On The Run Romance

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    OMG!!!! i.. uh... i need to go lie down

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    Frankie’s frantic eyes locked onto the two handguns as soon as I opened the box.
    One of them was used, to shoot that door open way back when(and that mutt), the other never touched.
    His brows furrowed instantly.
    Pain, confusion and fear all etched on his gorgeous fucking face.
    His green eyes finally found mine.
    Breaking my fucking heart in the process.

    “We have to Frank” I told him, my voice firm. I didn’t let it waver a bit.
    This was important it had to fucking happen, for us to be together, for us to be whole.

    He shook his head only…and stumbled backwards.
    Trying to get away?
    I sure fucking hoped not.

    I tried hard to ignore the boisterous sound of those sirens.
    Coming closer and closer, they were.
    I fucking knew it.

    I put the box down and made my way closer to Frank.
    Inched slowly towards the trembling ******.

    “Hey…hey” I cooed.
    He stopped against my car, folding his arms around himself.
    That fucking lip quivering.
    He couldn’t breakdown, no, not now.
    He had to be strong.
    Fuck, he was strong…he couldn’t stop fighting now…

    “Its okay” I whispered, placing my hand on his cold cheek.
    He didn’t object as I caressed him.

    “Frankie, you know it has to happen” I said.

    His eyes widened, and his lips parted…but I didn’t let him speak.
    I muted his pathetic intangible words with a kiss.
    He didn’t kiss back however.

    I left him there with a sigh, returning to the open box.
    I picked up both guns.
    This shit was going to fucking happen.

    I placed a gun in his hand, the unused one.
    I held my own firmly.
    I couldn’t help but notice Frankie’s shaky hands.

    “Why?” he asked soon after, his voice a whisper.

    “Why what?” I asked, keeping my voice low and cool.
    A fucking differ from the paranoia and anxiety I was feeling inside.

    “Why this?” he asked, his eyes full of pain shifted from my face to my gun.

    “Frankie. They’re fucking coming. They’re going to lock me up…or kill me…or something…I cant let that happen” I told him.

    “But why…me?” I could tell he wanted to take that back as soon as it hit the air.
    He wasn’t that selfish. He never fucking was.
    I didn’t reply.
    I let the silence take over.
    This might be the last time we got to have this kind of quiet.

    The swirling wind was comforting blowing dried up leaves around.
    Fucking blistering my face in the process, telling me I was alive.
    Letting me feel that way one final time.
    It was then that I realized, I had to get this over with.
    There wasn’t much time, if any…

    “Put it to my head. I’ll put mine to yours. And we shoot…at the same exact time” I ordered Frankie.
    I didn’t let myself look at him, I knew the look on his face would kill me in itself.

    “Gerard…what?” he asked.
    He was fucking floored…and terrified.
    I knew that, I hated myself for that but hey, this was the only way.

    “Listen to what I fucking say” I spat, swiftly moving my gun to his head.
    This time I let myself look.

    Tears, fucking tears.
    Brimming over…drowning those gorgeous fucking emeralds.
    They strolled down his red cheeks.
    Fucking red with cold…
    My coldness…or the weather? I don’t fucking know.

    He didn’t lift his gun and I knew he fucking wouldn’t.
    Not until I used his own pathetic beliefs…that really I was starting to believe…against him.

    “If you love me, Frank you’ll do it” I said.
    My own voice displaying the emotions I’ve always tried so fucking hard to cover.

    When he was still frozen in place, I moved my gun.
    I brought my lips to his.
    Those beautiful fucking lips…
    I could taste salty tears on ‘em…fallen.
    I sucked softly on his bottom swollen lip, and finally he kissed back.
    He let my tongue enter his mouth and explore, again.
    I kissed him so many times before but every fucking time felt new.
    Every fucking time I felt alive…

    And then I felt it.
    That metal, against the side of my head.
    His gun pressed to my head.
    I pulled away from the kiss.
    A weak smile played on my just-kissed lips.
    And then I put mine to his head too, the opposite side of where his was to mine.

