On The Run Romance

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    ‘Die, bitch, Die!’

    that part for some reason made me laugh :]
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    Oh man, this is so intense.
    I LOVE IT!!!!!!


    youre all bloody beautiful.
    an update....

    Chapter Thirteen.

    I stayed there, rocking back and fourth.
    Insanity was creeping up on me as Frankie stood there, his eyes burning through me but I didn’t look up, I didn’t dare too.
    What was I even doing there?
    The thought alone made my stomach turn as I panicked again even more.
    My eyes shot to the side, left then right, again and again.
    I felt like the bleach-white walls in his ordinary bedroom were closing in on us.
    Feeling both claustrophobia and insanity.
    I could almost imagine it happen.
    Both Frank and my bodies getting crushed, grounded up.
    Our bones turning to nothing but dust and our skin laying there, like wax dripping off the bones, dust. Eventually it too would decay.

    “Gerard, are you okay?” he asked again, I could hear a hint of panic in Frankie’s own voice.
    Probably wondering ‘what the fuck did I bring into my house’.
    I almost smirked.

    “Gerard” he said again, stooping down to the floor, leaning forward on his knees.
    I didn’t answer as I still rocked back and fourth almost violently now, waiting for those damn walls to cave in on us, crush us.

    “Gerard” he tried again placing a comforting hand on my knees.

    “Don’t fucking touch me” I half-screamed in hysteria.
    I was going insane, I pushed away his hand, unexpectedly.
    He fell back slightly a look of shock on his face.
    I felt guilty for a second, guilty because this Frank kid was okay, guilty because he let a motherfucking murderer in his house…and guilty because I was a mess, who could at any moment snap. Guilty because I was God.

    He got back, kneeling on his knees, now steady as I heard him loudly swallow.

    I was still now, knees still pressed tightly to my chest as my arms locked around them.
    I looked at him.

    “Sorry” I mumbled.
    What the fuck was I doing?

    “I should leave” I said, voice even.
    I unlocked my arms from around my knees, I didn’t think he’d stop me. Fuck, I wouldn’t stop me.

    “No” he protested, his response too soon.

    I sat there, still.

    “Its okay…just tell me what’s the matter?” his voice sounded interested, concerned like he really cared.
    But how could I tell him.
    I fucking killed my parents and a hooker…an innocent hooker.

    I was silent for a long time as was he, he stayed there however…on the floor of his room in that corner…a few feet away from where I sat.
    I was reliving the killing, feeling good about what I did but feeling bad at the same time.
    I wasn’t sure what I felt and as much as I hated to admit it a part of me was only ‘sorry’ because I knew I would get caught.
    A part.

    “I did something, bad” I said, quickly, I almost didn’t think he heard me.

    I heard him swallow loudly again.
    “Like what?” he asked.

    I didn’t reply trying to conger up a good enough answer.
    I almost wanted to straight up say I fucking killed a bitch I slept with, but I didn’t.

    “Hurt someone” I whispered.
    Moving my gaze from his stained carpet to his face.
    His face was dark, a shadow covering part of it from the thick long, black fringe that hung down on one side.

    “Tell me about it” he mumbled.

    I couldn’t.
    The fucker would surely, surely rat me out.
    I had to get out, leave, maybe even end it all before it was too late.
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    Ironic... xD

    Lurved it...
    Moar is greatley loved

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    oooo an update good update i still feel sorry for Gee despite what hes done
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    Dammit, whats up with the cliffhanger? I'm dying here!
    Fucking loved it, <3
    More when you're ready.
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    Whoa, I loved it.
    More when you're ready.
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    L.o.v.e.d it.
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    I love it...
    Is Gerard goign to the the fucker...I meant Frank...this story is so good....
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    I missed SO MANY UPDATES!!!
    Can't wait to see what happens next!
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    ^ That made me laugh for ages.
    Fuckin' amazing updates, love.

    Can't wait for moreee.
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    Hmm...I wonder if he's actually gonna tell Frank.

    Loveddd it <3


    you're all amazing, loves.
    frankie opens up a bit in this one, its more focused on him.

    Chapter Fourteen.

    I pushed myself sloppily off the carpet and rushed towards the door.
    I muttered an unnoticeable “fuck this” as I walked towards Frankie’s shut bedroom door, almost oblivious to the fact that I entered the room through his window.
    His wide eyes followed my every move, I noticed through the corner of my own eye.

    I got to the door, my hand on the door knob.
    I opened it, only getting it open slightly.
    He jumped up, out of nowhere.

    “What the fuck!” his voice, loud, intimidating almost.

    He shut the slightly open door, slamming it shut.
    Almost cutting off my fucking fingers that were close to the doorway.

    “’The fuck is wrong with you?” I shot back, angrily.

