On The Run Romance

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    whats going to happen. "its over" that worrys me
    great update
  2. MCRJunkie

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    I feel the ending closer and closer
    fuck i missed two update, the drean crreeeeeppy, way to creepy.
    I feel, in this last update, that Frank is more marute, i believe the word is...
    I that G is about to say the I love you Frank is waiting for,,,,,He surely feel it...

    It´s over now...waht the hell does G means!!!
    I loooooooooooooooooove the story, i´m so going to cry at the end!
  3. He's probably going to commit suicide and kill Frankie too. SHIT!
  4. Christine

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    I'm thinking suicide or an "I'll shoot you at the same time that you shoot me" kind of deal.
    I hope I'm wrong.
  5. spikenike232

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    ^I hope you're wrong too.


    haha i wont say if you guys are right or not.
    lets just say you're way too close, if not dead on.
    one chapter after this one, i assume;


    We were in my car in no time.
    Both of us, Frankie in his place next to me and me with my hands on the wheel, ready finally fucking ready. Ready for this to be over.
    We were together now, life or whatever the fuck would surely try to tear us apart.
    But what did he want? What did Frankie want?
    He wanted me to stay with him, he loved me…and apparently always fucking would.
    So the answer to my biggest question was clear now, clear as day.
    What to fucking do? This.

    I quickly found my way back on that familiar highway, black faded pavement marked with so many white lines. Green signs around us indicating where we’re headed. But no, not now.
    Those fucking signs couldn’t tell me where the fuck I was going. Nobody could. Only I knew. God makes the plans. Knows the way.

    “Gerard?” Frank’s voice was more anxious than usual.

    I nodded giving him permission to continue.
    He didn’t respond for a long while, his breathing got heavier as he sat there contemplating just what the fuck he wanted to say.

    And there it was again.
    That curiosity.
    “Where are we going, G?”

    “It’s over” I replied again.
    I was almost fucking floored at how my voice sounded.
    So fucking different.

    My voice lingered in the now silent car.
    A high-pitched foreign tone.
    I felt my cheeks rise, and my lips pull up into an involuntary smile.
    But hell’s fucking no, this wasn’t one of my signature smirks, this was real.
    I felt as if I was about to explode, filled with this remarkable joy inside of me.
    Until I looked at Frank.
    The highway was clear enough, it didn’t need all of my attention.

    Frank’s face was somber.
    He looked nervous, his eyebrows seemed as if they were stitched together.
    And his eyes, oh those fucking eyes. The light seemed to vanish. Only darkness and fear occupied them now. But didn’t he understand? There was nothing to fear.
    This was the best, for him, for me. Fuck, for us.

    But I also couldn’t help but notice those dark circles and bags underneath his eyes.
    Telling me, confessing to me that this homo got no sleep.
    He must’ve been up the whole time I was dreaming.
    The whole time the vision took place. The omen.
    He never got a good sleep, did he? Well…maybe he finally fucking would.

    I brought my hand to both of his that were intertwined on his lap.
    He didn’t respond at first but soon enough was clutching at my hand.

    “Why cant you tell me G?” he asked, his voice soft.

    “You already know” I replied quickly.

    The silence swallowed us whole once more.
    I was right, he did know. He knew all along, didn’t he?
    He wasn’t that innocent he never fucking was.
    It was a façade, he knew since day fucking one what being with me would lead to.

    The sun was rising, far behind mountains that seemed to trap us in.
    This needed to be done now, before the day carried on.

    I stopped the car at the side of the road somewhere, not directly on the highway but pretty fucking close anyway.
    It was so beautiful here, nothing but mountains and mountains.
    The air outside was invigorating it almost made my mouth fucking water.

    I walked over to Frank’s side of the car.
    He was inside still. He refused to get out.
    I hoped to God…or fuck, myself that he wouldn’t make this difficult.

    I opened his door for him, but he just shook his head.
    “Come on Frank, its nice out here” I said, beating around the bush pretty good.

    “Why’d you stop here? its cold” he replied, wrapping his arms around his still-bare chest.

    “Its not” I said, kneeling down so that I was eye to eye with him.

    He didn’t reply and he avoided eye contact with me, his brows furrowed and eyes lowered.
    God, I couldn’t look away though.
    He was so gorgeous. So painfully beautiful. Why didn’t I fuck him the first day I met him?
    My eyes stayed on his flawless deathly-pale skin, until I noticed a mark.
    A hickey, a love bite. Whatever the fuck you wanted to call it.
    It wasn’t from me, that was sure. It was from Ol’Gary wasn’t it?
    Well…his fucking marks would be nothing compared to mine.
    Just like to Frankie, he was nothing compared to me.

    “Come on, get the fuck out” I said, my voice turning harsh once more.
    I got to my feet, but Frankie stayed in the car. Arms crossed.

    “Get out Frank” I said again, louder.
    He still didn’t respond.
    I stared at him, stared holes through him.
    Until he looked back, those greens blazing.

    “No” he spat.

    “Excuse me?” I fought back.

    “I said no, Gerard. I don’t wanna get fucking out” he said again, louder.
    His voice reminded me of a spoiled bitchy child. Fucker probably was one.

    “Son of a bitch” I muttered, before I pulled him recklessly out of the car.
    He seemed to be taken aback, as he fell on his knees for a while.
    I helped him balance, pulling him back up only to shove him against my car like I did the time I left him.
    He winced as his naked back hit the metal. Probably fucking up some old scrapes.

