Teach Me How To Love [Frerard]

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  1. Christine

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    Don't worry about it. I definately understand.
    School ALWAYS comes before writing fan fics.
  2. REASONx346

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    Of course hun =].
    Absolutly understandable<3.
    Real life comes first before anything =].
    I love you with allllll my heart hun =]. Please don't ever forget that.
    I will always be an extreme fan of your's
    and I'll never forget youuu<33333.

    Hahaha, Jeez! I sound like your leaving forever!
    But your not. It's just like...a long vacation =].
    Except for the whole school thing....
    ANYWAYS I'll stop blabbing<3.
    Do your very best =]
    I believe in youuu<333
  3. bachillerata

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    It's ok, we wont pressure you, take your time and I understand that school always comes first, and if you have any trouble with teachers you know where to find me *hides knife behind back* lol jk... But anyways, you won't lose me, I love this story as much as I love you,, lol that sounded gay xD but I'm not...
    Anyways, I'll miss the story but that's ok, I'll wait patiently for more :)
  4. Evenstar

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    Take your time. You won't loose me as a reader. I love this story.
  5. MCRJunkie

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    I´ll stuck!!
    I´ll be here always!
  6. Lovesong

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    I'm sure you won't lose readers <3
    Your writings are amazing <3
  7. MCRxParader

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    I can't even express my gratitude right now.
    You guys are gonna make me cry!

    I love you all so much! You have no idea! I'm so damn happy that I have readers and friends as loyal as you <3

    THANK YOU <3
  8. 0punkrocker0

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    aww dont cry.

    and we love u too !! =D
    *hugs u like bobby bear*

    you're very very welcome.
  9. MCRxParader

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    Oh my gosh, I can't believe how long it's been!
    Well since I'm off school today, I decided to take the oppurtunity to write you lovely people an update :D
    It might be short since I haven't thought up much, but I need to get it out of my system :]

    CHAPTER 29

    I entered the living room, the bowl of soup starting to burn my hands. Frank was still coughing violently. He was doubled over on the couch, his hands covering his mouth.

    I rushed over to him, wanting to make his pain pass. I couldn't stand seeing him in pain.

    When I reached him, I put my hands on his back waiting for his coughs to subside somewhat.

    As weird as it sounds, it felt...wrong. My hand on his back, it suddenly didn't feel right. I felt like I shouldn't be touching him, like he wasn't mine to touch. As if he belonged to someone else and I had no right to even be near him.

    I swallowed back the lump that was starting to form in my throat. I knew it was stupid to think, wrong even, but that's just how it felt. I was trying to convince myself that I had every right to touch him and be near him, but I couldn't shake this weird feeling in the pit of my stomach. So, in thinking this, I pulled my hand away from his back and looked over my shoulder, as if checking to see if anyone had witnessed anything wrong that might've happened. Even though I knew better.

    Frank's coughs started to die down and he looked up at me with red-rimmed, watery eyes. I handed him the bowl of soup wordlessly, almost robot-like. He took it gratefully, wincing as the hot bowl made contact with his clammy skin.

    Lifting the spoon weaky, he shovelled some soup through his chapped lips, obviously holding back any coughs that might spew the liquid all over the place.

    There was a question that was nagging me at the back of my mind. It was scratching at my brain, trying to make itself known to the outside world. My eye twitched as I fought back the urge to open my big mouth and ask a stupid question that I already knew the answer to. But if I already knew the answer, why was I so desperate to ask?

    It kept clawing at my brain, begging to be released. My heart thudded, my lips parted slightly. I felt sick, I felt tired, I felt desperate. I couldn't take this anymore. I needed something to help me feel normal again, I needed something to make all the poisonous feelings go away. My head was spinning, I couldn't think straight, up until the point when...

    "Frank," I blurted out, not even thinking about the consequences of what I was about to do. I needed a release, I needed to get back to my normal state of mind.

    His eyes darted to me instantly at the sound of his name. The spoon of soup was halfway towards his open mouth.

    "Yeah Gee?" he responded, setting the spoon back in the bowl and looking at me expectantly.

    I winced under his expectant gaze. Now or never I suppose...

    "Um well, okay, I gotta ask you something...hypothetically. Okay well, let's say, hypothetically of course, that Nate came knocking on your door right now, begging you to take him back. Would you?"

    My heart crashed with anticipation as I watched his eyes cloud over with confusion.

    Finally he sighed. "Yeah Gerard, I'd let him take me into his arms and carry me off into the sunset and we'd live happily ever after, like a fucking fairytale."

    I stared at him horror. Only after a few seconds did I realize he was being sarcastic.

    He put his hand on my shoulder, shaking me gently.

    "Whoa Gee, I was kidding."

    I shook my head, trying to shake off the shock.

    "Yeah, I knew that."

    He looked at me with firm, earnest eyes. "Gerard, did you not hear my story from last night? The bastard caused me so much heartbreak...I wouldn't even take him back if he got on his knees and begged while crying. I'd kick his ass and tell him to fuck off. No force in this world could possibly make me take him back. None. Nada. Zip. Zero."

    I nodded my head, looking down ashamedly.


    I didn't raise my head. I just didn't believe him.

    "Gee. Look at me."

    I raised my head slowly and looked him in the eyes. They were pained.

    He put his hand on my cheek. Even though it was clammy and frozen, it still sent warm shocks through my face, making my head spin.

    "I'm yours now," he whispered.

    Even though he had said it with the most honest, loving voice imaginable, and I knew he meant it, there was still that little nagger in my brain. And I had a feeling it wasn't going to go away anytime soon.
  10. WeAreTBP

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    Holy Geesus Bob on Frankskates. I... oh my god. Words can't even describe...
    I loved it, my dear.
    Update when you can.
    No pressure.
  11. MCRxParader

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    Laura, I love you :D
    Thank you so much honey <3
  12. REASONx346

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    O.O Oh dear<33333
    That made my heart swell!
    That was so fucking cute<3333333
    This story is so phenominal...i'm sorry it's been so long since i've read it.
    *goes to first page and begins reading over*

  13. MCRxParader

    MCRxParader Active Member

    I love you hun :D
  14. 0punkrocker0

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    that... was [is] an amazing chapter.
    i really dont know what to say.
    but i loved it.
    i just feel so bad for gee that just isnt fully convinced that frankie accepts him.
  15. Evenstar

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    Awesome update. I hope Gerard realizes that Frank is sincere, come on he said 'I'm yours now'. That made me go 'aww' =]
  16. MCRxParader

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    thank youuuuu Evenstar :D
  17. bachillerata

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    Holy guacamole (lolz)
    This update was AMAZINGLY well written and oh god...please let Gee believe Frankiee..
    I love you and your stories :p
  18. Christine

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    I hope that nagging leaves Gee alone soon...
  19. MCRJunkie

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    wow, thius is surreal!!!!
    You updated!!!!
    and it was amazing...I miss this story so much
  20. Dreamerism

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    thanks so much fo' updating :)

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