On The Run Romance

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    Oh, exciting.
    Great update.
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    How do you come up with this stuff? xD
    Incredible update, as always :D
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    aamzing as always..........
    update soon!!!
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    I missed and yet loved so much.


    thanks, i love comments.
    you're all amazing.
    im glad people like gerard's strange/witty lines xD
    they just kinda happen.

    Chapter Eighteen.

    It was in that room, in his room where he laid there, neatly tucked under a thin sheet that outlined his naked body underneath.
    It was dark out, I wasn’t sure if it was only I and him there of if his family was present…and I didn’t fucking care.
    I looked at the knife in my hand, the knife I fucking got rid of…the one I killed that sl*t with. The one I stuck between her legs, in her fucking pussy to mark my territory.
    It was that knife that I brought up over my head.
    I let it linger there, holding it up in the air, the moonlight coming through the window reflecting off it made the sharp object look glorious, powerful.
    The blood of the wh**e was gone, the knife shiny clean now.
    I studied him as he slept, eyes closed but darting here and there under his thin lids, he was surely dreaming.
    He seemed calm however.
    Maybe in his dreams he wasn’t a ****** that was hated my his Bible-beating parents and he had a reason to leave Jersey.
    I smiled, he looked like a sweet little boy.
    Innocent, something I knew he wasn’t.
    I had to kill his fake innocence, the façade of it all.

    I finally brought the knife down in a swift move, slashing his chest beautifully, causing his eyes to open on instinct.
    He let out a gasp as he struggled to retain his breath, to breathe.
    He was gasping and gasping.
    But I didn’t give a fuck.
    I was helping wasn’t I?

    I wasn’t sure why I was killing him, did he tell my secret?
    Or did I want to kill the innocence he didn’t have?

    I brought the knife back up and down, up and down.
    As his cries and screams filled the dark room.
    If we weren’t the only living ones there, someone would surely barge in, stop me.
    The blood smeared and splashed all over him, the sheet and me.
    The knife now dripping as I continued to cut, slash, kill.

    “Gerard…” he cried, as the life left his fragile dirty, not fucking innocent body.

    “Gerard?” I heard his voice again.

    “Are you gonna get up Gerard?” there was a hint of annoyance in his words.

    “Huh?” I grunted.

    “Come on get up” he simply replied.
    I opened my lids, reluctantly.
    The sun coming through the open window was enough to blind me.
    My eyes darted around the room looking for the individual who was talking to me, although I already fucking knew it was Frank.
    I thought I was killing him…

    He walked over to my bed, his bed.
    His fingers fumbling with a button down white dress shirt, his creamy chest exposed.
    A tie hung loosely from his neck as he looked down at me.

    “I’m going to work and I thought you’d like to get up. My parents aren’t here. They’re both at work so you can leave the room you know, maybe watch some TV” he smiled.

    I groaned and turned around no longer wanting to fucking look at Frank or the goddamn sunlight that entered his room.
    “Yeah, sure, whatever” I mumbled.

    It only caused the fucker to giggle.
    Someone was in a good mood today…

    “Well Mikey’s here” he continued on as I heard him shift around the room “You should keep him company”

    I didn’t fucking want to.
    I needed out.
    I was on the fucking run, I killed someone more than just someone.
    Three people died at my hands, I knew that.
    I knew the police surely were on to me, they’d catch me eventually.
    But the last place they’d look was a house in a Jersey suburb.
    It might have been in my best interest to stay at Frank’s, for a little while.

    “Okay, give me a couple of minutes” I agreed, trying to overplay the harshness in my voice.
    I didn’t want to give in that easily to the fucker.

    “Well I cant. I’m leaving now. Its up to you to get up” he stated.
    Stupid fucker.

    “I guess I’ll see you when I come back Gerard” he concluded.
    I didn’t know the fucker was still near me until he ruffled my hair a bit, swiftly running his hand through it like you‘d do to your kid brother, giggling at the fact that I fucking jumped at that.
    He left soon after and I was glad he did.
    That dream seemed all too tempting.

