Running from the past (Killjoy fic)

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    Running from the past

    Rating: 15 (language and some sexual themes)
    Main Characters: Party Poison Kobra Kid, Jet Star, Fun Ghoul, Cyanide Sunshine, Artistic Accident, Death Star.
    Summary: December 14th 2012 is when the world fell under the mercy of BL/ind, can the killjoys stop BL/ind from total world domonation.
    Genre: Action, Drama, Friendship, Romance
    Chapter Index: Chapter 1 page 1: Look Alive Sunshine
    Chapter 2 Page 1: Get Up And Go
    Chapter 3 Page 1: Your comming with us!
    Chapter 4 Page 1: Break the ice
    Chapter 5 page 2: you'll be my detonator
    Hope you enjoy the story leave me your comments tell me what you think I want to here form you!! =D
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    Chapter 1: Look Alive Sunshine

    Look Alive Sunshine...

    BL/ind started as anyother compeney in Califorinia or the world for that matter, small and vulnerable in some respects. BL/ind soon became more stronger and more advanced building new bombs stronger and more powerful than any other man had seen before.

    Before that day in early December life was smooth, poeople going about there day to day buisunis. Then it happened, friday 14th December 2012 was the day the whole world changed.

    I should probably introduce myself; My name is Lucy or Lu lu for short, my hair is black with a blue fringe and purple highlights through it, my eyes are sea green in colour and I am 5'ft tall and my skin is quite pale in colour. I was 14 when it happened. My familiy had just moved from the West Middlands in England to LA Califorinia, we had to move there because my dad had just lost his job so we had to move where the work was as my mom put it. Me and my sister Vicki Wern't very happy about it but we carried on.

    We moved the September before the bombings, right before my 14th birthday. My mom and dad gave my a diary so I could write just how I felt right there and then. I started high school a couple days after my birthday, I gotta admit american high schools are a lot different that English ones. You were catagorized as soon as the other kids saw you in my new school, I hated it.

    I had made a couple friends but one stood by me, her name Natalie. Red hair with blue highlights, very small although very strong, lip ring and like me pale faced. I used to call her rebel because of the tattoo she has on her wrist of vampire teeth I also got one just before the bommings of a random musical note got to admit I do look older than I am.

    On that Friday we were in lession when the first bomb went off, the whole city wen't into chaos, people running around the streets not caring about the J-walking law, car alarms and house alarms went off all over the city, me and Natalie legged it out of school and ran for our hide out place in an old ware house not far from where we lived.

    After the first bomb went off more and more were dropped on the city, papers wood and plaster board flying all over the place, we knew who it was, BLI/ind. I could here screams of people who were being loaded onto vans and taken to the headquarters you could say of BL/ind.

    Me and Natalie knew that we would have to run soon or get found so we took our chances and ran for home, unfortantly the whole neighbourhood had been dystroyed by one of the bombs, I was devastated, Natalie burst into tears which was unusual for her because she never nornaly cries.

    I ran to where my home used to be, pictures of us on holiday and of our family back in England smashed, burned or ripped in to peices across the street the only thing I saved was my diary, I never even saw my parents of sister again. I grabbed my diary before being loaded into them vans with aload of other teenagers, some I reconised from school and others from round my street. I knew from then on life would be a matter of life and death.
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    Hi, please use this format for the start of your fic:

    You'll also need to proof-read as there are some spelling and gramatical errors.
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    Yeah just brush up on your grammar and spelling :)
    I'd suggest a helps a lot
    But anyways this seems like it will be a pretty good story
    Keep at it!
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    Chapter 2: Get Up And Go

    Chapter 2: Get Up And Go

    I felt the van stopping, I took a quick look at Natalie she had pure fear in her eyes, pure fear. The doors were pulled open and the draculoids grabbed us and pulled us out of the van where we were told to stand in a line, I could still here bombs going off every-where.

    An asian woman with bobbed cut black hair a grey waistcoat with a white blouse under neeth it, and skirt which mached the colour of the waist coat came half running half walking over to us, her black high-healed shoes echoing off the white building arround us.

