Secrets Kept From Parents

Discussion in 'General Off Topic' started by mcr xshannx, Mar 6, 2007.

  1. xokay_nowx

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    They don't know that the abuse went on for longer than they knew. Yeah, the fact that I put the lives of myself and others at risk and could have gotten into serious legal trouble a few times because of it brought their attention to it, but they don't know that I looked to it so often when I was sad, that I could always count on it to calm me down, that I'm really quite scared as to what I'm going to do without it, since I've had it around since I was fourteen.

    And this isn't a secret from them, but I'm just gonna add that I am getting clean now.
  2. kadoodle

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    My parents still don't know the half of what I got up to when I still lived under their roof. If if wasn't for the fact that I have children, they'd probably still think I was a virgin.

    They never realized I smoked, drank, smoked pot, climbed out the window and hung around in town at night, got into clubs and pubs underage, joined the communist party, drag raced my car (and mum's), was arrested for chaining myself to a bulldozer at an anti-logging demonstration or have suffered from eating disorders on and off since primary school.
  3. *sighs* Yes...I am in the same situation....
    But for some reason, I kind of find it easy to keep it a secret....
    My parents don't care. By don't care I mean about things they SHOULD care about. My parents are racist, sexist, AND homophobic (my dad's not homophobic though). They also don't know the fact that I'm AGAINST those things. It's pretty funny. The stupid thing is that if I get caught talking to a guy, somebody who's gay/lesbian/bisexual/transsexual, or if they're a different skin color than I am, they would ground me almost immediately. It sucks having the strict parents that I have, and they don't know how much the suicidal thoughts have been suicidal actions..

  4. I totally know what you mean. My dad and brother are the most racist, homophobic, stupid assholes I've ever met. My brother has mental illness' which doesn't help seeing as if he saw me holding a girls hand I would probably need to run, like, fuck. Dads an alcoholic as well... Alcohol + Homophobia = bad. The other night he was talking about him beating the shit out of some '******' at a bar he was at or something. Mum thinks lesbians and bisexuals are discusting too. My dads hit me a fair few times for sticking up for my gay/lesbian/bisexual friends which sucks >< But yeah. Lifes crappy right?
  5. MoikoiGirl96

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    They don't know I'm bi.
  6. ZeroToHero

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    Hi mom I stopped taking my pills. Even though I tell you I do everyday nope not anymore I hate them and I don't want to okay bye.
  7. Another secret:

    I hate you all...and it's not 'just something all teenagers feel'. I just do.
  8. Dust Angel

    Dust Angel Unloveable. Staff Member

    They don't know that my best friend lives on the opposite side of the country.
  9. Dumbledore

    Dumbledore glass child.

    They don't know that I'm pansexual, and they also don't know that I am no longer a virgin.
  10. Oh my, I feel bad for you.
    You have it worse than I do
    :\ I'm sorry
    And yes, life is crappy....
  11. I don't have it that bad. My bestfriend (Or girlfriend... whatever you wanna call it) has been on holiday for like 2 weeks and comes back tomorrow. As long as shes here I can deal with anything life throws at me, 'Cause I know that she's not going to make me deal with it alone. Another one of the many reason why I love her as much as I do. :) Life's gonna get better. Promise!
  12. Dust Angel

    Dust Angel Unloveable. Staff Member

    They don't know how worthless they make me feel.
  13. I'mNotOkayIPromise

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    My parents dont know that Ive self harmed, and Im really insecure of myself. I play instruments, and Im good, Ill admit it, but I want to be the best. They think Im okay with it, when really, I want to be THE best. Like, admired and looked up to instead of hated on and picked on for the way i dress and the music i listen to and play.
  14. Yes. I understand the feelings behind that sentence you said. -.-

    Yeah....I can see that.

    I like how if you really look at all the comments on this thread, you may (or may not) find something in common with someone else. :) I'm happy of how only a subject can do that.
  15. RachelS

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    They don't know how lonely I am.
  16. I'mNotOkayIPromise

    I'mNotOkayIPromise New Member

    I agree. And I like, just realized how selfish my post sounded :|
  17. Aki

    Aki New Member

    They don't know shit about be basically!

    a few chosen are..

    I used to self harm
    I'm gay
    That my GACKT tickt cost £45... not £27
  18. Zolee Way Iero

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    Well, my parents don't know almost anything about me. They know I smoke cigarettes. But they don't know lot of other things. For example:
    I drink alcoholic drinks they have at home when they're not around
    I've been drunk tons of times
    I'm bisexual, and my girlfriend is who they think it is my "best friend"
    I hate them with all my heart, and I'm looking forward to grow up and escape from them
    I will never EVER gonna see them again once I moved
    I hurt myself all the time (I mean, like cutting my wrists)
    I'm not happy as much as they think

    And well, you may see they don't really know me...They don't even think I've got senses of what life is. They think I don't have a heart...Well, I hate them, I don't care :)
  19. My mom makes me feel stupid. I'm sorry if tiny things escape my mind (at least I didn't forget my child at home) and that she actually call me 'stupid' sometimes.

    EXPLOSION Active Member

    -My mom has no idea just how much all this stuff that's going on is affecting me and how stressed I am.
    - They don't know how crazy I got those few days that I ran out of anxiety medication and how much it worries me

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