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  1. Regina: Thank you! I'm more than glad you liked it.
    And oh my God, hahahahahahahh, you're happy about it! What nice psycho readers I have.

    In general I'm kind of bummed by the lack or reviews and writers block just keeps creepying behind my shoulder. :C
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    I'm in shock ... Frank ... Rape? o_O
    Well I definitely wasn't expecting that ... I love the twist as much as it freaked me out xP
  3. I just love the 9, 666 views this thread has. Haha.

    Arianna: Well, than you dear! I swear you're like one of my most favourite readers. I will try to continue freaking you sweet dear people out!
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    Sorry about not reviewing!!! I just caught up on all the missed chapters haha

    Anywho, Frank raping Gerard? Hmmm that's pretty insane considering the circumstances haha.
    Also Gerard should be nicer to Mikey, because well it's Mikey and who doesn't love him? haha
    Great chapters! On the edge of my seat for more.
  5. ^ I saw only now that you had reviewed on this one! I already though I had lost you as a reader. /sniff
    It's nice to have you back. <3
    & I'll try to bring more Mikey back into the story for you. I've kind of forgotten about him to be honest.

    I haven't updated this story in a while and I promise I will do so during the next few days.
  6. This story is soon going to have 10,000 views! A big thank you for everyone who's reading this!


    Disturbance voltage​

    “You did what?” I screamed as I jumped up from the chair more furious than I’d ever been in my life.

    “I-I don’t know what happened! I was on something; only God knows what Gerard gave me. I-I didn’t mean to!” he stuttered.

    Frank had been in my house for about a week already and he had managed to bring a lot of trouble with him, too much for my likening. I enjoyed it when Gerard dealt with his victims quietly. Frankly sometimes I didn’t even know he had captured someone until they had to get rid of him or her. I liked it when the atmosphere in my house was mellow. Gerard raged a lot when he was drunk, which he was a great deal of time, but I had grown used to it. I had also grown really fond of Mikey. It felt like he wasn’t only Gerard’s baby brother, but also mine.

    “Frank,” I sighed with cramped hands, “I think you don’t understand in how deep of a shit you are in.”

    Frank opened and closed his mouth like a fish a couple of times, but didn’t say anything. He had literally shrunk into the chair with panic written all over his bruised face.

    “I’m not the one for violence,” I said as I stepped closer to him, “but you deserve every-fucking-thing Gerard does to you!” I spit and punched him in the face hard.

    The impaction was strong enough for him to fall over with the chair. He coughed a few times and spit some blood, which now decorated my kitchen floor. I noticed a tooth in the puddle of blood.

    He looked up with venom dripping from his eyes: “You fucking kidnapped me because some of my acquaintances raped Gerard! You don’t want money and now you say you don’t even want to kill me! What the fuck do you want from me?” he yelled trying to get up from the floor, “You poison me with some God damn drugs and then punish me because I did something stupid while being on them! You are fucking nuts! Could I perhaps go home until you figure out, what you want to do with me because I’m fucking tired of this shit!”

    He had gotten up from the floor and spit some more blood on my floor panting from anger.

    “What the Hell is going on here?” screamed a male voice from behind me. I turned around to see a shocked Mikey on the doorway.

    “It’s nothing, go to school,” I said trying to reassure him.

    “What do you mean it’s nothing? You look mad as an ox, Frank’s bleeding and there’s blood everywhere!” He exclaimed.

    “Everything’s under control,” I say trying to believe what I was saying.

    “No, it’s not,” Frank snapped.

    “You better not move any muscles in your throat or I’m going to cut them out,” I spat addressing Frank who looked just as wrathful as I.

    Mikey interrupted us yelling, “Is anybody going to tell me what the fuck happened?”

    “I’m in deep shit,” said Frank in spite of my warning before. I sent him a death glare.

    “Frank raped Gerard,” I said blunt. Mikey’s eyes got wide as dinner plates. “And Gerard doesn’t know about it,” I added.

