Tell The Truth And God Will Save You (killjoy fiction)

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    *Title: Tell The Truth And God Will Save You (Killjoy Fiction)

    *Rating: 15+

    *Main Characters: Gerard Way (Party Poison), Mikey Way (Kobra Kid), Frank Iero (Fun Ghoul), Ray Toro (Jet-Star), OFC

    *Summary: The story begins at the end of the NaNaNa video. As the killjoys lie, injured and unconscious, they are found by girl who will change their lives and their fate.

    *Genre: Adventure (Killjoy fiction)…and Supernatural

    *DISCLAIMER: I do not own My Chemical Romance or the band members or anything like that. All I own is this stupid story ☺

    *Chapter Index:
    Chapter One-Page One
    Chapter Two-Page One
    Chapter Three-Page Two
    Chapter Four-Page Two
    Chapter Five-Page Two
    Chapter Six-Page Two
    Chapter Seven-Page Three
    Chapter Eight-Page Three
    Chapter Nine-Page Four
    Chapter Ten (Part One)-Page Four
    Chapter Ten (Part Two)-Page Four
    Chapter Eleven-Page Five
    Chapter Twelve (Part One)-Page Six
    Chapter Twelve (Part Two)-Page Six
    Chapter Thirteen - Page Seven

    *Author’s Note: when I thought of this story and started writing it, I didn’t know anything about the whole “California 2019” thing. I’ve changed a coupla things to suit that story, but in my story some of it is different. This is just a warning in case you look at my story and say, “that’s not right”!
    And also, sometimes I have trouble writing seriously. So I apologize in advance for the random jokes and attempts at humor I slip in ☺
    Finally, i'm Australian. I have no idea what the fuck California looks like :)
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    Hehe :D You're doing it Emi!!! Yeah! XD I'm so proud of my huzzy!
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    This is my first fan fiction. Please tell me if you like it or not, any constructive criticism i am happy to get :)
    CHAPTER 1: Gerard

    Gerard tried to open his eyes but they felt so heavy. Everywhere hurt. What happened before? He lay there, trying to organise his thoughts. After what felt like hours but in reality was only a few minutes, he remembered.

    Forcing his eyes open, he tried to sit up. “GRACE?! Mikey?! Frank! Ray? Where…??” the words died in his throat. He was not lying on the ground in the place the Bald-headed Guy, Korse, had left him and his band-mates. He was on the floor of a house he’d never seen before covered in a tattered blanket, and a girl of about 20 was looking at him from across the room with a concerned look on her face. Gerard just stared at her, forgetting completely about how much pain he was in. After a few moments he took the scene in. She was holding a pocketknife poised over Ray’s unconscious figure, which was lying on the couch.

    “NO!” he yelled, and reached for his gun that had not left his side since the war began. He grasped at an empty holster.
    She must have taken his gun.
    With a cry of shock he staggered to his feet and started towards the girl when suddenly a voice came from the doorway. “Gerard! You’re awake!” It was Mikey, also looking concerned, with his left arm bandaged. “Mikey…!” cried Gerard, when he was interrupted by another voice. “Gerard? What the fuck are you doing?!” Frank stood behind Mikey, a can of ravioli and a fork in his hand, and a bandage around the left side of him face. “You shouldn’t even be walking, Asha says you got the worst of any of us.” For the second time in 5 minutes, Gerard found himself staring blankly. Now that Frank had mentioned it, he remembered that he was aching all over, and there was a numb pain on his stomach. For the first time, the girl spoke. “Um…” she said hesitantly. “Maybe you should sit down? It’s just I don’t have the energy to heal your wounds again.”

    And for the third time in 5 minutes, Gerard was completely lost. What the hell was going on? Mikey and Frank were acting like this “Asha” girl was completely harmless, even though she was standing over Ray with a knife, she herself was clearly insane because she was talking of “healing” him but that only happens in comic books… and on top of all that where the hell did Frank get the ravioli?!

    “Fine,” said Gerard and sat heavily on an unoccupied but very questionable armchair. Mikey looked relieved and Frank finished his ravioli, carelessly throwing the can on the floor. “Good,” said Asha, with a smile. But Gerard was a little creeped out by her smile. It made him think she knew something he didn’t. And then, much to his renewed shock, Asha turned back to Ray and put the knife to his neck.
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    OMG EMI!!!!!!! ITS SO GOOD!!!!!!! XD
    You're an awesome writer! Mrs Ace girl! :p
    Also its very suspenseful to those who don't know what will happen next ;)
    But I've already read this chapter (purposely rubbing in the faces of those who don't know)
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    Good start, but go back to your first paragraph and read it again. Are you writing in the first or third person? Is it dialogue? Because you'll need quotation marks if it is.

