Sending shivers right down your spine

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  1. Sending shivers right down your spine. [Frerard]


    Sending shivers right down your spine


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    in November 2009




    Rating: 18+

    Summary: Kidnapping is an art - like lock picking, like pickpocketing, like murder. An art, which requires stealth and a lack of morals. To kidnap is to gain something, something desired. Heart beating, dry mouth, screams.

    Genere: Crime, Romance, Gore.

    Characters: Frank Iero, Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Bob Bryar, Ray Toro.

    Disclaimer: This is complete fiction, I do not own any of My Chemical Romance's members and I don't encourage any activity that's referred to in the story.




    Chapter Index:

    Prologue - Page One.


    Chapter 1: The sleeping beauty - Page Two.
    Chapter 2: Water and food are overrated - Page Two.
    Chapter 3: In charge - Page Three.
    Chapter 4: Inconsequential - Page Three.
    Chapter 5: 9 hours - Page Four.
    Chapter 6: The brother - Page Five.
    Chapter 7: Uncomfortable past - Page Six.
    Chapter 8: I never did anything to you - Page Six.
    Chapter 9: Crackbrained - Page Nine.
    Chapter 10: Feebleminded, edgy and unstable - Page Ten.


    Chapter 11: I told you to kiss him, ******! - Page Twelve.
    Chapter 12: Memory gap - Page Thirteen.
    Chapter 13: It isn't murder if it makes the world a better place - it's excision - Page Thirteen.
    Chapter 14: I don't need you here - Page Fifteen.
    Chapter 15: Do I get bonus points if I act like I care? - Page Sixteen
    Chapter 16: I miss my mother - Page Sixteen
    Chapter 17: I think I'm gonna be sick and it's your fault - Page Sixteen
    Chapter 18: I'm just a bastard, but at least I admit it - Page Seventeen
    Chapter 19: Fix me, motherfucker! - Page Eighteen
    Chapter 20: A million Hail Mary’s won't save you now - Page Eighteen


    Chapter 21: Disturbance voltage - Page Nineteen
    Chapter 22: Unpredictable - Page Twenty
    Chapter 23: The stool of repentance - Page Twenty.
    Chapter 24: MURDER - Page Twenty One.

    The End.


  2. Prologue​

    “Let me go! I know it’s you Gerard! Fuck it, why are you doing this?” I screamed into nothing. I didn’t know where I was; neither did I know if there even was anybody in the room. I wasn’t able to see anything caused by a clothed object on my head – probably a cloth bag, my hands were tied behind my back and my legs were fastened to the chair’s legs.

    “It’s not like my parents have any money for the ransom or anything! Just let me fucking go!” it was true. My family was poor or well, the two persons I call my family – a man who was called my father but never was there for me. He had more time for a bottle and random hookers than he had for my mother and me. And my mother, Amber, who was an elegant woman. Or rather was until she met my father, who made her into a home slave. Slave in every way. She had to do everything to please him and if she didn’t she was hit until she couldn’t take it anymore and passed out. I was raised in tears.

    “No, I won’t let you go. Yes, I am Gerard. This is not a problem of yours why I’m doing it. And of course I didn’t kidnap you for money, silly,” said a totally calm voice from the darkness. I don’t know if the room I was in really was dark but it felt like a basement so I bet it was.

    “Of course it’s MY FUCKING PROBLEM when I’m the one sitting here a dirty bag on my head, not even knowing why! And I swear to god Gerard, I will fucking kill you when I get free of these freaking ropes!” Why would somebody kidnap a 16 years old boy for other than ransom?

    ”Big words from a tiny boy,” I felt as someone brushed his hand over my neck.

    “DON’T FUCKING TOUCH ME!” I yelled as I pulled my head away from whoever’s hand it was. The same hand grabbed the bag and pulled it over my head, so I was able to see 3 bodies standing in front of me. And the room was indeed dark. The hand gripped my jaw and made me look at him, it was Gerard.

