PGT [pornogenic gerard thread]

Discussion in 'General Rock Discussion' started by Jenneeeh, Aug 26, 2007.

  1. forever_now

    forever_now New Member

    haha he kinda does
  2. Thumbelina

    Thumbelina Administrator Staff Member

    He reminds me of Clark Kent with blue eyes.
  3. RIOT!

    RIOT! Active Member

    Blue eyes on him look weird. :/
    And his face colour is a bit strange in that photo.
  4. SpazishPansy

    SpazishPansy New Member

    I think he looks really nice in this picture, i think his eyes are really pretty.
  5. Lock&Load

    Lock&Load New Member

    lol this is like my new favourite thread! lol i nearly had an asthma attack when i saw the one of gee at much music with ZOID written on his neck gahh he is beautiful.
  6. Dawn

    Dawn New Member

  7. KatieKreativex

    KatieKreativex New Member

    OMG I WAS THINKING THE SAME THING!!!! hahahahahaha.
  8. [​IMG]

    i tried it.
  9. hellsxbells

    hellsxbells Guest

    Ooooh, he doesn't look too bad actually.
    Bit weird though.
    Like his natural eyes better obv.
  10. Thumbelina

    Thumbelina Administrator Staff Member

    Now that, I have to admit, is stunning.
  11. I love how that picture has so many different colors.
    His almost white hair, black eyebrows, pink lips, and now blue eyes.
    There's just something so amazing about it. besides the fact that he's in it.
  12. hellsxbells

    hellsxbells Guest

    I think.. the blue eyes make him look more..alive.
    Not that he looks dead.. but they lighten up the picture.
  13. Lol..
    Does anyone have the picture where he looks like a vampire?
    I can't find it anywhere!
  14. Jo

    Jo New Member

    I hope one of these helps.



  15. Sort of..
    The picture I'm looking for is only Gerard and he has the longer hair he had in the Helena video and its basicly a close up..
  16. Jo

    Jo New Member

    Hmm. I don't know. This is the only other picture I have of Gerard where he resembles a vampire. There's one I think you may be talking about. Does he have like, deep purple eyeshadow in the picture you're talking about? Anyway, this is the other I had. I'll go look search the web for the other one.

  17. Ish..
    And his eyes are a very light green
  18. Italianlove

    Italianlove Bob's best friend

    Wow, that picture is scary!! and kinda sexy........
  19. PunkAssMofo!

    PunkAssMofo! Fuzake n Na!

    Gerard is sexy.
  20. Dawn

    Dawn New Member

    Hahaha he ripped two holes in his trousers =/[​IMG]

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