Tell The Truth And God Will Save You (killjoy fiction)

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    ^Cool!! You don't by chance, happen to live near Wadonga or Audbre do you (Might have spelt those wrong, i wrote them how they sound) Two of my friends live there :)

    Btw, I made an edit -
    Amina used to be called Lollee, but Amina sounded cuter and less juvenile so i changed it.
    There will probs be an update today or tomorrow, but just so you know it is by far not my best work. More of an explainer if anything.
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    I'm from Wallan. Now how's that update coming along? :)
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    CHAPTER 13

    Ha ha ok here's the update since you asked so nicely :D

    Chapter 13: Frank
    When they finally broke apart from their hug, they wandered around doing their own things for a while. The house they were at was a rickety old shack in the middle of nowhere that they had found by chance when they were driving as far away from the diner as possible. It was barely inhabitable yet it was the safest place they could go to, they decided against going back to Dr. D’s. They knew Grace would be safe with him.

    Getting a little bored now, Frank decided to go talk to someone. He walked into what was presumed to be the lounge-room but had no furniture other than a coffee table right in the centre. He found everyone else finishing off telling Asha where they where.

    “Oh, there you are Ghoul.” Said Gerard looking up. “we were gonna get you so we could decide what we’re doing next.”

    “Ugh, can’t we do it tomorrrooowwwwwwww?” whined Frank. “I wanna hear something interesting. Hey, Bullet*, what’s your not-actually-related-to-you family like?”

    Asha looked at Gerard, who merely shrugged and said, “I guess it’s not really like we have anywhere to be…go on, I want to here about your family too.”

    “Well, ok.” Said Asha, thinking. “I guess the only way to describe my family is insane. We came up with stupid plans every day and never thought of the consequences. The only one who is remotely sensible is Neko, but Shadow can talk her into anything,” she said, laughing.

    “You said there were seven of you, right?” asked Mikey. “What’s everyone’s names?”
    “And what powers do they have?” added Ray.
    “What are they like?” Frank also added.

    Asha paused for a second to take in all their questions, then began. “Well, the oldest of us is Shadow, he’s about 26 now…and, like I said, he can turn invisible. He’s also pretty strong, and he’s the leader of our group.
    Then there’s Kiba. He’s 25ish, and he’s…well, he’s a vampire…”

    “WHAT?” exclaimed Gerard. “Like, a real live one? Needs blood, turns into a bat, burns up in sunlight?!”

    “Yes to the blood, no to the other two,” replied Asha. “The only differences to him and a normal person is that if he doesn’t have blood for a while he goes on an insane rampage and that's he’s really strong, fast, and fucking hard to kill.”

    “Oh, no different from a human then really,” said Frank sarcastically and making everyone laugh.

    “Yeah,” Asha smiled. “Anyway, he’s really intense and quiet most of the time. After him is Neko. She’s 23 and she can turn into a cheetah. Most of the time she’s pretty normal though, except she has a cheetah print on her back and cat ears, along with normal ears. She normally covers them with a beanie.”

    “Then after her is The Twins. They’re 21 and they are very mischievous. They’re wolves – their names are Hikaru and Kaoru-“

    “Wait,” interrupted Gerard. “Why do you guys all have weird names?!”

    “We chose our own names,” explained Asha. “The night after we escaped, we were hiding in an abandoned bookstore and we chose our names from books there – well, Kiba, Neko, Hikaru and Kaoru did. Kiba means ‘fang’ in Japanese and Neko means ‘cat’…they found a Japanese to English dictionary…and The Twins found a manga book called Host Club or something, and they thought the twins in there were a lot like them.”

    “Okayyyyy,” said Gerard, clearly trying to remember if he’d ever had this ‘Host Club’ in his own comic book collection.

    Asha nodded and continued on. “So, The Twins. They can turn in to wolves, sometimes just a tail, ears and freaking sharp nails or they can go fully transform. They know what each other are thinking and they like explosions.”

    “I like explosions…” Frank stated dreamily.

    “Everyone loves explosions,” said Mikey. “Keep going Ash–uh, Bullet I mean…”

    “Kay, so after the Twins is Spirit.” She frowned for a second. “Okay, there’s no other way to put it. He’s one fucked up kid. He’d have to be…about 16 now, He’s a hybrid - so basically I think they just injected all types of shit into him, but all we can confirm is he’s strong, really fast and sometimes he grows ears when he’s really mad. He doesn’t even know himself what he can do…”

    “Your family does sound insane...” muttered Ray. “Anything else we should know?”