    ”You are not going to yell at me! Keep it low or you will regret it!” he hissed through clenched teeth. It made me spat at his face. He didn’t make a face, just dried it with the back of his hand and said: “Okay. If that’s what you want.. No food for 5 days, water once in a day and no leaving from this chair for a week,” he smirked at me, “next time, learn some respect.” With that he turned on his heels and walked out of the door, 2 people following him.

    I’m so gonna kill that, bitch!
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    I'm hooked already, more when you can!
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    woah, i like it! please keep writting! poor frankie!!!
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    I'm hooked.
    But is Bob Brian a deliberate mistake? If it is I apologise, but incase it isn't, his name is Bob Bryar.
  6. welcome new readers. : D
    *gives everyone a candy*

    Niamh & Kammie: i'm happy you liked it. : D i try to update as soon as possible.

    Lily: bahahaha, x] well, yeeh it was a mistake. probably didn't check everything before posting. thanks for noticing and telling me. i appreciate it.. and i'm happy you liked it.
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    You are really good at spotting typos.
    I think I love you. ;]
  8. and i love her too. =^.^=
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    I like this story already, interesting idea, please update soon!

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    That's all I can think of to say at the moment. I really like your writing style and I'm loving the plot at the moment.
  11. Kayla & Alex: welcome, new blood. : D
    thank you very much

    and i'm going to update now.
  12. The sleeping beauty

    I heard that somebody was walking on the ground floor. It has been extending for hours now. I can’t sleep cause the chair is so uncomfortable and I can’t stop thinking why I’m here and what they’re going to do to me.
    I’m not afraid of Gerard. Why should I? He has been my classmate from the first grade; I never actually talked to him, though. He was always the.. outsider – very antisocial and weird.
    But I could have never thought he’s so weird to put me into a basement!


    I was walking home from school. It was such an ordinary day. There were some stupid tests at school, some nerds to beat up and loads of cigarettes to smoke. Everything was rather fine, even through I didn’t really feel like going home. But it was nothing new anyway; I never wanted to go back there.. still, I did, every time.
    I walked past some pretty groomed gardens while listening to The Misfits and smoking the last cigarette of the pack.

    “Fuck, I need to stop at the local store,” was my last mumble when a car stopped by me and three guys with masks jumped out.

    I couldn’t really do anything, there was too many of them and soon after the last thought, “what the fuck?” somebody hit me and everything went dark.


    When I opened my eyes I saw nothing, my hands and legs were fastened and I was in a laying position.

    “He’s not going to wake up before the morning, I guess” I heard a familiar voice, “and he thinks he’s such a bad ass.” A roar of laughter filled the what-ever-machine-it-was.

    Gerard? Why is he here? Is he kidnapped too?

    And then it hit me.

    “Oh my god, you fucking kidnapped me,” I yelled.

    “Oww, the sleeping beauty finally woke up,” I heard the mocking tone in his voice, “Mikey do something to him, I’m not in the mood for his whining at the moment.”

    I heard a low, “sure,” and something really hard hit me... again.


    A/N: comments would be uber, super, mega, adorable. x)
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    Okay, this plot so far is excellent, I really, really can't wait for more! I feel bad for Frankie, but should I? :)
  14. Niamh: Thanks honey, you make me feel really good about it.
  15. story....i love you and you know tooo..lalalalala....i love this..keep it up, girl!you have talent.....(sorry for stupid comm but i'm grinning like an idiot cuz now you have a new fanfic, and that makes me happpy..why?because i like your story already and i'll bet this will be the best if you'll continue and amy are the best writers.if you'll continue this-as i said before- maybe THE BEST)
    Love, black_little_heart
  16. black_little_heart: your comment honestly made my day. :D:D
    and now i am grinning like a maniac. why? cause i love you so freaking much. <3

    i try to update as soon as possible.. even tho i always pomise that and fail most of the times. :S
  17. grinning too..anyway..i have to go to bed...byes..
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    So Gerard and Frank are the same age? That's pretty damn awesome. I thought Gerard was going to be thirty or something. Now I really want to see Gerard go to school, knowing about Frank while he's missing. That'd be really interesting; in my eyes at least.

