On The Run Romance

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    Oh My God or should i say Gerard?

    Okay I'm terribly sorry it took me so long to comment, I've been reading the last couple of chapters and they, were mind blowing amazing i mean just wow excuse me while i gawk at you.The last chapter was fucking,ahhh i can't even think of a word to describe it , it was just that fucktastic the way you wrote it i think i shed a tear,aaaah anyway i loved it and I'm gonna go lie down because I'm a bit light headed[you should be proud of yourself very few can do that]byeee <3

    p.s-i hope you read this



    to all the recent commenters,
    thank you so much.
    you guys are seriously amazing, thank you for reading my story, it means alot to me, that you enjoyed it.
    seriously you guys make me continue writing. thank you<3
    you're all way too kind.

    actually i'm working on another slash.
    i'm not quite sure if i'm going to post it just yet though.hah=]
  3. Toybox Trash

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    DO IT!


    i am in love with your writing.[:
  4. Toybox Trash

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    one last comment[:

    i wanna evaluate the characters.

    It's funny how amazing that kid was. He was so in love with Gee. I mean, you could literally see how happy he was just being by his side. He was glad that he was there. I think he'd do anything just to have Gee by his side or with him forever. He was just the type of kid you couldn't but say "awww" about because he was just so adorable. He was almost too caught up in the dreamland he was attempting to live with Gerard that he lost track of things and forgot what would happen.

    He was different. He was almost blood thirsty. I guess he was the type of person who needed to see something horrible he did to really feel accomplished. I love Gee in this story. Especially when he told Frankie he loved him. I thought that it was cute beyond belief.

    This story was deffinatly a thrill ride.[:

    btw, if you don't mind me saying the ending of this reminded me of the outsiders 110%. hahaha.
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    OMG you never cease to make me cry, dude....

  6. myXfrankieXromance

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    Sorry it took me so long to actually read this. The ending was just as amazing as the story itself and I hope you can write more stuff soon =)
  7. Phantom

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    Ive just read this whole story..
    Everything about it was amazing.
    the end was so..so.. perfect. it had me in tears,a nd anyone who wasnt is a heartless fool.
    I can't put into words, just how incredible this is.
    You are one gifted human.
    This should be published.


    Aww, that made me smile.
    Thank you so much.
    It means alot to me that you read and enjoyed it<3
  9. vex93

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    holy shit this is amazing please finish it haha!!!!

  10. Kriss

    Kriss Mrs. Sherlock

    I'm moving this to the completed fanfictions, seeing as it's finished ;)
  11. floydpink

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    It is finished!
  12. motherfuckinwar

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    He finally admitted he loved him!

    Lol I got told to read this story and I read it all in 10 hours (..yes.. i spent 10 hours on the computer reading this)

    I almost cried.

    Dude that was so fucking brilliant!


    Holy shit, in ten hours?! Thanks so much, I cant believe people are still reading this...I wrote it like a year ago xD

    But I really do appreciate all the kind words. Thats really the reason I started writing and posting, to connect to people emotionally. I really wanna get something chaptered out there again...hmm.
    A collab fic sounds way sweet.
  14. Yoshi.

    Yoshi. Nerdfighter

    Oh my god. Oh my god, oh my god, OH MY GOD.
    Right.. well, I started reading this LAST NIGHT at around 7 o'clock.
    I was still reading at 1 o'clock. I wake up this morning (Well, afternoon really) at 3 o'clock. It's now 4:30 and I just finished reading.

    And oh my god. I fucking cried. It was fucking brilliant, awesome, beautiful even. I loved it. I have to say, you have an amazing imagination. And the way you put it into words.. Just.. flawless. Amazing. I loved the emotion, the very descriptive scenes, everything. It was well written. Definately in my top 3 for Favorite Fics :D

    It was so sad at the end, when they died. But, when you think about it. They died for eachother. And Gerard loved him :D Even when he said he didn't, I knew deep deep down somewhere inside his little black heart, he had a strong feeling for Frank.

    I seriously loved it. It was well worth my time.


    Wow, thats such an amazing comment to read.
    Thank you so much...I'm really speechless...

    I know alotta fics that really spoke to me or ones I just straight up love and the fact that this is actually that to some of you is...overwhelming.
    I'm really glad you enjoyed it and I appreciate all the kind words.
    Thank you for reading and for making me wanna write more.

    You're all amazing.
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    i just started reading this, im still near the begining, and im guessing no one's gonna read this, seeing as no ones posted on here for over a year, but in case anyone does, this is really awesome, the bit where Gerard killed the hooker and talked about being God reminded me of the leathermouth lyrics 'Erase this scum from my fucking sight. A gift from god doing the devils crimes, I set shit right one wh**e at a time'
    but yeah, i hope you read this, it's really good ^^
  17. MyImmortalMajor

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    Fuuuuuuuuuuccccccccckkkk!!!!!!!!!!! This was fucking brilliant! No matter how much i reasoned with myself, i couldn't leave!!! The way you played out Gerards mind... wow, just wow. You are so fucking brilliant!!!!!! I love you!!!!

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