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  1. don't worry.we'll kill Nuky
    no..just kidding.i know that she's an absolutely amazing writer
    now i'm reading Off Track but i didn't comment cause i have another 4 or chapters to read
    and about Crazy like you, Lollipop i heard that is amazing..i started-about 2 months- to read it but i read just 3 chapters or something.but i was going to read it anyway
    Enough about the're an amazing writer too so update soon(no pressure just sayin')
    Love, bibi
    You see?i used my real name:p
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    I heard that, no killing me! I'm too amazing with my airballoon ego to die... wait, how where you planning to kill me?

    To Ursula *giggles cuz she just watched the little mermaid* Gawwwww your sweet! and take your time I still need to read your last chapter. Horrible person I am!
  3. mm..lemme think
    but if i'll tell you it won't be a surprise anymore
    you'll see..muahahaha:p
  4. do not kill Nuky.. i'm like at the chap 100 or something and as soon as i get to the end i want MOREE! so if she's dead she can't write! (gaah, i feel like that lady from Misery. -.-)
  5. of course i won't kill her
    if she'll be dead i'll be dead too without her stories:p
    love just for ursula and nuky, motherfuckers*smirk*
  6. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! for everyone who actually voted Sending shivers right down your spine for the fanfic of the month. i came to the site and were all "omg. i haven't even visited it for a week or so and i won?" and then a bunch of wtf???s.

    it doesn't even matter if you didn't vote for the story cause i love everyone that reads the story anyway. so if you like it and read it let me know. it makes me really happy.

    and i promise at least 3 updates on the weekend. gotta make it up for not writing for enternity.

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    Waheeey! Congratulations dearie, this story deserves it. xD
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    I knew voting would pay off! Congrats!
  9. wiii updates coming...!!!!!!
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    An update had gone unnoticed by me for... how loong?! Wow, shows how much i pay attention. I like the last chapter because it really shows Gerard's short temper, that's him REALLY saying "back the fuck off cause you don't know what I'm capable of" he has psychotic trauma and expresses it in a dangerous way... It'd be interesting if he ever accidentally took it out on Mikey, he seems like he'd get too far before realizing what he did. And it really sucks that you in a major writer's block right now, Frank's slowly crawling to his death in the basement and I'm fucking eager to find out what's gonna happen to him! haha.... "dead puppies". signed, your faithful wife.
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    New reader!!!!
  12. uhm...i didn't comment this story for years
    first:congratulations for author of the month(yeah..late..i know)
    second:i didn't forget about this story
    third:what about the others stories?(sorry if it sounds rude or annoying)
    fourth:i can't wait for this story but take your time and thinking that the next chapter will be awesome as always i can wait
    fifth:LOVE YOU!!
    Love, bibi
    P.S:now i always use my nicknameXD
  13. sooo... kinda shitty situation, isn't it?

    so i won the fanfic of the month and the same month turned out to be so busy that i work my ass off to get from one place to another. vacation in about 4 days. so i guess i gotta make it all up for you.

    to all of you who are crawling for something.. i have some really good pies in the oven.. and as soon as i get to update it's going to be all pretty (as pretty as a young boy terrorised in a basement, a round the bend guy who feels like killing everybody including his own brother, the brother who happens to be in love with the same hostage and two other people with their own secrets and plans can be).

    also welcome snot.

    and i appreciate that you let me take my time and haven't started to throw me with bricks from your own houses walls.

    i love you. <3
  14. I told you to kiss him, ******!

    Ray locked his sight with Gerard for a moment finally stopping the laughing marathon he had kept up for a while and opened his mouth, slowly to not piss Gerard off any more, cause it would have took Gerard just a bit more to make Ray walk out of the house without a head. Wait, people without heads can’t walk, can they? I mean there are those movies where zombies kill people and most of them have a absent body part-

    “As you wish milord,” Ray got up from the couch looking rather affronted and did a low bow like Gerard was the king. But wasn’t he?

    “Just get out,” my brother said with a browned-off voice, “see you at school.”

    Ray walked out of the door without looking back anymore. I guess it was the best for all of us. We all sat there for a time that seemed like eternity. Nobody spoke; I didn’t even dare to breath. It was such a typical day at Bob’s house. It was always the same – we sitting in the liv usually chatting and drinking beer. We were the perfect examples of school noobs. We didn’t really have any life outside the school. I guess that’s why my brother ended up as a school killer. It doesn’t make us cooler cause nobody really is afraid of us. They just didn’t know. But all the bad things Gee had done in his life didn’t matter to me. He still was the only person I really admired. He was my big brother. And I loved him.

