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Discussion in 'General Off Topic' started by Vega, Sep 4, 2006.

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  1. Seraphim

    Seraphim Active Member

    Pft, I wish! lol

    I think it's just the light; my hair's boring old brown, but I want to dye it black really badly!!!!
  2. Butterscotch

    Butterscotch Active Member

    ^^^ ahhhhhhhhhh :wub:
  3. Alyssa.

    Alyssa. Guest

    That's one sexy tortoise. He's now engaged to me. :tongue:
  4. Thumbelina

    Thumbelina Administrator Staff Member

    I am actually in love with my earrings x)
  5. Schuyler

    Schuyler Active Member

    Jules you're so pretty :D!
  6. Thumbelina

    Thumbelina Administrator Staff Member

    Fanka! ^_^
  7. xokay_nowx

    xokay_nowx Become, become, become

    Ooh I didn't know you had hazel eyes! Nice half a face. xP
  8. Ems

    Ems New Member

    Nice Jules, you look so different in like every photo! But they're all beautiful =)
  9. Thumbelina

    Thumbelina Administrator Staff Member

    They're greeeeeny-hazel!

    Right back atcha, Ems!

    and thank you :)
  10. RIOT!

    RIOT! Active Member

    Jules, you're beautiful! and I love your earrings.
  11. Rhia

    Rhia New Member

    ^ Agreed (Y).

    Me; yesterday;


  12. Mallie Moth

    Mallie Moth New Member

    Aw, you're really cute. I like your bandana and bow. :]

    My walls used to be that color.
  13. Indy

    Indy Active Member

    Bandanas go on your head, silly.
    You're obviously not br000tal enough for that though.
  14. Alexia

    Alexia New Member

    Rhia i love your scarve! You're so pretty.
    And the eye makeup is whoa.
    How on earth do you guys get such a perfect eye makeup just by using an eyeliner?! o_O
  15. Ellie

    Ellie New Member

    You are lovely, the heart is nice.

    Cowboys wear it on there neck :D
  16. Rhia

    Rhia New Member

    Thank'a to everyone x].

    Alex: Practise, m'dear. But I didn't think it was that good, anyways.

    Gary: Bandannas look weird on my head xP.
  17. Kate

    Kate New Member

    Boredom and a new hat. It's a curse.






    What a fucking poser!
  18. Ems

    Ems New Member

    YOUR HAIR LOOKS SO AMAZING CURLY! You're so pretty! Loving the hat too xD
  19. Kate

    Kate New Member

    The curls had mostly come out where I went to sleep, but thanks Ems xD

    I love the hat too xD
  20. Schuyler

    Schuyler Active Member

    I love you :)
    You're beautiful.
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