Discussion in 'General Off Topic' started by Manda, Jan 7, 2007.

  1. Manda

    Manda Liar Liar

    Hey. how many people here have tattoos and if you do what of.
  2. Green_pixie

    Green_pixie Active Member

    I have a nautical star in black and blue on my lower back. I love it!!! I wanna get more though!
  3. RIOT!

    RIOT! Active Member

    im getting "i'm just a ghost" on my hip.
    "asleep or dead?" on my wrist.
    "fire at will" or "lock and load" on the top of my foot.
    and stars on the top of my other foot.
  4. Manda

    Manda Liar Liar

    awesome.. im getting three stars on my left wrist and I want "sleep" lyrics somehwere on mmy body just dont know where
  5. Manda

    Manda Liar Liar

    anyone else/
  6. i love peircings, but i'm not a big tattoo fan because they are forever and i change my mind too much. i like to experiment w/ different that wouldn't work for me...but they are awesome on other ppl!
  7. Manda

    Manda Liar Liar

    lol i love tattoos but not like my whole body covered
  8. Jenn

    Jenn Active Member

    i'm terrified to get a tattoo. =/
    because like the person up there, i change my mind alot.
    and i don't want to regret something i get.

    also, i've seen someone get a tattoo done, and that thanks.

    but if i wasn't scared, i'd get an mcr tattoo.
  9. Viki

    Viki New Member

    I wanna get wings on my back fo sho
    I dunno abou anything else ;/
  10. Manda

    Manda Liar Liar

    Im getting Love on my left wrist instead of stars...did anyone see the one bert that
  11. Humungous MCR Fan

    Humungous MCR Fan New Member

    I love Tattoos! I have a tribal design on my lower back, a crucifix with a rose in the middle with MCR above it and Revenge underneath and I have the letter P in calligraphy on my left shoulder.

    Want to get another one on my stomach.
  12. Le Defile Noir

    Le Defile Noir New Member

    One of my not-so-personal obsession is seeing tattoos and piercings on people. I love it. I'm thinking of getting another one of my own! Maybe a dove on the back of my neck and under it saying "Famous Last Words" Or "Disenchanted" Not too big not too small. Just decent. What do you think?
  13. Jenn

    Jenn Active Member

    that's a great idea.
    That song is definitely one of my favorites, and says so much.
    so yeah, i like that one.
  14. King Matt

    King Matt New Member

    I decided a long time ago that I will never get band things as Tat's.
    I am realistic and know I won't like the band forever.
    one day I would be like "wtf do I do this for"
    so I am getting a tat to do with halloween instead as thats my birthday.
    I get it as soon as my friend finishes the design.
  15. Humungous MCR Fan

    Humungous MCR Fan New Member

    You have a point but I dont think ill regret my tatt for MCR I feel I will they will always be number one in my band list but if that turns out not to be the case I wud still like them at the least id never hate them!
  16. beyangel

    beyangel New Member

    Moon and star in black and grey on my right ankle
    Heart and Rose on my right shoulder
    Heart and quarter moon with my husband's name on my left inner wrist

    Love tatoos!!! Would get more but it can get really expensive.
  17. MCRaddiction

    MCRaddiction Ice Cream Monkey

    one of my friends have a tatoo, and i didn't know 0.0
  18. dreadpirateroberts

    dreadpirateroberts New Member

    Yesh I have many tattoos. here is some:
  19. Kelly

    Kelly QUEEN

    i wish i had one:(
  20. Le Defile Noir

    Le Defile Noir New Member

    Yes Indeed. Just the whole title for famous last words is fine with me . Just as long as I don't get.. "I LOVE MCR FOREVER" Might be something to regret. Because Famous Last words has the song behind it with alot of great meanings you can go on with in life and behind the song was.. Mcr. Of course. Haha

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