    "Hello and welcome to Better Living Indusrudies headquarters". She flashed such a fake smile it was unreal. "Now we have brought you kids here to lead a better life, a happier life one thats not full of crime."

    "So you think that bomming Califorinia is gonna make a difference?" She looked right at me, her eyes looked gray in the right light, she walked over to me:

    "Look, miss. We have bigger plans much bigger plans, its not just Califorinia its the whole world, now if I were you I would keep my mouth shut." Her voice dripped with venom she tured her attention away from me to one of the brainless dracs.

    "Ok kids, follow him," she pointed to the drac that she was talking to a few moments ago "And he will take you to where you will stay from now on boys and girls in 2 seprate lines please" Me and Natalie went to the back of the girls line we started to walk to a massive white building, all this white come on so plain, why not something like purple or green?

    We walked past a massive TV screen a bunch of Dracs were sat on a blue couch waching a news broadcast of the events that had been happening arround the world, I couldn't here it as such but a picture of a bald man with a gray and white suite thing on flashed upon the TV screen, the Dracs laughed at this, I was so confused. Why were they laughing?

    After walking sevral flights of stairs we finaly reached a corridor, the inside wasnt much different from the outside: White walls, Black carpets and that creepy smily face by every staircase or lift, it realy creeped me out.

    The Drac put us in two's, Me and Natalie were together I made sure of it. We were directed to a room each, me and Natalie were the last to get ours. We had a huge window that over looked the headquarters and what was Los Angles, now a bomb site, litarly. There were 2 single beds each with a white duvay and black pillows and a single table lamp, there was a small TV on the wall, and a seprate bathroom.

    "Well, This is our new home our new life." Natalie gazed at the pictures as she said it.

    "We need to find a way out of here before they start turning us into Dracs."

    "It's only dudes they turn into Dracs." She pointed out I nodded as I dumped my bags on the bed by the window. "We will find a way out of here I know we will."

    2 years later:

    "I've got a plan." Natalie announced as I entered the our room after stupid school, with all the stupid kids that 'Take their pills every day.' Never touched one and surprisingly never been caught.

    "Go on." I sat my bag on the bed waiting for her to reply.

    "Well we go tonight, sneek to the border of the city not far from here I may add. Shoot down any dracs we see then hitch a ride on a car or bike to the desert simple." She held out to guns that she'd some who nicked from the weppons room.

    "Okay, lets get packing pack stuff you need." I started by getting a small bag from under my bed and went for my favourite outfit: Purple tank top with black stars dotted over it, shorts 1 half Purple the other Black, Fishnet tights, Knee high black converse, all ready my arms were covered in band braclets like 30 Seconds To Mars, Blink 182, Mindless Self Indulgence, Panic! At The Disco ect. Around my neck a A7x necklace and my favourite pice of jewlery; A mucsical note which hung from a dainty silver chain arround my neck, my dad got it me before we moved from England to America. I put in other clothes and make up such as band tops skinny jeans eye liner all that stuff and most of all my diary and lighter.

    "Ready?" Natalie announced as I zipped my bag up, she walked over to the door, I joined her recieving a ray gun which was white obviously a BL/ind gun but I'd customize it later.

    "Right stick to the plan." We quickly opened the door and moved quickly through the corridors finaly reaching the exit of the building. We opened the glass door and onto the parking lot, Natalie's movments were low and fast I coppied her as not to get caught.

    When we finaly reached the border and to my supprise there wern't many dracs patrolling the gate. Natalie pointed to a bike close to where we were hiding. I hopped on Natalie followed me and I revved the engine that got their attention before they had time to react they were dead in seconds, waisting no time we sped toward the desert plains. Home of the dangrous rebels.

    4 Years later:

    "Son of a bitch!" I uttered under my breath, stupid blade. The cut didn't put me off the blood now oozing down my left index finger didn't put me off my passion, building guns. Oh wow amazing! You probably think well it get's me money and the more money I get the better chance of getting the thing I craved the most. Alcohol .

    "Cherri, get your arse down here now we've got a problem!" Adrenaline Revolver my life long friend called up the small staricase.

