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    Oh my....
    I feel so bad for Frank and Mikey...
    I have a feeling Mikey might die....I hope not though :'(
    Great chapters! On the edge of my seat for more
  2. Danielle: thank you , thank you . i will try to find the energy to write some more .
    &don't worry , i can't kill mikey yet . the story has just started .

  3. oh god NEW READER
    this is amazing, when i found out frankie let gee get raped i freaked.
    it was the perfect thing for this storie
    i kind of feel bad for mikey and how little gerard loves him but that doesnt change the fact that im on
    Team Phycotic Gerard!!! i really dont like frankie and gerard is in all honesty my favorite character :)
    great story i cant wait for more
  4. Regina: welcome at first ! <3
    everybody hates frankie even tho he's such a sweetheart . : C or actually , not that much , but yeah , he should be the victim over here . : D

    i'm glad you like the story , and i try to update as soon as possible . ( :

    lots of love ,
    ursula xoxo
  5. This is so twisted. I love it.
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    **New Reader*
    I've spent around an hour sitting here catching up on this story an it is SO amazing. If Gerard even touches Mikey *grabs knife* Yeah. I'd go there xD
    Please update soon :3
  7. Thank you for having such a cold nerve and still reading this after all this time.

    Sammie: Yes, it is, thank you very much.

    Arianna: I'm over happy you liked it & I hope you will stay with me and the story later on in the future as well. Mikey is cute and loves his big brother very much but in this kind of a sick relationship getting hurt is never out of sight.


    I'm just a bastard, but at least I admit it​

    “I am not afraid of you, Gerard.” Frank sneered, “Why should I? Like you said yourself, you needed me, you won’t do shit to me!”

    “You should. Your pain keeps me sane, not you.”

    “I hear you have a party upstairs,” he mumbled completely forgetting about what he was talking about before.

    “Yes, we do.” I said and he grinned widely.

    “I bet your brother is fucking someone right now, moaning my name,” he said taking a hit from the cigarette and gazed at me.

    “He knows better.”

    “Why should he? His big brother that he looks up to is a huge fag. I bet you’re sitting in this basement right now because deep down you want me in all the other ways than to torture me.” He fleered at me. I just took another sip from my whiskey.

    “It seems like you are the one thinking about fucking me, instead.”

    “Fuck you! I’m straight as a pole!” He exclaimed protectively.

    “You said you enjoyed making out with my brother. How does that make you straight?”

    “I’m not a dirty fag!” he cried out.

    “Prove it.” I said getting up from the floor and kneeling down in front of him. I took one last sip from the bottle before placing it on the floor far enough from Frank’s reach. I locked our sights and forcefully pulled his lips on mine. He was struggling at first but gave in far too soon for my likening. Had to be the drugs in his system I thought when I was pulled closer and almost on top of him. He didn’t stop kissing me but only got more and more heated within seconds. I pulled off soon after, panting.

    “I told you were a bloody fag!” I said getting angry at letting my guards down. He looked up at me with watery eyes.

    “I don’t know what happened.” He clarified.

    “Stupid c-word,” I snapped slapping him.

    “Please don’t,” he pleaded sniffing, “don’t hurt me anymore.”

    “You said you weren’t afraid of me,” I smirked being more entertained than any party could make me. I had totally forgotten there was something else going on outside this room.

    “I’m so unwanted, unloved and worthless,” he burst into tears, “maybe I deserve being here, you know. You are right, no one would ever miss me.”

    I smiled into what I had made him. Drugged or not, he was broken. He was right - he did deserve this. His whole life had been a lie. He was acting up just to be a little bit better; he dressed up to be just a bit more beautiful; and he hurt people to be just a little more feared than anybody else. I was his saviour. I was the one who finally brought him down from the clouds. It was rough but that was the only way to make him understand. Now that he got hit with the speed train of reality he was mine to manipulate in every way. His walls that he had built were gone and everything left was his raw broken self.

    “Yes, Frank, you are a despicable human being.” I smiled.

    “I hate your smile.” He said getting me off guard.


    “I said I hated your smile.” He repeated himself.

    “Why would you say something like that?” I asked confused.

    “Because it’s damn beautiful, Gerard. For such a sick person you shouldn’t have such a beautiful smile.”

    “I hate people. I only smile when they are hurt.” I confessed taking a huge sip from the whiskey.

    “I hate you, Gerard.” He said stern.

    “I know.” I said without an emotion.