    “Mikey, get me another beer, please,” my brother said locking his sight with me.

    “B-But it’s already your eighth and it’s only midday.” I crumbled.

    “Get me the fucking beer, please,” he hissed through clenched teeth. I didn’t dare to say anything, so I just got up and walked into the kitchen to get that fucking beer. I got two cans out in case he wants another one and walked back into the liv handing him one. He took the can, opened it, took a sip and got up.

    “Mikey, follow me please,” he said without looking at me. I got up and played his shadow making no noise and walking right after him. He walked at the basement door, opened it and walked down the stairs. I followed.

    When he stepped onto the basement floor is saw Frank looking at us with wide eyes. He was still rather beaten up. Gerard walked to Frank and poured his beer all over him.

    “What is your fucking problem, psycho?” Frank yelled, now covered in brownish liquid. I just stood there looking at both of them wide-eyed.

    “Dear brother,” he looked at me, “the annoying,” he acknowledged Frank.

    I felt as befuddled as Frank did.

    “Why is it that my own family is stabbing me in the back?” he said looking at Frank with a sly smirk.

    I remained silent.

    So did Frank.

    “Why is it that my dear brother occurs to be a fucking homo?” he mumbled, now turning at me.

    Wait, what?

    “Gee, what are you talking-“

    “Don’t Gee me now! You like this fucking c-word!” he raged.

    “Gerard, I think you have some facts very wrong over here. I-“

    “Fuck you, Michael! If you like this little bitch so much go kiss him! Go! Now!” he yelled. I felt tears form in my eyes.

    “I- what’s wrong with you?” I dug my nails into my palm to hold the tears back.

    “What’s wrong with me? What’s wrong with ME? Are you fucking kidding me? You are the fag here! I told you to do something,” he hissed, “go press your tongue into his throat then! Do it!”

    “No,” I chocked out, feeling warm tears blurring my vision.

    “No? You don’t like this little wimp then? Of course you do! Or you wouldn’t be so helpful all the time, would you? He is shit! You must have lost your fucking mind to actually augment any feelings at him! We’re going to change it now,” he pulled me from my hair to Frank.

    “I feel disgust for you two,” my brother said. My big brother. The one who I always looked up to.

    I was face to face with Frank. He looked scared, terrified and I saw tears run down his face. That was when I realised I was crying too. Frank looked dirty from the days he had been down there, his hair was greasy and he was growing some facial hair. The beer was still dripping down his chin. But his eyes were alive and he still looked beautiful in a way. I was half way through examining him when I felt some force from the back of my head and I was pushed at Frank. Our mouths touched but we didn’t open them. We both pressed our eyes shut to get through this fast enough and have Gerard calm down. We were pressed together for some seconds until Gerard pulled my face away and made me look at him.

    “I told you to kiss him, ******!” he growled and made me look at Frank again. I saw Frank form a little ‘it’s over fast’ before Gerard pushed me at him again. Our lips were pressed at each other for half a second till Frank slowly opened his mouth. I felt his lips shake a little and I understood how fast my breathing had got. I opened my mouth as slowly as Frank had done, just ten times more frightened, and I felt Frank’s tongue in my mouth in instant. The kiss had nothing to do with anything romantic or had any love or passion in it. It was just a plain kiss, forced on me. And the saddest part was that it was my first kiss.


    A/N: vacation started and i have loads of free time now (cause i'm such an awesome no-lifer. three cheers for me!) so ppl who still read it, comment.

