Tell your sister I'm another

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  1. Tell your sister I'm another
    Pairing: Gerard/Frank, Mikey/Ray, Rebandit/Bob.
    Warnings: Language/ Sexual content/ Rape/ Violence/ Abuse
    Rating: NC-17
    Disclaimer: This story is 100% fictional. None of these events happened or are true in any way.
    Summary: The Way’s have a hidden secret, completely forgotten about, completely alone… until that secret comes home for the first time in 8 years. Bob is lonely, he feels unloved and empty being around boyfriend couples all the time… he is hooked on causing himself pain… Everyone’s in love and things can’t go wrong… sure they can.
    (Title is from House of Wolves- My Chemical Romance)

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    Chapter 1

    P.O.V- Mikey

    Yep another day in my life... another boring day of routine and boredom. First things first getting ready for school... of course having to beat Gerard (my big brother) to use the bathroom as he takes hours and I’m not joking.
    So as usual I’d have to skip the shower (however I did have one last night so I hope I don’t smell bad) and put on a change of clothes... Easy black jeans, black top, black hoodie and my converse.

    I made it down stairs almost falling over my mom’s sliming world bars and shakes. I hopped up again and darting in the kitchen to make some coffee. Another day. Mom’s out of town and it’s a woman free house only that means we have to do everything, not that I mind of course.
    Gerard sulked down the stairs with heavy footsteps and sat at the counter with heavy eyes.
    “Bad night?” I asked as he put his head in his hands.
    “Kinda, couldn’t sleep I just lay there thinking.” His fingers ran rings on the counter top.
    “Same, Frank not stay?” I asked as I passed him the coffee I had poured for him.
    Frank was Gerard’s boyfriend and my best friend, he stayed most nights only as Gerard couldn’t sleep and he found it easier to sleep with him by his side.
    “No. Fucking family thing.” he frowned.
    “Cheer up chuck, you’ll see him later, just get some breakfast and we’ll be off or we’ll be late.” I smiled before disappearing from the kitchen to the study to gather my things for my bag. I never ate breakfast or anything really apart from mom’s slimming bars or I take a few bites of Frank or Ray’s sandwich followed by my daily exercise of running away from them accusing me of eating all their lunch. I’m not exactly a catch as I have silly round glasses always on the tip of my nose, stupid sandy brown hair, with annoying light brownie blue eyes and a scar where I had an inherited little mole under my left eye removed. It’s probly a good thing I have a boyfriend. Yep all the Way boys are gay and with each other’s best friends. Ray, My boyfriend, is Gerard’s best friend they’ve known each other since they were little but it was different with Frank and I, Frank moved to New Jersey when his dad left him and his mom when he was 13.

    “Mikey…Milky… Milky Way! Mikey!” Gerard snapped me out of my thoughts waving his hand in front of my face. I hadn’t realised I was slumped on the couch.
    “Sorry Gee, just day dreaming lets go.” I smiled and grabbed my bag before we went out the front door Gerard locking it and walked to school in the misty Jersey rain. Gerard had a new keep fit thing where we would walk to school instead of him driving us... we have been doing this for about a week and I think Gerard is starting to get very bored of it... give it a few more days tops and we will be back in the comftable caressing seat of his worn out Subaru XT.

    The first thing I did when I walked through those iron gates is almost run to my locker knowing who would be waiting for me. Ray. My frizzy afro haired teddy bear.
    “Hey.” I smiled as I got closer.
    “Hey handsome.” He smiled back and gave me a hug… my teddy bear hug.
    We never kissed in school, not like Gerard and Frank, we knew how homophobic people can be and we especially knew what it can do to people. Gerard and Frank have been through alot of shit and it hurts me to think of what they’ve done.
    “You ready for another glorious Thursday?” Ray asked me sarcastically.
    “I can’t fucking wait.” I murmured.
    “I know how you feel, listen it’s Bob’s birthday tomorrow what should we do?” Ray asked from behind the door of my locker. I grabbed my book and slammed it shut.
    “I don’t know maybe we could just have a mini party at mine. Mom’s out of town and it’s just us.” I smiled. Dad left us when he found out Gerard was gay and I was glad as he was the most homophobic guy out there and im sure he would have gone mental if he found out I was gay too.
    “That’d be great nothing like a party to express Bobs inner softie.” Ray chuckled.
    Bob was in some ways an alcoholic but we preferred drunken Bob to sober Bob. Sober Bob was scary, funny and maybe seen as our personal body guard because he taught us to never take any ones shit. Drunken Bob was cuddly and touchy, he was different he liked to hug and he let down his guard. But Bob never changed how funny he was.
    “I better ask Gee first.” I sighed.
    “Okay, I better be going to home room, I’ll see you after my 2 and a half hours of enduring pain.” He ran his hand down my arm and turned to walk to his home room.

    I walked into my homeroom met with a ‘Hey’ from my teacher Mr Tyrer before walking to my seat at the back corner. Mr Tyrer was cool, he told me once that he was part Italian… which I liked as the Way’s were too. He liked sport and pop music but understood everyone, he didn’t pass judgment and if you were shy and awkward like me he left you alone. Which I was grateful for. He wasn’t like most the other teachers, he was casually dressed not too business man but smart, he always had spiky and blonde highlighted hair and one thing I really liked about him was his voice he was from England and I loved his accent.
    I sat at the back doodling and jotting down notes on Bob’s birthday.

    After homeroom was over I had made my way to English lost in my own thoughts. I entered the class and sat at the back as usual with Frank next to me and as usually we didn’t listen to our teacher Miss Allan.
    I was near the end of the lesson when a note was waved in front of my face. I opened it to see Frank’s writing.
    ‘Hey, you planned anything for Bo-bo’s birthday 2moz?’
    I chuckled and scribbled back my reply ‘My house 7 o’clock? Nothing too big, maybe booze and a movie.’
    ‘Ok sure. I think Miss is noticing our notes.’
    And she was as soon as I read it I heard our names called “Frank! Mikey! Pay attention I won’t warn you again!” her snappy voice cut in.
    We nodded and I quickly scribbled my reply when she had stopped looking.
    ‘Too late. Oh well. Bells about to go, speak to you at break.’ I bodged the note back just before the bell rang and we were dismissed.
    Frank and I walked out last.

    Before I knew it the bell rang for break and I almost ran to find the guys. I found them sat on the steps by the tables and joined them panting from exhaustion.
    “You alright Mike’s? What’s the rush?” Ray chuckled.
    “I just sat next to David Desmond for an hour, if it was you you’d have ran for your life.” I panted. David was not good to be placed to sit by, he smelt really bad and he couldn’t contain his bodily gasses.
    “Oh Honey, come here.” Ray pouted at me and beckoned to the space next to him.
    I sat a lay my head on his shoulder. “Oh yeah, do you wanna come over to ours tomorrow at 7?” I asked anyone who was listening.
    “Sure.” I heard from Bob as he sat nibbling his lips ring.
    ‘What’s up with Bob?’ Gerard mouthed at me, I gave him a shrug and was about to move when Frank stood up and motioned for him to talk to him.
    Frank moved down the two steps till he was sat next to Bob, he put his arm round him pulling him in for a slight hug. Bob started mumbling and I turned away back to Ray. I hoped Bob was okay, I knew things weren’t going very well for him at the moment and I really wanted him to have a good 17th birthday.
    I sat in the misty rain until the end of break when I gave up and agreed to skive next period which was gym. Frank, Bob and I sat against the wall of the back of the cafeteria.
    It was silent apart from Franks iPod earphone’s screaming into his ears and Bob’s puffing from his cigarette while I sat knees tucked into my chest worrying about Bob.
    “Why the sad face Mikes?” Bob poked me in the ribs.
    “Nothing, just thinking.” I mumbled.
    “’Bout what? My handsome face?” Bob chuckled.
    “Don’t flatter yourself.” I chuckled. What I was really thinking was about Bob’s health, he had been so out of it recently and he wasn’t himself.
    “No seriously what ya thinking ‘bout?” Bob stubbed out his cigarette.
    “Are you okay? Like im worried about you man.” I admitted.
    “Im fine, it’s just... sometimes I get lonely.” he sighed.
    “What do you mean lonely we are here?” I gave him a pat on the shoulder.
    “Well… when I see you guys with your boyfriends… hugging and kissing… I think I want that… not like with a guy but I want someone to do that with… someone to cuddle up with.” He looked at his twiddling thumbs.
    “You’ll find someone to do that with surely. There are plenty of girls out there.” I smiled. I felt sorry for Bob… it wasn’t like he was ugly or anything; he was handsome if I wasn’t with Ray and he was gay id drawl.
    “I'm so sad I’ve began to sleep hugging my pillow.” he huffed.
    “That’s normal sometimes I do that, even if Ray’s there I seem to ignore him and hug my pillow round me.” I chuckled. I felt sorry for Bob he’s been around us for so long.
    “I’ve never had a girlfriend.” he sobbed and his head fell into his hands.
    Frank was still clueless to our conversation so I scooted closer and comforted him. “Hey, that means the next girl you will meet will be special, I’m sure.” I rubbed his back.
    “Yeah right 17 years of my life looking for that girl, sure I’ve had make out sessions but that’s it they leave me after that.” he frowned.
    “Well at least you’ve kissed a girl.” I smiled, of course I’ve never kissed a girl and I don’t really want to.
    “Yeah you got me there.” he smiled.
    I grabbed my back pack and elbowed Frank.
    “Almost over?” he grumbled.
    “Yeah.” I sighed.
    “Okay let’s go to my mom, say I passed out and you two half carried me in and had to stay to make sure I was okay, yeah?” Bob got up and dusted himself off. Bob’s mom was the school nurse and always got us out of trouble if we skived, that was good about her, she didn’t care about education but if someone shouted at her son she would snap so we had an agreement not to do it too often and in return she would cover for us.
    “Hide the smoke smell or she’ll flip.” I cautioned Bob.
    He didn’t succeed in covering up his sent very well but it was enough.