    “I hate the way you talk to me. I hate the way you stare. I hate your big dumb combat boots and the way you read my mind. I hate you so much it makes me sick, but I don’t seem to mind it anymore. I’m numb.” He listed calmly.

    “It’s the drugs.”

    “What drugs?”

    “The ones I drugged you with.” I smirked.

    “Thank you.” He said sincerely.

    “For what?”

    “For taking the pain away.”

    It made me almost mad how relaxed he was – how he wasn’t afraid of me anymore. I seemed to enjoy the conversation we had more than his well-being annoyed me though. I had already promised myself he would pay for everything tomorrow. Tomorrow after I got off from school. I knew I wouldn’t be paying much attention in the classes because I’d have a horrid hangover mixed with ideas of how to torture Frank some more running through my head.

    “I feel weird.” He mumbled.

    “It’s the drugs wearing off.” I replied taking another sip and smiling how he was getting worse.

    “Can’t you give me another dose?”

    “No,” I said coldly, “as much I would like to have you in agony for another hour until you die, I can’t.”


    “What? You don’t understand English anymore?”

    “No. I just want to die. Why won’t you just let me die?” He cried out again.

    “Because I need to have you suffer. Hell isn’t enough for people like you, that’s why people like me need to make your mortal life a living hell.” I said coldly, getting up from the cold floor, careering slightly.

    “I will see you in the deepest pit of hell there is.” He spat at me.

    “Yes, I would be happy to see you sweat blood after you’re dead as well.” I smiled and made my way out of the room.

    “Someone will find me! Fuck you! You will end up in prison and I will get the fuck out of here one day!” He yelled after me. The drugs were almost worn off because he was getting aggressive again. I approached the basement door and got back into the party. As soon as I’d gotten back in the living room Mikey bumped into me.

    “Hey! Where the fuck have you been? We were worried about you!” He questioned.

    “I’m sorry, Mikes! I was getting some fresh air. I’m fine.” Lies. Lies. Lies. I was great at lying.

    “Okay. I’m glad you’re okay. This party is kick-ass!” He exclaimed as a black haired girl made her way next to him.

    “Shall we go?” She asked sweetly.

    “Yeah, sure. I’m taking Sugar upstairs.” He acknowledged with a small smile and I remembered Frank’s words from before. I bet your brother is fucking someone right now, moaning my name!

    “You aren’t going anywhere.” I grumbled. He looked confused.

    “What? Why?”

    “Dear Sugar,” I acknowledged the girl sweetly, “you’re a wh**e, get your filthy hands off my brother.”

    She looked just as confused as Mikey and awkwardly removed her hand from Mikey’s shoulder.

    “I’m sorry, Gerard.” She apologized. I liked how everybody was so afraid of me.

    “For you, Mikey and I are both Mr. Way.”

    “Yes, Mr. Way.”

    “Good girl. Now fuck off.” She bobbed a curtsy and walked away.

    “What was that about, Gerard?” Mikey looked pissed. It made my heart warm up.

    “I liked you a whole lot better when you hated everybody.”

    “Oh I still do. I just love how they love me.” He smiled. He was right. He was a sweet kid, not a freak like his brother.

    “I hate your smile.” I repeated Frank’s words.

    “What?” He asked exactly like I had asked Frank before.

    “Because it’s damn beautiful. For such a sick person you shouldn’t have such a beautiful smile.” He looked bemused with proud and awe crossing his face.

    I didn’t know why I said those words. It could have been the alcohol discombobulating my brain but for some reason my mind was repeating Frank’s words on full speed.

    “Thank you, brother.” He mumbled after a long pause.

    “I’m so unwanted, unloved and worthless.” I babbled out of the blue. He gave me a worried look.

    “Are you okay?”


    “I think you have had enough liquor for tonight. Maybe you should go to bed.”

    “So you could go and fuck some wh**e?” I snapped.

    “What? No! I’m just worried about you.”

    “Fuck you. I’m free, so I do as I fucking please. You don’t have any saying in this! You don’t deserve an explanation. You deserve nothing from me.” I growled. He looked really hurt. I smiled and pushed him aside making my way back to the living room with a clear plan of punching someone in the face.


    A/N: Thank you my dearest for still being here with me on this great journey of Gerard going mad over Frank. I know that I haven't been nice with you by almost not updating at all anymore, but I really want to keep this and both my other story running.

    Let me know if I'm making a progress with my writing or it's the other way around.

    Constructive critisim is always very welcome.