    "What is it? I'm working." I shouted back irritated.

    "Were running low on supplies, we need to find food and water somewhere or were in deep shit." She was now comming up the stairs to my room/workplace, well it wasn't much of a room it was hidden from any intruoders who might want to come sniffing arround only me and Adrenaline were allowed in here. "What do you suppose we do?" She asked entering my room. I wasn't realy listening I was setting up a burner "Are you even listening to me?" Nope.

    "Err yeah running low on supplies." I turned the gas on and lit it with my beloved lighter. Funny isn't it? The things that calm you down.

    "So what are we doing about it?" She asked again, pissing me off now.

    "Look, I don't know. Your a big girl now you should'nt have to ask me what to do. Wanna go raid go raid, I've got stuff to do here." I said without looking at her too busy heating up the meatal for a new gun to add to my collection of home-made guns.

    "But you know all the best places arround." She whined.

    "There's a black market in the westen fraction Zone 6 go there it's not hard to miss." I mumbeled back. How hard was it to understand that I wasn't going to spoon fead her any more?

    "Alright I'll go by my self then." Hallelujah the penny dropped! "See you later missery arse," She shut my door leaving me in darkness, well exept for the light from the fire from the burner. I herd the bike leave from the front. I decided it was high time I got some sleep even if it was only for a couple of hours.

    A/N: I think this chapter is better with grammer and spelling, thank yew for your comments =)
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    Ooooo I likey
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    Chapter 3: Your comming with us!

    Chapter 3: Your comming with us!

    Sleeping didn't go acording to plan, more nightmares. So I was back where I was about 30 minutes ago hunched over the flame of the burner bending meatal into different shapes and throwing the stuff I don't need onto the floor.

    The heat comming off the burner was refreshing on my cold pale skin. A loud banging from the makeshift door caused me to drop the peice of meatal I was bending to drop on the ground with a loud 'bang'. Almost burning myself in the prosses. I managed to turn the gas off and head down stairs to see who had intrrupted me. If it was Adrenaline I sware to god!

    I raised my gun and moved silently through the 'house.' When I reached the door more banging echoed off the walls. I slowly opened the door instantly holding my gun up at the already anoying people who had intrrupted me from my work.

    "What is it" I sighed.

    "Woah, no need for the gun could we ask for something?" A guy with a thick scottish accent held his hands up to show he had nothing that he could use to harm me the other 2 girls not so sure about

    "You 2 put your guns down then I might co-opprate" I eyed the 2 girls who stood at the scottish boy's side.

    "You first" A brittish girl said through gritted teeth. Her long blonde hair which had the occasional black and red streaks in it covered most of her pale looking face, her eyes litraly looked black but probably a very dark brown or something.

    "Oh thats not happening" I shook my head putting a finger on the trigger of my Purple gun.

    "Take the finger off the trigger" The other girl, american girl. Her cherry red hair gave her the perfect curtin to hide behind she looked shy but by the way she spoke she was the total oppisite.

    "No, put your guns down this instant, your on MY propity I could have you ALL killed for trespassing. So what do you want. Punks" I spat, stupid teenage kids thinking they run the whole god damn place.

    "Alright everyone gimme your guns" Scottish guy grabbed both of the girls guns and after much struggling finaly mine much to my disaproval. "Right, could we have some gas please?"

    "Err what do you think this is? I'm not a frikin gas station, although there's one in the southern fraction zone 2" I was about to close the door but a foot in the way stopped me. "What!"

    "We're not going all the way to the southern fraction now give us gas or..." The brittish girl stared before I stopped her.

    "Ah no, I don't think that's happening" I tried to shut the door again but was stopped by another foot in the door.

    "Look we havn't even introuduced outselfs yet, I'm Death Star, this is Artistic Accident" He pointed to the girl with the red hair "And this is Cyanide Sunshine " He pointed to the girl with blonde hair and brittish acsent. "You are?"

    "I don't co-opprate with strangers, now gimme my gun and I may think of gettin you a can of gas" I folded my arms over my chest.

    "Look here, gas now please" 'Cyanide Sunshine handed me my gun.

