Teach Me How To Love [Frerard]

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    Rating: 14+ [for language]
    Pairing: Frank & Gerard [Frerard]
    Characters: Gerard, Frank, Ray, Mikey, Bob, Others
    Disclaimer: I do not own any of the My Chemical Romance band members. I don't know them personally or anything. All situations in this story are completely made up and do not reflect real-life situations and feelings.

    SUMMARY: Welcome to Monroeville Public High School, where everything seems as perfect as a garden full of flowers on a sunny day. But looks can be deceiving, right? Frank Iero, the outcast professor who no one likes, has suddenly caught the interest of fellow professor Gerard Way. Everyone avoids and ignores Frank, and he is more than willing to do exactly the same thing. You get what you give, right? But what happens when Gerard tries to teach Frank to trust, to love again? Is it an impossible feat? Or will he succeed in getting the object of his affection right where he wants him? A story filled with heartbreak, shock, happiness and everything in between. Stick around to see how everything ends up in 'Teach Me How To Love.'

    Chapter Index.

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    Page 62- Chapter 30 [Part 1]
    Page 62- Chapter 30 [Part 2]
    Page 64- Chapter 30 [Part 3]
    Page 65- Chapter 31 [Part 1]


    "Good morning Gerard," greeted Ms. Sporkel in a sickly sweet, phony voice, also completely ignoring the fact that Mikey was standing right next to me.

    "Morning," I replied as politely as possible, trying to hold down my breakfast and not drop the coffee I was carrying.

    I sighed. Another wonderful morning at Monroeville Public High School.

    I tried to balance my books and my coffee without dropping it all and making a mess on the freshly waxed linoleum floor. How embarrassing would that be?

    We walked through the entrance of the teacher's lounge, bracing ourselves for another day at work.

    Mikey looked at his watch and made a face. "Gee, I gotta go. People are gonna come to start seeing me any second now."

    Mikey was the school's student counselor. He always had to deal with a lot of shit on a regular basis, but he was good with that stuff. He gave good advice and was really patient.

    "Alright Mikey, I'll see you at lunch break," I replied, making my way over to the long wooden table at the center of the room where a few other teachers were checking their paperwork, doing some last minute test corrections.

    He leaned over right next to my ear. "Just don't get into any contact with Mr. Iero. You know that guy's got problems. He's bad news." And with that comment, he was gone.

    I looked over to see where Frank - I mean Mr. Iero - was seated.

    He was checking over his papers, sipping his coffee, a hard and emotionless look in his eyes.

    Mr. Iero was the teacher everyone avoided. So many rumours had started about him that I couldn't even remember what any of them were. Most people were seriously convinced that he had no feelings whatsoever and just ignored the whole world. It's true, he chose to never interact with anyone. Then again, I wouldn't either if I had heard those kinds of things being spoken about me. You couldn't blame the guy.

    I stared at him in awe. I was the only one who chose to believe none of those stories. You never know what's fact or fiction nowadays.

    I knew that beyond those stories, Frank has feelings, hopes and dreams just like everyone else. All we had to try and do was bring out that hidden side of him.


    what do you think? :)

    should I continue?
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    i loved it!
    i can #1 fan spot!
  3. Amazing. ^___^
    I can't wait for more, please continue!
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    Can't wait for more!
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    You should definitely continue:)

    I really like it so far.
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    I'm glad you all like it. :)

    I'll try to update later. :)
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    I call number 2 fanspot and yeah you should definatly continue.:)
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    that was awesomeeeee i hope u update soon
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    awesome....update soon?
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    I like, it's unique.
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    This is awesome! You should really continue it! :)
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    you should continue it
    is amazing!
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    here's the update. hope you enjoy. :)


    I just stood in my same spot, staring at him, pondering my next move. I guess the smartest thing would be to just go and talk to him.

    Might as well try to be more social. Frank's mysterious and blunt nature was starting to get me curious, asking myself the questions, Who really is this guy? What's he all about?

    I took a deep breath and slowly walked over to where he was sitting. There were always empty seats next to him.

    I plopped my books down in front of the empty seat on his right, pulling out the chair so I could sit down. He jumped a little at the sound of my books hitting the table, then he looked up at me, a startled, almost shocked, expression on his face. But he didn't say a word.

    I turned around to look at him. I smiled my best smile. "Hi."

    He just stared at me, as if he were afraid to actually say something, like I would kill him.

    I started to notice his facial features for the first time. He had wide hazel eyes, with no trace of emotion whatsoever. They were empty. A scruffy mop of black hair covered his head, a few strands of hair sticking out in strange directions. His skin was a ghostly white color, but it was flawless. No bumps, no wrinkles. It was perfectly smooth. I would've killed to have skin like that. He was actually very attractive.

    "I'm Mr. Way, but you can call me Gerard."

    He still didn't say anything, but he nodded his head slowly. Other staff members were staring at us in a mix of horror and shock.

    At that moment, the first bell rang. Great, perfect timing.

    "I gotta go," Frank mumbled, almost inaudibly. He stood up quickly, grabbing his books. He was gone in a matter of seconds.

    I watched him leave. Well, that sure didn't go as planned.

    I sighed and picked up my own books. I had to be getting to class too anyways.

    Just as I was about to walk out the door, Ms. Sporkel blocked my path.

    "I'll see you at lunch then, right Gerard?" she asked me, winking in a way which she probably thought was cute. I just thought it was disgusting.

    "Sure, whatever," I mumbled, pushing past her.

    Okay, in case you didn't notice, Ms. Sporkel is like, in love with me. She has been ever since I started teaching at this school. It's not that she wasn't attractive...okay, maybe she wasn't exactly. But I just wasn't into girls. Catch my drift?

    Pushing all thoughts aside, I walked to my homeroom class. I taught eighth grade math. Fun.

    When I entered, I heard my students chittering excitedly, sharing the latest gossip, or just catching up on some homework.

    "Good morning class," I greeted them, walking over to my desk and sitting down.

    "Good morning Mr. Way," they responded politely, settling down a little bit.

    The tardy bell rang. A few of my students who were always late rushed through the door, out of breath.

    They took their seats just as the intercom crackled to life and our principal, Mr. Toro, started the morning announcements.

    "Good morning students, here are your announcements..."

    He droned on and on about after school activities, school sport statistics, blah blah blah... Not that he wasn't a nice guy, I just usually chose to ignore the morning announcements. They were never that important anyways.

    Finally he wrapped it up. "Thank you and have a good day."

    The intercome clicked off, and I started arranging my lesson plan.

    "Okay class, today we're gonna be learning some new math formulas."

    They all groaned, but pulled out their notebooks.

    I started to erase the board, and wrote down a few problems for them to copy down. Welcome to a regular morning in Mr. Way's eighth grade math class.

    While they started solving problems, I sat down at my desk and did some more paperwork. But my mind was somewhere else. I started hatching a plan to talk to Frank at lunchtime. That was the only thing on my mind the whole class.

    Before I knew it, the bell had rung. My students started gathering their books and fled out the door in a hurry, so as to not be late for their next class.

    "Class dismissed," I mumbled, but half the students were already gone, and the other half didn't hear me.

    I braced myself for another period as my next class started pouring through the door.


    what do you think? :)
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    It's really good. I love this idea set in school.
    And Gee you have to talk to Frank. :)
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  16. Loved it. ^___^
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    I'm sorry I haven't updated in so long.

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    I'm really sorry. :(

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