    We all sulked off to the nurse’s office Bob trying to look like he was ill. We knocked on the door and entered.
    “Hey boys!” Mrs Bryar smiled at the three of us. “What is it this time?” She sighed.
    “Bob passed out so we had to carry him.” Frank filled her in.
    “Okay so lefts say Bob passes out from low blood sugar you bring him here and wait with him.” she smiled.
    “Thanks Mrs B.” I smiled.
    “No problem.” she smiled before filling out the report.
    We then left as the bell rang and we all made our way to next lesson some more eager than others.
    I had to sit next to Violet Sharp she had a weird crush on me but I never did talk to her and she had braces that always had gunk in them, acne that looked infected, snot dangling from her nose and hair always in stupid pig tails. It's like 'Hey I'm weird and I like math and science and sometimes I play dress up! I'm a 4 year old' it just screams at you... I know I'm gay but come on! at least she could stop getting dressed in the dark! and maybe shower once in a full moon! it is imposible to ignore her aswell! All she talks about is cats or how nice I look today... I just have to block her out because I know if I talk to her she will probably declare to the whole school we were official or something and believe me you think being gay is a problem this would be worse... I entered class and sat in my usual seat… just another hour of my life to endure.
    What do you think? anyone like it? I kinda started writing this when it came to me in a like dream then I fell in love with the story and just couldnt stop writing! :thumbsup:
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    Yay, I'm the first commenter again!:3
    So far I really like this. And I feel bad for Bob. :L
    Bob's mom is cool. Like, really cool. I wish my mom was that cool.

    Anyway, quality writing? You've got it. :thumbsup:
  3. Chapter 2

    IDon'tLoveYou11: Yay my first commenter! My new fanfic is up finaly! I'm glad you like it! Bobs mom is awesome we kinda get to see ALOT more of her :ninja: ... I hope you keep reading! so here is CHAPTER 2!
    Hope you enjoy!!! :thumbsup:
    Chapter 2

    P.O.V – Gerard

    I opened my locker grabbing the bottle of slowly decreasing pills. They were for my depression, every since our grandmother, Elena, died I was put on them. She was my everything, she taught me how to sing, draw, dance- really badly and she did everything my mom never did… which was pretty much everything. But that wasn’t the only reason I was on antidepressants, I went through a stage in my life when I didn’t want to be who I was, people blame my father and I would agree but I can only blame myself. Now that I have Frank im better but recently I’ve upped my dosage, somehow I can’t stop myself thinking and feeling acts of suicide, but then I think things through and take a pill and im better… I don’t want to be this person but I can’t help it.

    I raise my hand with the three ‘sadness drainers’ in and swallow them whole, they catch in my throat before washing it down the some water. I then realise im being watched.
    “Hey.” Frank frowns.
    “It’s not what it looks like.” I but in before he gets really upset with me.
    “Don’t make it sound as if you’re cheating on me.” he chuckled and pulled the bottle from my locker reading the label. “Do you know you’re only meant to take 1 of these?” he raised his eyebrow.
    “Yeah.” I frowned.
    “And you just took 3 didn’t you?” Franks brow turned from up to down.
    “Yes.” I dropped my head.
    “Now drink this bottle of water and we will talk about this later.” He had a disappointed look on his face as he handed me the bottle of water big enough for 5 of me.
    I sighed. This is it, no shouting, no ranting at me? But I guess I’m glad ‘cus a mad Frank isn’t good and understanding Frank is. I thought.
    I shut my locker and we walked in silence to our group spot under the tree.
    Mikey, Ray and Bob were already there eating thier lunch, apart from Mikey.
    I was really worried about Mikey, he wasn’t eating and his eyes looked empty and lifeless.

    I sat down next to them and dug out my lunch only nibbling it before giving up and drinking my water. Mikey noticed and looked at me disappointed. I picked up my lunch and passed it to him.
    “Here eat it, you look starved.” I pleaded.
    He stared at me with wide eyes before smiling slightly at my concern and started to scoff it down. I felt better that knowing he was eating something.
    I sat under the tree thinking about some comic book ideas, my thoughts were interrupted by singing. The voice was soft and gentle. It was beautiful.
    “Land of the lost, I found myself in nothing. This time, promises broken find me, Clutching to you for something, something that you're not. Believing in what you say, it makes me lie awake at night. The truth, the truth is not what scares me; it’s why you have to lie, all the time.” Frank sang in my ear. I hadn’t noticed he had cuddled up to me.
    “You wrote that?” I asked knowing he had.
    “Yeah a while ago.” he whispered.
    “They’re good.” I smiled and wrapped my arms around him.
    “I try.” He chuckled.
    I hugged him tighter not letting him go.
    Over Frank shoulder I could see Mikey and Ray lent on each other and Bob was giving a sad smile. I let Frank go and started to continue sipping my water.