    Well done so far and keep going :)
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    Well, i'm writing in third person mostly but in this chapter it's from Gerard's way of seeing things...ah, it's hard to explain :/

    Thanks Tiarna btw :)

    EDIT: I've gone over the bit that were in first person :)
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    If you're writing in the third person, you'll need to use "he" rather than "I" in that opening sentence.
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    This has a good start! :]
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    Thankyou kadoodle I've gone through some other pages of my story now and changed them. Thanks xxOhSparkleyxx too for being my second reader

    CHAPTER 2: Asha
    Asha looked up, alarmed. Why was that man- Gerard, the others called him- screaming again? Then she realised- she had just pressed a knife to his friend’s throat. Meanwhile, Gerard was yelling. “Get away from him! What the fuck are you doing?! STOP HOLDING ME DOWN FRANK! Are you crazy?! She’s gonna kill Ray! Let go…!”
    Asha hastily took the knife away from Ray’s neck. “No!” She said. “It wasn’t like that! His zipper had melted closed and I need to cut his jumper off so I can get to the injuries on his chest!”
    Gerard paused, then looked suspiciously at her again. “Mikey. Watch her and if she makes even the slightest move to hurt Ray, shoot her. By the way, where the fuck is my gun?” Mikey rolled his eyes and drew his gun. “You’re the boss. But I’m not giving you you’re gun until that maniac look is off your face.”
    Asha wasn’t even slightly concerned by the fact there was a gun pointed at her head. Mikey wouldn’t shoot her – he wanted to see her heal his friend.
    She turned back to Ray for the third time, then cut quickly through his jumper, exposing his bare chest. Looks like they didn’t have other t-shirts or singlets, thought Asha. There was a thin, long burn which travelled from his breastbone to his just below his navel- which was were the zipper had melted and burned his skin. It was red and looked very painful. Slowly, she put her hands on his chest. Before she could start, though, Gerard yelled again from the other side of the room.
    “What are you doing now?!” he cried.
    Asha looked confused. “I’m going to heal him,” she replied.
    “That’s impossible,” hissed Gerard.
    “Apparently not,” interrupted Frank “I didn’t believe it either until I watched her do it to Mikey.”
    “Did you bang your head?! Did you eat paint chips as a child?!” yelled Gerard.
    Asha sighed. “Look, if you don’t believe me this can be settled easily. Come over here and I’ll prove it to you.”
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    OHMYGOSH! Deathshine I love it!!!!!!!!!! It's so good! And you can tell its good because I'm usually not a fan of Killjoy fics, but I love this one! Go you! Update? :D
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    *happy* THANKYOU HEADSHOT! This update's for you :)

