Sing for me, Pretty. [Dark Frerard]

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    This was amazing, I mean you wrote this on your cell, I swear you have to be extremely good to do that, Can't wait for the next update
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    I always comment eventually! Today was my day to catch up on my commenting.

    So, I'm esctatic once again. I figured that Frank would eventually only pretend to take the pills. And I was right!

    I think that Frank will most likely make it out without Gerard knowing. He'll find help and Gerard will wake up to find Frank gone. Then, Gerard will become depressed and end up killing himself. Frank will of course tell the police what happened and they will find a dead Gerard in the basement.

    My other prediction, which I also think is pretty likely, is that Gerard wakes to find Frank trying to escape and in a furious rage ends up killing him. And then he might just kill himself. We all know that Gerard loses his temper easily, and when he does, it won't end well. Just look at the above chapter. Then, he'll be really remorseful and depressed and take a few too many pills and end up killing himself.

    So, either way I think Gerard will die. I think Gerard dying just fits the story the best. Though, you might have some amazing and fascinating ending up your sleeve and my thoughts about Gerard dying might change...

    Truthfully, I physically cringed when Gerard raped Frank. It wasn't even the worst thing I've read (counting all fanfics), but it was brutal for me to read and imagine in some places.

    You did an awesome job typing this on your phone. I don't know how you did it and keep it really good. I didn't come across any mistakes that just screamed at me! I cannot believe that you typed about 5,000 words on a phone without many mistakes.

    Loved the chapter as always. Can't wait to read the last chapters, so excited and sad at the same time!
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    Hi there :) I just read this whole story and I just wanted to say that you are a really amazing writer. This story is so dark and it has so many twists to it that I actually can't guess what's going to happen next, but I really hope that Frank manages to get away.
    I also really like how dark this story is, I haven't read anything like it before and the way you make the feelings of both Frank and Gerard so clear is really amazing. I feel so sorry for Frank and as much as I dislike him in this fic I do have sympathy for Gerard as well because he seems to really love Frank but that insanity is making him act so violently when he actually seems to he sort of sweet. The way he wants Frank to have what he wants like the guitar and the pb and j shows that he isn't actually a bad person deep down.
    Well done for writing that last chapter on a cell phone, it was so along and well written :)
    So yeah this story is really amazing an I can't wait to see how the last chapters unfold :D
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    Just letting everyone who reads this know that I am working on the next chapter... FINALLY! I'm not quite half done with writing. Then I'll have to do edit and revisions. But I'm aiming to have it posted in the next week, two at the latest!
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    I'm not waiting until in the morning! I want to post this now! I'm so excited to be finally be finishing this! So this is the shortest chapter yet, but I think it's the most powerful one. Here goes...

    Day 8

    Frank lies in the bed thinking of anything he can besides the body wrapped around his own. In his head, he starts counting random sounds, how long the wind blows outside, the number of thoughts in his own mind. Frank suddenly realizes he has been locked in this basement for a week now. One week ago at this very time, he was in his own bed barely sleeping because of the excitement of that night’s show. Who would have known what fate had in store for him in the following week, that very same day? Other than the person whose body is now half laying on top of him…

    The thought of Gerard prompts Frank into action. He waits for his vision to adjust to the dark bedroom before he checks to make sure Gerard is soundly sleeping, and then slowly and carefully he moves Gerard’s arm from around his waist. Gerard stirs only slightly, but Frank holds his breath, waiting for Gerard to settle back down. When he hears Gerard’s soft snores again, Frank uses the same meticulous movements to slide himself out of the bed. Gerard rolls slightly towards Frank’s side of the bed and appears to be trying to find Frank’s body. Frank delicately pushes his pillow down to where his body should be. Gerard wraps his arm around it and snuggles into it. Frank looks around the room. Very little light is coming in through the small window, and the room looks rather foreign draped in shadows.

    Frank pads as noiselessly as possible to the end of the bed where Gerard left his jeans. The key is just inside Gerard’s right pocket where he found it before. Frank continues moving on around the bed. He crouches down and looks under the bed for the lockbox he had seen earlier. But all he sees is blackness staring back at him. Frank draws a deep breath and lets it back out silently; he’s going to have to find the box by touch. He gradually reaches his hand into the dark void under Gerard’s bed. He finds no metal box; he finds nothing at all.

