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  1. Dust Angel

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    Ahh, thanks for the confirmation, and such. I'm feeling pretty good about this, I guess it's a good decision to wait. [:
  2. xokay_nowx

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    Well, anyone have general advice or words of wisdom for going long distance over the summer? My boyfriend and I have been going out for five weeks and in two weeks I'm going home from college for the summer. It just hit me last night how terrified I am of losing him. He says he's completely loyal to me and I trust that he wouldn't want to cheat on me and fuck up our relationship, but he's a very desirable guy and there are a lot of girls (and guys, haha) who throw themselves at him and I can't help but think what if he goes to a party and gets drunk and something happens. He hasn't hooked up with random girls in the past, but I think the girls he knows are even more aggressive with him now that they know he's with me.

    Anyway I'm fucking dying that even if he doesn't cheat on me or break up with me, I'm worried he's just not going to want to text or talk to me as much as I'm going to want to and I'm going to be insecure and crying all summer. This really fucking sucks, so much anxiety right now. I feel like maybe I should be staying here for the summer, but he's the only person I'd really have here and I need to see my family back home. And too late to change the decision now really. Ugh.
  3. kadoodle

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    The best thing you can do? Go enjoy yourself! Catch up with friends, see things, go clubbing or sightseeing or surfing or whatever. Keep busy and don't waste time moping about what may or may not happen. You'll be too busy and be having too much fun to get down about missing him, you'll be able to see and do lots and have more to talk about with him when you do speak.

    Boring convo:
    Him "What did you do today, babe?"
    You "Nuthin, just lay about missing you. I can't cope without you, I'm dying."

    Convo to make him miss you:
    Him "What did you do today, babe"
    You " went waterskiing with *girlfriends*, then to the cafe for lunch, then we saw a movie. I miss you, but I've gotta dash cos *other girlfriends* are waiting for me to go indoor rock climbing"
  4. MarieArt

    MarieArt Champion of Losers

    Yesterday I finished my hours for Cosmetology school and filled out papers, and today I went back to have my last lunch with everyone also to play some Apples to Apples and Uno (those two games become lethal/hilarious very quick with us). We were sitting at the picnic table outside eating lunch/BQing and a guy made himself comfy between me and my friend Brooke. He flirted around with her as I spoke to everyone else, he turned to me to flirt around... I glanced at him, "Listen, I know you're just being a smartass, so let it go..." He smirked, shrugged, and got up... My response, "And I wonder why I am single." To be as quiet as I am, I still seem to repeal men. My problem: I attract older men, as in out of my age range older not dating material older.
  5. bachillerata

    bachillerata Active Member

    Should I be mad? My brother caught my boyfriend in my room on friday, and even though we weren't doing anything, it was pretty late, around 2:30 am. He got so mad at me he told me I couldn't go the next day to my boyfriend's friend's finca and I had been looking forward to it for the last three weeks. My mom is away on vacations, and he threatened me by saying that if I go to the finca, he'll tell my mom everything. My boyfriend tried talking with my brother that night, and my brother said that maybe he'll let me go. The next day my boyfriend came to my house to try and talk again with my brother but he was asleep and I didn't want to wake him up, or else he'd get angrier. So I didn't get to go, and instead stayed in my house studying all day, while my boyfriend got to go and have fun (I told him he should go), and my brother wasn't home all day because he was out with his friends. I just feel jealous that they went out and had fun while I was bored out of my mind, and that it was also part of my boyfriend's fault we got caught, but he still went out with his friends. What made me feel worse was a text I got from my boyfriend that said he hopes my mom had "a super cool trip", I asked him why would he send me that, and he said it was a drunk friend who send that, and he didn't apologize.
  6. bachillerata

    bachillerata Active Member

    Sorry, it double posted.
  7. Thumbelina

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    Your brother's a dick? I can't remember how old you are, but I'm pretty sure you're old enough to have your boyfriend in your bedroom -- especially as you weren't caught doing anything. Like, that's so out of line of your brother, imo. I get you wouldn't want to cause a great drama and that, but I'd tell him where to go.
  8. bachillerata

    bachillerata Active Member

    Yeah, and I feel so stupid that I obeyed him and stayed home, especially because I know he's done worse things when my mom is away and I've never threatened him. I should've gone to the finca, but I can't change what happened, and there's no point in feeling regret. I'm 19 by the way.
  9. Thumbelina

    Thumbelina Administrator Staff Member

    Yeah, I thought you were pretty near my age. Would your mum really be that angry if she knew your bf was over?
  10. bachillerata

    bachillerata Active Member

    Yeah, she'd go mad, and I don't wanna lose the little trust she has on me over a stupid misunderstanding.
  11. katzamo

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    Ex broke up with me. Does No Contact work??

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