Tell The Truth And God Will Save You (killjoy fiction)

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    Hehe Lol yes because you told me! :)
    But it was well written Emi! XD <3
    I can't believe how it happened! I don't like that Asian Woman! :swear:
    She should die!
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    Lol Tiarna has za bloodlust :)
    So everyone and anyone who cares, i need weird names. They are for characters who are to appear soonish, and i want them all to have really random names.
    So if you have a really weird name please tell me it!! I need about 4 boys names and 3 girls names. (Btw an example of some of the names im thinking of using is Zizz and Shadow, to give you and idea of what i'm looking for)
    Thanks and i will update soon!
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    Okay well here are some random names
    Shinning Wit ;)
    Haha If you didn't know one of them is a spoonerism ;)
    It's Awesome! Thanx Daddy'o
    Anyway I just chucked out all of these weird things that popped in my head :)
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    any more on this story??
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    ^I actually liked something of those!! Thnx, i'll use em :)
    Static, i'll try and update soon, but i'm having trouble wording what happens next. :( But i'm getting there, so hopefully soon :)
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    CHAPTER 11

    So what's it been? Two months? Sorry bout that. I'm man enough to say that's my bad (<- That line's from Land of The Lost:)) Well, thankyou for the patience. I wrote as fast as i could.
    P.S. Sorry for the double post

    CHAPTER 11:Asha
    Don’t take no-one’s shit and never let them take you alive. It was Asha’s life motto, and she would never forget it. Her fellow killjoys’ looks of shock had hurt her a lot, but if she wanted to stay the fuck away from the Scarecrow Unit Experimental Division, it was time to shoot her way out of here.

    Asha wiped her face then looked up, pure hatred on her face.
    “Not today,” she said.

    With inhuman speed, her leg whipped out from underneath her and smacked neatly into her previous captor’s ankles. The Asian yelped and pitched backwards, landing heavily on her back. Her enemy down for a few moments, Asha leapt towards her gun which she had dropped when the woman had grabbed her by the hair. She propelled herself an extra metre forward with a slight flick of her wings. But as she reached her gun and raised it, preparing to take the ending shot, she noticed her friends were gone. They had either disappeared or fled.

    Agony coursed through her body. She had never wanted to curl up and cry more. Serves me right, she thought miserably. I haven’t had a family in 4 years, I don’t know why I expected to get one so easily, especially not a normal one.

    While she was thinking this, however, the Asian woman was taking advantage of her momentary weakness to get to her feet and draw her sword. Only when she had ran across the room and swung it violently at Asha’s head, intending to chop her head off did Asha come to her senses and leap back, propelling herself across the room and landing on a countertop. The sword had nicked her neck, leaving a shallow but long cut which immediately began to bleed.

    “Why did you try to kill me?” asked Asha tonelessly, not fully caring about the answer. “Don’t you have experiments to run on me?”

    “How dare you, a mere experiment,” she spat furiously, “attempt to injure your very creator? I made you the work of art you are!”

    Asha stared at the woman. “I never asked for this.” She said quietly. Then without another word she raised her gun and shot the woman three times. Once to her stomach, the second to her heart and the third between her eyes. The woman died standing up, malice all over her face. Then she crashed to the ground and moved no more.

    Asha gently slid off the table-top, her hand pressed gently to her neck in a useless attempt to stem the blood-flow. A wave of dizziness clouded her vision for a second, the dizziness she sometimes got after she took off her dog-tag. She put her hand against the wall to steady herself. Well, screw it, she thought tiredly. I have nowhere to be. Here looks like a good place to rest…but only for a second…she slid gently down the wall and closed her eyes. Just for a second…

    Asha wiped her face then looked up, pure hatred on her face.
    “Not today,” she said.

    Upon hearing Asha say these chilling words, Gerard shook himself out of his shock to take charge.
    “Guys!” he called to his still very speechless friends. “We gotta move or we’re gunna get caught in this shit!”

    “Shouldn’t we…help a little?” asked Mikey, still a little dazed.