    After the usual lunch under the tree, it came to my favourite lesson, Art. I loved to draw; it was my escape and one of the things I personally didn’t think I could live without. Art I the only way I can express myself and just go with the flow and draw what I feel. Only art at school was different we had to do what we were put to do and it was shit. Sure I can draw a screwdriver! Sure I can shade and paint a flower! Where is the fun in that!
    I sat in my usual spot and pulled out my sketchbook to finish a sketch I had started drawing at lunch. It was a tree and under that tree was a small girl with a gas mask on.
    I had barely touched the paper when my art teacher called attention to class for name roll.
    Miss Crosswell was really nice; she saw my ‘talent’ and seemed to be okay if I sat in her classroom at lunch to draw. She had mentioned to me about going to an arts college in New York on a scholarship but I wasn’t sure if I was good enough, sure I could draw and paint and shit but I can’t do it on the spot in front of everyone.
    “Gerard Way?” Miss called snapping me out my own thoughts.
    “Here.” I sighed wishing I was at home in my room at my desk free to draw what the hell I wanted not thinking.
    “Okay guys today seeing as I can’t be bothered to teach you and I’ve got a headache you guys have a choice. Draw the flowers, draw the tools, draw a partner or draw a piece of fruit… just behave or you’ll get an after school detention with Mr Tyrer and he is not in the mood for after school.” she leant back in her chair rubbing her temples. When she had finished the classroom was calm on fear with Mr Tyrer who sure was a nice guy but if you get in trouble you were in the shit. I sat in silence drawing a rose that appeared in my mind with a ribbon tied around the stem, I soon got bored and I looked up to notice Miss Crosswell didn’t look well but sat at her computer reading something with a slight smile but a pale emptiness.
    “Gerard can I speak to you for a moment?” she beckoned over to me while the class was quiet, I walked to her desk past all the smug faces that noticed me.
    When I got to her desk her smile widened. “You’re on the list.”
    “Im what, what list?” I asked confused.
    “Remember I asked to see some of your out of school work?” she asked looking at the pile I had given her just a few days before.
    I nodded.
    “Well I sent them to that arts college in New York I was telling you about, just to get a rough level and reference on improvements and they are so taken in by your work that they put you on the list of possible scholarships.” she beamed, I think was the happiest I’ve ever seen her.
    “Really wow thanks, what did they say exactly?” I was shocked and wanted to know word by word to make it more real.
    “You have outstanding talent and if you sent in some more work they would defiantly move you up the list.” She smiled.
    “Like what?” I asked wanting to know how I can improve and get them to defiantly consider.
    “I would suggest maybe landscapes, portraits and maybe still life.” she collected my art and an information booklet.
    “Still life… like nudes?” I asked leaning in to whisper.
    “Nothing to be ashamed of Gerard you can go to the local class or maybe with someone your close to. Look here’s their booklet and your work. Well done, if you need to talk about it more could you bother me tomorrow because to be honest I feel like shit, I hate Thursdays.” she groaned the last bit before turning back to her laptop.
    “Thanks for doing that, I hope you feel better.” I gave a friendly smile before returning to my seat with eyes watching me obviously over hearing our conversation.
    I sat reading the booklet for the rest of the lesson. Wow this place is like the white house, it’s like 3 course meals every fucking day! My mind cheered.
    It was full of kids art work and there was no way I could compare to those kids, it all looked way too posh and looked extremely expensive… I would never get in.

    It was the end of the day and I almost ran to the school gates, I really wanted to be at home in my room listening to music and finish my sketch.
    I met Mikey and we walked home in the opposite direction of the other kids… we lived on the middle class part of town where most of our friends lived.
    I had a weird smile on my face and Mikey noticed.
    “Why do you look so happy?” He asked smugly.
    “I was told I might get an art scholarship at a college in New York.” I sang.
    “Really that’s awesome!” Mikey jumped.
    We were both jumping as we walked the rest of the way home.

    As soon as soon as I got through the door I rushed up to my room as usual and turned my iPod dock on and sat on my bed knees balancing my sketch on my lap as I continued to draw.
    The songs repeated themselves and I had been staring at my drawing for almost 3 hours trying to figure out who the girl I had drawn had a resemblance to. I heard Mikey shout goodnight from his room and it clicked. The girl was someone I hadn’t thought of in a long time but was so important in our lives and she was slipping away… does Mikey think of her?
    I had drowned my own thoughts with my antidepressants and I fell asleep waiting for tomorrow to arrive and Bobs party to start… I needed a drink.
    There we go chapter 2! What do you think? I love comments they make my day so please feel free!
    Anyone wonder who the mystery girl is? :mic:
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    hey, i really love this! keep going <3
  5. Chapter 3

    Who's ready for chapter 3?... I doubt anyone is... but here is an update anyway.
    Chapter 3
    P.O.V- Rebandit

    Here I am Friday morning 6:15a.m I shouldn’t be up this early, I have to sit through all this shit they preach. I praise the day iPods were invented without it I’d have to actually listen to all that bible crap. I hate this catholic school, of course I had no choice my parents had put me here when I was 8 and I’ve been in here ever fucking since and I'm 16 now, why can’t I get out of this place?

    I sat in the hall at the back on my own with my iPod’s earphones hidden in the sleeves of my school cardigan… yep I said cardigan. We have school uniform and it had to be perfect, it was my torture. Pleated grey knee length skirts, crisp ironed white blouses, knee length socks, perfectly polished patient shoes, red, blue and black striped tie and the stupid red cardigan with the blue rim and logo on that you had to have buttoned up all the time and make sure your tie was to the top with the top button on the blouse done up. And that was the rule, but fuck the rules and if it helps me get out of here im willing to risk the consequences.
    Stupid catholic fucking school, stupid maple desks, stupid white walls, stupid teachers, stupid rules, stupid bible, stupid me... stupid life.

    I’ve had a lot of abuse from this school, especially from some of the teachers and students because of the way I look, the music I like, the art I draw and the things I do. I may not be ‘normal’ but I try to stay out of trouble, I may stay at school on weekends getting drunk out my skull but that doesn’t mean im a bad person.

    I hated my name… Rebecca-Bandit, sure it was okay but it was hard to shorten so I just go with Rebandit or Bee I liked Bee… but here they called me Rebecca or Rebecca-B as they didn’t think Bandit was a proper name.

    When I was dumped here I was 8 years old and some of the kids liked me but as I got older and my parents visited less and phoned less I lost those friends I also lost my respect to my parents. I was teased on how nobody cared and that no one came to see me anymore, on holidays I was taken to my auntie’s to celebrate with her until my baby cousin found my y'know-whats in my bag and put them up their nose and well... after that I wasn’t welcome anymore and seeing as I had nowhere to go I spent my holidays in the school, and I started to believe what they said about me that was when I got depressed I was bullied so much I began to not care and hate myself. When I was 13 I started to cut myself it started on my legs but then people started to notice in gym and then it moved onto my wrists when I found out that was a quicker way to just slip away. One night they found me, my roommate had came into the bathroom when she returned from her after curfew make out sessions to find me lay in a puddle of blood. After that I was put on antidepressants and constant watch and I had to pray to the lord between every lesson as I had committed a sin and I should be thankful that he gave me a second chance, but that still wasn’t enough to stop them and every night I did it again and again just to feel pain eventual they didn’t think I was doing it and took me off them but I found a way to get my high.
    Now my weekly phone call is to a guy I met on my weekend out once asking him to send me my weekly supply of alcohol and drugs, I stopped calling home when they changed the number.

    I was zoned back to my reality when I felt the all too well known pain in the back of my head from one of the teachers trying to get my attention. “Miss Way please move.” one of the sisters snapped.
    “Yeah yeah I’m moving.” I got up and exited the big hall with all the others.
    “You are lucky your here Miss Way.” one of them called as I sulked out.
    “I wish I wasn’t.” I murmured to myself.
    I skipped breakfast and went to class.
    I sat in usual assigned seat by the window waiting. Sure I was a weird fuck but yeah I wanted to learn, after spending 8 years in this dump I want to learn actual stuff not all that shit about god. Sure he is god and stuff but he’s messed up to!
    I sat through the lesson not taking anything in and sat there completely lost even though we had already done this a few years ago. Each lesson I had already sat through before and it was inscribed on my brain… why couldn’t I lead a normal life?

    Then it came to the lesson before lunch and I snapped. I was sat in the middle of a group of bullies. It was torture and my every move was commented on and chorused with snide comments it was my time to snap, I stood up from my desk and marched out the door with a quick “Fuck this!” followed by gasps and a stern voice commanding me to return but instead I marched through the corridors. I was then stopped by Sister Loraine who used to like me but turned on me she stopped me with a halt. “Where do you think you are going Miss Way?” she crossed her arms.
    “Im going to hell. Remember, you told me that. But what I don’t get is, why am I going to hell when God isn’t he’s messed up and Mary, they’ve both messed up. Mary got knocked up by God when they weren’t married and she hadn’t even met him, God must have taken advantage of Mary as she didn’t want a child but seeing as he’s God she went along with it, so technically they are both sinners and cheaters and Mary cheated on Joseph.” I folded my arms too.
    “Rebecca-Bandit are you drunk?” she looked me up and down sternly.
    “Nope.” I snapped.
    “Come with me young lady, I’ve had it with your language and attitude.” she grabbed my arm and marched me down to the principal’s office.
    I was shoved into the office and pushed to sit in the uncomftable chair.
    The principle of this stupid catholic school sat across from me.
    “I’ve had enough.” Sister Loraine snapped.
    “What has she done?” Principal Markins sighed.
    “Her language, her volume, her rude and unbelievably offensive comments on our father and the Virgin Mary, she is constantly drunk and does not wish to abide by our rules!” she spat.
    “Sister I shall deal with this please proceed with previous activities.” he shooed her away and she left grumpily.
    “Sir, I just don’t get it.” I stressed.
    “Rebecca I understand how hard it is for you but I cannot tolerate that behaviour and attitude, you have been in here enough and I'm sorry but I must ask you to leave the premises.” He stood up.
    “Wait what?” I asked, were they finally letting me go home?
    “Im sorry Rebecca but you have an hour to pack your things and vacate the premises. But at least it’s the end of term and you have the holidays to relocate schools.” He showed me out.
    “Oh okay.” I frowned realising I had no home.