    Frank puts his forehead on the floor for a moment. He knows what he needs is under this bed somewhere, but where? Frank slides a bit more under the bed as he pushes his arm further into the blackness. His fingertips find the wall, and he allows them to brush across it. Frank feels a crack in the smooth surface. His fingers trace along it until Frank realizes it’s a rectangular cutout section. He pries the section of drywall out with his fingernails and quickly reaches into the opening. His knuckles thud against cold metal. In the silence of the room, the sound seems to reverberate off every surface, and Frank freezes. He listens for any clue that Gerard heard something. All he hears is the muffled sound of Gerard’s breathing.

    Frank stretches both hands around the box and crawls his way completely out from under the bed. His heart beats wildly in his chest as he clutches the cold metal and watches Gerard. Gerard’s only movement remains that of his chest rising and falling. Frank doesn’t even know for certain that the contents of this box can free him, but he does know this box holds his last shred of hope. He closes his eyes and whispers a prayer to all the gods that have yet to answer any of his prayers thus far. Then he carefully slides the silver key into the lock on the front. With bated breath, Frank turns the key. The box pops open.

    He tries to contain himself as he gathers the money and the ring with three keys on it and stands from the floor. Frank quickly crosses the bedroom to the door he knows leads out of this basement. He stretches up on the tips of his toes and tries the first key. It won’t fit in the lock. Frank switches keys and tries the second one. The lock clicks open. Frank stands for a second staring in shock at the lock… the open lock. He finally forces his hand to take the lock off the door. The door squeaks slightly as Frank pulls it open. He doesn’t wait to see if it wakes Gerard; he dashes into the dark stairwell and runs up the steps toward the moonlight illuminating the top of the stairs.

    As Frank reaches the top, he can make out the silhouette of a kitchen. Frank wants to bask in the cool glow of the moon streaming in through the two windows, more natural light than he has seen in the past week, but Frank knows he needs to move quickly. He checks the back door in the kitchen. It’s locked. Frank tries the three keys on the ring, but none of them open the door. Frank jogs for the next room.

    He finds himself in a living room. Frank takes in as many details as he can while really looking for a door. The living room looks like a shrine of some sort. All the pictures are of a happy looking family, a set of parents and two young boys. The furniture is all covered in plastic, and a layer of dust is settled thick enough to indicate this room hasn’t be used in years. Except for one small corner with an empty guitar stand in it. It looks to be recently disturbed. Most of the things in that corner have “This belongs to Mikey! Do NOT touch, Getard!” scribbled on them in a child’s hand writing. Frank realizes the acoustic guitar Gerard had given him must have belonged to this Mikey, but Frank doesn’t stop to contemplate the significance.

    The front door of the house has a small pane of glass in it, and Frank can see as he quickly approaches it a street intersection just past the small yard. Frank tries the keys in the deadbolt, knowing the door is going to be locked. Yet again he has no luck. Frank jerks on the doorknob in an angry fit. His freedom is literally only inches away, but he can’t cross them. Frank sighs heavily and lets his chin fall to his chest, trying to think. He suddenly has an idea: windows. He can crawl out a window.

    Frank runs to the living room windows. He pulls as hard as his battered body will allow, but they don’t budge. Frank checks the window locks; they are unlocked. He carefully looks around the edge of the window sill. About every six inches is a screw locking the window in place.

    “Fuck!” Frank curses. He makes his way deeper into the house in search of other doors and windows.

    The sound of footsteps and movement causes Gerard to jerk awake. He throws his feet over the side of the bed to protect Frank from being taken from him, but his foot lands on the edge of the metal lockbox. Gerard throws his gaze to Frank’s side of the bed. Frank is gone. In the edge of his vision, Gerard spots the opened bedroom door. He calmly ascends the stairs to his kitchen. Not spotting Frank in there, Gerard heads for the living room. Gerard immediately notices things knocked over under the windows.

    Gerard gingerly rights the turned over pictures of his family he lost so long ago. He reaches down to the floor and scoops up his younger brother’s guitar books and magazines sprawled across the floor. A tight grin pulls at Gerard’s lips at Mikey’s handwritten insult, “Getard.” He lovingly places the stack on the table they have been lying on untouched for years. He allows his fingertips to brush over Mikey’s words.

    A stifled curse comes from one of the bedrooms. Gerard starts down the hall, peeking into his dead parents’ bedroom. Other than the curtains being disheveled, nothing seems out of place. And no Frank. Gerard pulls the door to and continues down the hall. Frank is in Mikey’s room. Gerard stands in the shadows of the hall and watches Frank move around the bedroom.