    Anyway I'm really looking forward to an update. I don't say that very much at all, but I felt myself smiling when I saw a new chapter today, and can't wait for another one.

    Yup ^_^
  19. black_little_heart: <3 hope you had a good night.

    Alex: yeeh, they are the same age, or Gerard is a bit older but he's not 30. :D
    about that Gerard POV.. i usually don't listen to what people tell me to write about..
    i actually like your idea a lot, so i'm definitely going to put it in, maybe not in the very next chapters but it's going to be in it.
    thanks for the good idea, and thanks for liking it.
  20. Water and food are overrated​

    Sitting on the same chair for hours is no fun. I felt a deep almost burning need for cigarettes and my ass was numb.
    The room was still dark but my eyes were getting used to it and I was starting to actually separate some objects in the room. Like I said, it was a basement. There was a couch, a TV, loads of shelves pushed by the walls - covered with some totally random objects and small kitchen-kind of-place. There was a fridge, some counters, a stove and a table with some chairs. It was pretty clean which surprised me but I waved it off.
    My stomach was growling. I wasn’t used to not getting food for such a long time. Or well, I didn’t actually even know what time it was. It felt like a day or so but I wasn’t sure cause I didn’t know for how long I had been knocked out.

    “I never liked that kid,” I mumbled to myself, “I think I haven’t even talked to him. Why should that stupid, idiotic boy kidnap me? Cause he’s stupid and idiotic, just like I just said.”

    Wait, why am I talking with myself? I’m not going to lose my mind cause some kind of brat is holding me in his, or whoever’s basement. Haha, no, I’m not going to give up that easily.

    I was in the half way of planning a perfect murder for all of them when the only door of the room opened and one person walked in. As the person walked closer I understood it was Gerard and he had a glass in his hand – probably water.

    “So Frankie boy is up and ready for the day?” he asked as he put the glass on the table and pulled a cigarette pack out. Great, now he’s going to smoke in front of me and I have nothing else to do than just drool. Awesome, really freaking awesome!

    “What time is it?” I felt like jumping up and smashing him with the freaking chair I was sitting on, but I knew I couldn’t so I just buried that idea and tried to stay calm.

    “It’s 7 in the morning. I brought you some water, you’re not going to get any till the next morning so don’t waste it.” He said and smirked at the words ‘next morning’ and ‘waste’.

    “Could I get a cigarette?” I had to ask it, even through I was sure he would say ‘no’, at least I had to try.

    “Let me think about it,” he made a thinking face and looked over my shoulder, then he glued his eyes to mine and smirked... again, “no.”

    That was probably the worst possible thing ever. I’m going to lose it for sure now.
    I get totally sick when I don’t get any cigarettes, I’m getting moody and angry, and the only things I start thinking about are cigarettes and how good it felt when the smoke was filling my lungs. I can’t really stand myself when I’m acting like that. The food was insignificant now; it was more about not getting my daily amount of nicotine.

    I didn’t answer him; I was too busy with thinking about a better murder plan. It involved cigarettes, the chair I was sitting on and a big kitchen knife.

    “Anyway, I wanted to inform you that we are all going to leave and you’re going to be here alone till 4pm. There’s no point in trying to get out, there’s no windows and the door is locked,” he walked into the kitchen area picked a chair up and put it down in front of me, “ohh, and about the water. Try not to waste it, it’s for your own good.” And he put the glass onto the chair, so it was out of my reach.

    “I can’t really get it,” I said, hoping he did some kind of mistake and was going to give me the glass.

    “I know,” he put that cocky grin on his face again, “like I said, next time learn some respect.” And he walked out of the room.


    A/N: god, i know i could do so much better but i guess the writers block is visiting me once again.
    anyway, it doesn't really matter cause i'm still going to update and my unwanted visitor is soon going to be back in hell (cause it's honestly where it belongs -.-).

    ohh, and the next chapter's going to be in Gerard's POV..

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