, kind, beautiful face. He looked so much like Bee now, without his glasses and his plump red lips so inviting. He had his eyes closed, his lips slightly parted. He looked so innocent. So pure. I suddenly felt the need to protect him, to keep sentinel over him. I didn’t want to let him go, I wanted to be with him, to stay in my arms... every night as he lays next to me I pray a thank you to the angels for bringing him to me, I speak to my great grandma who taught me to be loving, I pray to everything I am and I sleep with a smile.
    I wish it was just us, us in our little world our ‘somewhere only we know’ no interruptions, deserted on our own island.
    He moved closer, bringing our lips together, he moaned quietly as I traced his lips with my tongue, it was familiar but every time I reattached my lips to his I found something new nestled into them, like a cut or chapped skin or an unknown sweet or rich taste left on them waiting to be licked off. Slowly, he parted his lips and granted my tongue entrance to his mouth. I slowly ran my tongue across his, tasting the inside of his mouth. He shivered as I ran my hands over his ribs and down his back, gripping tightly. I pulled him onto my lap as he wrapped his arms around my neck, slowly moving his tongue with mine. I moaned at the taste of him, a taste I had grown used to and craved.
    Pulling back, I kissed his cheek and down the side of his face and to his neck, the house was filled with the atmosphere of sex and passion in the air, Gerard and Frank had disappeared upstairs and we were left still sat on the couch watching Man V’s Food, when you hear Iron Maiden playing upstairs on full blast you know it’s safe to do whatever the fuck you want. I rested my lips on his collarbone, slowly sucking and pulling at the skin there. He gripped his fingers in my hair and pulled softly, at which point I growled quietly. Mikey smirked at me, as if loving the effect he was having on me; we bite each other’s lips to stop ourselves from moaning too loud that it is over heard over the music. It felt so good.

    I barely had time to blink and we were crawling up to Mikey’s bedroom, Mikey’s legs wrapped around my waist pressing his whole body onto mine letting me feel every shape and curve as if there wasn’t a layer of clothes in between us. We were barely in Mikey’s small, poster filled room, tripping over my clothes that were left on the floor, before Mikey pushed me, his lips still attached mine and his legs still wrapped around me so that I scooted back against the wall and literally ravished the hell out of me... well when I say ravished I mean as ravished as Mikey Way would let me be, grinding up against me our hard on’s rubbing up against each other and exploring our bodies with our warm hands. Before long, we were undressing each other, and Mikey was too turned on to even feel self-conscious about his figure compared to usual where he’d hide from me and make sure I didn’t look at his skinny ribs or stick arms.
    As I ran my tongue along the underside of Mikey’s dick, he became a squirming mess and I knew what to do twirling and licking, his breath hitched and his hips start to thrust up. I ran my hands briskly down the small of his back, digging my nails into his pale flesh; leaving red marks the size of slits, but never breaking the skin. Nails couldn't do that, that easily. His body was arched up as I took him in fully wrapping myself around him and staying there. Limp little butterfly pants were trailing from his throat as whimpers filled my gasps. He clamped himself tighter around me with his legs as I began to move. “Fuck, oh shit, fuck, mother fucking... uurrggg.” He moaned and groaned, but never very loud, he didn't have the breath or the energy. I could feel his whole body rattling and his bones shaking as I murmured around the tip and began to fill up my cheeks with air making him grunt and his hands fly from the bed spread to my hair grabbing fist full’s of curls.
    “Fuck.” He chorused then I pulled off of him and trailed my lips up his perfect pale body. Going back down lifting myself up as Mikey pushed my head back down in hopes to reattach myself to his still throbbing hard on.
    “Please, Ray, fucking please.” He moaned and begged. I leant up over his body slightly. I sucked in on my jaws, collecting saliva from my mouth before I let it drool off my lips, spitting down on his chicken. I ran my hand through it, running it up and down the length of his shaft before curling my fingers around his dick. This time I didn’t want pleasure myself, I just wanted him. “Fuck, I love you Toranosaurusteddybear!” He groaned.
    I curled my fingers harder, drawing pre-come from his hardened member.
    He can feel his orgasm building in his stomach, and before long he’s crying out.
    “F-fuck Ray! Fuck!” he grunts loudly coming all over my hand and his stomach, I watch him as I keep stroking out as his orgasm continues and his body spills. He lies still for a minute before leaning up on his elbows and looking down at me with his cum on my hand as I lick it off of my fingers and sink back down to his skin dragging my tongue along it swallowing and clearing off the sticky sweat that had formed with it.

    After lying down next to him, he sat up and crawled up onto my hips. He straddled them with one leg on either side, and then leaned down putting his hands either side of my head and kissing me with panting breath and a shiver as I ran my fingers up and down his cold sensitive spine. He lowered down so that he was on his elbows either side of me and his hands brushed my hair back allowing our bare torsos to crash together then stick with sweat.
    “Do you every think about, like, what Bee said at lunch?” Mikey asked laid on my chest his fingers running trails over my lightly muscled, but not muscle enough to actually be superman strong, chest.
    “What do you mean?” I ask my left arm that is currently around Mikey stroking his hair.
    “About dreams and stuff.” He stops trailing and looks up at me his chin on my side.
    Truth was yes I did, about us moving into out of this place, getting married, maybe adopting kids, sitting under the sun in the summer, growing old together and all the time being together.
    “Yeah, I do, I dream about everything... I dream that we are together on our own island, stranded and free to do what the fuck we want... I dream that one day everyone’s dreams will come true.” I whisper then look at him. “What about you?”
    “I dream about you... most of my dreams are already true.” Mikey left little kisses on my jaw.
    “And what are those?” I ask my eyes meeting his.
    “Getting you... and having my sister back with Me.” his lips trembles a little.
    “You really missed her didn’t you.” I state rubbing his sides.
    “I may not have talked about her alot but I did, I still do now, it’s like I have part of me back and that now she’s not here with me she’s left again. I used to dream about what it might be like with her, what would have happened if she hadn’t left, what our father would have done to her... I have her back now though and I’m not letting her go, she is me, we are one.” I felt Mikey’s tears run down his cheeks, I could never feel his pain or witness what he did but I knew if she stayed she would have been dead by now.
    “He’s not coming back though sweetie, I promise he’d have to go through me before he gets to you... he’d probably have to go through Super Bob and Spider Midget Frankie too.” I smiled.
    “Super Bob I agree, but Frank’s scared shitless of spiders so we’d have to call him Wolver-midget-Frankie and then what’s your name gonna be?” he asked his foot trailing up my leg.
    “Hmm... Toranosaurusteddybear.” I laugh and our lips reattach.
    “FUCK!” we heard a burst and scream from the other room, we blushed and giggled at Frank’s cover up continuing with a fake embarrassed voice “Fuck, I hit my toe on Gerard’s desk!” earning more fits of giggles.