    Frank was confused when he had entered this room. It’s obviously a small child’s bedroom, with toys, coloring books, and crayons scattered in the floor as if the boy who lived here is just out for a moment. The walls are adorned with colorful drawings of what appear to be comic book characters. But this room is just as layered with dust as the living room. No small boy has lived in this room for a long time. Frank reaches for the handles on the window. He pulls at it, but it doesn’t budge, just like all the other windows. Frank runs his fingertips around the edge and finds the same screws he has found in all the windows. He lets out a deep breath he has been holding. Frank picks up a teddy bear off the floor, brushing the dust off its fur.

    “I bet you belonged to whoever Mikey was, didn’t you?” he asks the bear. Frank cuddles the bear to his chest. “What happened to your owner, huh?” He looks around the room. “And why does Gerard live in a moment frozen in time?” Frank strokes the teddy once again and lets out a dry laugh. “If you could actually answer my questions, I’d ask you how to get out of here.”

    Gerard growls in the back of his throat. Frank maybe the most important and special person alive to Gerard, but Frank doesn’t have permission to be in Mikey’s room, touching Mikey’s things! Gerard glowers at Frank from under his eyebrows, his breathing heavy. He watches Frank place the stuffed bear on the bed and take one last look at the window. As Frank is exiting the bedroom, Gerard takes a single, small step forward. Frank nearly walks into Gerard before he sees him standing there and quickly jumps backwards in fear.

    “What are you doing in here?” Gerard questions furiously. Frank doesn’t answer, unable to formulate a response that he believes Gerard would find acceptable. “No one is allowed in his room,” Gerard snarls.

    “Gerard, I…” Frank starts but fear overtakes him at the aggressive posture Gerard assumes.

    “You what, Pretty? You were trying to escape? Trying to leave me?” Gerard shouts.

    Frank yells back, “You can’t keep me h—” but he’s cut off as Gerard forcefully shoves him backwards. Frank stumbles and falls backwards, his head hitting the corner of a dresser in Mikey’s room. He lands on the floor and lies still for a moment, his vision dark. As Frank comes back to, he reaches back and rubs his hand over the spot that hit the furniture. He looks down at his hand, and Frank can see a dark, glistening substance on his fingers… blood. He scrambles to his feet, but his legs are unsteady. Gerard just stands looking at him, his rage seething in his gut.

    “You can’t keep me here,” Frank growls. Gerard leans forward just slightly.

    “The first thing I ever told you was that there’s no way out, Pretty. The only way out is if I let you out, Frankie.” Frank knows Gerard’s tone of voice; it’s the same tone he used right before every time he beat Frank, the same tone Gerard had when he raped Frank last night. Frank swallows hard when he realizes he is now fighting for his life.

    Gerard takes another step forward and reaches for Frank, but Frank weaves past Gerard and out of the room. He runs as best he can with the vertigo knocking his balance off but staggers into a wall. He looks over his shoulder. Gerard is leisurely following him, not a hint of urgency in his step. Frank gets back to his feet by bracing himself against the wall. He steadies himself and then dashes for the kitchen; he knows exactly what he’s heading for.

    Frank stumbles across the kitchen, reaching his hand out for the wood block on the counter. He pulls a large chef’s knife from it and supports himself with the counter. He listens for Gerard’s footsteps but doesn’t hear them.

    “What do you think you’re doing, Pretty?” Gerard’s malicious voice asks. Frank spins around too quickly; his step falters, and he pitches forward. As he lands on the floor, Frank feels a pain explode in his abdomen. He writhes his body until he manages to get rolled over onto his back. Gerard is standing over him, his gaze jumping from Frank’s eyes to lower on Frank’s body. Gerard’s eyes finally stay on Frank’s, and Frank watches Gerard’s angry expression soften. Frank’s vision begins to dim again, so he lets his eyes slip shut.

    (continued in the next post) ...
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    ... (continued from above)

    The knife is buried about three quarters of the way in Frank’s belly, and Gerard is diligent to not move it. He cautiously lifts Frank off the floor and carries him back down the stairs, back down into the basement, and lays Frank on the bed.

    Gerard clicks the light on in the bedroom and then heads to the bathroom to gather the first aid kit and some supplies to clean Frank up when he’s done. When he gets back to the bed, he rouses Frank. Frank slowly opens his eyes but never looks directly at Gerard.