    "Thank you, now bye bye" I shut the door earining a loud scream from the 3 dorks that stood still staring at my door obviously one of them must've tried to put their foot in the door. Ha ha ha.

    "All we want is some gas" Death star's voice was muffeled through the door.

    "If you get the gas will you piss of and leave me the fuck alone?" I had my back to the door listening carefully.

    "YES!" Artistic Accident shouted, alright! I wandered to a small closet under the stairs, and produced a gas canester. I heaved it over to the door re-opened it and dropped it into the arms of the 3 killjoys waiting outside

    "Here! Happy now?"

    "1 more problem we have no where to stay" Death's voice was quiet.

    "Fine you can stay here I supose, NO GOING UPSTAIRS!" I warned them before they entered, I guieded them into the 'living room' well just a room full of sofas and chairs. "Sleep in here and don't go out of the room at all stay in here" Just as I said that Adrenaline burst through the door.

    "CHERRI CHERRI CHERRI KID LISSSSSTTTTTEEEEENNNNN TOOOOOO MEEEEEEE" She dragged out the last 3 words which realy got on my nervs.

    "WHAT!" She ran into the room compleatly ignoring the fact that there were 3 strangers in the house.

    "I met the Fabollus Killjoys!" She litarly jumped up and down with exitment.

    "Yeah and I met Jared Leto, why are you telling me this?"

    "Woah what the hell are they doin here" She pointed to the killjoys standing aquwardly looking arround the room.

    "Oh people who wanted gas and a place to stay forget your names but this is Adrenaline Revolver"

    "I'm Death Star, This is Cyainde Sunshine and Artistic Accident" Death held out his hand for Adrenaline to shake she took it smiling she took a deep breath before speaking again.

    "Ohh anyway about the Fabllous killjoys they said we can go over to the eastern camp and get supplies!"

    "And lemme guess you said yes?" She nodded eagely "Well good luck you can take these 3 with you if you want I'm staying here" I folded my arms over my chest.

    "Noooo silly your comming with us" Adrenaline tried to drag me out of the door but I held my ground.

    "Nope their strangers don't co-opprate with strangers" I poited to the 3 killjoys standing behind me in disbelief.

    "They could've been anybody, your comming with us weather you like it or not" With Adrenaline and the 3 other killjoys pushing me toward the door and to the bikes they won.

    "Will you stop touching me!" I shouted at everyone "Thank you"

    "Right me and Cherri will go on our bike and you'll follow us there?" Adrenaline hopped onto the bike enthusiastically, me not so. The 3 other killjoys nodded and hopped onto their own bikes. Well atleast I had my lighter and diary with me to keep me sane I just hopped there were good drinks at this place.
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    great loved it as always
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    Chapter 4: Break the Ice

    Chapter 4: Break The Ice

    Okay so at the minute it's 3 hours and counting riding out to the eastern camp to find the 'Fabulous' killjoys. What a heap of shit, I'm afraid, anyone who calls themselves 'Fabulous' is a jackass. We still were about 30 minutes to 1 hour away I knew we had entered the eastern fraction about 45 minutes ago to be precise.

    "There really nice you know" Adrenaline suddenly spoke up. Yeah right.

    "Whatever" I said loud enough for her to hear.

    "You know your 'I don't give a fuck' attitude better stop when we get to the eastern camp it crushes your style" She had a hint of irritation in her voice. I just hope they have booze.

    "Yeah mom, your the one that forced me here anyways"

    "Oh shut it will you and drive" Now she was frustrated. I speed up, not wanting to be caught by any dracs or S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W's that were patrolling that night. I was starting to get pretty tired when suddenly 2 guard towers came into view, then a barbed wire fence and finally the guard.

    I kinda wished I brought a helmet with me my hair was pissing me off, my blue fringe tickled my face along with the layered black and purple striped long locks. The guard noticed us and whipped out their guns on first sight. I stopped the motorbike. 3 others appearing behind us.

    "State your business here" One killjoy demanded.

    "Were here to see Party Poison, we were invited here" Adrenaline took her helmet off as she spoke.