    “I do love you, more than anything in the fucking world, Gerard” he informed me.
    Those tears, gone.
    My strong baby finally fucking fighting with me, like I knew he would.

    The bittersweet smile on my face vanished, as did his.
    And then he asked it.
    Something I never fucking wanted him to ask…

    “Do…do you love me, G?”

    I shut my eyes.
    And didn’t say a fucking word.
    Instead I collided my lips against his once more.
    Hoping to fucking God, hoping to my-fucking-self that I was showing him.
    Fucking making him feel exactly how I felt about him.

    I pulled away, to take in those eyes one last time.
    Those lively beautiful fucking greens.
    The only eyes that fucking saw me, saw me for who I wanted to be.

    “Tell me that you love me” he said again.
    His voice stronger, demanding, fucking commanding.
    God, I fucking loved his voice.
    I kissed him again, hoping to somehow steal that gorgeous voice.
    Hoping this would mean more than words.
    But would it?
    Would he ever know?

    I was so lost in…him that I didn’t realize we were surrounded.
    “Freeze!” I heard a husky voice yell.
    I didn’t though.

    “Don’t shoot!” I heard another one order.

    I tried to pay no attention still.
    No attention to the cops that were surely around us.
    The cops that found the infamous Gerard fucking Way.
    The cops that would kill me…
    Kill Frank?
    No, he was the reason why they didn’t shoot.
    An innocent bystander?
    One of my victims?

    Fuck, were they wrong.
    He was my lover.
    My fucking love.

    It felt so fucking amazing.
    More so than ever, even better than sex.
    His warm mouth meshing with my own.
    Making us one person.
    One entity.
    One fucking God.

    But then it happened.
    Before I knew it…
    He bit down hard on my lip.
    Triggering me.
    And there it was. A bullet flying through my love’s head.
    And he was gone, fallen. His own gun, never fired…
    Blood decorated everything as he tumbled to the concrete…
    It was all in slow motion, to me at least.

    The most gorgeous human being, no angel I’ve ever seen falling.
    Where were those fucking wings?
    I didn’t know…

    But there he was.
    Fucking broken.
    He was dead…

    “Yes, I love you Frankie” I whispered as tears made their way into my eyes…
    Then I was over, before I knew it too.
    In a hail of bullets.


    Bullets riddling through my body.
    Causing me to fall to the ground, a crimson mess.
    Fucking broken.

    But nothing mattered anymore.
    For once, we were together…
    Just me and ol’green eyes…not running anymore…not needing to…nothing could get us now.
    Not nobody, not even God himself…

    The End...​

    So sorry for taking so long on that. I've been pretty busy guys...but yeah its over now. I hope you all liked the ending. And thank you so much for reading my story and commenting and voting me for the August AOTM=] you all make me so happy and your support encourages me to keep on writing. i love you all and thank you from the bottom of my little black heart.
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    .... I--I--I---
    I have no words.
    Cyndi, that was absolutely beautiful. Every detail and every word dripped with perfection.
    It blew my mind entirely.
    I'm going to really miss this story... a lot.
    And I want to say thank you so much for sharing the story with us.
    And if you decide to write another story, you can count that I'll read it.
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    Perfect..every detail, emotion, thought, was fucking perfect.
    Tragic yet beautiful. I am stunned and will miss this story.
    This seriously was one of the best things I've ever read and I want to thank you for writing this. You managed to create such complex characters in G and Frankie, so please continue writing because you have talent =]
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    Every little bit of that was astounding. All of it. I don't really know what else to say except that it was beautiful.
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    :'( That was beautiful.
    Their emotions were captured perfectly.
    It was amazing <3
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    thats was so beautifully written, the whole entire thing. Pity frank never hear Gee say that he loved him.... i knew that this fic wouldn't have a happy ending, but it was an amazing one none the less. keep writing! your work is really good. *hug*