    I returned to my room and grabbed my rucksack I had when I was brought here and started to pack my stuff which wasn’t much… a few posters, pictures, clothes and comics. I crawled under my bed to grab my stash of alcohol and drugs when I felt something tug on my leg. I hit my head and crawled back out.
    It was my roommate, Jenifer, she was sat on my bed and I joined her stuffing my stash in my bag.
    “So you’re leaving.” she sighed.
    “Yep, back to my nothing I guess.” I chuckled.
    “Im sorry, whatever they say about you isn’t true, you are the nicest person I know.” she gave me a small hug.
    “Nope it’s true, I should just die, I guess I better just go and see how they are… if they will accept me.” I sighed. “Thanks for everything but I gotta go, I hope your new roommate won’t me as much of a pain in the ass as I have been.”
    “You weren’t that bad, now you go and call me once in a while.” she smiled giving me a hug as I walked out of our room and headed down the hallway. As I walked a through the corridors to the exit I heard them shout at me, jeering abuse. I tuned it out and left.

    I'm free. I thought as I walked through the iron gates. I turned to look at the catholic boarding school I’ve spent 8 years of my life in and cursed at it. Just like it always was in Jersey it was raining and I didn’t have a jacket. I pulled out my bottle of vodka and started to drink as I walked home.

    It wasn’t long before I was full on drunk and I was happy to be finally free, sure I had freedom on weekends but I never went out I couldn’t trust myself to return.
    Now I had the drunken 15 mile walk home.
    Rebecca-Bandit... she is one of the MAIN characters :whistling: ... Rebecca is my name but also my best friend suggested it for her character name... and I really like Bandit... and I thought mix them together and it sounds pretty good! :$:

    I feel like shit today :( so some comments would be nice... :thumbsup:
    What do you think?
  6. Chapter 4

    This is chapter 4... is anymore interested in this because I might stop posting this on here as no ones reading...
    anyway for now here is chapter 4.
    Chapter 4

    This was turning out as an awesome birthday. I had forgotten all my problems about not having a girlfriend and actually enjoyed living for once.
    Mikey had made sure the mini party was perfect and it was… most of us were drunk but not drunk enough. We all sat in various places around the room watching movies. We were on the third movie when I noticed the guys had all started sucking each other’s faces off… I was used to it but I felt really uncomftable.

    “I’ll be right back.” I sighed hoping up and rushing to the bathroom.
    Luckily I had a safety pin on my keychain and I could get a little high off it.
    I don’t know why but to me self harm makes me feel like im as high as a kite, I feel pleasure rather than pain. I dug the point of the pin into my skin and watched as it left a little graze it sent a ripple of pleasure through me as it began to bleed slightly, but it wasn’t enough I wanted more, I went back over it with the pin digging even hard and I began to feel the metal slice through and the blood begin to spill. I felt a wave of ecstasy as I watched the blood flow from my arm; I ran the tap and watched at the red melted into the clear water before washing it and applying pressure.
    I rolled my sleeve back down cursing myself for wearing white before exiting the bathroom to sit in the lounge arm clutched to my chest trying to watch the movie.

    P.O.V- Rebandit

    Here I am… In the rain… Bottle in hand… opps… maybe not the last one anymore.
    I was almost home I think and everything I owned was soaked through… oh no my comic books! I sulked. I looked at my ruined posters and through them on the street...The rain was heavy and my clothes clung to me as the drops dripped off my fringe mixing in with my tears.
    Home didn’t sound very welcoming anymore… 5 months ago was the last time I heard from Gerard who wanted to inform me our grandma had died but that wasn’t from him it was a written message I wasn’t even sure if it was him or some kids trying to wined me up… no one wanted me anymore. Oh hell! Im going home and they better fucking learn to deal with it! I thought as I quickened my pace and I drunkenly jogged home. Fuck I was pissed.

    I reached what I remember as home and stood outside just looking, I heard one of the neighbours gasp when they saw me not believing thier eyes I gave them a small smile and they gave me a nod before they returned into their home. I was still stood outside in the rain, taking the last swig of brandy from my bag before staggering up to the porch.
    Short but there you go.
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    IDon'tLoveYou11 New Member

    No! No! Don't stop please. I've been stuck on my phone, so I didn't realized this had been updated. D:

    Anyways, I still enjoy this story very much.

    For some reason, I really enjoy Rebandit's P.O.V. Maybe its just her fuck the world attitude but I really like it.

    Sadly, I can relate with Bob and the whole cutting ordeal. :L

    OKAY, so basically, keep up the good work, and don't stop!
    ( Shit. Now I've got Don't Stop Believing stuck in my head, as well as f.t.w.w.w. ;P )
  8. Chapter 5

    IDon'tLoveYou11: Okay you've twisted my leg... I WILL carry on this story! Rebandits attitude is based on my own and a mix between the band itself and my best friends attitude..... I am super weird like... I dont need to be drunk but I kinda of act it sometimes and I cant help it... I too can relate to Bobs current self that's why I set it as his character so that others too can relate... like with the band itself...YOU'VE GOT THOSE SONGS IN MY HEAD NOW! :eek: (ohwell dont worry F.T.W.W.W is taking over from Dont Stop Believing)... I hope you stay with me reading this :)
    Okay so here is Chapter 5 and thanks for reading and sorry its so short!
    Chapter 5

    P.O.V- Gerard.

    A loud bang came from the hallway as I heard the door open and close.
    “Im home!” A slurry voice sang.
    Then I heard stumbling and crashing about. It couldn’t be could it? Surely not? How? Why? Bee was home?
    Before anyone else did I shot up like a bullet and headed for the hallway. She was stumbling around almost on the floor and she was as drunk as fuck and soaked through.
    “Your back.”

    P.O.V- Mikey.

    Oh no. Oh fuck. She was home and she was drunk this can’t be good. I shouldn’t really say that about my twin sister but no one except Gerard, Ray and I knew about Rebandit, I don’t know why I hadn’t told them I had a sister but I guessed they’d have to find out sooner or later, I just wish it was later when she was sober.
    I really did miss her, I wish she had a normal life and wasn’t hated by our parents… I didn’t know why but they did.

    I ran after Gerard into the hallway staring as shocked as he was at her. She was soaking wet in her catholic uniform and drunk she could barely stand.
    “What are you doing here?” I didn’t mean to snarl but it came out cutting.
    “They chucked me! Said I was the daughter of the devil every day and they told me I should burn in hell because they don’t tolerate people like me.” she slurred.
    I didn’t know whether to believe her but I gave up and Gerard and I both went forward to help her, she stood there swaying as if she was about to fall over so we held her supporting her.
    “Why now?” I again snarled not meaning to but I was upset.
    “Be nice, we are one! We are the same thing! We were in the same womb! Why are you so mean? Aren’t I a good sister anymore? Don’t you love me?” she said a bit too loud… making bump gestures and drooling a bit a few tears falling.
    “Lay off Mikes.” Gerard shot me a disapproving look.
    “Gee! Mikey! What’s going on?” Franks voice called through the wall separating us.
    Bee shot me a confused look.
    “Who’s that?” she asked sceptically.
    “No one, come on let’s get you cleaned up.” I tried to steer her towards the bathroom but she fought back ending up face down in the carpet.
    Gerard sighed and picked her up and carried her towards the bathroom. “I’ll take care of her.” he said before closing the door.
    I went back to the lounge, Ray lifted an eyebrow. He knew who was here; I nodded and settled back down next to him.
    Frank looked at me. “Where’s Gee?” he asked trying to look round the door.
    “Sorting something out he’ll be back in a bit.” I sighed and sunk back to the film laughing slightly every time a person or zombie got brutally murdered.
    okay sorry its short.... Thanks for reading again! :)
  9. Chapter 6

    I've been feeling like shit the last couple of days so I havent been writing as much 'cus at the moment I'm writing about 4 different fanfics and writing and doing homework... and everything is just stressing me out!
    so here is chapter 6 for you! sorry if it's short!