    “I have to get this knife out of your stomach, Pretty,” Gerard informs him softly. Frank’s eyes grow wide. He lifts his head and looks down his body as his hand reaches for the wound. Gerard gently catches his hand. “Don’t, Pretty. I’ll fix it.” Frank looks up at Gerard with the same animalistic fear in his eyes he had a few mornings before. “Do you want some morphine, Pretty?”

    Frank nods his head frantically. “A lot,” he grunts. Gerard lets go of Frank’s hand and brushes the backs of his fingers over Frank’s cheek. Gerard places a soft kiss on Frank’s forehead.

    “Okay, Pretty,” he replies before heading back into the bathroom. Gerard pulls three suppositories out the bottle and looks at them in his hand. He’s not keen on giving Frank that much, but Frank had asked for a lot. He also grabs two sedatives and a bottle of water; obviously Frank didn’t take them the previous evening. Gerard sighs and walks back out to Frank.

    “Here, Pretty, take these,” Gerard instructs. “They’ll help you sleep while I patch you up.” Frank doesn’t want to take them but knows he needs help, help Gerard isn’t going to seek outside of this house, so he allows Gerard to feed him the white pills.

    With the knife still in Frank’s gut, Gerard can’t roll him to give Frank the three doses of morphine. Gradually Gerard eases Frank’s sweat pants off, trying to move him as little as possible. Once Gerard has them off, he slides Frank’s feet towards Frank’s body, bending his knees outward, and administers the three suppositories. Gerard helps Frank straighten his legs back out and covers him up. Then he nestles up to Frank’s side and pets his head.

    “I love you, Pretty. I’m going to fix you, I promise. When you wake up, you’re going to be all better,” Gerard murmurs. Frank tries not notice that Gerard sounds like he’s trying to convince himself more than Frank. Frank turns his head and meets Gerard’s gaze once more. “I love you, Pretty, so much,” Gerard utters and then presses a kiss to Frank’s lips. Frank closes his eyes and searches for the euphoria he knows the drugs will bring.

    Gerard refuses to acknowledge the thoughts trying to enter his mind; he doesn’t want to believe his dreams the other night might come true. Instead, he just watches Frank breath while he continues petting him. Eventually Frank’s pain laced whimpers quieten until Frank is only drawing silent, shallow breaths.

    Gerard climbs up from Frank’s side. He cuts the blood soaked shirt off Frank’s torso and examines where the knife is embedded in Frank. Gerard takes a shuddery breath; he can’t do this. He goes into the bathroom to the closet and pulls out the bottle containing the blue pills. He stands looking at them, debating taking them, and swallows hard. He knows he has no chance of saving Frank without something to calm his nerves, so Gerard takes just one, just enough to take the edge off.

    Gerard walks back out to where Frank lies. He just watches Frank for a few minutes, waiting for the pill to kick in. Frank has an array of colors on his face and neck from bruises in various stages of the healing process. He also has some newer and older cuts. Gerard knows he can’t afford to wait any longer, so he stands from the bed.

    He gets a small towel and a threaded needle prepared and places them where he can get to them quickly. Slowly he wraps his hand around the handle of his chef’s knife. Gerard takes a deep breath to prepare himself, and then he steadily pulls the blade out of Frank’s abdomen. Blood runs out of the gash, pooling on Frank’s skin and running down Frank’s side soaking the sheets. Gerard presses his hands over the laceration, but Frank’s blood seeps between his fingers. Gerard presses harder and holds them there for a few minutes.

    “Please, Pretty, help me just a little,” Gerard begs before he checks the bleeding. The wound is still seeping, but it’s manageable. Gerard picks up the needle threaded with fishing line. His hands tremble slightly, but he knows he has to do this if Frank is going to have any chance. Carefully he pushes the needle through the edge of Frank’s skin near the end of the laceration. Working as vigilantly as he can, Gerard places a stitch about every eighth inch, tying each one off before moving to the next one.

    By the time Gerard puts the last stitch in, the towel is covered in Frank’s blood. Gerard picks up another towel and starts to check the back of Frank’s head. As soon as Gerard rolls Frank’s head to the side, he finds more blood pooled under it. Gerard inspects the back of Frank’s head. There is a split in Frank’s scalp about an inch long, but what bothers Gerard is the faint depression in Frank’s skull.