    Gerard’s P.O.V

    I felt the Frank's hand slowly start trailing up my back, easily sending shivers through my entire body. The hand grasped the back of my neck to pull me in closer. Without even thinking, my mind buzzed and my heart pumping adrenalin, I obediently complied and pressed my body up against Frank’s.
    A low growl vibrated from the base of his throat and he took a quick step forward, pushing me backwards and holding me captive against my bedroom door. I heard him gasp audibly into my open mouth and felt a thrill course through me to know that I had been the one to cause it. Abruptly, he pulled his head back; breaking their kiss. Dazed by the sudden release of pressure, I opened my eyes slowly and blinked in confusion. But no sooner than could I mouth a protest, I tightly shut my eyes and threw my head back against the wall and let out an involuntary moan. Frank was gently sucking on my neck.
    My mind whirled in a mix of pleasure and want, I wanted him so bad right now, I wanted his all over me sucking and biting my pale skin.
    Frank continued to nibble on my sensitive skin and flicked an earlobe with his wicked tongue. Sweet Jesus… Without notification of any sort, Frank grabbed the bulge in my pants. I let out a surprise gasp and my eyes snapped open to see his smirk on his lips and how his tongue slipped out of his mouth the lick over his lips making a seductive gesture I didn’t want to say no to.
    "God, Frank!" I gasp and he begins to palm me through my jeans. I felt my heart begin to race when Frank pressed against me in a familiar way. I rubbed against the side of Frank's neck, slowly, unconsciously.
    "I want you, Gee.” I couldn’t resist the sultry tone of Frank’s voice. I planted a soft, tender kiss on his lips and then moved away from him just for a bit so I could somewhat guide him down onto the bed in front of us. He giggled against my neck, the vibrations pulsing straight to my already unbearably hardened chicken that had Frank’s hand on top on if through my jeans. I crawled onto the bed, on top of him, and engaged Frank in a slow, passionate kiss as I slowly began to pull his shirt off of him.
    When I finally had the shirt off, I placed the flat of my hand in the center of his chest and pushed him back all the way into the soft bulky mattress under him. Slowly I broke the heated kiss and again traced a path with my tongue down his jaw, this time working my way slowly down his neck tasting and teasing with my tongue, lips and hands as I went. I sat back for a second to let out a comment of praise that left my lips just before I attacked one of his nipples with my teeth. “You couldn’t be more fucking beautiful.”
    Frank moaned softly as I bit down on him. He arched a little off the couch the bed, one hand gripping the side of the couch, the other tangled in my hair lightly
    I licked my lips, keeping my own eyes locked with his lust-darkened ones, as I unzipped and unbuttoned his pants and slid them and his boxers down towards his feet. I shifted to allow him to kick them off.
    I turned my head towards my prize. I had planned on teasing him further, but I groaned as I took in the sight of his shaft, weeping pearly pre-cum from a head that was just begging to be tasted.
    My tongue snaked out to catch the droplet, his chicken twitching in response. I hovered above it, my tongue tracing a path around the swollen head and up and down his length before finally taking pity on him and engulfing his chicken to the base. I began to move at a slow pace up and down the shaft, suckling harder as I moved him out of my mouth, always pausing to slide my tongue once around the head before diving back down again.
    I began sucking Frank again, bobbing my head up and down rapidly, grazing my teeth against the shaft every so often. I slid my hands up along the hard plains of his body and pinched and teased his sensitive nipples.
    His hands searched for my head bringing it down onto him further he bucked his hips and moaned. “I want to touch you Gee.” He moaned as propped himself up on his elbows and his hands travelled down to my jeans trying to unbutton them.
    I brought my mouth off of him with a pop and shot off f him flinging my clothes off and blushing at my self-consciousness of my flabby stomach. “Perfect, just perfect, now, come here and fuck me.” Frank teased.
    I jumped back on the bed and lay between Franks legs.
    "Do you still love me now that you’ve seen how disgusting I am?" I said, playfully licking his lips, seeking entry into his silky mouth again.
    He glared before he nipped my bottom lip and the kissing resumed, more heated and urgent this time, as our two naked bodies aligned perfectly, throbbing erections sliding against each other. Frank moaned and slid his hand forward, grasping me and stroking. My tongue wandered down to his nipple, where I began to suck and nip and flick my tongue while my own erection was being serviced rather efficiently by Frank’s hands. Frank slid his thumb over the head of my chicken, spreading pre-come over his fingers. I switched to stroke Frank’s chicken with my other hand while he brought his slick fingers up to my lips and fed them to me one by one. I accepted the digits into my mouth, sucking and cleaning each finger generously as Frank watched, moaning at both the feeling and the sight of it. I kept one of his fingers in my mouth as I leaned down to kiss Frank again. Both of our tongues licked and sucked at his finger inside my mouth as we continued kissing around the digit. He slid his finger out of my mouth and traced the wet finger over my lips. I moaned watching him, and grabbed my own chicken, beginning to stroke it.
    Frank grabbed my wrist to cease the motions."That's mine."
    I smirked and began to tease his ass with my fingers.
    "Fuck," Frank groaned.
    I smiled. I began jerking his wet, saliva-coated chicken with my left hand while my right hand and my nimble tongue went to work fingering and teasing his tight hole.
    "Fuck, Gerard," He stammered as he bucked his hips upward.
    I had him writhing and moaning beneath me, my fingers stretching his hole and my tongue teasing it quite successfully. My other hand slowed its strokes. I leaned up, looking at Frank with a dangerous grin.
    "Shit, Gee. You're making me insane," he stuttered, grinding his hips upward and ramming his chicken deeper into my hand.
    "You’re already insane. Tell me what you want, tell me what you need right now." I teased, increasing the movements of my hand around him and my fingers inside his hot, tight hole.
    "Oh, fuck, Gerard. I want you inside me. Now. Fuck. Please," He whimpered, squirming and groaning.
    I reached into my night stand and got out my lube, I smeared it on my fingers as Frank began to nibble on my neck.
    I put my fingers back in their previous position as I stretched and prepared him.
    Feeling he was ready, I took the fingers out and positioned myself as he adjusted himself so it was all easier.
    Frank’s eyes opened from his lust-filled haze. He peered up at me with pleading eyes.
  8. I raised my eyebrows at him and I grabbed his hips as I slid in slowly. Frank hissed as I pressed myself downward, trying to get all of me in. A moan escaped his lips as I continued and he pushed against me with pleasure I leant don’t kissing his lips and stroking his cheek with my thumb as I finally filled him completely, and rested there momentarily. I stroked the sides of his face, willing his open. When they finally did, I smile down at him.
    “You okay, babe?”
    He nodded and smiled back teasing and lustrous, he rolled his eyes a little at my serious look and moaned even more as I began to move his hands clutching my bed sheets and stopping themselves from flying to my body to create crescent shaped cuts like usual.
    I picked up my pace hitting that spot and Frankie screamed in pleasure “FUCK!” loud enough that Mikey and Ray who were clearly doing it in the next room could hear over the music I had put on when we first got up here.

