On The Run Romance

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    you're all lovely.
    annd gee's a creep=]
    with a change of heart??

    Chapter Nine.

    The ground below my feet felt uneven as the hooker and I made our way to my room.
    I fumbled with the key a bit, laughing at my own stupidity but finally got the key in, turning.

    “This is it” I said with a smile.

    When you drink as much as I do, being drunk doesn’t last too long, unless you fucking down like 30 beer bottles or some shit.

    She looked up at me and smiled shyly, the dim light making her look beautiful, like the most beautiful filthy sl*t I’ve ever seen.
    I shut the door, and she sighed shakily, heavily.

    “What’s the matter?” I asked her, her eyes that were lowered looked up instantly into mine.
    And I realized, she wasn’t your average fucking 26 year-old dick sucker…she looked younger, much younger.
    She smiled weakly, the tears in her eyes looked as if they might brim over.

    “Hey…how old are you?” I asked her.

    Her fucking eyes widened even more, if possible.
    “24...I’m 24” she stated.

    “Fuck that, no you’re not…how old are you?” I asked, softening my voice to sound more comforting than intimidating.

    “Oh God” she cried “Please, don’t tell…tell anyone….I…I’m 16, okay…but I swear I’ll do whatever you want me too, don’t tell the police” she pleaded, I didn’t know her fucking story and come to think about it I didn’t fucking care to.
    Plus, why the fuck would a murderer tell the cops about a 16 year old prostitute? I’d get my ass arrested too, maybe life for me.

    “Hey…hey don’t worry” I said, placing a comforting hand on her cheek causing her to wipe away the tears…of fear?

    “Did…you ever do it with anyone before…like are you new?” I asked her awkwardly.

    She nodded “A few guys”.

    I almost felt bad for the unfortunate bitch.

    “I’ll be gentle okay? I promise” I wanted sex, she nodded. Seems the bitch trusted me.
    When you’re in a situation like that its easy for people to lie to you and easier for you to believe them.
    Only a heartless motherfucker would take advantage of a beautiful, damaged flower like her.

    “Are you ready, then?” I asked her, our faces only inches apart.

    “Mhmm” she responded, the tears gone…and the uncertainty farther gone.

    I took in her features first, ratty dirty blonde hair, knots and tangles.
    Big eyes, the size of the fucking moon, a golden brown color.
    And lips…oh those lips.

    I placed my hand gently on her neck and she smiled, she wanted it now.
    From a nice understanding fucker like myself.
    Oh she wanted it.

    I brought my lips to the sl*t’s carefully.
    I let my tongue trail over her soft bottom lip, causing her to instantly part those gorgeous lips and let my tongue inside.
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    Are you trying to get yourself killed or something? God damn.
    I bet this isn't going to end up very well.
    Amazing update, more when you're ready.
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    whoa, 16?! :eek:
    She's in for it now.

    Awesome update! <3
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    Gerard you bastard x]
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    16? That's not too bad, tbh.
    I can see this gettin' really dirty.

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    Well, that was unexpected.
    I officially have no idea whats going to happen.
    Which means this fic is AWESOME!

    MCR_SAVED_MY_LIFE_ New Member

    new reader love it even if it is slightly scary
  8. Kriss

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    Wow, 16..That can't possible end up any good.

    Loved it^^
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    .:new reader:.
    Amazing story.
    16?!? Wow... What the fuck is Gerard thinking?!?
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    *New Reader*

    I love this! And the whole Mikey is an ugly baby thing was priceless! more when you can??


    sorry i took long to update guys.i work now.
    anyway here, hope you like it.

    Chapter Ten.

    Beautiful purrs and moans filled the room as I kissed, licked and touched the sixteen year old’s naked body.
    She begged for me to go inside of her, and naturally I did as told, wanting it maybe much more than she did.

    She praised me as I gently went inside of her, stroking her hair.
    Our naked bodies creating a fine, fine rhythm.

    She trusted me, she trusted me with her life, or more so her precious young damaged body.

    But suddenly it was getting a bit boring, I needed my pleasure.
    I sped up, my hips crashing against hers harder and harder.
    I was deep inside her, the rhythm turning into a brutal banging.

    “Slow down”
    “Please stop”
    She began to panic as I fucked her harder and harder.
    I didn’t stop I put a hand over her mouth to muffle the screams, her pleasurable moans no longer there.
    She wanted a gentle lover but I wasn’t that I was a hard fucker.
    The damaged flower was about to die, I was her pesticide.

    I bit her neck, her cheek, her face as I fucked her harder and harder and harder until finally I was drained, satisfied, done.
    I rolled off the hooker, who was now crying.

    “Oh God” she shot up off the bed, but I wasn’t about to let the broken flower leave, not yet.

    I got off too, the hooker quickly dressing herself.
    I pulled on my boxers and pants quicker.

    She gasped when she saw me next to her, her big eyes full of tears as if she just had been violated.

    “You cant leave without getting paid” I said, my voice sincere not a hint of arrogance or laughter in it.
    She dried her eyes with her hands, she was clothed now…as clothed as a fucking hooker could be.

    The lights in the room were dim, barely apparent but I could see her worried face clearly.
    But she had nothing to fear, she’d never see me again.
    “Here” I breathed as I opened a drawer of the rundown dresser.
    I got out what she needed.
    What I knew deep down she wanted.

    The knife.
    Mikey and Frankie’ s knife, you know the one their parents used to cut their meat with…for dinner.
    That knife.

    I turned around swiftly in the dark stabbing the young girl right in her mostly exposed chest.
    She screamed in pain, she didn’t have enough time to see or realize what was in my hand.
    Poor baby.
    I stabbed her again and again violently.
    I wanted to get it done quick but the hooker just didn’t seem to die.
    She had to make it hard, just like she made me hard.

    She backed away blood staining the little clothes she had on.
    I slashed her throat and she fell, right on the motel bed we just fucked in.

    “Pity” I whispered, dropping the knife.
    I went on the bed where blood spilled out of her open throat and moved her up, higher on the bed so that her bloody head was resting on a pillow.
    I returned to get my knife and sat on top of the hooker, making even more blood spill out of her crimson body.
    I brought the knife up and down again, and again, and again.
    I almost could picture it being Donna again, me killing my fucking mother once more.
    But no, her face…this nameless gorgeous young hooker…she was beautiful.
    She was a flower, more so a red red rose.

    I got off the hooker and looked at her, my hands stained red, I licked my left hand, the one not holding Frank and Mikey’s knife. The copper taste making my mouth almost water as if I was a drooling dog.
    I smiled as I looked at my work of art.
    I was God.
    The bed was red.
    The hooker red.
    Everything was dead.

    I smiled as I got to the foot of the bed, where the hookers feet almost hung off.
    I touched her bare leg and then got on the bed to spread both her legs.
    Typical sl*t, wasn’t wearing any underwear under her short mini skirt.
    I stabbed the knife between her long legs, in her opening, leaving my mark.

    “Goodnight” I said and left the room.
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    That made me so hypo to read.
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    This is soooooooooo cynical.
    You don't know how much I like it xD

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    ooooooo update and a very good 1 at that love this fic
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    You don't know how fast my heart is beating right now.
    That was amazing.

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    New reader.

    This is awesome!
    I loved it. Much. :)
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    Amazing...agian :]
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    That was... so damn creepy...
    My heart is beating at like a gazillion times a second...

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    Gerard went a bit mad for a moment there didn't he?
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    I really am speechless. That was amazing.

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