    Before he can sew up the injury, Gerard has to scrub the back of Frank’s head where Frank’s hair is adhered to his head with coagulated blood. Once again, he delicately ties off small stitches to close the wound. Gerard sits down on the side of the bed and takes a deep breath when he’s finished. Now all he can do is wait to see how long it’s going to take for Frank to recover.

    Gerard starts to run his hand through his hair when he realizes both of his hands are thickly coated in Frank’s blood. Instead he props up on his elbows and holds his hands out in front of him, mindlessly staring at them.

    “You’re going to be fine, Pretty,” Gerard begins mumbling absently as he continues looking at the drying blood on his hands. “I fixed you. I sewed you up, Pretty. Fine, you’re going to be just fine. Frankie, everything’s going to be alright.” Gerard swallows back the tears he’s fighting. He turns to look at Frank. “Right, Pretty?” Frank remains motionless except for the small rise and fall of his chest, the center of a bloody mess. “I need to clean you up, Pretty,” Gerard murmurs weakly.

    He collects the stack of washcloths and the bucket of now lukewarm water. He tries to scrub what he can of the caked on blood off, frequently having to change washcloths because there’s just so much. The stab wound on Frank’s abdomen is still oozing and the sheets and mattress under Frank are soaked making it difficult for Gerard to do a very good job, but Gerard is driven by what seems like a compulsion to clean Frank enough. Eventually he stops when he realizes he’s gotten as much up as he’s going to be able to get up right now.

    Gerard begins rambling to Frank again as he dresses Frank’s injuries. “I’m trying to save you, Pretty. Doesn’t that count for something? When you wake up, will you appreciate that, Frankie? You’ll love me a little bit; people love those that save their life. I’m saving you, Pretty.” Gerard applies the last piece of tape of the gauze on Frank’s abdomen. Since Frank’s pillow is wet, Gerard folds up a clean towel and gently places it under Frank’s head.

    Gerard has finally done all he can, so he curls up beside Frank’s body, snuggling as close as he can. He laces their fingers together. Gerard notices the bedroom door still standing open and makes a impulsive decision.

    “Tomorrow is a new day, Pretty. When you wake up, everything is going to be different. Frankie, I’m not locking the door anymore. No more keeping you in the basement, Pretty. Just wake up for me, Pretty, and I’ll start all over.” Gerard leans his body over Frank and kisses Frank’s lips. Tears begin streaming down his cheeks. “I won’t live in the memory of what I had anymore, Pretty. I’ll make new memories with you. You can have the whole house, make it over however you want, Frankie.” Gerard breathes a shaky breath. “Please, Pretty, just wake up for me. Please,” Gerard pleads.

    He nuzzles his head into Frank’s shoulder, tears still falling from his eyes. He tries to find Frank’s scent, but all he can smell is the overwhelming stench of liquid iron, of Frank’s blood. Gerard checks on Frank once more to make sure he’s still breathing before clicking out the light. The last of the day’s sunlight illuminates the room in an orange hue.

    “Good night, Pretty. I’ll see you in the morning,” Gerard murmurs into Frank’s chest. Frank remains motionless and silent, only drawing slow, shallow breaths.


    Do I need to run and hide? I'm dying to know what you all think, so please let me know!!

    Loves! Miz
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    I really liked Buy A Husband, so I wanted to read another of your fics, and now I'm here :')

    I don't read a lot of slash, and when I read it, I usually only like the really romantic ones. But when I started reading this, I kinda liked it aswell.

    And then this chapter came! Damn! I should've filmed my face while I was reading this
    I really hoped Frank would escape, and I could really feel my heart beat faster when all the doors and windows were locked, not to mention when Gerard woke up!

    And then the part with the knife! After reading the last paragraph of the first part I think I just kept staring at the words for about a minute with my mouth open

    I really can't wait for the next chapter, I want to know what's going to happen to Frankie now!
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    Well damn. I'm just about speechless with that chapter.

    I literally held my breath through the first part of the chapter when Frank was trying to escape. I let it out with a big "fuck" when Gerard woke up. Yeah, I'm just describing my actions; I don't know how else to say what I'm trying to say.

    I can say this: I love that you added the stuff about Mikey. It shows a little more into Gerard's family, and you know me always loving those backstories. The whole scene about the house added an eerie feeling to the chapter, but Mikey's room was icing on the creepy cake.

    Honestly, in Frank's situation, I would have been really tempted to aim that knife a little higher. If there was no chance I could get out (and with Frank's woozy state, there wasn't much chance), I would have just ended it.