    Mikey stared at us both for some time until he comprehended the situation enough to babble, “Bob, this is very bad.”

    “You shouldn’t live,” I said turning back to Frank, “I don’t understand why Gerard hasn’t killed you already, but trust me on this one, yesterday was your death sentence.”

    Mikey walked next to me and put his hand on my shoulder mumbling, “He needs a shower.”

    I nodded in agreement. Frank stood quiet. He had calmed down after his furious outburst. I still didn’t grasp why he hadn’t tried to escape, yet.

    “I will take him,” Mikey said and grabbed a sharp kitchen knife. He walked behind Frank and held it on his back, “Move! Upstairs. And don’t you get any ideas.”

    “You have school-“ I started.

    “No, I don’t. Not anymore,” he said and left the room with Frank leading the way.

    I mumbled a low, “Fuck” and dragged my feet to the fridge where I found a beer. I grabbed the ice-cold ale and sat down by the table again. The can opened with a satisfying fizz. I brought it to my lips and back to the table as I stared at the pool of blood on the floor. I was nervous. What would the evening bring? Would Gerard flip hard enough for us all to get free passes to visit the prison? Yesterday was close – it seems like he’s slightly losing it. Maybe keeping Frank alive wasn’t a good idea after all.

    I pulled out a fag from the carton and placed it in-between my lips. I didn’t find it amiable to deal with a bad scene. I liked to keep everything simple because it dragged me out of my comfort zone when things got complicated.

    I was just exhaling a great deal of smoke when my phone started buzzing on the table. The caller ID read ‘Mom’.

    “Shit,” I cursed under my breath and put off my cigarette. I coughed my throat clean and clicked the green button.

    “Hey, mom!” I said faking a happy tone.

    Hey my dear. How are you doing?” said an oh-too-familiar voice from the phone. I prayed that Mikey or Frank wouldn’t run in yelling.

    “I’m doing good. Is everything okay? Why did you call?” I asked concernedly. That was actually a reasoned question because my mom rarely called me. When she did there was either something wrong with her or she wanted to visit- Oh no!

    I almost broke the phone squeezing it too hard.

    “I’m fine!” she said cheerily and I felt my stomach drop, “I’m in town and I wanted to come over for a dinner tonight. I haven’t seen you in ages, Bobby.

    I took me a couple of seconds to get back on track. “That’s lovely mother,” I lied, “When are you arriving?”

    I’m going to visit a couple of old friends and then go to the bookstore downtown. You remember that lovely man, Robert, working there, right? I haven’t seen him in ages! I also need some new books for my book club. I think I shall come over around 3 or 4pm, my dear.” That was when Gerard usually gets home. Mother didn’t ask if her visit was okay because it was her house I was living in. She had moved to the county side a couple of years ago but didn’t feel like selling the house she had in the city.

    “Very well,” I said, “I will see you later today then.”

    Yes, Bobby. Please take care and don’t bother with cooking, I’ll prepare the dinner myself. Bye!

    “Okay, mom. Bye,” I said quietly and hung up. I threw my eyes to the clock on the kitchen wall. It read 9:09am.

    I was panicking. Mom didn’t know Gerard was living here. She thought that I lived alone, worked at the supermarket and lived the most average life.

    There was blood and trash everywhere. The fridge was full of beer and the whole house smelled like cigarettes. In addition Gerard and mother would arrive at the same time. Gee’s phone was on the kitchen table, which he probably forgot when he ran out of the room earlier. We were all preparing for the drama and probably a killing spree that was about to hit us in the evening. My mother’s unexpected visit could fuck it up a little.

    I was busy sucking on the third cigarette when Mikey flew into the room with Frank. “He’s clean,” was all he said. Frank didn’t seem too talkative either.

    “Did he rape you as well?” I joked at Mikey’s weird behaviour. He didn’t say anything, but I saw him blush.