    "Yeah right love, Come with me" A male killjoy grabbed me and Adrenaline by the arm and the female killjoy who had spoke prior to the guy grabbed the Death Sunshine and Accident. We were lead through the camp, there were tents pitched here and there along with a few houses dotted around.
    Jackpot a bar or what looked like a bar anyway, there were killjoys crowded around it and the mini platform that was acting as a stage. There were a few lanterns around the bar and stage but the further away we got the darker it became. We traveled in darkness for a couple of minutes when a house much larger than the rest came into view, it had what looked like fly zappers along with lanterns across the concrete walls. We were pulled up the stairs to the door of the property.

    The male killjoy who we still didn't know the name of knocked the door and waited for a response from the other side. We heard shuffling from the other side of the door when finally the door opened, the male pushed Adrenaline forward and loosened his grip on her arm but kept a firm grip on mine.

    "LET ME GO" I screamed in his face.

    "No" He replied just as the door opened. A fairly tall pale skinned guy with shoulder length red hair answered the door he wore a black t-shirt and grey skinnies noticed a couple of bracelets on his wrists and a chain around his neck. "Party Poison"

    "Yes, Desert storm" He sounded tired and fed up.

    "We found these 5, this one claims you invited them here?" He pointed toward Adrenaline. 'Party Poison' Looked from Adrenaline to Death to Sunshine to Accident and finally to me, I narrowed my eyes at him for looking at me.

    "Yeah they're telling the truth let 'em go" Both 'Desert Storm and the girl who I didn't know the name of let the rest of us go and left. "Come in" Adrenaline, Accident, Death and Sunshine followed each other inside the building I held back "Come on, what'cha waiting for Christmas?" I glared at him again I folded my arms across my chest something I notice I had been doing allot. Slowly entering the building I felt someone put their hand around my waist.

    "Hey get your fuckin hands off me" I immediately pulled away. I looked around the room and saw guess what? More frikin boys! Great. Not.

    "This is Fun Ghoul" He pointed to a guy with shoulder length black hair he had a cigarette hanging from his mouth and a lop sided grin. "Kobra Kid" Party Pointed to a guy how looked slightly like him but with blonde hair, he wore a red jacket with a cobra head on it. "And Jet Star" Finally Party pointed to a guy with an afro he looked as if he was fixing something a gun maybe?

    "Lovely to meet you all, I'm Adrenaline Revolver, This is Death Star, Artistic Accident, Cyanide Sunshine and finally Cherri Kid" Adrenaline smiled at the 4 guys who had their focus totally on us.

    "Great intros over where's the booze?" I asked wandering off before being grabbed by 4 sets of hands and yanked back. "What?"

    "Oh I know a place" Poison said placing a hand on a doorframe leading to some sort of bedroom or something.

    "Poison seriously?" Ghoul asked as he took a drag from the death stick that was hanging from his mouth.

    "I'm just showing Cherri somewhere that I know jeez" Poison threw his hands in the air in self defense.

    "I'm not going anywhere with you" I narrowed my eyes again at him, I really didn't like him leader of the eastern fraction or not, he was cocky and argent.

    "Please, you'll like it" He pleaded putting a pout on his face, any other girl would've probably have fallen for that, me no.

    "Sell plenty of booze for cheep?" I asked he nodded "Alright, no funny business though see ya'll later" I re-opened the door and stepped outside onto the porch waiting for Poison to come out and take me to this 'place' of his. This was going to be interesting.

    Sorry I haven't updated in ages, alot of shit is goign on in my life at the minute but I have loads of chapters written on this story that I hope you enjoy =)
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    Great update, but check your spelling please.
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    Chapter 5: You'll be my detonator

    Chapter 5: You'll be my detonator

    Me and the perv also known as Party walked out of the eastern camp in silence the occasional sound of music in the background. A couple of times Party tried to wrap his arms around me and I was planning on shooting him in the arms a couple of times then shoot his legs then...

    "Soooooo" He dragged out taking me out of my crazy thoughts. "How's life?"

    "Was good" Not attempting to make any convocation with him I planned to make my answers short and sweet.

