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  1. Nicola

    Nicola Guest

    The kids of tomorrow don't need today,
    When they live in sins of yesterday.
  2. King Matt

    King Matt New Member

    You are so beautiful

    Move yourself
    Step back from me
    Walk away from me
    Under a dying sky

    I felt safest in your arms, On the brink of extinction
    Hands around my neck and turn to save me now

    I hope you can hear my voice
    I have buried my own self - cause you lied to me
    As I whisper out for redemption
    I scream out for forgiveness
  3. Kriss

    Kriss Mrs. Sherlock

    I love my mommy cause she fucked the shit out of my dad.
  4. Kesya

    Kesya New Member


  5. Nicola

    Nicola Guest

    Weight leaves in anger from my shoulders,
    Words of wisdom crush hope.
    What is real? I thought I knew,
    How could I lie to someone, I cared for.
    How could you lie to me? Your words, pierced me,
    For good, this was done.
    In the end the truth will shine.

  6. RIOT!

    RIOT! Active Member

    She said let's change our luck
    This night is all we've got
    Drive fast until we crash
    This dead end life
    Sweet dreams that won't come true
    I'd leave it all for you
    Brick walls are closing in
    Let's make a run tonight

    :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub:
  7. Julia

    Julia New Member

    Screwing in moderation.
    Screwing is such a bore.
    None of my time is wasted.
    I do that shit on tour.
  8. Madden

    Madden Faut souffrir pour ĂȘtre

    I'm calling you at 3am and I,
    I'm standing here right outside your door
    But I don't think that my heart can take much more
    I'm scared of cracking up again I just
    Want it to be like it was before
    And I don't think that my heart can take more

  9. hEaRtbReakEr

    hEaRtbReakEr New Member

    kiss me goodbye,
    sing me a lullabye.
    touch me now,
    show me how to surpass my destiny.
    let me look you in the eye,
    so you could teach me how to fly.
    breathe your way,
    goodbye my angelique..
  10. Madden

    Madden Faut souffrir pour ĂȘtre

    Don't know you
    Do do do do woah
    And I know that you try to break me into pieces
    And I know that you lie but you can't hurt me now

    I'm over you
    Do do do do woah
    Don't like you
    Do do do do woah
  11. RIOT!

    RIOT! Active Member

    your face is a bit too myspace for my taste.
  12. TheNickiOfDoom

    TheNickiOfDoom Time Lord

    Lets Do The Time Warp Again!
  13. Memory_Faded

    Memory_Faded New Member

    You've never looked so picture perfect, but I'm an open book now.
  14. TheNickiOfDoom

    TheNickiOfDoom Time Lord

    They got to her house and dimmed all the lights
    Spicey was in for one hell of a night
    He said that he loved her and he'd always be true
    "But Mr. McHaggis, I've only just met you!"
  15. Nicola

    Nicola Guest

    You came on your own,
    That's how you'll leave.
  16. Memory_Faded

    Memory_Faded New Member

    Your name's written on a sign,
    But it's pointing away from mine
  17. Seraphim

    Seraphim Active Member

    Remember, whatever
    It seems like forever ago
    Remember, whatever
    It seems like forever ago
    The regrets are useless
    In my mind
    She's in my head
  18. Nephilim

    Nephilim Give me love.

    Saying goodbye, this time the same old story.
    Seeing you cry makes me feel like saying sorry.

  19. RIOT!

    RIOT! Active Member

    Does your family have any history
    of addiction or succombing to guys like me?
    was your father the type to say things right?
    or was your mother the type to spend the night?
  20. TheNickiOfDoom

    TheNickiOfDoom Time Lord

    I'm trying to forget that I'm addicted to you
    I want it and I need it, I'm addicted to you
    Now it's over, can't forget what you said
    And I never thought I'd do this again

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