    Lots of love,
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    Why would I ever leave this story? It's so good :D And Frank just made me Aaw like crazy ... I feel so bad for him >.<
  9. MAN that was good i loved every bit of it and at the end when gee goes all weird i loved him even more mua ha haaaa
  10. Arianna: Sometimes readers just disappear (AND WITHOUT YOU IS HOW I DISAPPEAR, AND LIVE MY LIFE ALONE FOREVER NOW! - I just had to.. I'm sorry.) and it's sad. I remember when this story started no one felt sorry for Frank. They all found Gerard the victim. I like how you feel sorry for Frank, because I feel really fucking sorry for him as well! : D

    Regina: Another person in the Gerard fanclub! I wonder if you ya'll still love him so much when he holds you hostage in Bob's basement. Haha! No but really, he's awesome. Dark and weird, but quite awesome. And thanks of course. <3
  11. New reader!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?

    Awesome fiction. I'm already addicted... Keep it up. I've never read a fiction like this before... It's interesting.

    Much love <3
  12. Welcome Abby and thank you!
    I'm writing a new chapter dedicated to you, my dear.
    Hopefully it will be out in a couple of hours.
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    As much as I normally love Gee he took it overboard. Slap Frankie, maybe punch him a few times ... That's okay. But the whole "take him captive and abuse him" thing is just too much. Im sticking with this story I spent like 1-2 hours reading it to catch up xD
  14. Arianna: In this story Gerard's emotions are pretty maxed out. I mean if he's angry, he's really about to lose his mind angry. But on the other hand when he feels better, he's really happy and doesn't care much to get affected by anything bad around him. His third primary emotion is numbness. Unfortunately he's either the first or the last most of the time.
    Also thank you very much for sticking with me. I love you!

    I proudly present you the 19th chapter now.


    Fix me, motherfucker!​

    I woke up to a trashing headache and my alarm ringing violently.

    “Shit!” I mumbled into the pillow and turned over to put it off. Once I turned over I spot a black hair mop on the pillow next to me. The person also woke up to the pounding alarm seconds later, groaning loudly. I mustn’t be the only one with a killer hangover. I made my way out of the bed and into the little bathroom that was connected to the bedroom I was staying in. I washed my face, my teeth and fixed my hair. I had an hour to get ready for school and I’d rather spend it on drinking coffee than fixing the way I looked.

    Once I got ready with the morning rituals I strolled back into the bedroom and froze forthrightly.

    “You?” I spat out in utter disbelief.

    “Gerard? W-what?” The person muttered scanning the room around him, scanning me, scanning the situation. “Why am I here?”

    “I don’t know, Iero. Frankly I don’t care. You’re going back right now. I’m in a hurry.” I said without care. He was too shocked and scared to run and even if he did, where would he go? Mikey was always up early to mess around with his hair and Bob was probably watching the weather channel downstairs.

    “I don’t want to.” He mumbled staring out of the window. It was a beautiful sunny morning outside “I haven’t seen the sun in ages. How long have I been down there?”

    I thought about it for a second before replying. It felt ages but it’s actually been only a couple of days.

    “About a week.”

    I finished putting on clothes for school when I realized – I had been in only my boxers when I woke up. I didn’t care at first because I thought the hair mop next to me belonged to one of the sl*ts. Not that it wasn’t accurate now. I spot Frank’s jeans and shirt on the floor.

    “Get out of the bed and put your clothes on.” I said cold. He looked at me wide eyed while his brain registered what I had said and lowered his gaze from my face to the floor where the clothes were. It seemed he hadn’t noticed he wasn’t wearing them.

    “D-did we?” He pointed his finger repeatedly from himself to me stuttering with words, his eyes wide with terror.

    “I don’t know and I don’t care.” I lied. I did care quite a lot what had happened last night. The last thing I remembered was getting into a fight with Mikey and punching Bob in the face.

    “Stupid, stupid me.” I mumbled under my breath while putting some eyeliner on and observing Frank from the corner of my eye at the same time.

    He flicked his head up when he heard me. “What did you say?” He questioned. He was talking to me like I was his old buddy with who he got hammered last night. It seemed like he had forgotten about my plans on shooting his brains out. It was so disturbing I almost liked it.


    “You don’t remember last night as well, do you?” He smirked pulling his shirt over his head. Nice abs.

    “I do enough. You wanted me to kill you and I’m about to do so if you don’t shut up soon enough.”