    MCR_SAVED_MY_LIFE_ New Member

    the ending was absoulouty stunning
    Gerard admitted he loved Frank even if he didn't hear him and now they can be together in where ever it is they went
    that was just beautiful i wish i had your talent for writing
    just wow
    i really am going to miss this
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    :'( It was amazing <3
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    and that's that.
    This story was one hell of a ride, thank you so much for writing it.
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    Holy Jesus Christ on ice skates.
    Okay, first of all, my throat is all closed up, so I'm having difficulty breathing.
    I'm crying my eyes out, and I've got the shivers all over my body.
    Cyndi...Holy fucking God, I have no words.
    I'm...I'm speechless.
    I'm going to be feeling the aftermath that this story gave me for like, a month, I know it.
    All I can say is...that was so goddamn perfect it's not even funny.
    My body is all numb, and I'm in shock.
    I know I've said those words so many times before, but...God.

    Oh Cyndi, thank you so much for writing this story.
    I really can't thank you enough.
    It was so fucking amazing.
    You deserve a Nobel Prize or something <3
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    Cyndi, that was amazing. I am fucking floored. The ending, when Gerard said he loved Frank :'( To me that was sort of a happy ending. Thank you so much for sharing that phic with us. I miss it already. Breathtaking. Stunning. I loved it <3
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    that was amazing.
    this is deffinatly something that was unbelievably different, i'll never ever forget this.

    i'm just honestly at a loss for words.


    so, i've been having a shitastic day today.
    horrible, bloody horrible.
    but after seeing your comments, i do feel alot better.
    serious, you're all amazing.
    thank you so much for reading it and for the encouragement=]

    MCRxParader, your comment made me smile like an idiot.
    all of yours did=]
    thanks guys really, ily.
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    like i´m fucking spechless...realllyyy...you totally deserve the Author of the moth!!!! totally, your story goes far...like deep ...I don´t how to say it.....

    When Gerard finally said I love you to the dead Frank! I was so amazing...I cried like a fucking baby!!!!
    Evrythiong in this story was so perfect
    the characters...Frank and how He change...Gerard.."GOD" and the transformation of soul he had...but not that much...in the end When He includes Frankie in his "god" thing...He said they were both god...that was so great..
    arrgg i´m so sorry this is over...but happy, becuase it could not be over ohther way!!!
    It´s perfect the way it is..
    And to finish...I feel so honored and lucky to hve had the chance of read this...!
    thanks you for this amazing story!!! thanks you so much
  17. REASONx346

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    I...I finally finished...I'm. shaking. and trembling.
    I can hardly type right now.
    You're fucking incredible. You're amazing. You're beautiful.
    I just...no. I can't express how I feel in words right now.
    I've read so many stories...but none of them come close to what this story
    has made me feel...

    I feel horrible because I have no better words to explain what i'm feeling...
    Please, forgive me.

    You're a fucking god.
  18. floydpink

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    I think I could be reading that last chapter for days. It's simply perfect.
    I love every single word of it and once again, I have to say I love how you wrote the whole thing. How you stop to describe Gerard's feelings, the way he sees Frank but also such things as the air or their surroundings. I loved it so much.
    It's fucking beautiful and it brought tears to my eyes. This is seriously great, you can really move us with the things you write because they're so much beauty on your writing, girl.

    About the chapter, I loved the strengh Frankie showed at the end and obviously I loved how Gerard acted towards him, admitting at last that he did love him so much (and I don't mean just the words, but also his actions and thoughts)

    ''Hoping to fucking God, hoping to my-fucking-self that I was showing him.
    Fucking making him feel exactly how I felt about him.''

    Those lines are awesome.

    And I don't know what more I can add because I'm so happy, sad, touched, amazed, etc by this that... wow I can't say anything.

    Just let you know I have enjoyed reading this so much and that it is one of the best stories I've ever ever read.
  19. floydpink

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    YEAAAAH! I think that was really special and beautiful. And I was gonna say it was probably my favourite part of the chapter but as the whole chapter was unbelievably amazing, I don't know... the whole thing is my favourite part! hah

    and sorry for the double post but I had to say it
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    its over?

    oh god, oh my god. words cannot even describe-

    i just wish for franks sake that he could have heard gerard.
    incredible and amazing and WOOOOOOO!

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