    CHAPTER 3: Mikey
    Mikey still had his gun out, but he was now holding it loosely at his side. He was watching Asha. She had long black hair that went half-way down her back when it was tied up in a ponytail, like it was now, a singlet with a biker jacket on over the top with the words “Fuck Authority” and an eagle inscribed on the back, skinny leg jeans covered in rips and knee-high black converse that went over the top of her jeans. And around her neck was the long, thin chain of a dog tag - with a strange circular symbol carved on it. He found himself gazing at the eagle on her jacket when he Frank slapped him across the back of his head.
    “Owwwww!” said Mikey, “What the hell was that for?!”
    “Pay attention,” said Frank, “You’ve been staring into space for like, the last 3 minutes. Anyway, I think you might want to see this.”
    “See what?” asked Mikey blankly.
    “Asha’s going to heal Ray. You believed me when I said she healed you but I want you to see it too so there’s no doubt in your mind.”
    Mikey crossed the room with Frank and stood beside Asha, who was waiting for them. Gerard stood near, leaning against the wall with an unconvinced look on his face.
    “So, can I start now?” asked Asha.
    “By all means,” replied Gerard, his voice dripping with sarcasm.
    Asha ignored this. She placed her hands on Ray’s chest and took a deep breath.
    At first there was a lazy blue spark that travelled from the tip of her thumb and died out. Mikey leaned forward, interested. Then, suddenly, sparks shot from the tips of all of her fingers and shot across Ray’s body. They streaked all over, to the cut above his eye and the unseen scratches on his knees. And as a spark passed over each cut or scrape they would pause, then slowly fade into the skin, leaving nothing but clear, unblemished skin in its wake.
    Meanwhile his chest was a minefield of sparks. The bigger the injury; the more sparks are needed to heal it, thought Mikey. He looked up at everyone. Gerard looked absolutely dumbfounded. Mikey smiled at this - it was very rare for his brother to be wrong. But, being the good guy he was, Mikey knew he’d be apologising profusely to Asha. Frank was looking at Gerard too, smirking. Then Mikey looked at Asha, and was surprised to see her eyes had gone a bright purple. Before he had time to fully register this, the healing process was completed and her eyes returned to the bright blue they were supposed to be.
    Asha gave a sigh. She looked very tired. Then she looked up at Gerard, smiling. “Do you believe me now?” she said cheerfully.
    “Yes,” replied Gerard faintly. “Without a doubt. I’m so sorry. How…how…um…how do you do it?”
    “Its…I…” Asha hesitated. “It’s just something I was born with.”
    “That’s so cool.” Said Mikey in awe. Asha smiled at him but as she did so, her eyelids fluttered slightly and closed and she suddenly collapsed forward as though someone had knocked her knees out from under her. Fortunately Mikey was standing in front of her and caught her before her head hit the ground; her knees, on the other hand, hit the floor with a sharp thud. A voice came groggily from the couch.
    “…the hell?” mumbled Ray, his eyes open and confused. “Wassa goin’ on?” Gerard looked at his band mate. “Join the club of people who want to know that,” he said.
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    Yaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy! Thank you for dedicating the chapter to me!!! I'll dedicate my next chapter to you. :)

    I loved the "Fuck Authority" on Asha's jacket. Pennywise rules, no?
    Also about Asha- whenever I read her name, in my head I pronounce it "Ashya". I have no idea why!

    I don't know how you are writing these so fast. Sometimes it takes me several days to think up, write out, and edit a chapter. I take my fanfics very seriously. Haha! Anyways, I'm impressed by your speedy-ness!
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    Yay thank you! I can't wait for your next chapter :)
    I dunno about the Fuck Authority thing...It's just something i came up and i thought it sounded epic!
    Originally Asha's name was Ashlee, but I wanted her name to be more unique. I actually prefer the way you pronounce it! From now on that's how its pronounced!

    I write my chapters really fast cuz i already had chapters 1-9 done, i was really nervous about posting my first story so i was prepared for it :) I've had this story written for 3 months, i've had it in my head for a year or something before that. :)
    I'll post more again in a sec, i need to finish editing
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    Aha... I see... Yeah writing out beforehand really helps.
    And you're right, Asha's a much better name than Ashlee for her character.

    Anyways "Fuck Authoruty" is a great punk song:
    YouTube - ‪Pennywise- Fuck Authority‬‏

    It's cool that you thought of the same phrase as them :mosh:
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    I listened to that song, then i bought it on Itunes :) Heres an update

    CHAPTER 4: Mikey
    After we had taken Ray out on to the porch of the house we were at and lay Asha down on the now occupied couch, we joined Ray on the porch and lit up one of Frank’s last cigarettes and passed it around in a circle. We were on a large property that had gone to seed- the grass was dead and the familiar but faint smell of rotting animal was in the air. However Mikey could see it had once been a beautiful and peaceful farm.

    It was quiet for a bit as we were all immersed in our own thoughts. Ray was humming under his breath, still a little out of it. The smoking wasn’t helping, especially considering he didn’t normally smoke. Gerard spoke first.

    “Where are we and how did we get here? Did Asha tell you?” he asked Frank and Mikey.

    Mikey spoke. “She said she was hiding in the mountains nearby and saw a little explosion so she went to look and found us passed out so she went and got the car, drove it over to us and brought us to the closest empty house she could find.”
    “How’d she get the keys?”
    “We left them in the ignition.”
    The group where quiet for a bit longer. Then Ray spoke.
    “When are we leaving? Are we waiting for the girl?”