    i get high from your reviews.
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    owh lord, the forced kissed. Gully what a show. I like how this is all turning out. Gerard is clearly losing his mind ( a choir of angels will now come down and scream DHU). But I think now that he got Frank down there everything just turned from 1 till 100. He has his hmm, lets say abuser down in his basement (with all of us at first row) who sort of 'made him this way'. And his brother just doesn't understand where he's comming from. It must be frusterating when your little brother tries to have the back of the boy who made you get raped. Sure, maybe Gee could have just said: listen up bro, Frank is bad because -insert tragic speech-. But that's a pride thing i guess, no I don't guess I'd probably wouldn't be telling that shit to Mikey if I was in Gee's shoes. Not sure if I would make my little brother make out with the boy who got you raped. But then again, this might make Mikey turn to hate Frank as well, because he got forced into kissing him. Gerard sort of putted Mikey in his shoes when he got raped. But... I don't think that Gee realised that he turned into 'Frank' when he made Mikey kiss Frank. I must be confusing the shit out of people partly inclueding myself but somehow this all makes perfect sense in my head. and maybe I'm just thinking way to much about all this shit and around you sitting behind your screen going: 'Did I came up with that?!' or you're just laughing your ass of because I'm AGAIN completly backing GErard up while he really was the bad guy in this chapter. Like I'm willingly to say that out loud: Gerard, baaaad. (tell me I'm a bad, bad man). Bad, yes bad but I'm still all on his side and not Frank, so not making sense. And that kiss, yeah I liked the whole forced and not the corney shit. Like: Mikey going down the basement and kissing Frank all better and Frank being all puppy and hurt and Mikey being all awwww PUPPY I HAVE TO SAVE YOUR SOUL! I mean that would be so fucking Disney, forced kissed and hopefully more!

    Hello hell, here I come!

    X Nuky
  16. Artemis

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    I really like this - it's refreshing and different.

    I love Gerards character, he's pretty messed up. In some ways, I want to feel sorry for Frank, but I can't because of how Gee mistreats him in a charming, yet deranged kind of way.

    Tbh, if I did feel sorry for a character it would be Mikey. He seems to want to help Frank, but goes against it because he thinks so highly of his brother.

    Question, is there going to be a pairing? And if so, who with? Usually it's a Frerard, but I can't see how that could happen :/
  17. aseretsperry

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    Aww that was the most sadistic AWish moment in history, you're such a beautiful writer in a nonbeautiful way XD and you flatter me with your endless comments dear! I love Gerard though, he's so strict and to the point, trying to get people in order because he truly understand that there's a lack of order. To him, the world's a giant puzzle but no one really cares if it's put together or not. He's just one peice and can't to anything about the disorder but he feels like he needs it, everything needs to be his way or he panics. The only thing he can do to restore order is force everyone else into order. and you know what? forcing them to kiss DOES create order because there's no hiding, no secrets or whatifs, he puts everything out on the table when he gets the chance that way when he finishes putting the peices together, he doesn't have to face a surprise of discovering there are a couple missing pieces. This story is truly amazing and i'm so glad you've got the time to work on it again, I'm married to an amazing writer <3

    happy christmas.
    much love, aseret.
  18. NUKY, first of all you're weird. but yeeh, i'm still on Frank's side,, gotta be, cause no one loves him >='''(. and to the pleasure of all of you.. Mikey's still probably gonna continue fancing Frankie dear. god, he should feel loved. and Gerard's gonna get oh-so-fucking-mad. but about that in the next chap. i hate the Disney bullshit so i really wanna keep it far from that. i try to come out with something new and fresh.. dunno if i'm actually coming through. and about mikey's case.. he's YOUNG, NAIVE, SILLY -insert some cute fluffy stuff-.. the total opposite to Gee. and Mikey doesn't need all the Disney bullshit, Mikey is Disney. He probably believes that Mikey Mouse is real too.

    KYO, welcome, fresh meat. <3
    about pairing. it's a frerard.. it's going to be a frerard. i'm just twisting it.. a lot.

    ASERET, honeyyyy <333 and i'm married to an amazing commenter (that sounds stupid). i love it how you see the story in such a magnificent way.

    and i'm serious. your comments do make me feel high as a cloud. and MERRY CHRISTMAS people! <3
  19. Nukyster

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    ^About turning it into frerard, all I have to add is: Who needs love anyway? Frerard usually means them having some kind of sexual relationship. Or ANY relationship. You have a relationship with everyone you meet inclueding your enemy. So yeah, go for it make it wild and twisted we need some good portion of badass on this slash threat because nearly everything that comes on these days is sugarfluff. nothing wrong with that but it make me OD on sugary shit.

    So yeah, keep up tha good work mAHWHAHWHWH. hellbells,

    X Nuky
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    I'm a new reader;
    and i am loving this fic!
    i'd love an update ^^ when you can of course :)
    *thumbs up*
    t'is awesome.

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