    “Yeah,” said Asha. “Spirit likes sweets. So, anyway, last is Amina. She’s the baby of our group,” she paused for second, sadness in her eyes, “Well, not now…she’d have to be about 12 now. Anyhow, she’s got the ‘angel’ DNA, like me. She’s like one of our kids. We all act like parents around her, her and Spirit are like our babies,” she finished smiling. “I think they’re what make us like a real family. Oh, yeah,” she added as an afterthought, “She also sees dead people sometimes too.”

    Frank laughed apprehensively. He couldn’t help himself, Asha’s family were interesting, and different. And for the last few years his life had been nothing but troubling and the kinda dull. Same food every day, same target to shoot. He needed something exciting to happen, and this sounded perfect.

    “Dead people?” Mikey meanwhile was asking. “I’d hate that-“ he stopped talking suddenly, and everyone froze too. They all heard it. A twig cracking outside.

    Slowly they stood up from the floor, sliding on their masks and helmets and extracting their guns. They heard another gentle noise from outside, like a gentle footstep.

    Frank’s heart was hammering. How did they find us so quickly? He turned his head slightly, Gerard was signalling to them – pointing to Ray, Mikey and Asha and pointing to the door leading to the kitchen, then pointing to Frank and himself and pointing to the other door. He then traced a circle in the air with his fingers. The killjoys nodded, Asha looked confused but seemed to understand a little. This was one of Gerard’s strategic manoeuvres – splitting up to cover both sides of the house from intruders, then meeting up in the middle on the other side either to avoid the attack or to face it together, head on. Asha had not been taught their escape tactics yet, there hadn’t been time. She’d just have to learn as they went.

    Frank and Gerard crept through their door as the other three went through theirs. They walked silently down the hall to the other side of the house, all the while hearing more obvious sounds of an ambush. A click of a ray-gun, another snapping twig.

    Frank could have kicked himself, and it looked like Gerard was doing the same. Frank had known the rickety shack was too conspicuous, they had found it after all. And they hadn’t even concealed the Trans-Am at all, they’d just parked it and gone inside. Now they were going to pay for their carelessness.

    They made it to the front door without incident. The other three were already there, crouching on one side of the door. Frank and Gerard took the other side. They could hear increased activity outside. Now it was just a matter of time. Everyone turned to Gerard, waiting for his signal. They would either be storming out there and shooting them there, or waiting for the ambush and surprising the Dracs.

    “Well, Poison?” whispered Frank, his voice barely audible. “What’s the plan?”


    *That’s Asha, people – Her killjoy name is Screaming Bullet, if you remember from a few chapters back. I’m going to alternate between their two names, depending if they are in possible bl/ind company.

    Well that's the last update for a while - a few weeks or so. I'm going on this school sponsored trip to mine sites in Western Australia, so i won't even be able to start writing a new chapter for about 2 weeks. Sorry guys but i hope you like this update :)
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    I love the richness of your characterizations, they seem to just walk off the page. You'll need to update your chapter index within 24 hours or your fic will be locked though. Enjoy the mines.
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    So Hi Everyone. It's been awhile.
    I know alot of the reasons people write to say why they couldn't update just sound like stupid excuses, so i'll say what happened and apologise for what i can.
    Initially, it was because of some major writer's block. after that, it was just laziness. But then i started year 11, and it turns out you actually have to put some effort in in year eleven. and then my dad's cancer came back, and it's twice as big as the last time.
    And now, with schoolwork, visiting my dad in hospital and the general fact that i still don't really know what happens next in this story, i won't be able to update for quite a while.
    I know this explanation has been a long time coming, and for that i'm sorry. To anyone who reads this story, i think there's like 5 of you? If you are honestly disappointed, i'm sorry. If not, sorry for wasting your time with a long winded speech.

    -Love, Emily xx
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    I'm so sorry to hear about your dad. I hope they cure him this time.

    Take as much time as you need, but if you decide not to continue, please let a ffic critic know so this story can be moved to hiatused section.
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    Ok, thank you very much n_n xx
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    Its fine we'll be here weather you choose to continue with this story, hope your dad gets better soon.
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    Hello everyone, i'm back. Sorry for the wait.
    As you all know, i've had this story put on hiatus for over a year now. I had my reasons for this and i'm glad you guys were so understanding. But over the year i came to the realization that i was never going to finish this story and i guess i kinda hid from it and pretending to myself that it was simply writer's block and i would update eventually, but i think it's time for me to stop being a coward and just say up front - I'm never going to finish this story. And i'm very sorry for that. I don't know how to move it to the fan fiction archive, but thats where it belongs.
    Though i doubt any of you will miss this story at all, considering you probably can't remember it after over a year, istill just want to say i'm sorry if anyone is disappointed and just thank you for the reviews and your kind words. It made me feel like i was an actual writer and also kinda improved my self esteem which was a little battered at the time. So thanks and maybe i'll see you around the :)

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