    Gerard frowned. He hadn’t really decided what they were going to do with Asha. Mikey knew what he was thinking- she had helped them, but was she trustworthy? Another thing was that none of them were used to having a girl in their group, apart from Grace. Even when they were a band there had been all guys. “So, chief?” questioned Ray. “What are we doing?”

    “Taking a vote.” replied Gerard. “I can’t be fucked to make this decision. If you want Asha to stay, say now. If not, were getting in that car and going after Grace. Got it?” He watched his friends. They had all visibly flinched at the hearing of Grace’s name, but now they looked as determined as ever. Grace was a little girl they had found on the side of the road, starving and filthy like an animal. Though they barely had anything themselves, they had found it physically impossible to leave the girl to die. And so she was accepted into their family. Mikey knew the real reason they took her in, though. If Bandit was alive, Grace was the age she would be. They all felt it- they all longed for the child figure, the one who would accompanied them on tours, who threw things in Ray’s hair, who said the stupid things that made you laugh for hours.

    Grace didn’t remember who she was before the war but Gerard had promised her to find what happened to her family when the war was over. Thinking of this only made Mikey more determined.
    “Vote now.” said Gerard.
    And it was at that precise moment that someone started screaming inside the house. In a flash all four of them stood up, drew their guns (Mikey had given Gerard his back) and ran into the house.

    The screaming was coming from Asha. She was curled up in a ball on the couch, her hands tightly gripping her head and her eyes screwed up in pain. “What’s going on?!” yelled Ray. Mikey quickly crossed the room to Asha, followed by Frank and Gerard. Ray stood at the door, watching to see if the noise attracted any unwanted visitors. Mikey put his hand on Ashlee’s shoulder and shook her slightly. Suddenly her eyes flew open and she stopped screaming and began gasping for breath. Disentangling her fingers from her hair and sitting up, she spoke.
    “Bad dream,” she mumbled. The four killjoys looked disturbed.
    “You must be a lot more fucked up than us. I have bad dreams every night but I don’t scream about it.” said Frank.
    Asha tried to smile. “Yeah…”she said, then said abruptly, “I’m gonna get something to eat.” She then stood and walked out of the room to the kitchen. They watched her go in silence. When she was out of the room, Gerard spoke. “One of us should check on her.” There was a silence. Then in synchronisation they cried, “Rock paper scissors!” Frank, Gerard and Ray did scissors but as usual Mikey did paper.
    “You lose,” said Gerard triumphantly. “You should really start doing something other than paper you know.”

    Mikey sighed and walked into the kitchen. He found Asha there, sitting on the counter with her arms wrapped around her knees, and her eyes closed. She did not respond at all when Mikey walked in, but when he sat next to her and said “Hey” she jumped and opened her eyes, only just realising Mikey was there. Mikey looked concerned.
    “You ok?” he asked.
    “I’m fine,” she replied, sitting up properly. She didn’t look fine though. She looks scared, thought Mikey. He smiled at her.
    “You know,” he said. “When I have a bad dream I tell some-one about it.”
    Asha hesitated. Mikey smiled again. Asha took a deep breath.
    “It wasn’t a dream. It was a vision of the future. My death is coming sooner than I expected. Yours too. All of ours.”
    Mikey looked at her, completely stunned. Gerard, Ray and Frank chose this moment to display they had been listening from around the corner by walking into the room, looking shocked also.
    “You’re joking right? Please tell me your joking.” Said Frank.
    “That would be a really sick joke,” added Ray.
    “I’m not joking,” murmured Asha. “Sometimes when I’m really tired, I fall asleep and have visions of the future. I dreamt our deaths.”
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    This is really good Emi!!!!!!
    Keep writing well my big huzzy ;P
    Also when are you going to give me chapters 7-9 :(
    I wanna read more!
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    I will give it to you tomorrow at school :)
    I need to edit the next chapter, i will post it tonight or tomorrow :)
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    Sorry for the double post, i wanted to get chapter 5 out there :)
    CHAPTER 5: Frank

    This can’t be true, thought Frank.

    “How…how do we die?” asked Mikey faintly.