    “I told you not to fucking go down there, Gerard” he said back, his breathing heavy.
    You’d think, you’d fucking think someone standing up to me would piss me off and make me want to fucking knock their teeth out, but I was impressed.
    Impressed that such a short little skinny fuck dared to challenge me.
    No one fucking challenged me, I’m God, remember?

    “Why the fuck not, you scared of your goddamn parents?” I mocked, a smirk on my face.
    He looked downright pissed.

    “No” was all he said, a ton of my respect leaving.

    “But, if you want to fucking leave take the goddamn window” he added, his voice low.
    Still harsh however.

    Oh yeah, that’s what this was about me leaving.
    I was going to leave, kill myself or something like that…but this fighting with Frankie seemed way more worth while, if you ask me.

    “Why the fuck are you scared of them” I said, ignoring his previous comment.

    He looked at me, our eyes meeting, and then he looked away…walked slowly to his bed.
    He half-fell onto it, with a sigh…not a sad one more like a ‘I fucking hate this’ one.

    “You wouldn’t understand” he muttered.

    “Fucking try me” I said, cocky smirk ever present on my face

    “They just…just don’t fucking get it” he mumbled.
    I could tell he was debating whether or fucking not to tell me the real reason, just like when he was self-debating in the car that one day, when he told me about Mikes and his hippy mom who gave him up for adoption after fucking buying him from some bitch.

    “How good would it look anyway” he smiled, a bitter one.
    “Some fucking strange guys coming down from their son’s bedroom?” he raised a brow.

    Oh, so that was it.
    Typical case of middle-class fuck up, gone fag?
    I knew he was a fag from day one, ew, I was in a gay man’s bedroom.
    I shuddered at the thought of what may have went on in his bedroom.
    I wasn’t too into anal sex.
    But I wanted to hear more, to hear if he was being a fucking drama queen or actually knew what fucking pain was….
    I was a good judge of pain.

    “Yeah, it would be weird.” I responded.
    I inched my way closer, suddenly interested in his fag story…maybe I was interested because I wanted to take my mind off things.

    “So you’re gay?” I said blatantly.

    His wide eyes which were fixed on the ugly carpet looked up at me, unimpressed.

    “Its more than that” he muttered.
    I nodded, to let the homo know I was listening.

    “Its so fucked up the way they act, like I wanna get out of here so bad, Gerard, I’m motherfucking twenty years old, what am I doing living with my parents?” his voice was frustrated.

    “I don’t know, what are you doing?” I challenged.

    The bitter smirk on his face faded, as his now deep eyes looked up at me.

    “I have no fucking clue. All I know is they’re living a lie, this beautiful fucking lie. That we’re this amazing family. Tight and everything, it’s a fucking cult” his voice seemed panicked “A cult, I swear it is”.

    “So you’re parents are Jesus worshipping freaks, who don’t like fags” I didn’t water it down.

    “Its worse, they fucking judge everyone, everything, doesn’t the Bible say not too? They fucking use Bible verses to make me like take out the garbage and shit, like what?” I didn’t really understand one word he said, uncontrollably babbling about his supposed ‘Cultic Bible beating parents’ but maybe I didn’t have to.
    He was just fucking ranting.

    “But they love you, theres all these fucking pictures of you and Mikey down there” I stated.

    “Please, they don’t fucking love me, the reason they got Mikey was because they knew before hand they were raising an Anti-Christ fag, Mikey’s their favorite, even if they don’t admit it, they want it to look like the perfect fucking family but it anit” he spilled.
    There was that bitter smile on his face still, but the tone of his voice told me there was nothing funny about the situation he was in.

    “I thought Mikey, you guys-” my words were choppy and confused, but he got it.

    “I fucking love Mikey, but I don’t want this anymore Gerard, they’re living a lie” he stated.
    Hmm, I thought my family was fucked up, but now they’re dead.
    See, I’d offer to kill Frank’s but I don’t think he’d like that idea too much.

    “That’s pretty bad” I stated, dully.

    “Fucking horrible, their just tied together with fake smiles and cheap lies”
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    Poor Frank, parents are assholes.
    Loved the update, <3
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    Frank should escape with Gerard, hoho.
    Awesome update.
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    Wow...I actually feel how Frank's feeling...good work love!
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    I feel so bad for Frank. It must suck having your parents pretend that everything's perfect.
    Awesome update!
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    Stupid fanatism!!!
    poor Frank, his life seemed so perfect...
    I fucking love this story...!
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    Hey, honey, You want me to go and kick your parents...just tell!!! jst tell
    :) You can PM´s me if you want to talk!:phone:
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    Oh, this story makes me fucking smile.
    Loved the update, a bundle.


    Try not to double post pleaseeee.

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