    “I think it’s fair to say Asha can look after herself,” he said looking for a place to duck down. “C’mon! We’ll hide behind the counter…”
    The four killjoys ducked behind the counter of the bar, crouched down and began re-adjusting their masks and checking their guns in preparation for a fire-fight that they expected to begin soon. Gerard turned when he noticed Ray gesturing to him, who had one finger on his lips and was pointing over the counter. They stopped moving for and strained their ears, tuning in to hear the Asian woman speaking.

    “…attempt to injure your very creator? I made you the work of art you are!”
    There was silence as the killjoys listened intently. Mikey seemed on the verge of getting up, and only the restraining hand of Ray on his chest seemed to be stopping him. But suddenly Asha spoke, so quiet that they barely heard her at all.
    “I never asked for this.”

    Three shots rang out, making the killjoys start at the abruptness. Now they were all restraining Mikey, and Gerard hissed in his ear, “What if it was the Asian woman shooting Asha? We need to remain inconspicuous…”

    So they waited a few moments, before slowly rising from behind the counter with their guns raised.

    For a moment it seemed as though both Asha and the woman were dead. The Asian woman was lying face-down on the floor, clearly dead with blood pooling around her. Asha was lying against they wall with blood dripping from her neck, and for a horrible moment it seemed as though her neck had been snapped. But there was a steady rise and fall in her chest, and her fingers moved slightly in her unconscious state.

    The four men walked over to her, but none of them seemed willing to touch her. Finally, Gerard crouched down and gently lay her properly on the floor.

    “Well, Poison?” asked Frank, is voice quieter than normal and missing it usual exuberance. “Are we leaving her here? Or taking her with us?”

    Gerard turned to look at his friend faces. Frank’s was merely questioning, clearly not caring either way this went. Ray’s was of indecisiveness, and Mikey’s was the look he used to give him when he was a kid – when he had looked up to his older brother and trusted his decisions. It had been a while since he had seen that face.
    Guess this choice is up to me, sighed Gerard to himself. He looked back to Asha, who had looked after complete strangers purely through the goodness of her heart, who had been a natural with looking after Grace, who had somehow manage to make them all laugh when they hadn’t laughed properly in so long…the same Asha who had lied and kept secrets. Can we trust her again?
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    Oooo O.O
    That was a good chapter! Very interesting! :)
    It's good you FINALLY updated! :)
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    Please update your chapter index within 24 hours or you fic will be locked.
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    awesome update im almost finished my update for my story
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    hi ~new reader~
    i love this story and i will read on
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    I find this quite intriguing as the possibility of experiments in the killjoy world is probably quite high. Interesting concept. I like it. I look forward to more. :)
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    Thankyou to everyone who commented!! You guys make me happy :)
    I will be writing more very soon! Thanks everyone!! xx
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    Yay! cant wait for more!
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    CHAPTER 12: PART 1

    Sorry for the wait!! But this was honestly the hardest chapter i've ever written. I'm still not sure i got it perfect, but this is as good as it's getting. Thankyou for you patience and your sweet comments

    Chapter 12 : Asha
    Wherever I am, it’s quiet, thought Asha. Silent like a grave…
    Fear coursed through her entire body as she was reminded of the laboratory. Deathly silent, no noises except for the occasional sob of a child or the death rattle before they died.

    Too afraid to open her eyes, Asha lay there and thought about what she would do if she truly was back in the Scarecrow Unit. She knew she wouldn’t be able to escape. Shadow and the others had been the ones to bust out before, she hadn’t had the guts to do it. Besides, wings couldn’t cut through iron bars. It wasn’t like she had super-strength or 20cm* long razor-sharp fingernails, like some people she knew.

    Thinking of her old family brought tears to her eyes. She was now completely alone, deserted, and in the fucking Experimental Unit. And all I can do is cry about it, she thought to herself. God, I’m such a fucking loser. She tried to stop herself crying as tears leaked out from beneath her eyelids.

    “Oh, are you awake?”