    “I’m not fully sure…I just saw…glimpses. I saw the sign that said Scarecrow Unit…there was a room full of Draculoids and a little girl…we shot them all…” Asha smiled slightly. “Gerard hugged the girl…now were walking out of there with the girl…we are back in the room we came in through…but the Dracs have caught up with us…”

    Asha’s voice was slowly getting more frantic as she re-lived the vision. “There’s a Bald guy…he’s pr-pressing a gun against Gerard’s neck…” Asha was now shaking and crying, and Frank touched her shoulder to comfort her and to urge her on. Asha bit her lip and continued. “He shot Gerard in the neck…G-g-gerard is d-dead…” Frank looked at Gerard, who was staring forward with a horrified look on his face. Asha continued talking, obviously trying to get through it. “Mikey…saw that Gerard is dead and is running over…and they…s-s-shot him twice…I’m running over to him…” her eyes, filled with tears, were now very far away, seeing the vision she saw inside her head. Mikey also put a shaking hand on her shoulder.

    “Go on.”

    Suddenly her body shuddered violently, and she gave a gasp of pain. Her hand whipped back and she grasped her back, feeling. “They shot me,” she mumbled. “It hurts. So, so much…I’m falling…” she paused. “My vision is blurry…but it looks like Frank, Ray and the girl are trying to get to the door…oh, what a fucking hero, Ray and the girl have gone through but Frank stayed behind and is trying to hold them off…”

    “Typical,” muttered Ray. Although he was completely freaked out about what he knew was about to happen, Frank still felt a little proud of himself for something he hadn’t done yet. Now there is a sentence I never thought I’d think, thought Frank drily.

    “Uhnn…I can’t see much anymore…Frank is falling…I can’t see outside…ooowww…” finally her eyes lost their distant look and she looked at them properly. She touched her face and only just seemed to realise she was crying. She looked mildly surprised. Then she spoke.

    “I’m…sorry you guys. I wasn’t going to tell you because people freak out a lot when I tell them how their gonna die, but I thought you would be able to handle it, and…” her face suddenly looked fiercely determined. “And I thought that if anyone could change their fates it’d be you guys.”

    Mikey smiled sadly. “Thanks for the vote of confidence, but I think I need a moment.” He said then wandered out of the room, head down.

    “Me too,” said Frank, and left too. He just needed to be alone for a bit. This is too much, he thought.

    Ray followed the other two without a word. Gerard watched them go, worrying more about them than himself. He heard a little noise behind him, and turned to see Asha now curled on the floor, hugging herself.

    “So you’re saying if we rescue Grace…we die?” he asked tensely.

    “Is Grace the girl?” replied Asha, her voice muffled from the position she was in.



    He exhaled sharply, running his fingers through his bright red hair. For a few moments it was quiet. Got to be positive, he thought abruptly.
    “Well at least now we know so we can prevent it.”

    Asha twitched. “Sometimes when I’ve tried to prevent something from happening it was my interfering that made it happen. I’m…afraid. You guys are good people. You don’t deserve to die.”

    He sat next to her, patting her arm.
    “Don’t worry too much,” he said as reassuringly as he could. “I won’t let this happen to you or the others. I promise.” Then he stood up quickly and left the room.

    The rest of the day passed quietly as everyone kept to themselves. Gerard thought not of his death but how to save themselves and Grace. It was already out of the question to not go after Grace at all. At 5 o’clock that night, the idea struck him. It was so simple. He called through the house.

    “GUYS!!! C’MERE! I HAVE DEVISED THE MOST ELEGANT SOLUTION!” Mikey wandered into the room, hands in his pockets with a downcast expression on his face.

    “You sound like Homer Simpson from the Simpsons movie when he’s talking about his silo of pig crap.”

    “Great. We’re going to prevent our deaths with a silo of pig crap.” Said Frank, also coming through, with Ray and Asha following.

    “Shut up guys. We’re gonna save Grace and we’re not going to die.”

    “Intriguing,” said Ray, sitting on the couch to be joined by Mikey and Frank. Asha sat cross-legged on the arm rest.

    “Wait,” said Gerard. “First things first. Asha, you helped us out big-time. And I think it’s fair to say that we need you with us. So if you don’t have anyone else to go to, we’re here. You can stay with us…but just so you know, we got nothing. We’re a little crazy and a lot dangerous. Someone will try and kill us almost every day. So if you want to hang with us…you’ve been warned.”

    Asha listened intently to his speech. When he finished, she grinned.
    “I would love to join you guys. But I thought that I should warn you…I’m a lot crazy and a lot dangerous. And I have people after me too. So if you hang with me, you’ll be in danger too.”