    A few minutes after Frank left I decided it was a lost cause, trying to fall asleep again.
    So I got out of bed.
    I washed my face.
    I still didn’t buy that toothbrush and I hated myself for that.
    Fucking sick shit.

    I basically pissed around their house.
    Walking and sitting around aimlessly.
    There were too many tempting things in that damn living room.
    So many things of value, that I wanted to fucking put in my car and just leave.
    I knew I could sell a lot of that shit and maybe find a good place to live or something.
    Fucking anything seemed better than what I was doing.
    Not at all living.
    I was as dead as my goddamn ‘victims’.

    But I couldn’t steal shit from these fuckers.
    I cared too much.
    Yeah it was fucking weird for me to actually care about something, someone.
    But they helped me and plus I would be telling Frank about my ‘secret’ and I would possibly be killing the fucker eventually, if he told I mean.
    So I owed him, all of them that much as to not sell their shit.

    I walked back upstairs.
    I didn’t know what there was to do, and I almost forgot Mikey was there.
    Up until I walked passed his half open door.
    He was looking at something in his hands, a piece of paper of some sort or so I assumed.
    The fucker’s head snapped up as I walked by.
    He too must’ve forgotten I was there.

    “Hey Gerard, can you come here. I need to talk to you about something” he called when both him and I realized I was actually fucking standing in his doorway, staring.

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    ooooooh i missed updates and great ones at that whats mikey gunna show him
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    OMG, Gerard don´t kill Frank,!!!!
    !! so cool!!! so so coool!!
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    Oooh are they gonna find out that they're brothers?
    Awesome update!
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    I loved that whole bit about the 'fake innocence' :)

    Amazing update <3
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    I missed a bunch of updates
    Gerard such a dick sometimes,but that's why we love him..
    Frank's a bit deep don't cha think?
    And mute little Mikey,the favorite always doing as told
    I wonder whats really going on in that head of his
    Lies,a family built on lies,what a shame
    what's Mikey holding,could it have anything to do with Gerard perhaps?
    I bet it does..
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    Wonder what Mikey's gonna talk about.
    Great update.
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    I think I know what Mikey is holding :]
    Let the revelations begin...
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    Oh this is going to be good!
    This story is so addicting...

    And, I love the way Gerard thinks in this.
    I wish I could create a character like that.


    that made my day<3

    thanks for the comments guys.

    Chapter Nineteen.

    I walked into Mikey’s fucking room.
    The place was gross, I don’t even know how the fuck that kid slept in there, let alone breathed.
    And that was fucking saying something, me being from basically garbage and all.
    There were clothes on the floor, dirty and clean. You couldn’t fucking decipher which was which. Clumps of clothing, beaten up comic books and randomly crumbled up papers littered the carpet in his room.
    The room just didn’t belong.
    It didn’t seem like somewhere mute geeky Mikey would call his own, it seemed more Frank.

    Frank looked like this fucking punk kid.
    Multicolored hair and all.
    Well mostly a jet black and fucking blood red. But still he seemed as if he’d be dirty, living in a mess covered with band posters. But it was Mikey who fit that description.
    Frank’s room was clean, like a little pussy’s.

    I stepped over the articles of clothing and the useless junk on the floor and just plopped down next to the lanky boy, still in his night clothes. His motherfucking Pajamas that made him look like a little child.

    “What’s up Mikey?” I asked, turning to face him.
    He took the piece of paper he was holding out of my eye sight, so it was hidden, moving it and placing it face down on the other side of him.
    Fucking strange.

    “I wanted to talk to you” he spoke slowly.

    “Shoot” I replied, somewhat perplexed.

    “Well I just wanted to…know where you’re from…and stuff” he voiced.
    He sounded like such an unsure kid right then, and his fidgeting only added to the innocence of him.

    “You know, we talked about this before” I replied.
    I tried not to be too harsh with him, because he did seem small, easily fucking breakable.
    It was so much easier for me to be a jerk to Frank, even though he was a midget.