    Bob’s P.O.V

    We lay in my bed covered by the sheets that had been left cold for a while, we had been lay there for about an hour now after moving my bed over to my window so we could look up and stare at the stars.
    “I’ve been writing some songs recently.” I broke the silence between us; it was a perfect silence that I grew to love as it carried on and for longer and brighter like a candle.
    “Really, are they for the band?” she asked her soft fingers running over my chest.
    “Not really, they are shit but they are just about feelings and shit.” I mumble.
    “Oh feelings and shit how interesting... I bet they are really about your fucking sexy body.” She purrs and it’s something I’m defiantly not used to.
    “Oh you’d like that wouldn’t you... even though you’re as shy as a butterfly and beautiful like one too.” I walk my fingers over her arm that lay on my chest along with her head.
    “I love you y’know, it takes alot of courage to be able to see myself as beautiful and to be able to become so relaxed and be affectionate with people, I just can’t let myself open up alot.” When she blinked I could feel her long fluttering eyelashes tickle as she batted them.
    “You are beautiful Bee; just don’t forget I’ve always got you in my arms, my little butterfly.” I smiled.
    Then a knock sounded on my door lightly, I thought my mom had gone out but obviously not, I prayed to god she wouldn’t open the door. “Bob, Lucy just called and said she was gonna drop that stuff off in a bit.” Her voice sounded through the door.
    “Okay Ma, thanks, we are gonna leave in a bit anyway... Bee needs to be home for work tomorrow.” I replied.
    “On her birthday, that’s disgraceful at her age she should be out having fun.” Her voice disappears and Bee lifts her head up from my cold exposed chest.
    She let the sheet fall from around her and at a puddle around her hips exposing her silky soft pale white marble skin, her cheeks flushed as she watched me look at her body that was perfectly formed and perfectly shaped, her chest perfect and perky maybe a little red from my clasping hands, her perfect shoulders round and bonny with a little bruise mark forming. My eyes trailed down to her stomach that was flat and a little damp from sweat, her hip bones poking out viciously and then to where the white turns a soft peach.
    She hunched over her arms either side of her and her head fell creating a curtain of hair from me.
    I sat up and put my hand out brushing the curtain away and behind her ear.
    “I love you.” She lets out in one gust of breath and her eyes start to tear a little.
    I leant forward and grabbed her into my arms sheet falling around our hips. “I love you too.” I mumbled against her shoulder.
    She ran her hands through my hair one last time before kissing my lips, biting my bottom lips where the piercing was and then disconnecting from me. I was shocked when a whimper escaped my lips and I saw Bee jump out of my bed and to her clothes that we abandoned on the floor by my DVD collection.
    I watched her exposed flesh disappear as she slipped on her clothes and she chucked me mine.
    I blinked and saw she’s disappeared downstairs.

    I waited still staring at the stars when I looked down onto the street noticing we were just completely visible to everyone. Every neighbour, I saw a woman staring at me from around the street with a matching blush to her cheeks. She just nodded and carried on walking her dog that was tugging on its leash.
    I looked out and across to see some 14 year old boy who went to that catholic school, the non boarding one, a few blocks away... he looked sweaty and he had an embarrassed look on his face blinking at him. If you watched the whole show you’d be fucking impressed kid, but she’s mine so back off. I snarled at him through my thoughts before drawing my curtains and putting my clothes on sliding my bed back into place.
    Damn those lusty blueberry and cola eyes.
  9. “Fuck, I love you Toranosaurusteddybear!” o_o
    This just made my entire week. Or maybe my entire life.. Soo great haha I just love it. Great job :)
  10. MrBoggins

    MrBoggins Jesus take the PRNDL!


    Don't forget to update your chapter index. It looks like you're about 6 chapters behind. ;)

  11. Betelgeuse: I fixed it thanks!
    Cyanide_Sparks: I'm glad you liked that I was hoping my readers liked it, my best friend gave me a name similar and we laugh a lot when we use it.
    Update soon!
  12. Yay! Updates make me happy :D haha
  13. ATTENTION ALL READERS! ---- This fanfic (and all my other fanfics from now on) will not include ANY sexual scenes! --- why? --- because I think that it's not right to use people and put them in these situations or describe things soo intimate that even I dont want to think about... I'm sorry if this is offending anyone. I love the guys and I truely think they deserve better and not what I write in fictions, I think the fanfics themselves are beautiful and should carry on but I feel personally that I cant write about these guys anymore in such positions or situations... it doesnt feel right. I know how the guys feel about the fanfics and I'm going to respect that and not do any sex scenes anymore. I hope you understand. I am going to keep writing if people will read, the romance of it all will still be there just taken down a notch... I hope you will still read. Thank you so much for listening/reading to my views on this even if I havent said it in a very analysed way. Again thank you, I hope you still read, I hope you understand and not hate me for this.
    Thank you, MyFrerardKisses - Bec - Frerikbay xxx
  14. I'm totally cool with it, if you even care. Haha.
  15. Chapter 33