    Asha jumped violently at the voice, leaping back to where she imagined the corner to be and raising her arm protectively in front of her face. It took her a moment for her eyes to adjust.
    She was in a dark room, its curtains drawn. There was nothing in the entire room, apart from a battered and all-over crappy chest-of-drawers** and the thin mattress she had presently been lying on. She had never been here before, it was clearly another random empty house. But none of this mattered to Asha more than the fact than it wasn't the Scarecrow Unit. She broke down now in tears of relief.

    “What’s the matter? Are you OK? Please don’t cry…”

    A warm hand touched her shoulder, and she finally looked up to see who had spoken. It was Mikey, crouching in front of her with a concerned look on his face. She wiped her eyes quickly, embarrassed to have been caught crying.

    He smiled, clearly having noticed her embarrassment. “Don’t worry,” he grinned. “I won’t tell anyone.”

    Asha mustered up a little smile and rubbed her neck slightly, noticing the small square of material masking-tapped onto her neck to cover her cut. She opened her mouth to thank him, but before she could say anything there was a little hem, hem*** from the doorway. It was Gerard.

    “You have a lot of explaining to do,” was all he said, before turning and walking away.

    Mikey sighed. “Well,” he said. “the captain’s waiting.” So Asha and Mikey rose and followed him out into the kitchen where he was waiting with Frank and Ray.

    Asha paused in the doorway, unsure of what to do and slightly thrown by their intense stares. Mikey passed her to sit around the table with the others, and now they all stared at her. She wasn’t sure what to do, so she stared right back at them. It was quite a while before anyone spoke.

    Gerard was the first to say something. “We want you to tell us the truth,” he said quietly. “about your…wings, about the Experimental Unit, everything. And if you won’t,” he paused for a moment, “then we can’t travel together anymore. I hate secrets.”

    Asha’s heart sank as he spoke. Doesn’t he know how hard it is to talk about something you’ve kept inside you for years? She felt like crying again. Her whole life was based on secrets.
    But maybe this is a good thing,she mused. If I tell them everything, I won’t have to remember what not to say…and I’m over the secrets too.

    “So?” Frank demanded. “Are you gonna talk or not?”

    “Ok,” replied Asha. “I’ll tell you about myself.”
    She paused for a long moment, wondering where to start. Mikey seemed to know what she was thinking.
    “Just start from the beginning,” he suggested. “Like, where were you born? How’d you get to the Scarecrow Unit?”

    *20cm is about 8 inches. Sorry, I’m more comfortable with cm/m measurements.
    **for anyone who doesn’t know what that is, I think it’s called a dresser in America?? :|
    ***Similar to the one Professor Umbridge does in Harry Potter and The Order Of The Phoenix. Could anyone else imagine Gerard doing that?!
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    CHAPTER 12: PART 2

    Sorry for the double post. Here's part two.

    CHAPTER 12, PART 2: Asha

    Asha pulled up a chair and sat down at the table. “Ok,” she said, took a deep breath, and began.

    “I was born in America, that much I am sure of. When I was about eight, the BLI drugs were introduced. By the time I was ten, my parents were completely addicted. They both worked for bl/ind.
    When I said healing was something I was born with, I wasn’t completely lying. What I was born with was the ability to see the future. I saw what BLI would become and tried to warn my parents. But they were to far in. It was then that BLI started encouraging their workers secretly to give up their children ‘for the cause’. And because I was a problem child, I was too different and I wouldn’t take the drugs, my parents were more than happy to give me up.
    And so they took me away. For four long years, I was at the Experimental Unit. It was horrible there. They treated us like nothing more than animals, easily disposable and incredibly stupid.”

    Asha took another breath, trying not to think about what she was saying, and had tried so hard to forget for so many years. She carried on.