    “Cant you tell me more?” he asked, unsure.
    He rarely met my eyes, but when he did they looked fucking pleading.
    I had to fucking give in.

    “Sure. What about?” this was all making no earthly sense to me.

    “What was your mother like?” he asked. Why the fuck Mikey? Out of all the things he could ask he asks about my drugged up mother.

    I sighed.
    “She was different” I didn’t want to straight up tell Mikey and I wasn’t sure why, it would sound so foreign to him.
    I mean here was this kid, although he was adopted I remembered, he was still an average middle-class kid. I was doubting the fucker had any real cares in the world.
    I mean his brother Frank didn’t have cares that held a candle to my own.
    Fucker was broken, yeah but the bitch could be fixed.
    I couldn’t be.
    Fucking never would be.

    “Different how?” he asked, curiously radiating off him.
    I thought it was Frank’s thing to be all curious.

    “I don’t really like to talk about it” I mumbled.
    Its not like it was hard, telling the truth.
    Saying the bitch was a good-for-nothing wh**e, but it was hard to keep my motherfucking mouth shut. Lie. I hated these fucking suburbia fucks. I couldn’t tell them shit.

    “Did you have any siblings?” he asked, taking notice to my discomfort.

    “A brother” I replied. Truthfully.

    He nodded, not saying a word.
    I didn’t know why he was all interested in my life all of a sudden. A part of me thought maybe Frank put him up to this, but not even that fucker was that stupid.
    It was all Mikey. There was something he wanted out of this, I could tell by the look in his eyes, behind thick-framed glasses.

    He locked eyes with me, making me pay attention. He drew his eyes over to that damn piece of paper, face down.
    He brought his fucking skeleton hand to it and lifted it up.
    I furrowed my brows as I watched his action.
    There wasn’t much sense in all of this shit.

    He brought the picture to me, holding it in his hands before me.

    It was my fucking picture.
    That was my photograph.

    But it couldn’t be.
    I left mine in California, at the trailer park. I barely brought anything of value with me, besides Ed’s drug money.
    Plus my picture of me and my baby brother, on Christmas was different, crumpled even. Years and years of me just whipping it out of my photo album and looking at the damn thing, wanting to cry faded it.
    Sometimes I even did fucking cry.
    That was when I was a fucking little boy.
    Hearing the moans of my fucking disgusting ass mother and her various lovers as I locked myself in my small room, barely big enough to hold my small single bed…I’d cry then. I’d clutch that picture Mikey was holding and cry. I wanted my brother so bad then, just someone who would know what I was going through. Someone who I could help escape. I didn’t dare leave that bitch Donna at a young age, having nobody to save but myself. That then wasn’t motivation enough.
    And I wasn’t entirely fucking sure if I could save myself.

    “Where the fuck did you get that?” I choked out, I wasn’t aware of the emotions plaguing me as I came face to face with the photograph taken almost twenty years ago.
    He didn’t answer and I let my eyes leave the goddamn photo and focus on Mikey.

    He didn’t waver, nothing of what I was saying intimidating him.
    I jerked my arm forward my hand trying to rip the picture away but Mikey was too fucking swift moving it placing it to the other side of him, half way under his leg.

    “Is that you? The older boy?” he asked, hands now in his lap.

    “Where the fuck did you get that…?” I didn’t know what I was thinking.
    But paranoia found its way into my system, I thought this was a setup maybe, some fucked up game I didn’t know I was playing until he uttered his next words.

    “I’m the smaller one”
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    Oh. My. Bob.
    Oooh, this is gonna get interesting....
    I LOVED IT!!!
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    omg he found his bro awwwwww whats Gee gunna do hes not gunna kill him is he or Frank
    great update
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    omg i knew it!!

    This is such an addicting story

    kudos to you
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    Wow, although I knew they were brothers, you did that scene really well.
    And Gerard, he is so slow sometimes isn't he?
    Either that or in denial.
    Wicked good hun.
    And I'm glad my other comment made your day! :)
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    you did a fanfucking tastic job on that scene-A-mazing!

    “I’m the smaller one”
    dun dun duuuuun


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