    "Was good?" He raised a questioning eyebrow at me, I rolled my eyes at him.

    "Yeah dipshit. Fine until you showed up" He didn't seem offended or anything. Dose anything offend this dude? We walked in silence for a bit more longer. He kept looking at me like he was trying to hack into my thoughts or some shit like that.

    "Take a picture it'll last longer" I mumbled angrily.

    "Oh I'd love to take a picture of you" he smirked.

    "Look if were even gonna be close to getting on I'd say you'd stop with the perv thoughts right now stop trying to touch me every 5 frikin seconds, Eyes up here moron" I noticed him staring at my. "Where's this bar your taking me too then?"

    "Ohh right here" Just like many of the other building in the desert, the bar was mostly made of wood. The windows were boarded up and there were no lights on the outside of the building, due to the dracs patrolling the zones the owners didn't want them finding a ton of drunken killjoys and shooting them all down. This place better sell good stuff here.

    Party opened the door for me, I wasn't totally comfortable with him behind me. We went down some wooden stairs where we could here loud music. We walked through the door at the bottom of the stairs; lights, music, the stench of alcohol in the air hit my nostrils. Party led me over to a makeshift bar and ordered 2 whiskey shots. I sat on one of the bar stools, I didn't waist any time in drowning my shot as soon as I got my hands on it.

    ***Few hours later***

    Okay I was drunk well after like 10 shots and on my 3rd drink I wouldn't say I was sober. I drowned the last of my 3rd drink and looked over at Party he was smirking, cheeky little bastard.

    "What you lookin' at?" My words slurred. Not my fault It was the drink.

    "Your really cute when your drunk you know that?" He let his elbow rest on the bar and rested his head on his hand.

    "Look Party..Poison, me no wanna go out with you understandi?" I hopped of the bar stool and wobbled slightly, Party grabbed my shoulders to support me. "Imma go now, hands of pretty boy"

    "You sure I can't persuade you to come with me?" He smirked showing off his perfect white teeth.

    "Noooo" I dragged out as I got lost in his hazel eyes.

    "You sure?" He stepped closer to me, I put my hands on his chest he put one arm around my waist and one behind my neck.


    "What 'bout now?" He put his lips onto mine, it was just a small and sweet kiss before he pulled away "You don't seem to be to sure"

    "Oh I'm sure" He moved closer again Pushing his lips onto mine with more force this time, his hand moved up my back and into my hair. I put my hands into his neon hair. A moan escaped his lips.

    "Yeah right, c'mon" He dragged me out of the bar and up into the cold desert air, he dragged me round the back of the building where he pushed me against the wall. "Wanna go now?"

    "Well...I am quite enjoying myself..." His hands grabbed my wrists so I couldn't move anywhere even if I wanted to. Which I'm not saying I didn't.

    He's distracting you from your work
    No he's not
    Oh yeah he is look what he's doing to you
    Shut up!
    I mentally screamed at my self, it wouldn't hurt to enjoy myself for 1 night Adrenaline always has all the fun. Party pushed his lips toward mine again for the 3rd time tonight, his hands quickly moved under my shirt, I moaned parting my lips, he took advantage of this and slipped his tongue into my mouth.

    Push him away shoot him leave him to die if you have to
    Fuck off

    Party pulled me even closer to his body and put his hands in my hair pulling on the strands of black and purple. I put my hands under his shirt and waited no time in taking his blue jacket and shirt off. I played with his chains hanging from his neck as his lips moved from my own to my neck. He nipped at the skin on my neck witch caused me to moan softly. His hands moved back under my shirt, he slowly edged it over my head, smiling into my skin noticing as I started to moan loudly finally he pulled my shirt over my head. His lips met back with mine forcing his tongue into my mouth. I looped my fingers in the belt holes of his skinnies when we heard shouting.

    We pulled away from each other and instantly snapped our heads to the right, I looked back at Party who's eyes locked on mine.

    "The fuck" He whispered, suddenly we noticed a flash of white. BL/ind. We grabbed any clothing quickly re-dressed and ran back to the eastern camp.
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    Please update your chapter index within 24 hours or your fic will have to be locked.

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