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Discussion in 'General Off Topic' started by i want Party Poision, Feb 1, 2016.

  1. Remember when this site was still the black parade . net? When new members joined daily by the bunches and hundreds would be online constantly? The last member joined last year. Over a month ago. I wonder what has happened to everyone, how you guys have grown, if you a still love My Chem just as much as in the past. Do you still read/write fanfictions? Do bands still consume your lives?
    Now this place seems so dead. Every thread has gone grey. Once the band broke up so did we. I still go through and read old fanfictions that you guys wrote. I love them just as much now as I did then. I'd like to delete my stories and rewrite from the beginnings but everything is changed so much I can't seem to find anything, much less s delete button. The curse words have been blocked out hahaha. Life has certainly moved on.
    I'm still stuck in my past ways I guess. I miss everyone. Half of you butts didn't finish your fics. But I guess neither did I. I hope you guys are happier. All of you. We were all so sad and angry haha. But I guess that's why we all worked together so well. Take care guys. I'll probably just be wandering here on the site like s ghost. I'm the website ghost. Maybe I can win that in the 2016 yearbook.
  2. Snot.

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    Oh! I remember it as theblackparade! Oh, what times they were.

    I've moved on from MCR and fanfictions long ago. I barely know their newer creation before they split up. This site sure was golden back in the day, but people who were teenagers back then are most likely working adults with other hobbies and interests. I wouldn't even have the time to dedicate my love and devotion to the band the way I used to, haha!

    Don't be sad. It was a magnificent time, but instead of sighing and missing the glory days, immerse yourself in the nostalgia and celebrate the chaotic past that was your youth!
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    I too remember the old TBP forum, and it was bustling with life, new members left right and centre!!..I joined when i was a teenager (under a different name), and im now 27, it will always hold a special place in my heart because i met so many like minded individuals who shared a love of Fan fics and of course MCR!..I do miss the days and now ive gotten back into the forum game, everyones gone..Its a sad, sad existence :(

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