    “What happened?” I sighed tired.

    “He kissed me,” Frank said quietly. Mikey’s eyes got huge again as the blush deepened and he shot Frank a glare.

    “Seriously?” I asked, “Still not over this thing?”

    Mikey just shook his head and stared deeper into the ground. This situation was helpless. I felt sorry for poor Mikes - he didn’t deserve this.

    “Hey dudes! What’s happening?” cheered a happy voice from behind Frank and Mikey. Everyone froze.

    “R-Ray?” I asked bemused. It looked like Mikey wasn’t breathing at all same with Frank who could have used it as an opportunity to escape.

    “Yeah! I thought I’d come over and chill with you guys,” he explained still standing behind Frank and Mikey almost jumping up and down with excitement, “Who’s that?” He asked poking Frank’s back. Mikey looked at me with wide eyes mouthing, ‘Do something!’

    “That’s no one,” I said happily with a tone of warning in my voice hoping Ray would drop it, “Care to join me for a beer in the living room?”

    I was too late. He was already interested and walked around Mikey to see who the stranger was.

    Ray stared at Frank for a second until realization washed all over his face and he yelled, “Oh my God, you’re the guy they’re all looking for!”


    A/N: I hope you enjoyed! Make my day and let me know what you think.
    This is the first time I've ever written in Bob's POV and also probably the last.
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    Oh shit...this is bad so so bad!
    All different types of shit is going down!
    I'm anxious to see what's next
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    Oh my god ... The shit is gonna go down ^.^ I can't wait :D This was amazing and Mikey is just so adorable >.< It's cute that he likes frank :p
  9. O_O
    ... I don't even ...
    I feel bad for Gerard being raped and all.. but come on.. He did kidnap Frankie...
    I don't know how I feel.
    Good chapter though. Meeting Bob's mom will be interesting. And fucking Ray and his bad timing.
    Hehe, I'll be waiting for an update.
  10. Thank you my dearests!

    I also wanted to give out a warning that it's probably going to take a bit more time to upload than it usually does for me.

    I started writing again when I quit drinking and now I think I have found a new alternative, which might even be worse than alcohol - that is gaming. Haha. So yeah, I'm a bit more busy, but I'll try to get back on track.

    Lots of love,
  11. OH...GOD...Please Ray be just as fricken crazy as the rest of them. Ohh I bet they're gonna lock him up in the basement. I really really reeeeeaaally want Gerard to find out that Frank raped him. Practically dying for him to find out, i mean i cant wait to see what he does!!!! this is delicious
  12. ^ Haha. I'm sorry, but you have to wait a bit longer. That's going to be fun though, I promise you that!



    I had been irritated the whole day. School just wasn’t my thing. Sitting in a boring classroom, listening to the ramble of someone, who thinks is smarter than me, just wasn’t my cup of tea. The giggling wh**es sitting in the back of the room weren’t helping my mood either.

    “Oh, my God! They still haven’t found that Frank guy,” I heard one whisper with a dramatic voice.

    The other one started giggling and answered with, “Pity, he really was a good-looking lad.”

    Fuck high school, where everything is about the popular kids. ‘Oh, did you hear, someone got killed? What a pity I didn’t fuck him first!’ No one gave a fuck if a guy was missing or not, they just needed an interesting subject to gossip about. I sighed heavily as I noticed I still had to sit in the classroom for another 15 minutes.

    The girls continued giggling over how hot Frank was. I just wished I could shoot them, or myself - it didn’t really matter. I wished Ray were there. I could at least listen to some rambling that made sense. Not that his fiction stories about vampires and werewolves made that much sense, but it was better than constant gossip, gossip and gossip.

    Where was he anyway? He never skipped school. My eyes got wide when I figured he could have gone to pick up Mikey. I calmed down soon after. Bob could take care of him. Pity to lose a “friend” though.

