Tell me gerard way didn't dye his hair red

Discussion in 'General Rock Discussion' started by J[enna], Sep 1, 2008.


    MCR_SAVED_MY_LIFE_ New Member

    that band in that vid
    they have a dude with a fro
    a dude that looks like Bob
    a dude that looks like Frank
    and a dude that looks like Mikey i meen seriously look and you will see it
    and that pic ^^ is so cute
  2. superdawn

    superdawn New Member

    I didn't think it was real at first cos it doesn't really...look real but I guess it is
    It'll take me a while to get used to it
  3. MCRJunkie

    MCRJunkie New Member

    hahahaha donĀ“t worry is already black again....
  4. HollowPistol

    HollowPistol Guest

    I saw new pics of his gorgeous black long hair xD
    I think he just went through this red haired stage...or he got dared, or he just wanted to find out what he would look like.
  5. MCRJunkie

    MCRJunkie New Member

    He looked cute and different but definetely black is black!

    MCR_SAVED_MY_LIFE_ New Member

    back to black is best
  7. superdawn

    superdawn New Member

    Ohh yay!
    Bright red hair doesnt suit him to be honest
    It looked alright when he had it half black half red agesss ago
  8. Albanian_Idiot

    Albanian_Idiot New Member

    That's why I love that guy!!!
  9. J[enna]

    J[enna] New Member

    Okay, tell me if any of you think this is creepy...

    I recently went red - before I knew that it was true that Gerard REALLY went red (even if he called it "pink") and even if it is not NEARLY as vibrant as HIS was, going from blonde to what I have now is still pretty intense for me. And then the fact that if you check out this site : EXCLUSIVE Gerard Way on Zombies and Hair Color at the 2008 Scream Awards - My Ch - Buzznet look at his shoes, and then check out THIS : [​IMG][​IMG]

  10. bakacoconut

    bakacoconut New Member

    ^^ haha, yeah, I remember when Frank had his neon green skeleton gloves and my sister had the same ones. Like, th EXACT same ones, and it's not unlikely either since they were from Target and they probably still shopped there since it was way in the way back. Oh and also, I don't know if it's true or not, but this kid at my college said he has one of Gerard's jackets that he threw into the crowd. If so, awesome! Probably reeks though... XD
  11. Lizzie_Iero

    Lizzie_Iero New Member

    that was deff not a good look for him
  12. -Elsi-

    -Elsi- New Member

    ^ Although it doesn't look photoshopped, his hair looks so poofy there I thought it was a wig.
  13. avengedghost

    avengedghost Guest

    haha i reacon it looks kool anyway lol...but duuude what's with the outfit? lol
  14. Lenore

    Lenore Inked and Sexy Staff Member

    It's not photoshopped, he really dyed it red.
    Even though it's back to black again;

    't was taken at the Spike TV Scream Awards
    it aired Oct.21st
  15. -Elsi-

    -Elsi- New Member


    He looks very gaunt there.
  16. Shannon

    Shannon Active Member

    Elsi, your sigs and avatars never fail to scare me.

  17. gerardsexyway!!

    gerardsexyway!! New Member

    its not photo shopped i saw an interview
    he sed it was pink and now hes died it black again!!
  18. gerardsexyway!!

    gerardsexyway!! New Member

    and i thought it looked good
  19. Sussak

    Sussak Guest

    I usually don't say this kind of comments about the guys, and least about Gerard, but I have to admit that;

    He looks beautiful. He looks so healthy and such. I like this facade of him.
  20. MCRmypansy

    MCRmypansy New Member

    my god gerard is getting old.

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