Secrets Kept From Parents

Discussion in 'General Off Topic' started by mcr xshannx, Mar 6, 2007.

  1. mcr xshannx

    mcr xshannx New Member

    does any one keep secrets from their parents? like stuff that you don't want your parents to find out. my secret is that i have AIM and am signed on this forum and have an e-mail through AIM. i don't use the e-mail though.
  2. Vega

    Vega Cosmonaut

    I do naughty things.
    I do more naughty things.
    I ditch school sometimes.
    I drink.
    I drive over the speed limit.
    I own this forum. Seriously they don't know or they will tell all my family and friends.
    Dang, a lot more things.

    It's not that I'm a liar, but some things are better left unsaid. Good thread by the way.
  3. Don Ricalo

    Don Ricalo Panda Bear.


    They know next to nothing about me. As far as they know, I'm a nice, mature person who's polite and likes computers.

    They don't know I'm abusive.
    They don't know I'm a tad racist.
    (As far as I know) They don't know that when we went camping we all got severely drunk. Although it was a bit of a giveaway coming home with a few vomit stains on my clothing.
    They don't know the stuff I've done at school.
    They don't know the stuff I've done in town.
    They don't know just how much money I've spent and had nothing to show for it.

    I'm sure there's plenty more, I just can't think of any atm.
  4. LivingDead

    LivingDead Active Member

    I have slipped my mom numerous sleeping pills to seek out, throw parties, ect
    I used to cut
    I had a miscarriage
    The extenacy of my drug use (I dont anymore)
    My new peiceing down below
    My tattoo
    who my baby's daddy is
    and hmm i dont know what els
  5. TheFroOwns

    TheFroOwns New Member

    That when my mom went out to the bar after we fought.
    I drank some of her beer and got drunk.
    And the next day she wondered where it went.
  6. omg haha :lol:
  7. Bear

    Bear Digi-destined

    I don't really keep secrets from them, I just don't tell them things x]
    They don't know I'm bisexual
    That I self harm[ed]
    When my mum was drinking I drank her alchohol when she passed out
    I have loads of Hentai on my computer [XD]
  8. Lenore

    Lenore Inked and Sexy Staff Member

    Hmm, let's see
    × They don't know I'm Bisexual
    × They don't know I skip school often
    × They don't know I take drugs
    × They don't know I drink
    × They don't know I cut
    × They don't know I'm planning on getting pierced
    × They don't know I'm planning on getting a tatt.

    That's about it x)
  9. Toasty

    Toasty New Member

    They dont know I hate every single one of my relatives
    that I have given my brother his money, and my drumset will arrive shortly >.>
    That I keep my sisters secrets and tell noone.

    That my sister has been seeing her ex-boyfriend for two years, she has been pregnant MORE than twice, she slipped me pills to knock me out before a party, etc.

    OH! and I dont think they know my namexD [im not kidding actually. They call me Kameron. O_O] or at least not well.
  10. Le Petit Lion

    Le Petit Lion New Member

    they don't knowmy name either. call me kameron. he's 16 and a guy. i feel loved...

    but anyway.

    x i break into their room. they are clueless.
    x i've let all my friends boyfriends come over and hang out alone either in the back room or the back yard without supervision. they'de die.
    x that i'm bi. (again. they are clueless)

    really, i'm very open towards them.
  11. RIOT!

    RIOT! Active Member

    that i've had boyfriends. (seriously my mum doesn't want me to have a boyfriend)
    that i used to drink alot. (i only drink occasionaly now)
    that i used to smoke.
    that i hate my step dad, and my real dad.
  12. mcrxlover

    mcrxlover New Member

    There is so much they don't know..