    Chapter 6
    P.O.V- Gerard

    I sat her on the counter by the sink and gave her a drink of water hoping to sober her up after only just making her down about 60 gallons of water and washing it out of her system.
    She looked really ill but I guess being cooped up would do that to you. I sighed and stared at the bump on her head.
    “How’d you do that?” I asked feeling over the bump she flinched.
    “I kinda did it to myself. I was under my bed for something and I think someone tapped me and I hit my head.” she smiled her cute dorky smile.
    “And these?” I asked pointing to the fresh and old scars on her wrists.
    “I’m sorry.” she burst into tears. “I’m so sorry.” she wailed over and over again.
    “Shhh Shhh its okay now, you’re home’ you don’t need to be sorry.” I cooed stroking her hair. She looked sober enough she wasn’t slurring.
    “I thought you forgot about me and I you didn’t want to be my family that’s why I was trapped in that hell hole.” she whimpered seeming to calm down.
    I knew she was manic depressive and I felt heartless knowing she was in pain.
    We can get through this.
    “Gee.” she whimpered.
    “Yeah Bee?” I asked stroking her hair behind her ear.
    “I think im gonna-“she was too late she jumped from the side and dove to the toilet spilling the contense of her stomach.
    I sighed and pulled her long hair out of the way rubbing her back. “It’s okay Bee I'm here.” I cooed.
    She had finished and flushed before lying on the floor drained, I let her rest for a minute before picking her up and sitting her back on the counter. She was sipping the water I had got her and she had started to shiver.
    “I’d never forget you Bee, you’re my sister, my little baby sister.” I smiled remembering how small she was.
    “Im not so small now, Mikey’s changed since I last saw him, he got the mole removed.” she looked at her hands.
    “Yeah he said it annoying him.” I sighed.
    Our family had a small brown mole in the bottom corner of out left eye we didn’t know where it had came from as only we three had it and it wasn’t inherited, it was a mystery.
    “Oh.” she sighed. “You found someone yet?” she asked hyping up and trying to tickle me.
    “Maybe.” I smirked.
    “Oh you do, tell me, is it Ray? I bet it is.” she finally tickled me making me squirm.
    “No, it’s Frankie.” I chuckled.
    “Frankie sounds cute.” she giggled a really girly laugh.
    “Okay are you sober enough to be sensible and meet them?” I asked hoping her to stop tickling me.
    “Umm okay.” she looked unsure but I could tell she wasn’t going to be a problem.

    Then Mikey popped his head round the door. “Hey what’s taking you so long?” he asked looking at us.
    “Nothing we are coming now just be nice okay.” I opened the door fully and wrapped my arm around Bee for a hug pulling her out the bathroom.
    “At least cover up or something.” Mikey gestured towards Bee’s wet blouse showing a bit too much. She blushed but she unwrapped it from around her waist and pulled her cardigan on around her skinny frame tightly.
    I hate uniform!
    I think I've got to chapter 23 or something so far BUT I KNOW there are going to be over 100 chapters! :shock:
    So Rebecca-Bandit (or Bee, or Rebandit) is self harming too, something i have done in the past and recently came very close to doing.
    Gerard would be an awesome brother! but I dont know why Mikey is acting like this?... maybe it is because he doesnt want to loose all the attention.?
    Okay gotta go to school I'm LATE!:sleep: gotta get there ninja fast :stealth:
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    Damn. I never got around to reading chap. 5, oops. :L

    Anyway, Mikey should be nicer to Bee. I mean, she's sister, twin even.

    Now to chapter six;
    I feel somewhat bad for gerard, y'know? He's taking care of Bee. A drunken one, no less.
    I hope all goes well for Bee when she meets the guys. Well, Bob and Frank.

    I'm sorry to hear that the self-harm is a part of you as well, it utterly sucks. Seeing as I have before too. /:
    Don't fret about it being short, sometimes it needs to be to get a point across.
    Keep it up:3
  11. Chapter 7

    Hi! My internet wasnt working since Tuesday! :swear2: had to buy another internet box thing! :swear2: BUT I'm back! :tongue: I have been writing more without interent so I can now post Chapter 7! :^_^:

    IDon'tLoveYou11: Self-harming is something I'm not proud to admit to doing, I think writing a character like this is my way of dealing with some of the things I held back, y'know? it sucks.
    I feel bad for Gee to but hey he is her brother and he is there for her... Mikey should really lighten up on Bee... and you shall see next to whether or not Bee meets the guys.... (You forgot to mention Ray)

    Anyways! Here is CHAPTER 7!

    Chapter 7
    P.O.V- Frank

    I had heard someone… a female voice… a very drunk female voice.
    It couldn’t be their mom ‘cus she’s out of town every day apart from Sunday.
    They knew her but she was obviously a surprise visitor... it wasnt a voice I recognised and I practicaly lived here.

    I sat there while Mikey entered and sat as if normal, then after a while he got up and walked back out into the hallway.
    “He’s just sorting something out.” Mikey had said.
    What was that something?
    I had stopped debating with myself being paranoid and nosy and sat back to watch the rest of the movie.
    Half way through Bob had escaped to go to the bathroom and when he returned I noticed the red stain that began to soak through his white sleeve, Oh Bob what have you done? that was stupid, we all knew what he had done... what he was doing to himself, I felt guilty that I hadn't noticed sooner that he felt unloved instead of having to overhear it at lunch yesterday... it's like he can't open up to me anymore.

    Then I heard mumbling in the hall and the light flicked on causing all of us to turn towards the door way. There was my answer.
    A girl, Mikey’s height, light brown long hair, dark blue/brown eyes, pale skin and she was wearing a school uniform.
    “Guys, this is Rebecca-Bandit or Bee our sister.” Gee announced her and I couldn’t help but let my jaw drop.
    She leant in to whisper in Gee’s ear and he pointed towards me making her giggle.
    “This is Bob and Frank.” Mikey pointed towards me and the rather dazzled looking Bob. She blushed when she noticed the look on his face.
    She walked into the room a bit more so she was closer to us. “Why the shocked faces?” she finally spoke towards Bob and I.
    “They never mentioned they had a sister that’s all.” I stood and walked closer.
    “Oh.” She shot her head towards Mikey. “Gerard has good taste.” she smiled at me and instead of accepting my handshake she pulled me into a hug. I was blushing all over a deep tomato red.
    I looked over her shoulder to see a smirking Gerard. I poked my tongue out at him and she pulled away.
    “Lovely to meet you, never knew a Way family member could look so pretty.” I smiled.
    She blushed.
    “Hey!” Gee whined at me.
    “Sorry but it’s true.” I smirked.
    She noticed Ray sat on the couch and almost ran to him. “Ray!” she cheered as she gave him a hug.
    “Hey Bee, long time no see.” he chuckled.
    “Yeah 8 years.” she rolled her eyes and let it pass like it was no big deal.
    My eyes grew wide, what the hell!
    I noticed Bob was still on the floor staring at her, he was starting to drawl a bit.
    I walked past and whispered “Shut your mouth or you’ll cause a flood.”
    He blushed and composed himself. I walked around the couch to Gee, I wrapped my arms around him and looked up he craned his neck down to kiss me.
    “Hey stop flirting with my boyfriend and stop flirting with my twin.” I heard Mikey joke behind me.
    How the fuck hadn't I known about her before? Where had she been for 8 years? At their dads? Why didn't they tell me about her? Did she want to be mentioned in their lives? I didn't understand that she was Mikey's twin but he never spoke of her before and I was, am, his best friend, they looked so alike but so different at the same time... she had Gerard's smile.
    I let my thoughts slip to zone back into reality.
    I chuckled and looked up at Gee “Twin?” I raised my eyebrow.
    He just nodded and sunk back to kissing me.
    I noticed one thing about her, she had the cute little mole under her eye that Gee had and Mikey had gotten removed, it was cute because it made the blue pop out in their eyes. Another thing I noticed is that they had no photos of Rebandit anywhere, which left me puzzled.
    Chapter 8 up in abit if anyone is extra nice ;)
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    well, yeah, I missed Ray, but Bee already knew him.