    I think you forgot a word here. There. That's my criticism on this chapter, cause I know you love to improve.

    I cannot wait to see how this ends. How many more chapters are left? I'm thinking you probably have one or two, but that's just my thinking on the state the story is in right now.
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    Okay, so this is completely different, never seen a fan fic like this before, but I absolutely love it!! that's all I can say :L

    It's creepy, you've had my heart pacing. I've stayed up all night reading this, I really hope Frank ends up getting out and surviving.

    Psycho Gerard is weird :L but a good weird, if that makes sense. I'd love to see more fics like this..

    Your such a good writer and I can't wait for the next chapter :)
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    @Britt - Thank you for checking out some of my other stories! You'll have to tell me what you how you react to this chapter.

    @Jessica - I'm honestly hoping to leave you speechless after this chapter! And same as with Britt, you'll have to tell me your reactions to this chapter as well. You're comment about Frank aiming the knife a little higher made me laugh.

    @Athena - Thank you so much! After I recover from this (and think of something new), I'll probably write another story like this again.

    I'll say what I need to afterwards, but this I will say now...

    This chapter is dedicated to Ash!

    Day 9

    Gerard is pulled from a restless slumber by Frank shaking him. He smiles widely as he clicks the light on, relieved and excited that Frank is awake. He turns towards Frank in the bed, and his heart sinks.

    “Pretty?” he calls in concern. Frank’s eyes are partially open, but he’s not awake. His entire body is stiff and jerking. Drool is running down and dripping off his cheek from where his head is turn sideways slightly. “Frank!” Gerard breathes out roughly, reaching his hand out to grip Frank’s arm. He has a difficult time holding onto Frank. Gerard leaps out of the bed and rushes around the bed to Frank’s side. He looks towards the open bedroom door, the thought to call for help pushing its way into his mind. But Gerard can’t leave Frank alone like this. And even more, if help comes, he’ll never see Frank again.

    Gerard draws a deep breath and turns back to Frank. Gradually Frank’s body is loosening up, but it’s not happening fast enough for Gerard. He can feel his need to do something palpable in his gut, but he’s unable to think of a single idea. Without even thinking about it, Gerard pets Frank’s head.

    “It’s almost over, Pretty,” he murmurs mindlessly. “You’re going to be fine, Frankie. Just hang on, and it’ll be over soon. I love you so much, Pretty. It’s almost over.” A tear slides down Gerard’s face as he fights allowing what he knows to surface in his thoughts. He wipes it away with the back of his hand and continues trying to comfort Frank even though Frank is still unconscious. Eventually, Frank’s body goes limp and sinks back down into the mattress. Gerard wipes the saliva from Frank’s face and then presses a kiss to Frank’s lips.

    Gerard checks the dressings on Frank’s wounds while he’s up. The stab wound seems to have stopped bleeding for the most part, but the gash on the back of Frank’s head is still bleeding a little. Gerard grabs some supplies from the medical kit he left on the floor next to the bed. Carefully he changes out the soiled gauze for a clean one. As Gerard rolls Frank’s head back to where it was, he notices a small amount of clear liquid running out of Frank’s right ear. He wipes it away with little concern, assuming it to be drool he missed.

    Gerard climbs back into the bed with Frank, snuggling close to him. He doesn’t bother turning out the light; he wants to look at Frank anyway. Gerard laces his fingers with Frank’s limp ones, and his thoughts start pouring out of his mind.

    “Pretty, you have to wake up,” Gerard states softly, a desperate undertone in his voice. “You have to finish that song for me, Pretty. Remember it? The one you started writing when I was drawing?” Gerard pauses as if he’s waiting for Frank to actually answer him. “I know you remember it. I still have what you wrote down for it. I put it on my desk after…” Gerard’s voice trails off as he remembers the events of that day. “I’m sorry I hit you, Pretty. I’m sorry for every time I have ever laid a hand on you in anger. Please, Pretty. Please! Just wake up, Pretty. I won’t hit you again. Ever. Just wake up. Pretty, just wake up for me,” Gerard begs as he is no longer able to fight back the tears.

    He squeezes Frank’s hand tightly and raises it to his face, pressing sloppy kisses to the back of it over and over, and then he tucks Frank’s hand close to his cheek and just watches Frank breathe the same slow, shallow breaths he’s been drawing since yesterday. Gerard slips off to sleep with wet tears still on his face.