    Cyanide_Sparks: Thank you for understanding! I do care! I hope to keep as many readers as I can and YOU seem to be the only one who reads/comments/cares. Thank you xxx

    I havent been writing much as I havent been at my best recently but I will update what I've got. :unsure: Sorry the chapter isnt very good, I dont have any passion in my writing or urge to write anymore BUT I am determind to continue this story and finish it! :)

    Chapter 33

    Bee’s P.O.V

    After coming home with Frankie’s pizza Bob and I slipped down into my room and lay in bed just thinking, it wasn’t long before we both fell asleep under the 11 o’clock moon.
    "Well baby I've been here before, I’ve seen this room and I've walked this floor, I used to live alone before I knew ya, I've seen your flag on the marble arch, Love is not a victory march, It's a cold and it's a broken...Hallelujah." I sang silently to myself in my mind waiting for my mind to sleep with my body and my dream to begin.

    I stand in front of the crying 5 year old watching the tears stain her cheeks and flow down the red skin, I watch as she sits in the corner of her room rocking back and forth praying to god to stop crying, I watch as she turns into a ball and stays perfectly still the only sound she makes is her sobs.
    I can hear her parents fighting down stairs, hear her brother playing with his toys he just received, hear her other older brother outside her door waiting for her to come out so he can comfort her.
    I watch as she finally slips out of her trance and slithers from her corner onto her bed picking up her birthday present, a makeup set.
    She doesn’t want to look pretty, she doesn’t want to be fake like the other girls in Kindergarten, she opens the case and looks at the rows of lipsticks, blushes, foundations, eye shadows, lip glosses, nail varnishes and other things she doesn’t even know what they are. She stares at them not knowing what to do, she picks up a red pencil that read ‘Lip liner’ and holds out her arm, she doesn’t know what she’s doing... not really, she begins to draw lines and waves on her arm with an emotionless face. She doesn’t stop until her arm is just lines and lines of red on top of her pale skin.
    She looks deeper into the box and she picks up the white eye shadow because she knows it’s the only colour to match her skin, she adjusts the mirror on the box so she can see her face cringing as she thinks about how ugly she is, she looks deep into the glass right into her eyes and begins to mask her bruised red cheek with the eye shadow, she knows it will just come off and the black and green bruise will shine through.
    The tears start to fall again and she just sits there licking her fingers and trying to rub away the red on her arms. The sound of her family outside her door makes her want to scream, she wants to hit and kick and scream until she has no voice left.
    I feel sick as I stand and watch her telling myself to say something but no words escape my mouth and my thoughts shout for me to her “Go on scream! Let it out! Punch the walls till they fall down!” but she doesn’t hear me and I don’t hear her, all I hear is the tears and sobs.
    I watch her as if I’m watching over her, she rushes off of the bed and stands close to the door her hand pressing against the white wood, she can’t escape she can’t get out, she is locked in like she’s in a cage.
    “Gee?” She whispers softly into the wood and her sobs turn into sniffles whilst the tears still fall soundlessly.
    “Bee?” her answer is almost as soft as a whisper as hers as her brother knows what’s going to happen next.
    “I can’t get out Gee, I’m scared, I want everything to be okay again.” She whimpers her hand still pressed against the door in hope to feel her brother’s presence knowing she can’t see him.
    “Don’t worry Bee, I’ll get you out and it will be okay, I promise I’m here, I always will be.” Her brothers little quiet voice is almost a grieving one and it sounds so foggy like she has had her head dunked in a bath full off water again.
    “Gee, where is B-b, is she playing outside ‘cus if she is then that’s not fair ‘cus daddy promised me we could go outside later?” she hears her twin brothers voice on the other side of the door further away than her other brother’s comforting voice.
    “No Mike’s she’s just taking a nap now go play.” The soft voice of the eldest instructs the second half of the twin set.
    I watch and wait knowing what does happen next, there is silence in the house, her parents have stopped shouting and Gerard has regained his place outside his sister’s door, Mikey so young and clueless is playing with his toys without making a sound. She just waits for the one sound she dreads.
    The sound of boots pacing up the stairs, her body goes ridged and she can feel the presence of her protecting brother disappear, her tears start to fall quicker and her body trembles.
    I stand and watch wanting to reach out and take her in my arms telling her it will be okay but I can’t she is too far away from me and I know I can’t protect her.
    She whimpers and scurries back towards her bed as the key to the lock on the door turns and opens it, the door creaks open and she is met with the face of anger and disappointment of her father.
    He steps into the room and towards her picking up her birthday present. “Don’t you like your present mommy and daddy got you?” he asks in a voice full of hate and snarls.
    “Yes, thank you daddy.” The small girl whispers.
    “Then fucking play you piece of shit, be a fucking girl!” he snarls throwing the gift on her bed with such force its contense spills everywhere.
    I watch as I see his hands raise and the first blow comes to the whimpering child. I can feel it shatter through me as I take the beating for the second time in my life; I can feel the blood in my cheek as it pounds to it and rushes to the surface. The second hit comes and I feel the sharp sting hit my side where his hand just grabbed at the girl. I can feel the fuzzy beep ring through my ears as the blood rushes and every cry she makes.
    I look at her venerable frame reach out willing to stop wanting it all to stop.
    I look at the eldest brother who is watching from his protective place, he watches with tears in his eyes and his head in his hands...
    “I’m going to take your brother to the park, I want you to stay here and play with the doll house with mommy and nana Elena.” The man instructs his voice softer and hoarse.
    “Okay.” She whimpers barely audible whipping her tears.
    He turns in one quick movement and stomps out the room. I wait and watch as small dark brown haired Gerard crawls in through the door, shuffles next to her and wraps her arms around her small frame, I can feel the heat bounce from his body and make me and the little girl feel warm.

    My eyes dart open and I find myself shaking, I had never had a flash back or a dream so clear like that one it made me feel unsafe. It made feel like that little girl with long brown hair again and the pains build up inside of me. I didn’t feel safe, I wanted to run away.
    I got out of Bob’s spooning arms; I put on my clothes from last night and grabbed my packet of cigarettes making my way up to my old room in hopes to revisit that sanctum of when I was a little girl.