    I kinda love how confused how Frank is, hah.
    Its cute.

    I'm not too proud of admitting I've self harmed either, but, if it happened its better to be honst about it. :L

    I still really love this story. =J
    And Bee a lot. :3

    Will you pwweeessse post chapter eight soon? * frankie puppy-dog eyes *
  13. Chapter 8

    Chapter 8 is here!

    IDon'tLoveYou11: I laugh at Frank he's like... shocked... sassy... confused then cheeky.
    I'm glad you like Bee... Bee is based on me so I kinda like writing her character :$: I can soo imagine Bob sat there like :hearts: :drool: he he!

    Chapter 8

    P.O.V- Bob

    Wow, she was beautiful. She was Mikey’s twin and she was beautiful.
    I had to compose myself before she turned to me.
    “Hi, I’m B-Bob.” I shuttered, shit now she was gonna think I’m a retard, I blushed.
    “I’m Bee.” she opened her arms for a hug and I accepted.
    She smelt amazing like strawberries, she was so huggable.
    “You’ll be okay.” she whispered in my ear and I wondered what she meant when I realized.
    My white sleeve was caked in blood and she had seen and knew what I had done.
    She pulled away gave me a little grin before she spoke again. “I hope I haven’t interrupted anything.”
    “No, we were just having a little party as it’s my birthday.” I fiddled with my fingers then dropped them to my side.
    Then Bee grabbed my hand and squeezed it tight I felt my mind go blank and a tingle ran up my arm.
    “Really?” she looked at me.
    I just nodded.
    “Happy birthday.” she smiled and kissed my cheek leaving it to tingle too.
    “Thanks.” I blushed. What was up with me? Stop blushing!
    I hadn’t noticed she was wet, like soaking wet and shivering.
    “Are you okay?” I asked her.
    “Yep, just a bit wet.” she chuckled.
    I grabed a blanket from the back of the couch that was nearest and draped it over her shoulders. “Thanks.” she shivered then seemed to cheer up a bit “Okay guys what we watching?” she asked.
    “Umm I don’t know, I guess its Bobs turn to pick.” Mikey pointed towards me.
    I went over to their huge DVD collection and saw my favourite movie, SCREAM, it was meant to be a horror movie but I think I laugh the whole way through each time. I popped the disc out of the DVD player and replaced the old disc with my choice.
    “How did I know you were going to pick scream?” Frank commented.
    “You know me too well.” I gave him a smirk and settled on the floor my back to the couch where I was before only Bee had sat next to me.
    “You watched this before?” I turned to her she had her knees tucked to her chest.
    She shook her head.
    “Where have you been living a cave?” I joked.
    “Something like that.” she mumbled hoping for me not to hear, that made me frown.
    “It’s a laugh.” I forced a smile.
    I pressed play and Mikey turned the lights out for extra atmosphere, I couldn’t help but my eyes kept straying from the screen to her, it was like a magnet I wanted to reach out and touch her.
    Keep eyes on screen. My head chanted.
    Soon I found I would need to be drunk to help get through this. I jumped up and quickly grabbed a case of beer and put it on the table in front of me. I downed a beer followed by another, until I couldn’t see straight. I could feel Bee jump sat next to me and then laugh after, I felt warm when she started to cuddle up to me.
    I looked over my shoulder to look at the couch. Yep as I suspected make out city. I turned away and tried to distract myself again. It was almost the end and Bee was scared shitless she kept snuggling up to me and I didn’t know what to do.
    “Don’t you find this funny?” I asked turning to her.
    She looked up at me her head on my shoulder. “Yeah, but I’m kinda freaked out. I haven’t watched a horror movie since I was 7 and that was Shaun of the dead and that is just hilarious.”
    “Well it’s not real, I’m here and if you’re too freaked out we can turn it off.” I looked down at her.
    “No it’s fine, are there more of these scream movies?” she asked snuggling closer.
    “Yeah there are 4 scream movies.” I turned back to the TV.
    It had finished and the credits started to roll… “But there’s a sequel… they just killed the killers! That Sydney girl is trouble.” she lifted her head up.
    I hadn’t realised she was hugging me tightly and my arm was wrapped around her shoulder.
    “We can watch the second one if you want.” I suggested then I looked at the time it was 11:45.
    “Umm sure, I’m just gonna get some popcorn or something you want some?” she stood up and headed towards the kitchen.
    “Sure.” I sighed.
    I had completely forgotten about make out city behind me I turned to see Frank give me a thumb up and Mikey give me a dirty look.
    When Gee had disappeared too, I whispered. “I really like your sister Mikes, please don’t hate me.”
    “I understand about yesterday what you said.” he replied and I realised… maybe this is the girl I’ve been waiting for.
    Okay I hope you like it! :wub:
    I might fit in Chapter 9 if you're nice to me ;)
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    He's too funny, telling himself not to blush.

    It kinda sucks that Bee was basically cut off from everything good in life.
    I mean, horrors are like, important to life.

    I love the fact that Bee is modeled/based off you. Its kinda cool.

    Wouldja pweese post the next chapter? :$:
  15. Chapter 9

    Super short... Chapter 9 but Chapter 10 will be up soon!

    IDon'tLoveYou11: I love horror movies :w00t:... I've spent all day watching them today and I just can't get enough!:lol:
    I love Bee she is awesome :mosh:... I have sat through a whole math class with my IPod in my ears before and no one noticed... even though I was playing Leathermouth and Black Flag randomly 'cus I felt like it. :ninja:
    I'm kinda in the process of writing chapter 25 I think and I think it's time to add some new characters. :whistling:

    So here is Chapter 9! It is very short BUT I will post Chapter 10 later! :w00t:
    Chapter 9
    P.O.V- Gerard.
    I followed Bee into the kitchen, she was snuggling up with Bob and I could see they both liked each other.
    But that wasn’t what I wanted to talk to her about, it wasnt a big deal but I felt like it shouldnt be me telling her this... it should be Mom.
    “Hey Bee, can I talk to you about something?” I joined her in the kitchen she was looking in the cupboard for some popcorn. “Far left top shelf.”
    “Thanks, what you wanna talk about?” she opened up the cupboard I told her but couldn’t reach.Gerard to save the fucking day. I thought as I walked over and grabbed the box.
    “Well, things have changed Bee and well umm Mom made your room an on-suite bathroom. Would you mind the couch until we can sort something out? If not me and Frankie can.” I cut to the point.
    When dad left Mom hated herself for letting him take her but instead of getting her back she erased everything and just covered it up.
    She looked at me with kind eyes. “Sure, I don’t mind I did just drop in without notice.” she smiled and put the popcorn bag in the microwave.
    “You like Bob?” I asked without my mind processing what I was saying.
    “Sure.” she blushed a deep red and I could see her bite her lip.
    Without embarrassing her further or making her spill too much, I grabbed a bowl and set it on the counter. “I’ll be in the lounge if you need me.”
    She nodded and I made my way back impatient to be in Frank’s arms.
    Bob had already changed the DVD and was watching the trailers commenting on how crap the actual film was when you got to watching it because the trailer is just lying.
    "See look they say that it's all about lesbians who adopt and meet the father but no it's about one of the lesbians fucking the dad and one of the kids being a fucking retard with a fuck of a friend who wants to get him in trouble all of the time! It's all about sex sex sex!" Bob jeered at the screen.
    "Dude you actually watched that?" Ray laughed.
    "Fuck you Toro, you know my mom likes that shit." he growled.
    I sat next to Frank smiling and agreeing with Bob.
    "And look at this fucking movie! The fucking Joneses! Oh how awesome their life is! Watch the film and it's shit... the only good thing about it is that chic from ghost... now that was a good movie!" he stated again grabbing another beer next to him.
    "Is he drunk?" Mikey asked like the dumb ass he was.
    "Obviously he's downing them beers one after fucking nother... be greatful he hasn't fucking thrown up yet." Frank explained.
    "I can hear you y'know! And no I'm not as drunk as you think I am." Bob looked around at us scowling.