    The sun is pouring into the room through the small window when Gerard wakes again. The first thing he notices is the eerie silence in the room, like the whole room is mourning. He can tell by the cool touch of Frank’s skin that Frank is dead. He slowly slides his eyes open and looks at Frank. Frank looks perfectly peaceful in his absolute stillness. Gerard swears there is even a hint of smile on Frank’s lips, and he kisses them despite their chill. “I love you, Pretty,” he murmurs.

    Gerard lies back down beside Frank, wanting just a few more minutes before he does what he knows he has to do. Gerard swallows hard; his dreams were a warning, and he still killed Frank despite them. Once again Gerard starts to cry silently, just looking at Frank.

    “It’s okay, Pretty. It’s okay you didn’t wake up,” he whispers. Gerard takes a deep breath and wipes his tears. “Let’s get you cleaned up, Pretty. You wouldn’t want them to find you here like this, would you?” Gerard forces a sad smile. “Yeah, I know you wouldn’t.”

    Gerard gets up from the bed and goes into the bathroom to start a cool bath running. Then he pads back out to Frank’s side. He carefully picks Frank’s lifeless body up and carries him into the bathroom. He lays Frank’s body down on the floor long enough to undress him and then gently puts Frank into the water. Gerard starts by shaving Frank’s jaw and then meticulously washes Frank’s hair and body. He dries Frank off with the same care and begins carrying him back into the bedroom.

    “Doesn’t that feel better, Pretty?” Gerard lays Frank down on the bed. “I know you feel better. You like to be clean.” Gerard kisses Frank’s forehead and pets his head a couple of times. “I love you, Frankie.” Gerard walks around to the dresser and retrieves a set of Frank’s clothes he had bought for him. Frank’s body has begun to stiffen, causing Gerard to have a hard time dressing him, but Gerard manages to get Frank fully dressed. He makes sure his clothes are neat, and then he combs Frank’s hair. “You look just beautiful, Pretty,” he mutters.

    Gerard steps over to his closet and pulls out some clothes for himself: black pants, a black button up shirt, and a red silk tie; it’s the same thing he was wearing when he first met Frank. He quickly changes his clothes and then makes his way into the bathroom. He puts on his makeup as best he can and then looks at his reflection in the mirror. He knows there are only two things left to do now.

    Gerard walks over the bathroom closet and gets out the bottle of sedatives he’s been giving Frank. He pours them into his hand. He has twenty six left, but Gerard knows that is more than enough. He takes all of the white pills. Once again he goes back out into the bedroom, and he walks over to his desk. Very carefully, he writes, “I killed the god known as Frank Iero. Gerard Way” on a piece of his art paper. Gerard tapes it to the door as he heads out of the bedroom.

    Gerard climbs the steps up to the main level of his house for one last time. He goes to the phone in the kitchen and picks up the receiver. Gerard dials 9-1-1 and waits for the operator to answer.

    “Essex county 9-1-1. What’s the location of your emergency?” comes a female voice through the phone.

    “I know the location of the missing Frank Iero. He’s at 137 Newark Avenue in Belleville, in the basement,” Gerard states dejectedly. He hears to woman trying to ask him something else, but Gerard hangs up the phone. He knows he has limited time left; he is already beginning to feels the sedatives’ effects. He makes his way into Mikey’s room and gets the stuffed bear Frank had placed on Mikey’s bed yesterday.

    “I’m sorry, Mikes,” he breathes to the room before he leaves it. Gerard has to hold onto the wall as he descends the stairs to the basement. He staggers across the room and snuggles as best he can up to Frank’s body.

    “I’m here now, Pretty,” he says softly. He tucks the bear into Frank’s other arm. “I got Mikey’s bear for you, Pretty. I don’t mind you having it anymore. Mikey would have shared it with you anyway, Frankie.” Gerard takes a deep breath. “It’s not long now, Pretty.” Gerard stretches up and kisses Frank’s cold cheek. “I love you so much, Frankie. I’m sorry I did this to you. You deserved so much more.” Gerard pauses, and a tear slides down his cheek. “Can I sing for you, Pretty? I want to.” Gerard rests his head on the pillow and closes his eyes.

    So long to all of my friends,
    Everyone of them met tragic ends,
    With every passing day,
    I’d be lying if I didn’t say,
    That I miss them all tonight

    And if they only knew,
    What I would say,
    If I could be with you tonight
    I would sing you to sleep,
    Never let them take the light behind your eyes
    One day, I’ll lose this fight
    As we fade in the dark,
    Just remember you will always burn as bright.