    “What? I did?” He looked at me bemused now fully clothed.

    ”You really want to die, don’t you?” I asked grabbing the hem of his shirt and pulling him out of the room with me. He followed me without a word. As we reached kitchen I saw Bob sitting next to the table drinking his morning coffee.

    ”Good morning, Blondie.” I said cheery pushing Frank down to sit next to the table. Bob didn’t look shocked at all. He just continued reading the newspaper. Yeah, I mean, what’s wrong with having your hostage drink morning coffee with the people who abducted him.

    ”How do you like your coffee, Frank?” I asked normally turning to face him.

    ”B-black,” he mumbled even more bewildered.

    I started making coffee for Frank and myself when Bob approached me. “Slept well?” It was only then that I caught a sight of his blue eye.

    ”Oh shit, mate! Did I do that?” I felt kind of human today. It was weird. I wasn’t used to having emotions. I wouldn’t have cared at all any other day.

    ”Well, yes you did, my dear friend. Don’t worry about it though. You were out of yourself yesterday.” He replied casually.

    I finished making the coffee and put the cups on the table, pushing one in front of Frank. He liked it black, just like I did.

    ”I’m still real sorry. It wasn’t nice of me.” I said with compassion and turned to Frank. His jaw had hit the floor already. “You want some breakfast?” I asked nicely.

    ”Y-yes. B-breakfast would be nice.” He muttered staring at his coffee cup as if it was poisoned.

    ”Hey, Gee! Could you get Frank some clean clothes while I make some breakfast? He smells.”

    ”Sure, no problem.” I dragged Frank away from the precious heavenly coffee and back into my bedroom. He sat down on the bed while I started looking for some clothes for him.

    ”Gerard.” He approached me.

    ”Mmm.” I mumbled a reply.

    ”Why are you this nice to me?”

    ”You don’t want me to be?” I asked pulling out a black T-shirt and some jeans.

    ”No, not that. I just don’t understand this situation.”

    ”Look,” I glared at him, “this is not permanent if you think that. It’s just that you’re going to stay with us for some time and I need you to stay sane. It’s not like we’re friends or anything now. No. I’m not promising to never hurt you again or never kill you, and you better be afraid of me. It’s just that keeping a person sane with them sitting on a chair in some God awful basement just doesn’t work out. I’ve tried.”

    He just stared at me. I saw ideas of running away cross his mind. I saw him thinking about jumping out of the window when he was staring out of it. I saw anger and rabidity on his face. But he never moved from the bed and he looked calmer than I’ve ever seen him.

    ”I’m still in a hurry, Frank. Lets get some food and coffee in your system and get you a shower.” I pointed out humanenessly.

    As we made it downstairs I smelled omelette and coffee. It was a nice morning, as nice as it could be with a tremendous headache.

    “You never asked why you woke up next to Frank, if you don’t remember it yourself of course.” Bob stated facing the oven.

    ”I didn’t find it significant.”

    ”Well, you should have because of you we almost ended up in prison.” He never faced me while talking. I shot Frank a glance and he looked as shocked as I did.

    ”What the fuck happened, Bob?”

    ”You stumbled into the living room yelling that you just made out with Frank. There stood a question, what Frank you were talking about.” I didn’t like where that story was going. Half of the wh**es at the party went to the same school I did and knew about Frank Anthony Iero indeed being missing. “I came to calm you down and you punched me in the eye yelling how I was unwanted, unloved and worthless and in general a despicable human being. Then you told everyone to get the fuck out of the house and ran to the basement yourself, returning in about fifteen minutes with Frank almost as wasted as you were. He was dragging you upstairs while you were yelling at Mikey.”

    I just stared at Bob’s back in awe because obviously he didn’t turn to face me. Frank had the exact same expression on his face.

    ”What did I tell Mikey?” I mumbled.

    I heard Bob smirk. “You told him that you didn’t love him, that he will burn in hell with you. When he was trying to calm you down you spat on his face and told him you were going to kill him eventually.”

    Fuck whiskey! I was confused how I had lost all control last night. I never had trouble with being in control. Control was my fucking middle name.

    My train of thought got cut of with Frank coming back to reality, “I dragged Gerard upstairs?” He squeaked with wide eyes.

    ”Yes, you did, my dear. Of course in-between sucking his face off because you two were way too drunk to multitask.” He laughed now facing us putting some omelettes in front of us on the plates.


    A/N: Thank you for reading!
    It's 4:27am, I shall go to bed now.