    Bee joined us and set the bowl full of popcorn on the coffee table along with the beers. She then turned to leave again. “I’ll be right back.” she said before she left going up the stairs already rolling her sleeves up before quickly rolling them back down. I noticed something was up but didn’t bother to follow, I knew what she was gonna do and I knew she meant no intention to kill herself… I had been there.
    Then I noticed Bob was on his 12th bottle of beer… guess he’s staying the night. No matter what he says he was drunk.
    Okay... here's the thing... I need some character names... either some ideas or reader or commenter names would be nice :$:
    I'd LOVE to know what you think!
    I have watched the movies Bob is drunkenly talking about... the first one was 'The Kids Are Alright' and the second one was 'The Joneses' both are actually pretty good movies!
    :blink: Bee is very confused right now guys... I think its because right now I'm confused.
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    You can use my name! Its Kaitlynn. :$:

    Gerard to save the fucking day.
    I totally laughed like a maniac at that. XD

    Bob, oh dear Bob. He's got to be my second favorite in this.

    Yay! Chapter ten soon! =J
    I really fucking love this story, :wub:
  17. Chapter 10

    Chapter 10 whoot!
    IDon'tLoveYou11: Kaitlynn awesome name! I will definatly use it! :w00t:
    I think you're like the only reader... but you are awesome so I'm cool with that :thumbsup:
    who's your favourite character? :mic:
    I may be the author but to say it myself.... I fucking love this story too! :hearts:

    So here is Chapter 10!

    Chapter 10

    >P.O.V- Rebandit

    I felt like I was betraying Bob, I had notice his arm and I knew how he felt, I told him it was okay but if I did this am I going back on my word?
    I liked Bob, he was cute, and I guess I have grown attached to him. I wanted to stare into those beautiful blue eyes, I wanted to run my fingers through his beautiful dark blonde hair and tug his perfect peach lips with his lip ring. I’ve never thought of someone like that before and it felt weird, I didn’t want him just like that though. He’s really soft and cuddly and he has quite a good choice in horror movies, he makes me feel comftable and when I touch him I feel electric and I just want to touch him and hold him… I’ve never felt like that before.

    I made my way up to the bathroom that was my old room… I’d only been in there for about 4 years before I left and I remember it so clearly. It had cream walls, red carpet, drawings stuck to the wall and a small wooden bed. I never played with toys or watched TV, it was just me and my room… and Gerard, we would sit and he would tell me stories and draw with me.
    I opened the door to a white clean bathroom; it was smaller than I remember.
    I stood leaning over the sink the water running, I looked in the cupboard for something that could make me feel, and I soon found the thing I was looking for. It wasn’t a razor but it was good enough it was a pair of mini scissors. I pulled them apart and began to dig it into my skin; I watched as the blood trickled from the cut and down my arm mixing in with the water creating a redish brown whirl, it looked beautiful I felt the pleasure as I dug in deeper. I felt the urge to keep going and carry on with my wrist art but I had to stop I heard someone take a deep breath. I took my eyes off the blood coating my arm looking towards the door and saw Gerard stood looking at my arm in shock and in a way understanding.
    “Im sorry.” I sobbed. What will he think now?

    >P.O.V- Gerard

    I stood there staring at Bee leant over the sink with blood running down her arm, I had expected to find her like that, I knew her too well to not... but i didnt know how far she'd go or how deep she'd cut.
    A tear rolled down her cheek as she sobbed “I’m sorry.”
    “Don’t be, I know why you do this.” I stood still in the doorway still in shock of her desperation.
    “Why?” she brushed the tear away.
    “Because it makes you feel good, it makes you feel pleasure as the blood trickles down your arm.” I closed my eyes remembering my past, remembering the early stages of my depression, remembering the smile on my face... remembering the regret and guilt after when I had to confess to Frank or Ray.
    “I’m so messed up.” she finally washed off the blood from her arm and tool.
    “No you’re not. I’ve been like this, I know how it feels, and I don’t blame you. Just can I talk to you about something?” I asked closing our distance and helping her stop her arm from bleeding so much... man those cuts were deep.
    “Sure.” she said letting me dab the cut with some toilet paper.
    “Bob looks pretty pissed and I don’t know if he’ll stay awake for much longer, could you share the couch and also do me a little favour?” I asked hoping she would say yes... I've tried to talk to Bob about the whole cutting thing but he wont listen or talk to me about anything maybe Bee could talk to him.
    “Sure.” she nodded.
    “Could you talk to him about this, I know he does it too and I just want you to help him maybe find the reason and tell him he’s not in this alone.I've tried Bee I have and I think if you talk to him too you can both get through this together.” I hoped she didn’t take it bad or any offence from it.
    “Sure, I noticed earlier and reassured him about it, then I came up here I felt like I’d betrayed him.I'm a bad person.” she looked down at her arm what had stopped bleeding and covered it with her now damp cardigan.
    “No you haven’t, trust me we will all get through this together.” I cupped her head with my hands kissing her forehead before returning downstairs.
    There was chapter 10... I hope Bee doesnt come across like a psychopath :unsure:
    *I really wanna know 'Where do you think this is going?' what do you guys think is gonna happen? just predictions I dont mind.... I just want to see in your mind.
    Anyways... Chapter 11 up soon! :rockon:
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    Bee doesn't strike me as a psychopath. Not the slightest.
    I don't really have any idea as to where this is going.
    I kinda have stopped guessing where stories are going now, because often times its the complete opposite of the author's idea. Ha.

    Aw shucks. :$:
    I quite like my name too.
    I didn't know I was so awesome, but thanks! :mosh:
    You're pretty awesome too. :)
    Chapter 11 soon! :thumbsup:
  19. Chapter 11

    IDon'tLoveYou11: I think this story will definatly give you a few shocks...
    I am writing some new fanfics at the moment so I might be abit slow updating but I will try atleast once a day :scared:
    I think you will like my new fanfics... so look out for them! :thumbsup:
    I think my name sucks... It's just so blah! Rebecca-Jane... I hate it, it sounds so posh :shock:
    It's nice to know I'm awesome :thumbsup: today I feel a bit like Frank... I keep hurting myself and I have an urge to jump on things... and I'm just super hyper! :w00t:

    Okay so here is Chapter 11! I think you guys will like it! :thumbsup:
    (Hint- a little bit of :drool:... if you are like that.... NAH! It is awwww though :wub:)
    Chapter 11

    P.O.V- Bob

    I had waited long enough and just in time Bee sat down next to me this time wrapping the blanket around me too.
    She smiled and I pressed play.
    Our heads were facing towards the screen but our eyes met and we held them there I felt my body lean forward growing closer until I heard a scream from the movie and jumped back. We both laughed at my shock and she once again budged closer towards me and buried her head in my shoulder, it felt like she belonged there.

    Halfway through the movie Mikey and Ray said their goodnights and retired upstairs.
    Bee looked at them with confused eyes.
    I rolled mine and hugged her closer, I felt her hand rest on my leg but when she noticed I had she pulled it back and sat hands in lap.
    I wanted to grab it back and just touch her I wanted to feel her soft skin, I wanted to brush my fingertips against her plump red lips and run my fingers through her hair. I felt a weird tingle run through me and I told myself to look away.
    I turned round to notice Gerard and Frank sucking each other’s faces off, I had since this so many times it bored me, it was like one second they would be talking about a new band then the next they'd be dryhumping like leprechauns on a sugar high... seriously Bob where the fuck do you get your metaphors from? it got to much to handle and I couldn’t help but look back to Bee who had a frown on her face as she watched the movie.
    I suddenly felt really upset knowing something upset her… had I done something?