    -That I'm bisexual
    -That I've experimented with alcohol on more than one occasion
    -That I had sixty dollars and spend it all in one day
    -That I cut
    -That I'm deeply depressed
    -That besides online friends, I don't really have any
    -That I smoke
    -That I've stolen from them
    -That when I went to public school I skipped alot
    -Last but not least, they don't know I got expelled from my "homeschool" program today which isnt really homeschool. You just go to a center once a week and take tests but you do your work at home. My mom is going to kill me.
  13. Indy

    Indy Active Member

    My parents know basically everything about me. They're genuinely not bothered what I do.

    Saying that, I've heard faaaaar worse stories from my Step-Dad, about stuff he did when he was 17-21.
  14. Green_pixie

    Green_pixie Active Member

    Errrmm I tell them most things but....

    They don't know:

    I'm depressed and scared they won't believe me.

    That I don't eat sometimes and that I sometimes make myself be sick.

    That I want to get loads more tattoos.

    That I like to hurt myself.

    That I hate myself and most of the people I know.

    That I wanted to kill myself.

    That I'm bi.
  15. D E A D

    D E A D New Member

    They don't know lots of things about me. Tehy don't know that one time I had to get my stomach pumped after getting alcohol poisoning. Pff, never will!
  16. Lyndsey

    Lyndsey New Member

    well, they dont really know how much i drink (they have guessed that ive been drinking a few times though.
    and theres that time a couple of years ago that i burned my brother's room's carpet while they were out, but just covered it up. they did eventually find that out and gave me hell for it, but meh.
    theres also the time i had an empty at my cousin's house (she lives away now but kept her house which i had a key to) and that we broke her rowing machine. parents thought i was staying at a friend's
  17. Pansy_Face

    Pansy_Face Setting my friends on fire

    My parents know nothing about me.

    They don't know that...

    -I'm bisexual. [[Though my mom probably does, thanks to gossiping parents.]]
    -I've had numerous boy and girlfriends.
    -I'm stretching my ears out.
    -I'm happy when I'm not around them.
    -I cut.
    -I hate them.
    -I hate my brother.
    -I pretty much hate every one of my family members.

    Theres so much more.

    But whatever.

    Seriously I never talk to them.

    I hate them.
  18. brandi

    brandi New Member

    They don't know:

    I've smoked pot.
    Drank alcohol at parties.
    Took acid.
    Made out with numerous guys (and girls) at hotel parties.
    Experimented with Wicca.
    I was anorexic for a short time.
    Tried to kill myself.

    And I hope they never find out because all of that stuff is from a completely different time in my life and I would like to forget it.
    I'm a completely different person now so it doesn't matter anymore.
  19. GuitarFreak77

    GuitarFreak77 New Member

    Well I'm probably too old to worry about what my parents know about me but yet there are still secrets.
    they don't know that I'm taking anti-depressants
    and They don't know how close I came to turning to drugs and things much worse than alcohol in the last couple of years.
  20. Alesha

    Alesha New Member

    hmm let's see...secrets i keep from my parents.

    - I cut (well my mom knows but my dad doesn't)
    - She doesn't know that I haven't stopped cutting, i just cut in places she never looks.
    -If i can't get to sleep or am really stressed out, i take a lot of painkillers or drink really strong alcohol.
    - I hate most of my friends
    - I don't like visiting with any of my relatives, not even with my grandparents, i think of visiting them as more of a job than volunteer.
    - I think I have a mental problem, but am afraid to tell my parents because they wouldn't take me seriously.
    - I hate most of my relatives.
    - I'm seriously depressed
    - that I am annoyed by everybody, and i hate when people get too close to me, physically and emotionally (it's why i never hug or kiss my parents or my friends)
    - i cry at least once everyday
    - i am jealous of my little sister, beause she's got more friends than i do, and she's got more guy friends than i will ever have in my life time.
    - I like being left alone.
    - they don't know that i'm scared that i'll never find someone that will love me for who i am, and that i'm scared that i'll die alone and bitter.
    - they don't know that i hate how I can just change my emotions and hide my true feelings so people think i'm okay.

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