  15. Daaaayyymmmnnnnnnnn.

    So they're like.. friends now?!
    Well. I say friends. You know what I mean. They're being civil to one another!? WOO! That's beautiful. I want to know what happened! TELL US!
    I will be impatiently awaiting the next chapter, Love.
    -Makes campfire and roasts marshmallows.-
    Awesome chapter.
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    Ashdhdj :O Gerard and Frank ... Are being nice to each other? Wow ... And Frank dragged Gee upstairs I imagined it the other way around for some reason >.< I wish Gee would keep being nice ... Its soo cute when he's nice :3
    Such a great chapter!! :DD
  17. Oooohhhh this has taken an unexpected turn. and i like itt, i can only imagine the horrible things gee is going to do to frank now that he knows it was frank dragging him not vice versa. and actually i would love to be locked up in bobs basement by a pshyco gerard, that would be cool
  18. Abby: I'm happy you liked the new chapter! It was dedicated to you for hell's sake. <3
    The next chapter is going to be in Franks point of view, so that will clear things up a bit, even though I like to keep you guys wondering.

    Arianna: Thank you, my dear! Haha. Yes, Frank is one creepy fuck when he's drunk and high on God knows what Gerard gave him. & I'm sorry to disappoint you but Gerard won't be nice for too long. He's freaked after hearing what actually happened last night.

    Regina: Oh, yes. Frank has kind of changed Gerard or the satisfaction of finally having his worst enemy all vulnerable and tied down has changed him. He can't kill him because he needs Frank to keep himself sane. So here stands a question what's worse than death that Gee could make Frank go through. Doesn't help the situation much that Frank seems to develope a Stockholm syndrome.
    My readers are crazy with their masochism. But I must admit, I would like to be in that basement as well. Haha.

    Thank you so much for reading and reviewing.
    With a shitload of love,
  19. A million Hail Mary’s won't save you now​

    Sitting in the kitchen drinking coffee and eating breakfast with my kidnappers wasn’t exactly routine in my life. Getting to know that I had grown romantic feelings for one of them while being intoxicated was very far from usual. It had to be the drugs he gave me doing to work, not me. It couldn’t be real that I had chosen to do something so abominable.

    I sat by the table taking in what was going on around me. The guy, that they called Bob, was sitting on one of the many chairs by the table with his morning paper again. He was smoking a cigarette that I spotted was Marlboro red and my addiction of cancer sticks came running down on me again.

    “C-could I have one, please?” I mumbled awkwardly like a little kid that wanted to crab a piece of cake at some friend’s house but didn’t really dare. I was never the one to be shy but I had never been abducted as well.

    He smirked slyly and pushed the package closer to me. I pulled out one stick of nicotine and placed it in-between my lips. I lit it up and a content smile creeped on my lips. I didn’t like how I felt almost at home. But it wasn’t really that different from the place I used to live. The atmosphere was all the same – people shouting pouring their anger out on each other, pain, torture, dirt, tears, alcohol, puking, drugs and sex. It was all the same at home if not even finer. I even used to live in constant fear of being killed day by day. The fun of living with an alcoholic father who was twice my size, I guess. You could say that it was even quieter and more composed in this nut house. I didn’t live in constant fear of being killed or tortured to death anymore as Gerard had told me multiple times how he needed me, how I was the one keeping him sane. They didn’t yell that much, of course except Gerard, but even he was rather placid most of the time.

    I guess I hadn’t wiped away the copasetic smile yet, because Bob had noticed it. “Why are you shining like the sun?” he asked with a treacherous smirk.

    “Just thinking, you know,” I answered taking another drag from my cigarette followed up by a sip of heavenly good coffee. Gerard sure knew how to prepare some fine coffee.

    I hadn’t seen him after our chat about last night. His good mood had dropped with the speed of sound and he had left the room right after he got his shit back together. I didn’t ask anything, as it obviously wasn’t my place to ask any questions. I had decided to act as exemplary as I possibly could this morning when I woke up in Gerard’s bedroom and not in my cell. If I was staying in this place for a longer amount of time I could at least make it as pleasurable as I could, right?

    My mind still hadn’t grasped the whole concept of last night and what had followed and it was racing on full speed to figure it out when Bob cut it off with a blunt question of, “So how was he?”

    I snapped my eyes from the wall, which I had been glaring at the whole time without even noticing, and onto his face. He had the same trademark smirk on his face that almost everybody in this house owned. I must have looked like a deer in the headlights when I piped out a, “What?”