    I sat beating myself up about Bee being sad for so long I hadn’t realised I had a tear run on my cheek, God Bob stop being such a pansy, I wiped it away and noticed Bee had a smile on her face laughing about the movie. I smiled and realised I was being stupid.
    “We’re going to bed night.” Gerard pulled Frank eagerly up the stairs followed by a door shut ergerly and giggles.
    I rolled my eyes before I noticed Bee looking at me with a very shocked expression.
    “Do they do that every night?” she asked her eyes as big as baseballs.
    “Yep, I don’t think they do what you think every night but yeah they sleep in the same bed.” I explained.
    “Oh.” she chuckled blushing.
    I smiled and as the movie ended she jumped up.
    “You get the couch to sleep on and I’ll take the chair as I don’t think the bathtub in my old room is 100% comftable.” she stated and bounced out the room returning with two pillows, an extra blanket and a wet black backpack.
    “Are you sure? I can sleep in the chair if you want I’ve sleep in weirder.” I admitted. Yeah like a puddle of your own vomit... no weirder... what was it Bob?... a bright PINK wheelburrow outside your house where the whole fucking street could see!
    “No it’s fine.” she smiled and put a pillow and blanket in the chair and put the pillow on the couch behind me.
    She then returned to sit by me with the wet back pack. “Is it sad that I only have this?” she opened the bag and showed me a pile of comics, an IPod and a few bottles of vodka.
    “That it?” I asked shocked.
    “Not really, I did have a few old posters but I had to abandon them, I guess have my pjs too.” she pulled out her wet pjs. “I guess my comics are ruined too.” she sighed and pulled them out.
    “What’s your favourite comic book?” I asked looking at her wet pile.
    “X-men y’know all that kinda shit, I used to really dig Spiderman but then he just bitched about it all the time and I wasn’t that fond of him anymore.” she chuckled.
    “I thought the same.” I sighed. “Here.” I pulled the comics from her hand and put them on the radiator.
    “Thanks.” she smiled. “I’m going to get changed, I’ll be back in a sec.” she jumped up with a ball of damp clothes and moved to the bathroom.
    I quickly jumped up and switched the DVD to Shaun of the dead. I sat back down this time on the couch with a smirk on my face.
    She returned in her damp pjs which were shorts and a vest top that clung her her, I couldn’t help but notice how perfect she was… she wasn’t fat but she was skinny... but in a way perfect.
    “No way!” she saw the DVD menu and jumped next to me on the couch.
    “I thought we might as well go to bed on a high than a down.” I smiled. I pulled the blanket up around us and hit play.

    It had been awhile since we had talked since we were laughing but then she stopped and turned to me.
    “Bob can I ask you something?” her soft voice rang through my ears.
    “Sure.” I wondered if it was about why she was upset earlier.
    “Don’t take this the wrong way but your wrist. Why?” she asked fiddling with her fingers.
    I sat slightly embarrassed I didn’t know what to say. ‘Oh I just do it to get a high really oh yeah I also do it so I can feel something other than loneliness.
    “I’m sorry, just I know how you feel and I want to help.” she put her head in her hands.
    “Really?” then I noticed the fresh cuts on her uncovered arms.
    “I just want to feel me again.” she sighed almost whimpering.
    “I do it because I’m unloved.” I sighed trying to get her to look at me.
    “To feel pleasure?” she asked looking up with tears in her eyes.
    I nodded.
    “Everything” she confessed “I do it because of everything, I just want to escape.” she sobbed.
    “Please don’t cry Bee please.” I tried to calm her.
    “Will you do something with me?” she asked finally stopping crying.
    “Of course I will I’m here for you.” I rubbed her back.
    “Will you help me get through this if I help you, because I really don’t want to lose you.” she sobbed.
    “I don’t want to lose you either.” I confessed.
    “Thank you.” she wiped her tears away and pulled me into a tight hug.
    “Can we just forget now and watch the movie; I mean if you need me I’m here but keep it between us.” I really didn’t want to tell the guys.
    “Sure come here.” she smiled and we sat cuddled into each other watching the movie.
    I felt the weight lift from my shoulders, I was gonna get through this… we were gonna get through this.
    I sat there grinning feeling electric pulses wave through my body.

    The movie finished and we were both yawning realising the time 3:12… shit was I tired.
    We both let go of each other yawning and stretching. Then we sat their awkwardly staring at each other.
    I felt the pulse flow through me and we both leant in closer. Our lips met and the pulse increased, my hands slowly cupped her face and her arms wrapped around me. I pulled back.
    “Umm I’m sorry.” I mumbled.
    “No don’t be, I’ve never done that before.” she blushed.
    “Really?” I was surprised she was so perfect had she never been kissed?
    “Don’t laugh but no, I’ve never kissed anyone before.” she blushed even more.
    That made me want to kiss her more. I leaned in again kissing her quickly before pulling back. “I’m glad, you’re beautiful.” I pushed a strand of hair from her eyes, how cliché.
    She blushed again and sighed. “We can do this.” she smiled.
    I wasn’t sure what to do next so I leaned in again giving her a small hug and a kiss on the forehead.
    “Let’s go to bed and we can talk in the morning.” she came to a conclusion.
    “Okay, goodnight my lovely.” I smiled and watched her get up and settle herself into the chair. I lay on the sofa feeling like Bee should be here not me.
    I looked over to tell her to change but she was already asleep.
    AWWWWW! Sorry it wasnt very :tongue: but I thought it wouldnt be right to put it like that....:wub::wub::wub::wub::wub:
    Chpater 12 tomorrow if I can x
  20. Chapter 12

    Chapter 12...:)
    Chapter 12


    That was my first ever kiss and I couldn’t believe it.
    I could feel butterflies as our lips touched and an electric pulse flow from him. I could feel the passion behind it but I wasn’t sure what this meant anymore. Was that drunken Bob or the sober Bob acting when we kissed?
    I wanted to help him, our talk didn’t go how I’d planned but I realised we both had something very much in common... we felt unloved.
    He said I was beautiful, no one had ever told me that apart from my grandma... I wasn’t beautiful I knew that but him saying that I was made me feel I was.
    I replayed the night over and over again.
    Then I sunk into my nightmare.
    I could see the dark silhouettes at the bottom of the long school corridor. I heard something bang behind me and I started to run. Past each doorway that flung open "Go to hell!”
    "hey fatso!”
    "Why don’t you just die?”
    “Go kill yourself emo!”
    "He doesn’t deserve you!”
    "You can’t escape!”
    "Who would like someone like you?"
    "Be careful running there don’t wanna crack the sidewalk!"
    The corridor was never ending as soon as I got closer they got further away. I ran with all my power when I stumbled and I was dragged back down the corridor doors flew open and one by one dead bodies hung from the ceiling.
    Ray, Frank, Mikey, Gerard and Bob.
    Then it was my turn I was grabbed and turned over to be beaten, strangled and then stabbed.

    I had that dream every night in school but this time it changed, there were people waiting for me and the people weren’t hung from the ceiling... the people were my loved ones. Before they were just bodies with no faces but now I had something to live for someone to be worth staying alive for.

    I opened my eyes startled. I looked over to the sleeping Bob... his hair sticking up over the pillow. I didn’t feel safe.
    I grabbed my pillow and blanket and lay on the floor next to Bob... I needed him close to remind me it was a dream. I snuggled up watching him sleep and let my eyelids slid shut to a dreamless sleep.


    I opened my eyes, all I could dream about was Bee; it was her in the Catholic school lock up crying and calling for me but couldn’t get to her in time. They spilt holy water on her, spiting the bible verses at her in a sharp snarl; they hit her with crosses and then set her alight. They had killed her and I had watched, I didn’t save her, it was my fault.
    I shot a glance at the chair she was meant to be sleeping in and it was empty. I began to panic but then I heard shifting and looked on the floor to see Bee hugging her pillow as if it was someone else, I chuckled but realised I do that. We were both lonely.

    I lay back to think. Today I am going to take her to the mall and get her some of her life back if not all of it... would she want to come with me?
    I was so glad I didn’t have a head ache or anything; I thought it would be bad but no, the only thing on my mind was her.I had kissed her, it was beautiful and she had confided in me. I couldn’t believe it; we had known each other for what... 10 hours? And we had kissed... she made me warm inside, she left me in ecstasy after one touch, she was all I could think about... maybe Mikey was right... I think I was in love... I can’t believe it... I’ve never felt this way before about anyone.
    What if she doesn’t love me back?
    Update tomorrow.... Sorry this is so short :cowboy:

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