Smile, Even If It Hurts

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    I feel so unloved from the complete lack of comments on my last update. :'( But, I can take it. Rejection doesn't hurt as bad if it only happens once. It's almost like an accident. So, please, keep it an accident and comment on my new post. Even if you hate it, let me know so I can just stop posting and live out my fantasy alone. But I will be sad...very sad. (Is the pity-party working? Should I butter you all up? LOL!)


    Chapter 3: The Prank​

    “Damn, Gerard! That is one fucked up date! I’m amazed we got you back alive.”

    Frank wasn’t the only one staring at me in disbelief, but he was the only one brave enough to say something. Of course, I didn’t tell them anything about me and Lindsey getting intimate. That is our business and our business alone. Unfortunately, that didn’t stop Frank from prying.

    “Sooo…aside from almost dying, what else did you two kids do?”

    I frowned at him as Ray grew interest and Mikey blushed. “None of your business, so don’t ask.” I smiled devilishly at him as I grabbed a bottle of water and walked towards the bunks located at the back of the bus. I plopped down on my bed and sighed as I drifted off to sleep.

    I couldn’t have been out for more than ten minutes before my phone vibrated in my pocket (back pocket; wouldn’t feel as weird). I groaned as I pulled it out and checked the caller. Lindsey. I smiled as I accepted it. “Hello.”

    “Gerard?” I frowned at the male voice on the other line. ‘What the…?’ “Gerard, is that you? It’s Steve.”

    I tensed at the freaked out, distressed sound of his voice. “Steve, what is it? You sound upset.”

    “It’s Lindsey. She’s in the hospital. Her lung collapsed…again. Re-collapsed? Whatever, she’s in the hospital.”

    I was too shocked to say anything. What should I say? ‘Is she ok?’ Obviously not. She’s in the hospital. ‘Should I come over?’ Why else would he call me? So, I opted for the simple response. “I’ll be there as soon as I can.” I bolted out of bed yelling, “Lindsey is in the hospital! I’m going to see her.” I ran off the bus without even looking at the guys.

    ***At the hospital***​

    “Yeah, hi. I’m looking for Lindsey Ballato. Where can I find her?” I was now gasping for air as I looked pleadingly at the receptionist on the phone paying me no attention. I squinted my eyes at her. “Hello?” Still no response. “HEY! GET OFF THE FUCKING PHONE AND ANSER ME, DAMMIT!” I knew my face was red and you could probably fry an egg on my head, but I did not care because this bitch STILL did not get off the phone! Instead she giggled, turned away from me more and started talking seductively to the person on the other end. I growled at her, grabbed the phone out of her hand, ripped it out of the wall, and chucked it across the room, barely missing everyone in its path.

    “Hey, what’s your problem?” The kind of tubby woman asked me in an annoyed voice.

    “You are, you dizzy bitch! Stop having phone sex with your boyfriend long enough to answer my damn question! What room is Lindsey Ballato in?!”

    She frowned at me and started typing on her computer. “There is no Lindsey Ballato registered here.”

    I blinked at her, confused. “You mean she already checked out?”

    “No, I mean she has never checked in to this hospital, ever. There is no record of her.” She then turned around, grabbed another phone and began dialing.

    I left her to it, completely confused. I grabbed my phone and called up Steve.


    “Hey, Steve, what the fuck? Where is Lindsey?”

    “Are you at the hospital?”

    I narrowed my eyes. “No…I’m at IHop. ‘Cause that’s where I would go if her lung collapsed.”

    “Well, she’s not at IHop, she’s at the hosp…”

    “I KNOW! It’s called sarcasm, google it! I’m at the hospital and she’s not registered!”

    I heard Steve chuckle. “Oh, well she’s upstairs, Room 215.”

    I sighed. “Hang on.” I hung up and went to the elevator.

    ‘Breathe in. Breathe out. Lindsey is worth the frustration. Breathe in. Breathe out.’

    Thankfully, my inner monologue calmed me down a little. I exited the elevator and automatically saw Steve. I walked up to him as he laughed at one of Jimmy’s jokes. “Hey. So, where is she? Is she ok?”
    Jimmy doubled over in uncontrollable laughter as Steve chuckled mischievously. I looked at both of them confused. “Hello! This is no time for jokes! Lindsey is sick! How is she?”

    Steve continued to chuckle as he talked. “Dude, she’s fine. Her lung never collapsed. I just wanted to see how long it would take for you to come running. Man, you are totally gaga for her. You took like no time at all to get here.”

    I stared at them blankly. “Wuh…?”

    Jimmy, still laughing, nodded his head vigorously. Haha! Dude, I didn’t think he would make it here this fast! Five minutes is a record!”

    They both laughed as I looked at them in shock. “S-She’s not…hurt?”

    Steve snorted. “No, dude! She’s asleep on our bus. I just decided to trick you…OW!” He flew back as I punched the shit out of his jaw.

    “That’s not fucking funny, you stupid fucker!” I stormed off, still fuming and shaking in anger.


    So there is that little bit. Like I said earlier, let me know what you think so I know whether to continue or not. I know I suck at updating quickly, but I would very much like to continue with this story. Just let me know!!!! Xo
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    Love it! Steve and Jimmy are such arseholes!

    Hope he gets them back....
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