    “You’re such a fucking-” I cut him off by kissing him.
    Kissing his stupid foul mouth.
    I sucked on his lips for what seemed like forever but at the same time it didn’t feel like enough. I wanted more time, needed more of him.
    I let the ecstasy take over me, wash over me.
    It felt so good, but again I had to pull away.

    Frankie was looking at me, those big eyes mixed with every fucking emotion.
    I smirked.
    “You have no idea how much you mean to me” I mumbled.

    A smile finally found its way onto his red lips.
    I realized then how much I missed his smile.

    “Oh yeah? Why don’t you tell me then” he challenged. His bad attitude vanishing.
    I knew what he wanted to hear. But I wouldn’t say that.
    I wasn’t ready, no.

    “Frank. I…its just…I cant…listen…” his eyes never left me, those big emeralds taking in every part of me. I almost forgot to breathe, forgot what I wanted to say so instead I kissed him.

    He kissed back, which caused me to push my whole body against him even more.
    I was getting fucking hard but no, I had to say something…had to get it out. This was the last time.

    I pulled away again.
    “What is it Gerard?” he asked. His voice breathy.

    “Its…its…I don’t know, Frank” I paused.
    “Ever since I met you Frank…or at least ever since you came along…I’ve felt. Yeah….I’ve felt. I never fucking felt anything like this before Frank. You have no idea. No idea how I feel every time you look at me” I smiled.
    His cheeks seemed to turn red instantly as he looked down, shyly.

    “Hey, look at me” I whispered.
    After several failed attempts of trying to look me in the eyes again, he finally succeeded, biting that lip to will him on.
    I smiled at his childishness.

    “Listen Frank, I know I’ve hurt you…so many times before” I paused.
    The pain seemed to show in his eyes at the mere mention of ‘hurt’.
    I really did fuck him over, didn’t I?

    “And I’m sorry baby, I know I cant fix that…but its all over now” I kissed his lips softly.
    “All of it, we’re going to be okay now” I concluded.

    “What do you mean?” he asked.

    And that’s when I heard it.
    Lots of ‘em.
    Surely this wasn’t my imagination, was it?
    I couldn’t have lost my mind already…

    Frankie’s eyes widened at the sound confirming that this was real.
    My hand found his again and I tugged him towards the trunk of my car.
    And there it was, my metal box…full of promises.
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    OH. MY. GOD.

    THAT. WAS. AMAZING. Oh my god. :eek: LOOK AT ME, I'M A BUMBLING IDIOT! SEE WHAT YOU DO TO ME? O_O =ooooooooo I think three words pretty much sum up everything; OH MY GOD! O_O
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    need to breath
    breath damn it..
    my god!!!
    my god...
    are they going to ...noo please noo..
    god,,,I`m being hyperventilating the whole update!....and the sirens, cops, no
    trunk of the car?

    MCR_SAVED_MY_LIFE_ New Member

    oh god its the police
    that chapter was so wow but i don't want them to die
    great update
  10. floydpink

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    Oh shit! =O

    I'm lost for words. That chapter was so good. Sad but very beautiful at the same time.

    I love how you wrote the whole thing and how Gerard confessed... let Frankie know how he felt about him (and I'm glad you wrote it that way. I mean, with no 'I love you's' and stuff, cos that wouldn't be too realistic coming from Gee's mouth). I liked to see a... kind of shy Gerard.

    But fuckfuckfuck, I don't want this to end... I'm even nervous to know what's gonna happen.
    And god, I'm gonna miss this so much when it's over.

    Stunning as usual, girl xx
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    i hope they make it out alive. ]:
  12. Dreamerism

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    All good things come to an end.
    but goddamn I wish this wouldn't! I think I may end up in denial for some while :p
    Oh man, this last chapter's the biggie.
    I can feel it on my fingertips f'sho. :)
  13. Amelia

    Amelia strangeness and charm

    Oh My G.
    This is such a teaser!
    I get paranoid! I think they're going to kill each other and/or suicide.
    Metal box? Knives?
    This sums it up pretty well...
    OH MY GOD.
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    o_O oh god i can't find my words

    that so good <3
  15. Snot.

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    OH MY GOD!

    since gerard thinks he's God 'n all..
    would that make like..
    oh my .. gerard.. or uh... something?

    WHYYYYY CAN'T you just saayyyyy that you love frank , gerard!, aah! x_<.-
    we're all waiting for it . !!
    I swear to... uh.. gerard.. that if you don'ti'm gonna make you say it.

    wait, am i talking to a fiction?

    reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllyyy great update!!
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    Actually, I agree with Eloisa, G's confession may not have involved the words 'I love you' but what he did say implies that, and Frankie's knows that. Something heartfelt like that coming from G is an accomplishment. But oh my God the cops? how the hell did they catch G after all this time? I'm stunned at this chapter, it all makes sense and yeah I expected this to happen too, not the cops though, the whole "freedom" thing. One more chapter? I am sad now, but great update as usual Cyndi =]
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    OH MY GOD...... *stares in shock* ..... PLEAZE UPDATE!!!!!
  18. Oh my god!!!! Why gerard why?!
  19. MCRxParader

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    Just fucking perfect.
    God, my breathing is all shallow and I could feel my heartbeat so clearly.
    Cyndi, you don't know what you just did to me.
    That has got to be one of the most perfect things I have eve read.

    You're amazing <3
  20. Christine

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    Oh man...
    I don't know what the fuck to say.

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