    “You know what I’m talking about,” he said his grin growing wider, “how did it feel to get fucked by Gerard?”

    I didn’t know what to say or do, so I just stared at his face with a scared expression on my face. I didn’t really remember what had happened last night so it’s not like I actually possessed an answer.

    The last thing I remembered was after I came down from the pills they had fed me. I remembered yelling at Gerard when he left the cell and what came afterwards - the agony. I hit the low with a total dehydration and paranoia. I couldn’t stand being in the same room with myself. The depression, apathy, dysphoria, anxiety and fatigue hit me all at the same time. All those feelings mixed up with paranoia and pain shaped one of the worst experiences in my life. It first hit me with delusions that Gerard would run in every moment with a chainsaw to slowly cut me in pieces. Every noise that came from the party upstairs was loud and clear and I heard them talking about me. They were laughing and planning how to hurt me. I started to believe they knew what I was thinking and heard them answering my thoughts. It made me angry. I was going mad with the fury boiling in my blood. I wanted to slaughter them before they could hurt me. I was trying to tear myself off of the chains I was on hurting myself like hell. But I didn’t care because every inch of my body already felt like it was on fire. At one point I understood I wasn’t able to get free and broke down like a little baby, crying. I was still delusional and scared what the people upstairs would do to me when they got in. I heard them trying to break down the door but it was too strong. I sat in the darkest corner crying for what seemed like hours until the door finally burst open and my head got quiet. There was only one person standing in the entrance and he wasn’t holding a chainsaw or any other kind of weapon. The only thing that was hanging in his hand was a bottle of some alcohol in it. He was drunk, really drunk, but I wasn’t scared. There must have been a loud cry escaping my lips because he came closer and started assuaging me.

    I snapped my eyes wider with terror as I remembered. Bob’s smirk was gone and he was just staring, studying, analysing me.

    Gerard was comforting me for quite some time. He was holding me close and rubbed my back as I cried in his lap. I remember him telling me how it would go better if I drank something. I realized how dry my mouth had been and grabbed the bottle he offered me. I drank his drink and held him as he held me until I placed my lips on his.

    My jaw dropped and my hands started shaking. I took a quick shaky hit from the cigarette as I thought what would happen when Gerard remembers.

    We kissed and I grabbed his hair and bit his neck until I felt him starting to unlock the chains I was on. It didn’t stop me, I didn’t think about escaping, not once. He pulled me up from the floor and I smashed him into the wall kissing him more fiercely than I’ve kissed anybody in my life. Not one girlfriend, not one hook-up – it had never had this much passion in it. The next thing I knew we were already upstairs and Gerard was yelling at his baby brother while I was trying to pull him up the stairs. Mikey was crying while Gerard was telling him the worst possible thing one brother could say to another. I couldn’t care less. All I knew was this emotion taking me over and I needed to get Gerard upstairs where his bed was.

    “Aren’t you going to answer me?” Bob asked a bit annoyed when he figured out I had lost myself in thinking. I didn’t care to give him an answer because the memories flooding back like an old movie were taking over all the space in my brain.

    After Gerard spat in his brother face and yelled how he’s going to burn in hell with him I finally got him upstairs. I pushed him onto the bed and started undoing his belt offhandedly. I remembered the need to get him naked, to get everything that covered his body off of him. That was the first moment he started to protest. He asked me with concern and enjoyment what I was up to as I got his belt off. I didn’t answer and ripped my own shirt off, his following. He told me to get off of him when I started undoing his pants, but I didn’t listen. I ripped our both clothes off while he was yelling, threatening to kill me and trying to get away but I didn’t let him. Some kind of a portentous strength had seized its power over me and I had a certain plan to use it well.

    “Oh my God, I raped Gerard,” I babbled out before I could stop myself.


    A/N: Thank you for reading!
    The next chapter is going to be fun to write because it's probably going to be in Bob's POV and he will be pissed! I also really want to introduce you nice people to the adorable Bob.
  20. i think i am in love <3 with you and this story. that was an amazing twist and i did NOT see that one coming. im glad it did because frankie is in some deep shiiiit. ohhh i cant wait untill gee finds out. and i will love to hear what bob thinks of all of this. i cant belive gee got raped again and this time directly by frank. i really cant wrap my mind around this, i am so happy right now im practically bubbly. i know i am such a freak but the drama this will kick up i cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3<3<3<3

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