    “That’s fine,” said Gerard. “We can most definitely handle it. Welcome to the Killjoys Asha. Now the real fun begins.”

    Sorry about the super-lame speech, i re-wrote it like four times and thats the best's kinda important though :/
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    Great update, but you'll also need to update your chapter index within 24 hours or I'll have to lock you.
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    Sorry for all the POV changes in this chapter...and sorry it's really long :)
    CHAPTER 6: Ray
    3 days later
    We drove long and far to the Scarecrow Unit. Asha knew were it was, pointing to it on the map. How she knew where it was, we didn’t ask. The car was quiet now as we approached the tunnel to the entrance. The last thing spoken had been an hour ago, when Gerard had said-

    “Ok, does everyone remember the plan?” to which Mikey replied,
    “Yep. Go in, go out. Don’t die.”

    Ray stared out the window, going over the real plan in his head. It was the most stupid, most reckless idea Gerard had ever come up with. And he had come up with quite a few of those. But this was different. Their lives depended on this. And the whole crazy idea was based on an Australian historical icon.

    They were covered in metal plates, hidden under their clothes and tied to them with ropes, string and ripped lengths of blankets- similar to the armour of Ned Kelly.

    They each had a large square sheet over their hearts, front and back. The other metal plates they scavenged from oven doors, sheds and car doors were used for the specific spots were Ashlee knew the others had been hit. A thick plate covered Gerard’s neck, roughly shaped and bent so it was less noticeable and covered in a scarf. Mikey had plates covering his whole chest, while Asha had plates covering her back. For himself and Frank had been more difficult, however. Asha didn’t know where they had been hit. Frank had been easier as they had assumed he’d be hit from the front, considering he had been standing the doorway facing the Dracs. But for Ray they had no information or guesses at all. So they had covered his back and chest in plates and hoped he wouldn’t be shot in the head.

    Ray had never felt more nervous in his life. This wasn’t getting drunk could cure, as they had done on their first show ever. They days seemed so long ago - there had been no war, no death or pain. Just them and their music.

    But we had had Bob then, he thought sadly. Just thinking of what happened to Bob, he mentally slapped himself. He didn’t want to be depressed before this battle.

    They were driving through the tunnel now, Gerard at the wheel and Mikey in the passenger seat. Gerard had his jaw set, looking forward, his eyes occasionally straying to the picture of Grace he had stuck on the dash of the car, but otherwise he watched the road intently. Mikey looked as though he was hardly paying attention, looking out the window. Frank and Asha were in the back seat with him-Frank was pulling on his gloves and Asha was laying back, her eyes closed. She was mouthing something and looked a little crazy.
    But hey, thought Ray, I suppose we all do. This is going to be a long night, he sighed, pushing a strand of his curly ‘fro out of his eyes.

    He was done with thinking. He stared out the window at the BLI signs flashing on the walls- “We Can Handle It From Here…Everything’s Perfect…Keep Smiling”. Everything is so not perfect. We’re driving to our deaths armed with five guns, a physic and the tin in oven doors, thought Mikey bitterly. Of course he would never say it because it was his brother’s idea and he didn’t want everyone to go in feeling as insecure as he felt.

    A heavy thump on the car zoned him back in- Gerard had just run over two Draculoids. His heart clenched. They were getting close.
    Hardly a minute later their car screeched to a halt. In front of them loomed the Scarecrow Unit. And without hesitating, they got out of the car and strode to the front doors.

    Walking quickly, they all sensed the attack before they saw it. Draculoids jumped up from behind low walls and pillars, but the five killjoys already had draw their guns and shot the Dracs before they even had time to blink. They kept walking.
    Striding through the doors and shooting all who crossed them, they made their way to the room where Grace was being held.

    We strode into the glass room, shooting with precision and watching the Dracs fall. Gerard frowned slightly – from further back he was sure he’d seen an Asian woman, but there was not one in here. His attention was only focused on this thought for two seconds, however, until he saw Grace.
    Gerard dropped to his knees and wrapped his arms around her, lost in the moment and not thinking of how Asha’s vision was going accordingly. His eyes widen slightly as he thought of this, and, hugging Grace tighter, he vowed, I will protect you with my life.

    Stepping out into the hall and readying our guns, we set off, Grace leading the way down the white halls. We walked quickly. But not quickly enough.