    “Two weeks before my parents had given me up, they had discovered fossils unlike any they had ever seen in Antarctica. They weren't human. Some had long bones coming out of their fingertips and had tails, and others had razor-sharp teeth. Some had longs bones growing out of their shoulder blades. Some looked completely normal, but it was clear they weren’t human either.
    So they assessed the skeletons, made assumptions about what they looked like when they were alive. Then they removed DNA from the skeletons and picked a test subject that had a similar structure to the skeletons. Unfortunately, when I arrived they noticed I had a very similar structure to one of them. And so that’s what I was injected with - the 'angel' DNA, as they called it.
    Time went by. Wind tunnel tests, endurance tests, putting us in pens with other mutants and telling us to fight to the death to see who was stronger. That was my life for many years.”

    The room was deathly quiet. Asha looked up at her friends faces, but looked down again quickly. Their looks of extreme pity made her feel sick. So she stared down at the table and soldiered on through her story.

    “Somewhere in the middle of those years, I discovered my power to heal people. I tried to save one of the experiments in the cells next to mine. It didn’t work, he died anyway. I never had anyone last in the cells next to me for more than a month, but I continued trying to heal them. It made me feel like I was doing something to help, to fight against those assholes.
    But just when I was starting to get suicidal, I was saved. Having being raised there, I thought the only escape was death. That's how the other experiments got out, anyway. I was wrong. Another experiment escaped. That was my older brother Shadow.”

    “Not my real brother,” she added, noticing the killjoys questioning looks. “we just kinda formed a family when we escaped together…anyway…”

    “Shadow can alter his genetic structure and become invisible. Eventually he’d had enough of that place, so he decided it was time to get the fuck out. So when the guards came to take him for more tests, he attacked them. They don’t expect it, you see. Like I said, they thought we were really stupid. Anyway, after he taken them out, he took their guns and began releasing other experiments. The older ones helped the younger ones. I picked up a little girl with wings like me…sorry, going off track... anyway, even as he released us, the alarm was sounding. They told the Dracs to capture or kill the mutants if necessary.”

    “And they did. They killed dozens, they captured hundreds. And only a few escaped. Seven others and me. That’s all that escaped. And we only got out because we killed anyone who tried to stop us on our way out. Well,” she added as an afterthought. “Amina and Spirit didn’t kill anyone…but they saw it all…”

    “So anyway, that’s how we escaped. We’d been running from them for about four years when I was separated from my family. There was a fire-fight with some Dracs and Shadow told us to split when it became to much. After that, I couldn’t find them again. So I’ve been by myself for three or so more years when I found you lot in the desert. I was looking in those mountains nearby for my family because sometimes we sleep in the caves.”

    “So that’s my entire story. Did I miss anything?”

    The room was quiet again. Asha fully expected them to tell her to leave. She was, after all, way too dangerous to travel with. She wasn’t even prepared for what happened next.

    Frank stood up, walked over to her, and wrapped his arms around her. “Jesus,” he said, slightly muffled. “I thought I had a crappy childhood.”
    Ray stood up and hugged her too. “Yeah,” he added. “Here I was thinking it was hard getting teased about my hair…”
    Gerard and Mikey got up and joined the group hug too. “Being held at gunpoint at 15 doesn’t even compare to that,” muttered Gerard.
    Mikey didn’t say anything, he just patted her back gently as she racked with sobs.

    “I…don’t even deserve friends like you…” she cried. She couldn't believe how understanding they were being, how they were acting like she wasn't a freak.

    Mikey smiled. “everyone deserves friends,” he said. They stayed in their group hug for a long time., anyone?? :)
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    aww i glad they didn't kick Asha out can't wait to read more :)
  17. I'm so glad she finally explained everything...i was really curious about her :)
    Can't wait for the next update!

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    I like your disclaimers - I could totally imagine Gerard going "hem, hem" like Umbridge.

    A chest of drawers is a dresser, you were right :) Where are you from?
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    Thanks for the comments everyone, 'ppreciate it. :)

    I'm from Australia, it's really hard to write about places I've never been before. But i went on Google Maps, found a desert in California (dunno if it was the right one) and i stared at it for a while. So i think i'm all set. :D

    Ok, so i'll update soon :) The next chapter's mostly a filler about Asha's family. I felt like i needed to explain it more :yes:
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    That would be great - I'd love to hear her back story. I'm from Oz too, just outside Melbourme

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