    Gee P.O.V

    I woke up feeling sick and flushed, I looked at Frank who was wrapped around me and tried to untangle him from me, he groaned and I wriggled from his grip.
    I grabbed my hoodie and headed to the bathroom in hopes to wash my dream from my mind; I saw a dim light from behind me come from mom’s bathroom.
    I crept up to the wooden white door and saw the lock mashed and mangled, I jumped back in surprise.
    “Mom?” I whispered not wanting to wake anyone.
    “Gee.?” A heartfelt sob for my reply and I realised it was Bee.
    I opened the door and saw her lay in the bathtub with a cigarette dangling between her lips.
    “Couldn’t sleep either?” I asked as I came forward and sat on the closed toilet seat next the the bath were her bed used to be.
    “Not really, I dreamt about when we were kids and I got that makeup set for my birthday... I just needed to come here to be safe... I needed to smoke.” She took a long drag and offered me her cigarette I took it and took a drag.
    “I remember that day, Nan nor mom came to play like dad said, but I still have you Bee... I’m here to protect you.” I reached out and stroked her hair.
    “I know, it’s just the thought of him coming back scares me so much, I’m still not the girly girl he wanted and I’m pretty sure he still wishes I was dead.” She stubbed out her cigarette into her ashtray she brought up from the coffee table only to relight another one.
    “He said the same to me, after you left he got better but then after a while he started to turn on Mikey with the occasional smack but I wouldn’t let that happen so he turned to me and I let him take it just to feel what you felt. When he left I wanted to get you out but mom wouldn’t let me in fear he’d come back and probably kill her, Elena died and everything just got lost... I got lost... I’m sorry.” I talked to my hands feeling like the shit brother I was.
    “Don’t apologise Gee, we couldn’t do anything to stop him.” she sighed and it went quiet.
    “Mom does care you know? I mean yeah we don’t see her that much but she does care, I’m kinda glad she’s not here... no one would be able to be as loud as they are now and I’m sure she would give us a curfew... she’ll probably be here later, acting like she never left.” I broke the silence and leant my head on one of my hands facing right to look at her.
    “Do you know what I never really got.... in Bob’s house there were family photo’s on the wall but he was never properly in them, it made me wonder about how we don’t have any family photo’s with me in them anywhere around the house... I kinda felt like a reject.” Her voice was cold and flat.
    “Things are different.” Was my only reply, I couldn’t move or speak anymore as in her presence she made me sleepy and relaxed.
    It was silent apart from the intake of her cigarette and the sound of our breaths.
    “I always wanted that collection of comics but dad as always never agreed and had to buy me that fucking makeup set... urgg fuck I’m all damp.” She sighed again... my mind flashed to the store where she saw the wall of comic book covers that had been ripped and torn all stuff together and formed into a big journal... she wanted it so bad for her birthday and dad to our surprise said okay he’ll get it... but the day came and she got the one thing she didn’t want, she didn’t want to be beautiful, she already was.
    An idea popped into my mind.
    “I’m sure sitting in a bath will get you that.” I almost laughed and I spotted her staring at the mauled lock.
    “I broke the lock so no one would be locked in here like I was, no one should be caged in like a fucking animal... or beaten like one for that matter.” She got up from the bath her cigarette hanging from her lips; she walked to the door and touched the lock looked back at me.
    I didn’t say a word.
    “I’m going for a walk, could I borrow a red crayon?” she asked taking her cigarette from her lips and put her hands up her hoodie sleeves.
    “Sure.” I smiled and followed her out of the bathroom and to my room to pick up a red crayon from my desk that I hadn’t used in a long time.
    She looked over at Frankie curled up in a ball with a little dribble escaping from his mouth; she smiled and took the utensil. “Sleep tight love bugs.” She whispered and slipped out the door, I sat at my desk gathering my tools for my idea and hear the front door click shut.
    Tell me what you think! In a few chapters we will FINALLY find out whats up with Bobs mom ;):ninja::mic:
    *I saw those lyrics in another fic and I had to use them.*
  16. Aww poor Bee, I fucking hate their dad. And you can call me Samantha, or any variation of it, if you don't wanna write out Cyanide Sparks haha :) very good
  17. Chapter 34

    I'm back! I thought I'd update... I miss this story but I have too much on my hands to keep writing it all the time... so here I return... ENJOY!:w00t:
    Chapter 34

    Bee’s P.O.V

    I woke up in the clothes I had worn that night laid on the wrong side of the bed with a line of drool trailing from the corner of my mouth... wow Bee very attractive... I blink my eyes to see that I had only slept for about an hour after my walk through the park. I had about hour or so before I had to get up for work. I sighed and felt someone wrap their arms around my waist and pull me to them, I knew it was Bob and I felt his cold breath on my neck leaving a little saliva trail of his own.
    “I missed you baby, where did you go?” Bob mumbled onto my neck I hadn’t realised he was awake.
    “Nowhere, go back to sleep sweetie, we’ve got to work and I don’t want you to be falling asleep on the coffee machines.” I turned so we were face to face and ran my fingers through his blonde choppy hair that had grown darker and long... he was in definite need of a shave too.
    “Okay, I love you.” He sighed as I snuggled into him wrapping my legs around his and holding him tight because I knew we would both sleep better and I knew he loved it too, it felt safe, it felt like I was wrapped around him so tight that we merged together. “Happy birthday.” He whispered.
    “I love you too scruff pot.” I laughed and listened to Bob’s breathing go back to normal and a light snore echoed in my ear.
    I fell asleep again with a smile on my face and a glow in my heart.