    Gerard laces his hand with Frank’s that has grown somewhat stiff. He grips it firmly and continues singing softly.

    Be strong, and hold my hand.
    Time becomes for us, you’ll understand.
    We’ll say goodbye today,
    And we’re sorry how it ends this way
    If you promise not to cry,
    Then I'll tell you just what I would say.

    If I could be with you tonight,
    I would sing you to sleep,
    Never let them take the light behind your eyes.
    I’ve failed and lost this fight,
    As we fade in the dark,
    Just remember you will alwa…

    Gerard’s voice fades away as he slips into sleep. Only a few minutes later, he draws his last breath, joining his god in the ever after.


    I owe Ash a huge hug and many thank you's for the help and support she gave me with this chapter! This chapter is dedicated to her because without her, I don't know that I would have gotten it completed. Thank you, Ash!

    I honestly cried writing this chapter. I have grown to love both of these characters so much, and I believe in some small way I needed to grieve for them. It was very difficult to finally put words to what I've known was going to happen all along.

    And yes, I know I changed the last three lines of "The Light Behind Your Eyes;" it was intentional. And this chapter is only about half the length of the other chapters; this too was intentional, as they didn't live to see the entire day.

    Hang around just a little longer for me. In the next couple of days, I'll post the epilogue to this story, and you will find out a little bit more.

    Thank you all so much!! Hugs and loves!
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    I loved the ending though, it was written perfectly, and the song fit well :)

    Great job.

    Oh by the way for future reference you can call me Hayley :)
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    I really loved the ending though! I can't wait for the epilogue

    Like Hayley, I thought the song fit really well with the end of the chapter
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    ^I'm sorry! *hugs* But I wanted it to be a surprise, and if I would have given warning, it would have given it away. Will you still love me?
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    I just knew Frank would die in this story. And I was pretty sure that Gerard would kill himself because Frank would die. That's just how I pictured it.

    I can't believe only the epilogue is left though! Another bittersweet moment. I'm excited to see how it's wrapped up.
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    @Britt - I'm sorry! *hugs* Thank you!

    @PlanetaryGoGo - Do you still hate me?

    @Jessica - ...and you are as weird as me, being all "giddy." I knew you were going to be happy; you gave away what you thought was going to happen a chapter or two ago.

    @Ash - Thanks. :$: Well, I've gotten so many comments about how wonderful the lyrics worked, and I was going to take that part out until I talked to you. And when I needed someone to offer me a little support, you were there for me. I say that's a lot!


    It wasn’t until a phone call into the city’s tip line was received today that police got their first lead. That lead led police… to find the body of Frank Iero in a basement of a Belleville home, just outside of Newark, NJ. The home was only miles from Iero’s own residence. According to a statement issued by the police department, Iero had been tortured for days before his death. Initial findings have Iero’s death at only hours before police found his body, but as of now, police have been unable to identify the cause of death. An autopsy is scheduled for tomorrow morning.

    The man who owned the home, Gerard Way, 31, was also found dead in the basement. At this time, Way is the only suspect. Once a prominent family in the community, the Ways were killed when their car was struck by a semi that had lost control on an icy road nineteen years ago. Gerard Way, the elder son, was the only survivor and spent his remaining childhood years in St. Peter’s Orphanage in Denville, NJ, a facility that services children with emotional problems. The family home was cared for by a named proxy in Mr. and Mrs. Way’s will until Way was of the age of majority, at which time he was awarded the family estate.

    Bandmates of Iero’s from LeATHERMOUTH and former bandmates from Pencey Prep will hold a public memorial service tomorrow evening in Iero’s hometown of Belleville, NJ. Details for a private service and interment are not being released.

    In a statement he made on the family’s behalf, Dewees said that Iero would always be remembered as the kind-hearted, energetic musician that he was. Dewees also asked that the family’s privacy be respected during this time of grieving.


    I have loved writing this story, no matter how stressed it has made me at times. It came out so much better than I ever thought it would, and it is my favorite story of my own.

    Thank you to everyone that has read this story! And a very special shout out to all of you that have left such amazing comments!

    My love to all!
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    Loved the prologue Miz.

    It gives an insightful on what happened to Gerard's family, and what happened after Gerard phoned the police.
    It was a good ending to the whole story.
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    I liked that you explained what happened to the Way family

    Too bad the story is already over, I really really really liked reading it!
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