    The final bell rang and I just grabbed my bag from the table and flew out of the classroom. I pushed my hand in my pocket to get my phone, but figured it wasn’t there. I must have left it on the table when I left in the morning. A smirk blasted on my face as I thought what had happened last night. I didn’t remember much though, but I hoped Frank was freaked. He needs to know what it’s like.

    I caught the bus home. The ride was calm as I was blasting Black Flag from my headphones - not really caring if the whole bus could hear every word they sang.

    I jumped out of the bus and lit a cigarette walking to the front door calmly. For my surprise I heard yelling coming from inside. I sneaked to the window and saw Bob’s mother yelling at him. My eyes widened and I put off the cigarette fast.

    “Shit,” I mumbled.

    I sneaked to the living room window and saw an upset looking Mikey pace back and forth. I walked back to the front door and knocked twice. It took about fifteen seconds for Bob’s mom to open the door.

    “Hello, my name is Gerard. Is Bob at home?” I asked politely knowing Bob’s mother didn’t know I was staying over at her house.

    “You are the Gerard I’ve heard so much about today, huh?” she asked venomously and I froze, “Care to explain why my house is covered in blood?”

    “I don’t know what you’re talking about, ma'am,” I answered still completely calm analysing the situation in half. It seemed like she didn’t know about our hostage, yet. She was mad, but clearly not as mad as she could have been.

    “I’m not stupid, young man,” she said pointing her fat finger at me. “There’s something wrong in this house and I’ll figure it out!”

    Bob appeared from behind the lady and looked at me with pleading eyes. “This is Martha,” he said trying to get the attention away from the issue of blood being everywhere in an usual nice American guy’s home, “my mother.”

    “Nice to meet you Mrs. Bryar. My name is Gerard Way.”


    A/N: I know this is a short stupid filler, I know. I sincerely apologize for the shortness of this chapter. I shall make it up for you in the next one.

    I just haven't posted in a while because I was writerblocked, so I needed to start from something and this short chapter helps me to work on the next awesome one, which is so full of drama you're going to puke.

    I also figured out I will end this story soon. I do not know how many more chapters I will write, but I started this years ago and I just don't communicate with the characters like I used to. I hate leaving stuff unfinished so it will find a pretty ending to rest in peace in.

    Thank you for reading,
  13. Even though this was a filler, it was still completely awesome.
    Jesus, I wonder what happened with Ray though, you know?
    .. Jesus. Gerd's in trooouuubbllleeeeeee.
    Can't wait for the next,
    - Love from your stalker.
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    If this was just a filler then I can't wait for the drama! With bobs mom noticing there's something strange going on I can tell that the next update is gonna be amazing. I can't wait. :D
  15. ^ Thank you so much for being with me. Here's an update for you!


    The stool of repentance​

    I was sent to the living room like every other guest. Bob’s mother Martha, sat down next to me eyeing me suspiciously. I faked a kind smile.

    Bob walked into the room with three cups of coffee and placed them on the clean coffee table. I had to double check if I had seen right, because since I had been living in this house, the coffee table was always dirty.

    “So,” Bob started.

    “I do not like you,” said Bob’s mother ignoring the kind atmosphere. I faked a shocked expression.

    “Why is that?”

    “There’s something in your eyes that I don’t like,” she said pointing at me with her fat finger again. Had no one ever taught her it’s not polite to point a finger? And you definitely shouldn’t point your finger at a crazy person.

    “Mother, it’s fine! Gerard is very artistic and he was working on his new performance in my house. His own apartment is quite small and I lent him a hand. He’s a rather great friend of mine.”

    “And friend’s help friends out, right?” I smiled at Martha.

    “There’s something wrong with you. It’s in your eyes. They look empty. You smile, but you don’t mean it,” Martha said. I pulled my smile bigger, looking as happy as a mass murderer could.