    Bob’s P.O.V

    I tugged on my blue frayed jeans that clung to my damp legs and ruffled my wet hair, it was cold in Bee’s room and it looked wet outside, please don’t rain all day please.
    I sat on the edge of the bed that I had just left and stared watching my Bee, her milk chocolate brown hair tied up slightly ruffled and her skin almost a translucent grey, things didn’t seem right lately but I could tell everything would be just perfect today, I would make her birthday as great as mine... she was what made it special for me so I shall make it special for her.
    I didn’t want to wake her but I had to it was nearly half 8 and we were almost late for work, we had to give presents and all that shit before that as well!
    “Bee, wake up birthday girl, we are going to be late for work... don’t you want any presents?” I whispered in her ear as she stirred.
    “nurghf.” Was all she could muster and I knew what would wake her up, I leant over her more and began to plant small kisses along her jaw and down onto her neck sucking and biting a little I pulled back looking at my handy work to see a big red patch.
    I felt her yawn and her eyes flutter open. I kissed her lips softly and left the bed leaving her in disappointment.
    “We are going to be late, get ready so we can all shower you in gifts and coffee.” I smiled at her from where I was getting Mikey’s present from her draw.
    “No, we are going to stay in bed all day.” She grumbled and her hands just roamed her body in a stretch tugging up her shirt and rubbing her flat stomach. She had put on some weight since she came home but she wasn’t fat, she was perfect... she was thin, thinner than Gerard but bigger than Mikey.
    I joined her again and lent over her kissing her lips soft and gentle slipping a little tongue in and my hands resting on her cheeks, I pulled away so I was inches from her face. “I wish I could bumble Bee but if we don’t get ready now then I know Mikey will come down and drag us by our ankles demanding presents... you want your presents don’t you?” I stared into her tired looking eyes that were almost pure blue in the morning dull light.
    “I’ve already got my present right here.” She smirked as her hand rand down my t-shirt and into the waist band of my jeans.
    I shrugged off her hand. “Now, Bee, you know I’d love to but I really have to get going.” I jumped up and left her pouting, I grabbed Mikey’s present and my keys to my car to get out Bee’s present and the presents I was holding for the guys because Mikey was in Gerard’s words ‘A sneaky-nose-through-a-key-hole-scavenging-impatient-rummaging-peeker’ when it comes to presents.

    Gee’s P.O.V

    I had finished my art early that morning and after little sleep with Frankie I gave him my mini present that I saw the other day and couldn’t resist, as soon as I gave him the little black bag he grabbed the black guitar strap and stared in awe at the Frankenstein’s stitched on the material... then after a very good morning hand job we made our way to the kitchen to make a cake.
    “Why can’t we just buy a cake?” Frank moaned as he reached up grabbing the flour and setting it on the counter.
    “Because as you know, being your best friend for 4 years, Mikey doesn’t like shop stuff... he wants something unique and something people have gone out of their way for.” I wrapped my arms around him from behind resting my head on his shoulder as he poured out the flour creating a fog around us as it hit the bowl.
    “What about Bee... what does she think of the whole cake fiasco?” he asked mixing the slop he was making... I was kinda glad I was getting away with just holding him tight against me and nuzzling my head into his shoulder.
    “I think she’s okay with anything, she doesn’t eat all this shit anyway but it’s still the gesture.” I purred.
    “Don’t call my cake shit; I’m very proud of my cake actually.” Frank puffed out his chest making him jolt his shoulder into my jaw as he poured the mix into tins.
    I massaged my jaw and suddenly remembered a very important thing I had bought this year after mom gave me the idea. “Wait I got sumut else for you to add.” I grabbed the little black bottle from the top shelf so no one could get to it properly; I ripped off the label before I put it up there.
    I handed the bottle to Frank who looked at the bottle in wonder. “What is it?” he asked.
    “That’s for me to know and you to find out... I know it’s something everyone loves.” I smirked as I wiped off the flour from the counter with my hand.
    “Fuck that’s strong... I fucking love it!” he sucked in the strong smell as he poured the contense of the bottle into the mix in the silver once a year used tins.
    “I know, my mind is brilliant isn’t it!” I smirked cheekily as Frank bent over placing the tins in the oven, I saw my moment and slapped my hands against his ass and he shot up with a gasp and moan as I literally groped him, he leant back against me so I could purr in his ear. “I know you love something else more though.”
    He turned to face me and wrapped his arms around my neck. “True.” He shrugged and attacked my lips.
    He jumped up not breaking the fire and heat of the moment wrapping his legs around my waist and it made me fall back to lean onto the counter behind me, our tongues danced and our hearts were working over time, I could feel Franks pulse quicken as his chest pressed against mine.
    I felt like ripping is clothes off right there and then, fucking him against the counter, on the floor, on a stool, against the cupboards, by the sink... some more adventurous than others but fuck I wished I could.
    We broke apart when we heard someone clear their throat and looked around to see Bob looking awkwardly anywhere but us.
    “I put the stuff by the couch as the stairs-“ our usually place to put Mikey’s presents “was kinda blocked... oh and by the looks of it Mikey and Ray have made a trip to heavy make out city and it doesn’t look like they are getting back on the bus home too soon.” He laughed still stood in the doorway.
    “Nice to know, don’t blame him though he can do whatever he wants as long as it isn’t heavy petting or fondling in front of us.” I shivered loading the dishwasher with the bowl Frank used.
    “Says you, the way I just caught you two at it would have scarred anyone of them for life.” Bob shivered and started to edge forwards trying not to give away how full his pockets were that his legs couldn’t move.
    “We weren’t fondling or petting!” Frank defended us in that whiney stroppy school girl voice.
    “Oh so it must have been ghost hands that magically molested your bony ass then.” Bob walked over more boldly wiggling his fingers and sat on one of the stools.
    “Fra-“ I was about to defend my boyfriend when someone cut me off.
    “Frank does not have a bony ass, it’s actually quite round and has some lift to it.” Bee stormed into the room beaming but shot Bob a glare... let’s guess hmmmm someone didn’t put out!
    “And how would you know?” Bob raised his eyebrows at her.
    “Weeelll I’m a woman it’s what I do.” She shrugged sitting on her usual stool looking at her black nails before sneaking a glance at Frank who was watching her and winked at him.
    “Stare at guy’s asses?” I questioned keeping my eye on Frankie now putting my arm around his waist.
    “When I’m bored or if they are right in front of me... alot like you Gee!” she giggled at her own joke but actually I may have been gay but I didn’t look at men in that way much and I still did look at women sometimes.
    “Yep and I must say Bob’s is the sexiest piece of meat I’ve ever seen.” I leant across the counter and teased a strand of Bob’s hair noticing he had washed it and had returned to its yellowy blonde.
    “I know right!” Bee nodded and reached for Bob’s hand, a wave of relief washed over him that she wasn’t mad or anything and he opened his legs a little so she could sit in his lap.
    “Happy Birthday!” I cheered changing the subject and thinking, wow I haven’t said that to her in 8 years!
    “Yeah ‘Happy Birthday’ Bee!” Frank sang.
    “Who’s birthday is it?” Mikey laughs as he enters the kitchen with Ray tugging behind.
    “Yours!” Bee jumps up from Bob’s lap and runs to her brother.
    “Happy Birthday!” they say in unison and burst into a fit of laughter.
    “Happy Birthday Bee.” Ray says from behind Mikey and walked over to us.
    After the chorus of “Happy Birthday Bee and Mikey’s” we all headed into the living room and made Mikey and Bee sit on the couch handing them their coffee’s whilst Frank disappeared to finish the cake we were gonna present after the presents.
    Bee sat there awkwardly looking at her hands whilst Mikey bounced up and down his glasses almost flying off his nose.
  18. I've missed this! But take your time, I'll be here (That sounded less creepy in my mind.) I'm so glad that everyone's happy and everything seems to be going right, but I'm still really curious about Bob's mom. More whenever you can :)
  19. Chapter 35

