Serendipity [frerard]

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    Rating: 15 (violence, language, sex)
    Genre: Supernatural/Romance
    Main Characters: Gerard, Frank, Tim Hagevik
    Disclaimer: I do not know or own any people in this story, and he following events are completely fictional.
    Summary: After meeting Frank Iero, Gerard Way is mixed up in a world of music, murder and magic

    Chapter one: page one
    Chapter Two: Page Two
    Chapter Three: Page Three
    Chapter Four: Page Three
    Chapter Five: Page Four
    Chapter Six: Page Five
    Chapter Seven: Page Six
    Chapter Eight: Page Seven
    Chapter Nine: Page Nine
    Chapter Ten: Page Ten
    Chapter Eleven: Page Ten
    Chapter Twelve: Page Thirteen
    Chapter Thirteen: Page Fourteen
    Chapter Fourteen: Page Fifteen
    Chapter Fifteen: Page sixteen
    Chapter Sixteen: Page Nineteen
    Chapter Seventeen: Page Twenty-Three
    Chapter Eighteen: Page Twenty-Five
    Chapter Nineteen: Page Twenty-Six
    Chapter Twenty: page Twenty-Seven
    Chapter Twenty One: Page Thirty
    Chapter Twenty-Two: Page Thirty-One
    Chapter Twenty-Three: Page Thirty-Two
    Chapter Twenty-Four: Page Thirty-Four
    Chapter Twenty-Five: Page Thirty-Five
    Chapter Twenty-Six: Page Thirty-Six
    Chapter Twenty-Seven: Page Thirty-Eight.
    Chapter Twenty-Eight: Page Fourty
    Chapter Twenty Nine: Page Forty Three
    Chapter Thirty: Page Forty-five
    Chapter Thirty-one: page forty-seven
    Chapter Thirty-two: Page forty nine
    Chapter Thirty-Three: Page Fifty-One
    Chapter Thirty-three part deux: Page fifty-Two (you're gonna have to look really hard)
    Chapter Thirty-four: Page Fifty-Four
    Chapter thirty-five: Page fifty-five
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    whoooot it's chapter one!
    Frank's P.O.V​
    I was always sceptical about love. That is, until I met Jamia.
    Jamia was my life. I met her a long time ago and had been madly in love with her ever since. The problem was that she had a full time job and was barely around. Still, I decided that she was the one for me.

    It was September and my band had been touring for a month. I called Jamia as soon as I returned and she demanded continuously that I had to come and visit her immediately at her work the next day.

    So there I was, standing on the docks of Jersey, holding a bouquet of tulips in my arms, eagerly awaiting the ferry. It finally arrived, but it took its time. I was pushed around a bit in the crowds to get on, which I was used to. I was a small and insignificant speck in the eyes of the world.

    I scanned desperately around for a seat and dived for the nearest one vacant. It was in a little corner, next to a man a few years older than me. I took in his appearance with acute detail.

    He had short jet black hair and his fringe looked as though it had been gelled and pinned into a formation on his forehead, but it already hung limply over his face. His eyes (which were mostly covered) had a trace of old eyeliner on them and looked positively exhausted. His brow was furrowed and he bent over a sketchpad, where he was busily scribbling down a picture of a man in a gorilla suit.

    I relaxed into my seat. We looked a bit similar so I didn’t have to worry much. I fiddled with the bunch of flowers and looked at the guy’s picture.

    As I said, it was a picture of a gorrila/man but it was… WOW! He really had a knack for drawing, not that I’d know though.

    I opened my mouth to introduce myself when there was a shout.


    My ears rang as people started to scream in horror. I followed their eyes and gasped.
    There were two towers on fire. Twin sized towers. The world trade centre to be precise.

    Jamia’s work.
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    Hey Alex,
    Thought i'd 'av a look at some of the threads you started and yeah.
    Fist comment.
    Fuck yes.
    *claims number one fan spot*
    This is really good so far, well written.
    I like it.
    Update soon (Y)
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    eeeeeeeeeeee comment thanks zoe

    i never thought that comments would be so AWESOME to get!
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    Right - just a quick warning and bout of information.

    A chapter index is like a contents page. So, first off, your chapter index should look like this:

    Chapter Index-
    Chapter One - Page One
    Chapter Two - ??
    Chapter Three - ??

    When you upload chapters two and three, look at what page they're located on. From there, you then edit the first post and add the page numbers onto the chapter index. With me so far?

    After that - you need a disclaimer to alert your readers that your story is fictional.

    Finally, above the chapter index, you need an overall rating for your story - either, U, PG, 12, 15 or 18.

    And, if you fail to do this, your story will be locked.

    This needs to be applied to all your stories.
  6. Please continue. =]
    I love it.
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    -claims number two fanspot-
    I like it! I love how you described him as a speck in the eye's of the world.
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    Ohh, this is good =]
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    I really like this
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    ohhh i got goosebumps at the end. I really like it.
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    Wow, this is good so far.
    More soon please.
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    Alex, update because I know where your sister, so by extension, you live.
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    ahh noo!
    I had office duty today so i wrote out the draft then
    I'm currently typing it out on word.
    so never fear!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Chapter Two

    I felt like I was going to throw up and swayed violently in my seat as the boat pulled into the harbour. I quickly leapt up as soon as I could and began to run, needing to see it for myself with my own eyes.

    I finally reached the diaster zone and I pushed through the large crowd of people. My hair was plastered onto my hair with sweat from running and I muttered to myself, giving the image of a mad man.

    Jamia’s not dead. She’s not…

    When reached the police barrier I managed a good look at the wreckage. The whole building had been burnt. There were only a few survivors and they were huddled in a little group. Jamia wasn’t among them. I had to face the grim reality that my only love, was gone forever.

    I moaned, which received concerned looks in my direction. I ignored the worried faces and turned away. It was too much for me to bear. I shoved a few people out of the way roughly and stormed off towards the harbour, quietly sobbing.

    “Oh great,” I snarled to myself as I reached the ferry company. It was closed for the rest of the day. I kicked the little sign, which hurt my toes, and started walking somewhere. Anywhere where I could drink my sorrows away sounded good.

    Well, that also proved difficult. It turned out that most bars in New York aren’t open at eleven O’clock in the morning. I was wandering aimlessly down Broadway and a little shop caught my eye. It didn’t exactly look like a bar to me. The sign was purple and the font was all girly and curly. Nevertheless, I stopped to look at it. It read “Serendipity”

    I was pretty sure that that was a film that my mother used to watch. But, as Mum always said, it was a film about Fate. I decided that there was no harm in checking out the place so I took a deep breath and stepped in.
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    oo and thank you everyone for the comments, they make me happy
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    *shudders*..such a bad movie
    But such a good story (Y)
    What's in the shop? I wanna know!
    Maybe its an adult novelty store Gerard works in.
    Nah, probably isn't.
    But pleasee update soon.
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    haha not telling :p
    lily knows, she will use it for evil against you

    mum likes it (notice similarities?)
    i haven't seen it tho
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    calls number 3 fan spot!!

    and cause im your favoritest twin ever can you write an update
    i know where you live
    and where you sleep
    and what time you're gonna get up tomorrow
    and what your alarm is


    all in all

    this is awesome
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    Never heard of it.
    -wants to knowwww-
  20. Nooo...
    Jamia. :'( You killed her. monster...
    Nah! Just kidding! =]
    Amazing update!

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