    “That’s another thing Gerard is practicing for. It’s a part of the new performance,” Bob said doing a fantastic job calming down his suspicious mother.

    “Okay,” she sighed, “What is that spectacle about?”

    “It’s about a mass murderer,” I said calm and Bob sent me a shocked look, “I play a mass murderer who kills a lot of people in the basement of an abounded house.”

    The atmosphere became morbid. Bob and I knew very well that it was no play I was talking about. Martha on the other hand seemed to buy it. She got excited and almost happy about my unique artistic skills.

    “Really? And how will the whole performance look like? I mean, you won’t ask people to a abandoned house, would you?”

    “No, ma’am, I won’t,” I said with a smile thinking how it was a wonderful idea, “We will film it and there’s going to be a short movie about it.”

    “That is nice,” she nodded to herself and I saw how she believed me without reservation.

    “Mom, why wouldn’t you get some coffee? It’s getting cold.” Bob said.

    “May I?” I asked politely as I had to remind myself I didn’t live in this house.

    “So eager,” Bob’s mom giggled.

    “Gerard is a horrible coffee addict,” Bob said as he was pouring delicious black poison into my cup.

    “I understand you, son,” she giggled again. Bob sent me a confused look that I answered with a smirk. Bob’s mother was obviously an easy lady who loved having men in her circle of acquaintances. She was also a very vain woman, who did everything to be in the centre of attention. She was nothing like Bob.

    “You also love coffee?” I said sounding as eager to hear more about an old hag’s drinking habits.

    She giggled again, “Yes, there’s nothing better than a hot cup of coffee in the morning.”

    “Imagine it’s snowing-“

    “It doesn’t snow here,” she interrupted

    “That’s the point,” I smiled nicely, “Imagine a cold winter evening. The snow’s so thick you couldn’t step a foot outside. So you sit, nicely in an armchair reading your favourite book, with a cup of delicious latte next to you. That’s better than any coffee in the morning.”

    She looked up to me with watery eyes, “That’s beautiful!”

    “Yes, mother.” Bob interrupted, “Could I steal Gerard for a second? I need to talk with him about some business. You wouldn’t be interested anyway, trust me.”

    I stood up, but sent her one last smile before leaving. She giggled again – well, that was getting old. As soon as we got to the kitchen I pulled out a cigarette.

    “Not here, Gerard. She doesn’t even know I smoke, let alone have people smoke in her house.”

    “She obviously haven’t noticed your yellow fingers,” I smirked.

    “I told her I use curry a lot,” he said, “You know, for cooking?”

    I let out a small laugh, ”That’s the worst lie you’ve ever told.”

    “I know, wait until you hear all the lies I’ve told today. You’ll be freaked.”

    “Go ahead,” I said

    “No, not here. Lets go out to have a cigarette. I really need one.”

    “You don’t smoke,” I teased.

    “Ha fucking ha,” he said, “I’ll blame the smell on you. She had to notice you smell like a chimney.”

    “Doesn’t matter. She’s so into me she’d crawl into bed with me right away, doesn’t matter if I smoked or not.

    “Hey! That’s my mother you’re talking about!”

    “You don’t like it, because it’s the truth!” I teased some more.

    We sat down on the stairs behind the house where she wouldn’t see us. The garden looked dead. It seemed like no one had moved a finger there for years it seemed, and I was probably right.

    “This place looks like a graveyard of some kind,” I said lighting my cancer-stick.

    “Yes, I agree with you. You want to know what’s hilarious?” He asked and I groaned as an answer, “I told my mother that Mikey was the gardener.”

    “What?” I asked laughing at how ridiculous that sounded, “Is he straightening the plants or something? Because this garden looks quite dead and that’s the main thing he’s good at. He hasn’t even held a rake in his entire life!”

    “It doesn’t matter,” Bob said letting out a small laugh, “Mother bought it.”

    “So, what happened to Frank?”