    Chapter 35

    Bee’s P.O.V

    I really didn’t like all this attention and fuss, I wasn’t used to it, I didn’t want any of it.
    When Mikey started to whistle ‘Happy Birthday’ my mind flashed and I shut off.


    I walked through the school in an upbeat mood, my pleated skirt swishing as I walked and my long hair tied up with a red ribbon to match my brownish red cardigan.
    I had a little jump in my step as today was my 9th birthday and my mom, Gee-bear and Mikey-moo were coming, I had my first card this morning from Nana and it was blue tacked to my wall in the room I shared with my friend who was a little older than me called Isabel. I couldn’t wait to see my family and sing happy birthday to my twin brother... it made me wonder would they actually come. No one came before... but they should it’s my birthday!
    I bounced down the hall on the way to mass; I was small and thin but had chubby cheeks just like Gee however I wasn’t from around here, I came from a kinda rough part of New Jersey but that was what I never really got to know as I’d spend all my time at the park or at school or at home... I wasn’t allowed to go anywhere else.
    “Miss Way, why aren’t you in mass?” Sister... I couldn’t remember the name of because it was too long but I remembered her evil looking eyes, her pale skin and her cunning and spiteful smirk, stopped me mid skip.
    “I was on my way Sister, it’s my birthday today and I asked Sister Loraine and she said I could phone my family but I got lost on my way, I’m 9 now!” I was mumbled at my hands as I played with them counting my fingers before holding up 8 fingers and 1 thumb to her.
    “You are almost an hour late child, into my office now!” Sister what’s-er-name ordered and the sudden excitement slipped from me and my shoulders hunched over my skirt still and my hair limp with the ribbon slowly undoing itself.
    I was draped over her knee like a napkin at the dinner table and every smack I got on my ass I cried and screamed, I was told to count the blows and each one was said with a waver and sob, I was used to pain... my father’s pain but now it was another form of father doing the handy work, god’s disciple.
    It was a hard pain, sharp and throbbing and I soon got used to it just like I had gotten used to my father’s blows.
    “This is for your own good Miss Way, it is to teach you not to be tardy.” The sister blew out in a huff over the energy she was putting into each swing of the paddle.
    “12!” I gasped and that seemed to be the end of it, I was told to sort myself out and head to the hall.
    When I entered it was almost empty and I realised mass hadn’t even started and that before I was still early. I sat down with a sharp intake of breath and a tear fell as my lips trembled threatening to spill over the edge. I looked over to the nun who sat on the side of the pews and saw Sister evil-eyed-devil-horned-nun smirking but then her eyes caught mine and they roared fires back at me causing me to flinch.
    “Happy birthday.” Isabel smiled and sat next to me putting her arm around me for a hug when she noticed I was crying and started to plat my silk long brown hair. That service I made my own little prayer that it would stop and I’d see my family again, I wanted to get out but I knew my chances were small.

    #End Flashback#

    “Mom’s coming later... this is gonna be so awesome, our first birthday as a proper family!” Mikey snapped me out of my thoughts bouncing up and down on the couch, I blinked before my eyes met with Bob’s worried ones I smiled at him a little forcedly but he took what I offered and smiled back.
    “I think we should open presents like now or we’re going to be late.” Bob pushed and Mikey nodded frantically.
    “I get to open mine first because I’m eldest!” Mikey declared obviously on something or another and my best bets are on Ray’s dick.
    “By 2 minutes and what ever happened to ladies first!?” Gerard put his hands on his hips very motherly looking at Mikey.
    “No it’s fine let him go, Mikey’s more girl than I am.” I tried to laugh but it came out strangled. Every time I had a flashback or a dream it took me a while to get over it and really get back, it felt like as if I’d eaten drywall.
    “See she doesn’t mind now gimmme!” Mikey bounced and flapped his arms like an excited child at Christmas waiting to find out what was in the box with the holes in it.
    After Mikey called our presents lame which happened to cost us all a lot of money eg. Ray bought him a pile of CD’s that Ray had either made himself or got signed, Bob’s special edition limited collection of the Scream movies which I knew Bob would have rather kept himself in a dust, air, water, sound, bullet and zombie proof glass box on display with security cameras and the whole world of Green Lantern I bought him with the money I saved up for a car that had test drawings, test strips, notes, brain storming, audio CD’s, all the comic books, a lantern and ring, a suit and even had the box it came in covered in green lantern rare releases. Mikey was ready for Gerard and Franks present which was in a tall box.
    He unwrapped it with speed and eagerness revealing the box under that, he opened it and underneath was a silver glittery bass guitar that made the light bounce off it and almost blind you, I knew it must have cost a lot of money but the look on Mikey’s face was worth it, I had never see him so happy... well happier than he was about 15 minutes ago. He went to stand with it but it had no strap so he frowned in confusion. Ray stepped forwards and handed Mikey a little package and inside was a strap that had lightning bolts in silver glitter on it, it was striking and very visible. Then he realised he had no lead or amp or case but Ray just waved at him and said “Dude don’t worry we got you sorted.” Mikey grinned and started to jump with his bass securely attached to him seeming more pumped up with adrenaline.