    Everything was going in slow motion. Gerard turned at the sound of shoes behind us, causing his fellow killjoys to turn also. A ray shot narrowly missed his face. Then the shooting began on both sides.
    Gerard was frantic. Everything was going exactly as Asha had said. He fired dozens of times, watching Dracs fall around him. Dimly behind him he felt Mikey’s back and Grace screaming.
    One Draculoid just in front of him aimed his gun at Asha, who was also shooting frenziedly but not facing the Drac in question. Without thinking, Gerard tore off his mask, shooting him the back as he did so.

    Shock radiated through him. Its a completely ordinary man under the mask. He fell, dead, in front of Gerard.
    Did he know what he had been doing? Did he know who he was working for, or were the pills making him do it? Gerard felt disturbed, trying to get his head back in the fight.
    It was then that the Bald-Headed Man slammed Gerard against the wall and pressed his gun against his neck. His shock was now doubled, and he was completely dumbfounded. Gerard didn’t move at all as Korse smiled slightly, tilting his head to one side.
    He pulled the trigger and pain exploded into my neck. It didn’t work, Gerard thought, it didn’t work…gotta warn the others…
    Party Poison blacked out.

    Frank watched Gerard fall, stunned. He wasn’t supposed to die…he can’t be dead…could he?

    Thoughts like this raced around his mind, but he pushed them back, remembering what Gerard had said – “Don’t forget the plan, even if I fall. Even if any of us fall. Stick to the plan.” Frank shot away, watching Mikey fall and, 5 seconds later, Asha. Is it my imagination or did I see their chest rise and fall? Are they breathing still…?
    We ran to the door with Ray and Grace, Frank pulled it shut behind them without thinking about it. His mind wasn’t focused; He was looking past the Dracs desperately to his friends’ bodies, which the Dracs had now overlooked in their attempt to take down Fun Ghoul - him.
    Finally he saw the sign he was looking for – Mikey’s lips pulled into a slight smile and Asha’s fingers curled into a thumbs up sign. They were letting Frank know they were alive-their armour worked.
    He grinned widely, but in his moment of negligence, a bullet flew past his outstretched hand and hit him in the chest. Frank tried to take a step forward as the pain of his crumpled chest plate exploded across his body. Another bullet and Frank slid to the floor, his chest plate now very dented and restricting my breathing.
    But I am alive, He realised, as he lay, pretending to be the opposite. Dracs ran past him, outside to Ray and Grace. Fun Ghoul smiled evilly, knowing that the Dracs weren’t there to see it.
    Phase 3 of the plan begins, he thought. His fingers curled around his gun tightly. Ghoul waited for the signal.

    Asha’s eyes were slightly open, but it wasn’t noticeable. She knew she looked dead. She’d had experience in looking dead.

    Her back was pounding painfully, the dent of metal digging in sharply. Asha ignored this, watching Ray and Grace. She felt confused when a van pulled up next on the curb, and she felt sure they were allies of bl/ind – but they were shooting for us and gesturing Ray and Grace to get in. Grace ran forward, but Ray hesitated, unsure of what he should do.
    Go!! Asha silently pleaded. We’ll get out on our own! GO!

    But his decision was made for him, a bullet hitting squarely in the chest. Grace hopped into the van and they drove away.

    Well, now’s a better time than any, Asha thought.
    And she jumped to her feet and began shooting the Dracs one after the other, screaming the signal as she did so, “KILLJOYS!! MAKE SOME NOISE!!” Mikey stood up and joined in too, Frank joined seconds later.

    It was almost too easy, they had been facing the wrong way and had deemed us no longer a threat. Asha frowned, noticing Gerard had not stood up also. Her heart jumped and she called to Mikey, using the aliases they’d told her to use here.
    “Kobra Kid!! Check on Poison!” she cried, still shooting. Only 5 Dracs remained to turn around and put up fights of their own, but they were out numbered sheerly by skill. Now they were facing the other way, Ray stood and fired at their backs also. Asha noticed Korse was not here – he probably left when he had put Gerard out of action.

    Mikey ran over to his brother as the killjoys finished off the last two Dracs, double shots right between the eyes on both.
    Frank and Asha kept thier guns drawn and turned to Mikey, who had his fingers on his brother’s wrist and was checking his pulse.
    Is he okay? Asha thought fearfully. The question was reflected in all our eyes.

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