    “That’s, what I wanted to talk about at the first place,” Bob said pausing slowly, “You don’t remember last night, do you?”

    “No, I don’t. Why do you ask?”

    “How much do you remember?”

    “I remember drinking whiskey with Frank in the basement. Why do you ask?”

    “Frank remembered last night,” he stated.

    “And? What is it, Bob? What are you keeping from me?”

    “I am not keeping anything from you, Gerard.”

    “Tell me,” I said.

    “F-Frank,” he said, “Frank raped you, Gerard.”

    “What?” I said laughing lightly.

    “Yes,” he said staring at the ground, “He told me you wanted to escape, that you said you’d kill him, but he didn’t care.”

    “What the living fuck are you talking about?”

    “You were crying in front of Frank asking him to stop hurting you, Gerard.”

    “Is it a sick joke?” I asked getting angry with Bob, “You know you can’t bullshit me.”

    “Frank told me you had cried for help, but some unreal power possessed him and he didn’t listen to you,” Bob said facing me with nothing more but pity in his eyes, “He said he didn’t understand, how you got into the bed because you had locked yourself into the bathroom. You had been crying till he passed out. Please tell me you remember something!”

    I stared into the blankness, which once formed Bob’s face. My mind didn’t get a grip around what Bob had said. Frank raped me? That couldn’t be! I was the person who was playing games with little helpless Frank. I seduced him, but I was in control. I was in control the whole time.


    I didn’t cry out for my mother. Why would I do that? I was in control. People in control don’t cry for help. This is some sick joke.

    “Gerard? Are you okay?”

    “Do I look okay? Do you understand what you just told me? You told me that I got r-raped- used the second time in my life? I have the power, Bob. I do not get used anymore.”

    “Please do not freak out,” he said worried, “This is not the right time. We are already very close to ending up in jail!”

    “Then don’t bullshit me! Where is the little dip shit?”

    “He’s in the guests room, cleaning.”


    “The basement was occupied and we needed help. My mother believes he’s the butler.”

    “Am I dreaming or are you just really stupid?” I raised my voice, “I left for seven fucking hours and I come back to this? Why is the basement occupied?”

    “R-Ray’s there,” he said.

    “Why is Ray in your basement, Bob?” I sighed.

    “Because he saw Frank.”

    “Why wasn’t Frank in the basement at the first place?”

    “Because Mikey went to wash him,” he paused.


    “Mikey had kissed Frank and we had a dispute about it, when Ray walked in.”


    “You heard me,” he said getting serious, “You may not, I repeat may not, make a scene right now. You aren’t supposed to even know these guys far from yelling at them. I know your temper, Gerard, but please do not do anything stupid.”

    “Be right back, I need to kill someone,” I said throwing the fag away and got up.


    A/N: I'm a review addict, so please give me some!
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    Asdfgh :O
    This is chaos ... nice, beautiful, organized chaos :D
    I love it
    Bobs mom sounds pretty fun, but shit Gerarads gonna freak out, blow a gasket, and ruin everything.
    I wonder who he's planning to kill ...
    I CANT WAIT TO SEE WHAT HE DOES NOW!!! MMMM i sense some crazy gee sometime soon. oh god poor gerard. so sad that he got raped again.
  18. I have horrible psycho reader, who found this situation entertaining! But don't you guys worry, I find it as entertaining as you do. In which case I'm not sure if we're all psychos or this actually is a nice lovely funny story.

    Also, thank you very much! And the next chapter may actually be the last one...
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    Oh Gerard, killing is really never the answer...
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    New reader !! =D

    I can't say anything productive so I'll just say that you have me hooked. Utterly and completely in love with this story.
    And like many other people, I'm a little bit on Gerard's side in all of this..

    I never thought I'd say this sentence, but I hope Gerard kills Ray and not Frank..

    And Bob's mum is really, really annoying. e_e

    Much much love for you and this messed up and strangely enticing story. <3

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