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Discussion in 'General Off Topic' started by MCRaddiction, Nov 14, 2006.

  1. MCRaddiction

    MCRaddiction Ice Cream Monkey

    yea i am having some difficulty i really like this guy daniel, and i just don't know what to do , im too nervous..but anyway..though there is this guy who i sit next to in math class who i really like also, but i just can't get over daniel!!

    some one please sh00t me

    *wears bag over head*
  2. Bear

    Bear Digi-destined

    Well what do you want out of Daniel?
  3. beyangel

    beyangel New Member

    Good point Bear, you so smart=)
  4. Bear

    Bear Digi-destined

    Hehe awes =]
  5. dudesab

    dudesab dudemeister

    well this is a crazy topic
    locking only joking i wanted to steal bears thunder
  6. Bear

    Bear Digi-destined

    This isn't pointless! It's a good topic =]
  7. dudesab

    dudesab dudemeister

    i am sorry mighty one
  8. Bear

    Bear Digi-destined

    Yesh. So you should be x)
  9. dudesab

    dudesab dudemeister

    mmmmmm puppy dog eyes
  10. Maria

    Maria New Member

    i like this awesome dude named tj! he...

    1. has big blond curly hair

    2. is half puertorican

    3. plays awesome guitar

    4. is soft spoken and a lil shy around ppl he doesn't know

    REMIND YOU OF ANYONE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!


    i like him alot and i think he likes me but... i dont know for sure.
    but isn't great that i get to hang around w/ a 14 year old ray toro?
    exept tj says he plays guitar better than ray and says ray sux...
    i would tell him off but i don't want to damage his fragile male ego!
    lol sooooo yeah rly pointless but... we've been talking for almost a month so should i tell him how i feel, or wait for him to say something???
    plz help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. MCRaddiction

    MCRaddiction Ice Cream Monkey

    hey bear..well, i atleast want to have a good convorsation with him..be his friend...just be close
    when you like someone you want to be around them
    i just have this major embarassing feeling around him like i have done somehting wrong or stupid!

    1. he is really cute
    2. i have been to school with him since frth grade
    2. he is really nice
    3. he is in a killer band
    4. he is the drummer
    5. he is an A student with hard ap classes.. so basically hes got brains
    6. he focuses on school
    7. he cooks
    8. he is one of the lead players in his hockey team
    9. he is tall
    10. he wears tight pants
    11. he can drive
    12. he has the cutest smile and eyes, that can just brighten up my day
    13. he is pretty much popular
    14. hes a junior (one grade ahead of me)
    15. and he was a banana for halloween this year..

    those are all the reasons i like him that i can think of!
  12. Bear

    Bear Digi-destined

    Well maybe you should talk to him for a bit, get to know him a bit more =] Ask him about his band, influences, likes, dislikes, and after a while just ask him out, that's what I'd do :^_^:
    If you have his MSN it'll be a bit easier to talk to him via that I think!
    Good luck with it =]
  13. Humungous MCR Fan

    Humungous MCR Fan New Member

    Yea Bear dude is right you should talk to him dont be shy.

    Ask him about his band and maybe say youre thinking of getting lesson to learn to play the drums, talk to him about bands and tunes you like that should break the ice.

    Good luck!
  14. Bear

    Bear Digi-destined

    Hehe Bear dude is a chick :^_^:
  15. Humungous MCR Fan

    Humungous MCR Fan New Member

    I know sorry I call everyone dude cause im crap at remembering names!:surrender:
  16. Bear

    Bear Digi-destined

    Ah it's okey
    I'm Char, ftr =]
  17. Humungous MCR Fan

    Humungous MCR Fan New Member

    Cool nice to know your name Char i'm Christine or you can call me Chi or Biatch!
  18. Bear

    Bear Digi-destined

    Hehe =D I'll call you Chi =D
  19. Panita

    Panita New Member

    can I call ur biatch??!!
    *puppy eyes*
    i'm Panita.
    and i never thought that i'd live to experience the day, but i don't have any guy problem right now and i'm happy being single.
    and Char's right.
    u should talk to him about his band to show that you're interested and all.
    good luck!
  20. Humungous MCR Fan

    Humungous MCR Fan New Member

    LOL Of course you can P.

    I kinda do have a guy problem but I dont want to get into it far too complicated especially for me so im just gonna bury my problem in the woods for a while!

    And MCRaddiction good luck again!! Now im going to lunch before I faint again

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