On The Run Romance

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    Woah, that was awesome.
    I don't even know what to say...
    Hands down, best scene like that I've ever read.
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    *new reader*
    That was so good. Good is not even ebought....whoa....creepy, amazing....
    I have no idea what is going to happen. One of the best chapter I´ve ever read....no doubt...


    you're all so fucking amazing.
    i cant believe people actually like it that much xD
    and welcome new reader=]

    Chapter Eleven.

    I made my way outside.
    Only in my jeans and boots, not caring enough to throw on my shirt.
    The sky was dark, red…something from hell, something you couldn’t even come up with if you tried.
    The red haze in the black night’s sky reminded me so much of blood.
    Of her blood.
    I looked up as the transparent raindrops fell from the eerie sky, this alone told me that I indeed was God.
    The picture of crimson beauty I created was now over me, in the sky.
    I basked in my glory, as the rain that quickened slowly washed away the blood from my hands and my bare chest.

    Suddenly I heard sirens.
    Police sirens.
    I panicked as I came to the haunting realization that I killed an innocent person.
    The hooker’s out-of-this-world beautiful face flashed once inside my mind.
    So full of life, even though she was filthy.
    The police cars raced by the motel, one by one.
    I counted five of them as I looked on as the traffic zoomed by, the motel being at the side of a pretty busy highway.
    I was about to get found out, one wrong move and I would be done.
    In prison.

    I rushed back to my room, ignoring the bloody masterpiece on the bed, that I realized must’ve had my fingerprints all over it.
    I grabbed my car keys and left.
    I half ran over to my parked car after I tightly shut the door.
    I signed my name in the bloody motel ‘sign in’ book.
    Gerard. Way.
    They’d know.

    When I got inside my car I tried desperately to wipe off the remaining blood on my hands, smearing it instead as the rain pounded on my shut windows.
    I searched for something, anything.
    Until I found a piece of paper, that might possibly save my life?
    No, not save me but help me, just like they did before.
    I took it and ran out of the old dirty car into the now pouring ran, to a beaten down payphone….that I silently prayed still worked.

    My hands were shaking as I dialed the number, scared that someone would see.
    Scared that I might just hurt that someone.
    I couldn’t get distracted now.

    “Hello?” a voice answered.


    “Yeah, whose…this?” he sounded confused.

    “Gerard…remember?” my voice had little emotion but was rushed.

    “Oh, hey…Gerard?”

    “I need to come over, I need help” I said, voice low.

    “Oh…okay?…why?” stupid curious motherfucker, cause I killed a filthy wh**e, that’s why.

    “I need to, I’m on my way” I said, insisting.

    “Oh, now? Really? But…but my parents are here” he said, sounding like a fucking five year old.

    “I’m coming”

    “Fine. Meet me behind the house, don’t come through the front” he told me.
    I hung up.

    Thank you, motherfucker.
    I ran back to my car and yet again, I was on the run.

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    yay an update hes not gunna hurt frank is he though or mikey
    love the update
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    Amazing update :D
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    RUN GEE RUN!!!!
    :] Wonderful love!
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    Woah, awesome update.
    I need to know what happens!!!
    This is an edge-of-your-seat story if I ever read one.
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    OMG this is intense x]
    You trying to give me a heart attack?!
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    oh...back with frankie.....such an amazing story thanks for the update!!!
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    Intensifyingggg. :D
    Now I'm seriously curious as to what's gonna happen!

    Loved it <3
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    I haven't done that in a while! See what you've done!

    GAH! I'm hyper now and I just fell in love with Leathermouth <3

    I'm like, seriously on the edge of my seat or whatever xD
    I might piss my pants in anticipation xD
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    "She looked up at me and smiled shyly, the dim light making her look beautiful, like the most beautiful filthy sl*t I’ve ever seen."
    holy shizz for some reason that part made me laugh...hmm im sick
    oh the intensity......


    gosh i rarely do more than a chapt a day for this one, because i have to be fucked up to write it well but eh, here yous go=]
    love the comments.

    Chapter Twelve.

    I threw on a hoody, my black one that was sloppily on the floor of my beat up car.
    There was still traces of blood on my hands, now sticky, drying.

    My hands slowly stopped shaking as I drove, faster, faster on the almost empty highway, back to Jersey.
    I never thought I’d even go back to the shithole.
    But at that moment it was the only place I wanted to be.
    The only fucking place I had to go, besides prison.

    My thoughts were racing as I was finally close to Belleville.
    ‘What were Frank’s parents like?’
    ‘Die, bitch, Die!’
    ‘The police are going to find me’

    I almost wanted to scream, thinking my goddamn head might explode from all the twisted visions and all the over-analyzed thoughts.
    I swerved into the familiar drive way, two cars there now.

    I remembered what Frank said about meeting him in the back so I got out.
    Suddenly, again I felt panicked.
    Why was I even here?
    Was I going to hurt them? All of them?
    I killed an innocent person, this wasn’t the same…it was different I wasn’t God, I was slowly turning into a monster.
    I mentally fought with myself, outside as to go to the back or drive away, to nowhere…into a wall maybe.
    Killing myself almost seemed like the best option, I mean I would’ve done it, I would’ve been my own God…destroyer.

    “Gerard?” I heard his shuffled foot steps as he came over to the side of the large house, the drive way.

    I stood there shocked, as if I wasn’t expecting to see Frankie.

    “Are you okay?” he came closer.

    I nodded, unable to speak.
    He looked at me, an eyebrow raised.

    “Ohh, well um, come with me…in the back, my parents don’t really like it when I bring friends over and stuff” he mumbled.
    Friends, I didn’t have any.

    I followed him to the back however.
    He looked up, eyes hinting at something.
    I followed them, to an open window.
    His room.
    Oh, climbing this should be fun.

    “Okay, just follow me, its really easy and all….plus I locked my room door from the inside so this is the only way in there” he smirked.
    What a bloody fucking idiot moron.

    My hands started shaking again as I followed him, climbing up the gutter and sloppily stuck out bricks, up to the slanted roof of a back garage, I assumed it was, possibly a shed? and through his window.

    “There, we made it” he smiled, as we climbed in.

    I sat down in a corner, the first one I saw, of his too bright room, wanting all signs of light to be gone.
    Wanting a darkness.

    “Ger- Gerard, are you okay?” he asked, as I rocked back and fourth, back and fourth in the corner.
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    well damn,this can't be good...

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    wow amazing chpater and despite what Gee did i feel sorry for him
    great update
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    I hope Gee's okay.
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    Gee's going insane!
    And I love it.
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    Whoa, I could just picture Gerard in the corner of a room with wild crazy hair, his arms wrapped around himself rocking back and forth, and his eyes wide and twitchy while Frank stares at him like he's some psychotic patient! xD

    Amazing update <3
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    Oh God I loved it
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    WHOA, that was my favorite part......I fucking love this story":guns:

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