    After a little while of Mikey telling us to listen closer so we could hear what he was playing and me getting seriously agitated in not leaving for work already Gerard called everyone to attention. “Now it’s Bee’s turn!” he cheered.
    Mikey sat down with a huff and stared at me bored, I look at Bob with tired eyes that said ‘do I seriously have to do this?’ and his glare was ‘yes, just be nice and get it over with’
    “We all chipped in and bought you this.” Gerard handed me a box wrapped in red and black striped paper, I quickly stripped it and saw on the box was an image of a mobile phone.
    “It’s all set up and has everyone’s numbers in it and we have yours.” Frank smiled as I stared dumbly at the box.
    I opened it and looked over the big ‘HTC Desire’ I tried to look for the on/off switch but had no clue.
    “How do I turn it on?” I asked looking over the phone.
    “The button on the top, press it down.” Bob pointed at his which was the same as the one in my hand.
    I pressed the silver long button at the top and it suddenly vibrated and flashed white. “Whoa is it meant to do that!” I yelp almost dropping it in shock.
    “Yeah just wait.” Mikey assured me.
    I waited and then the phone changed from its welcome message to a screen with a picture of me and Bob I remember Gerard took back in the first few weeks of summer where my eyes popped out blue and his were a deep blue, there was a weird set up on the screen and as long as I could see ‘People’ and ‘Messages’ I knew how to work it I think.
    “I don’t like you being in different places and not being able to reach us, anything could happen, and we are all fed up with not knowing if you are okay or not.” Ray sounded so fatherly.
    I just nodded and looked over the phone clicking on messages and figuring how to type and stuff.
    “I think I know how to work it, where do I put it now?” I asked not wanting to touch something I shouldn’t.
    “Just press the button on top again to lock it then when you want to go back on just press it okay?” Gerard explained.
    I nodded and followed his instructions. “Thank you so much guys.”
    Gerard handed me a big board shape wrapped in paper and I realised it was a canvas; I opened it and underneath was something I could have cried over. “Oh my god Gee you painted this?” I gasped in awe over the canvas covered in comic book covers painted in and where the gaps were were pictures painted in of us, they were life like and amazing.
    “Yeah, last night you made me think about all the stuff you never got and well I knew you always wanted it and I didn’t have time to try and find you one so I thought I should paint you one to make it your own.” He shrugged as if it was a random sketch.
    “It’s fucking awesome I love it!” I smiled my goofy grin and got up to hug him with the canvas still in my hands. “Bob look at this it’s fucking awesome, I’ve wanted one since I was a little kid!” I showed Bob who looked interested and his eyes grew wide.
    “Fuck man that’s awesome.” He held it just looking at every detail of the little intricate paintings of us all.
    He then handed me a bag and I smiled insisting he shouldn’t have and the painting was enough but when I looked in I grabbed the Queen t-shirt I wasn’t able to get in store and hugged it to my chest. “You are my fucking hero y’know that, thank you so much!” I got up and hugged him again.
    “Now we can match.” He pointed out and I noticed he was wearing the same one he’d bought me, I nodded and put it down on Bob’s knee as he had moved to sit on the arm of the couch next to me with the painting.
    “Open mine!” Frank jumped forward and handed me a big Christmas bag which he blushed at when I noticed but I laughed and looked inside and pulled out a kinda big black backpack with the Misfits logo stitched onto it with ‘Fiend club’ stitched on the straps.
    “I love it!” I instantly put it on my back to show everyone.
    “Well I know you use one of Gee’s old shit ones and I saw this and thought wow Bee has to get one of those now we can match.” He beamed and sat in Gerard’s lap.
    “Thank you.” I set it down and I was soon bombarded with a hand over my eyes and noticed it was Bob’s.
    “I didn’t wrap your present so I thought covering you eyes would have the same effect.” Ray’s voice came from in front of me.
    “I don’t mind Ray, now let me see.” I said with all seriousness.
    The hands were gone from my eyes and in front of me Ray was holding a coat on a hanger, it was fitted and warm red and black checks and had 4 buttons on the front and again it looked warm.
    “Wow, it’s beautiful, I feel so spoilt.” I gushed and stood up to touch the soft material.
    “Well you don’t have one and I knew you’d like this, my nana helped me pick it out and she said you’d like it if you were still the little butter bean you used to be.” Ray smiled and helped me into the coat which fit like a glove and as I thought it was perfectly warm.
    “I love it, I feel warm for once.” I gave Ray a hug. “Thank you.” I sat back down with the biggest smile on my face.
    “I kinda didn’t get you much, but when Nan died she left you something and she asked me to give it to you when I saw you again so here.” Mikey handed me a purple velvet flat square box.
    I took a deep breath before opening the box to see a white gold chain with a blue sapphire and opal pendant, it was beautiful and I had defiantly seen it before, the opal with in the centre and the deep blue sapphires surrounded it.
    “Wow, it’s beautiful, she really left it for me?” I asked in disbelief like they were gonna snap the box away and say sumut like ‘joke you big pansy!’
    “Yeah she wanted you to have it.” Gerard smiled.
    “I somehow feel like I don’t deserve any of this, like I need to be pinched and this is a dream.” I shut the box and put it down.
    “You deserve everything after what you’ve been through Bee, think she would have wanted to give you this because you were so brave, you spent 8 years away from us locked up facing pain, before that it was dad, after school it was getting over alot of shit and then even more and you go over it without withdrawal and everything.” Gerard put his hand over his mouth when he realised he slipped up. “I mean, you came back that’s all.” He tried to re correct himself.
    Bob’s eyes were big and confused looking at me worriedly, Ray’s looked at me with worry about my next actions, Mikey looked at me as if I’d just killed someone and Frank was just a mix of every one of those emotions looking at Gerard who had his head in his hands.
    “I’m late for work, I’ll be back about 6, I’ll let you guys have some space... bye have a fucking awesome day.” I grumbled and walked out the door grabbing Mikey’s keys knowing he wasn’t going anywhere.
    I opened the car and jumped in; I started the engine and reversed out the drive, Bob was staring after me through the window and I just lowered my head to avoid his sorrow filled eyes.
  20. Aw the flashback made me want give Bee a hug.. Oh Gerard... I could just feel the shock.

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