On The Run Romance

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    On The Run Romance[Frerard]

    On The Run Romance[Frerard]

    Rating: 17+ for murder,killings,gay sex,violence,frequent strong language,rape,alcohol use,drug use, offensive terms, abuse of biblical terms and the word 'God'.

    Genre: Horror, romance

    Summary: On the run from a life filled with nothing but lost dreams and a lost soul, Gerard Way meets somebody who just might change his view on life, it self. For better or for worse. Dead or alive.

    This story is complete fiction, it is a bit over the top so you are warned ahead of time, And most importantly i love donna way, im sure she's an amazing woman but the only way i could make this story even work was with what happens in it.its demented and i know.but pure fiction.
    Also, needless to say I do not know My Chemical Romance.
    I'd be bragging my ass off if i did=]


    Chapter Index:
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    Chapter 3-page 2
    Chapter 4-page 3
    Chapter 5-page 4
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    Chapter 85-page 94
    Chapter 86-page 95
    The End-page 97

    Chapter One.

    gerard's POV

    I killed them and you’re lying if you say that you wouldn’t have done the exact same thing.
    I was 25 years old.
    My mother was a coke wh**e, every damn night she’d bring home a different guy and she’d fuck them for either drugs alone or money to buy drugs.
    She never gave a shit about me.
    I fucking hated living in California, where we lived wasn’t like the goddamn movies it was different, a lot different.
    It was actually a goddamn trailer park along way away from Los Angeles. It was along way away from glamour, money and all that shit.
    The damn park was full of broken families and pregnant teenagers.
    My mother moved me from somewhere in the North East states to there when I was like 5 years old.
    I had a little brother once, I remember every goddamn detail of the little guy’s face. He died, that’s what she told me.
    My fucking brother died when I was 5 years old.
    But did he? She always had a drug habit I even knew about it when I was in diapers.
    A part of me still now 20 years later thinks the dirty old bitch sold my little brother for drug money.
    But I’d never know.

    She married her fucking drug dealer who she’d been banging for the past couple of years just last summer.
    They made me fucking sick.
    The fucker, this drug dealer, Ed always tried to step to me always tried to fucking start shit.
    So I killed him and her.
    All those two did was bang on the couch, in the kitchen and even outside.
    The dirty bitch didn’t give a shit that her son was there.
    “Join in honey?!” She said to me once while he ate her out in the living room.
    Dirty fuckers.
    I stabbed her to death.
    “No Gerard!” she screamed and screamed as the knife dug into her dirty saggy skin.
    I blew Ed’s brains out, half of his ugly face flying off with the lead bullet.
    Is it insane that I don’t feel guilty? I never felt guilty.
    I stole his car after I stole some of their drug money and left their dirty corpses there to rot together.
    I bet their fucking in hell right now, both of them.
    I’m wondering two things though.
    Are the police after me?
    And if they are, I’m hoping they’ll put me in prison I’d rather get ass raped everyday then shot to death or put to death for murder.
    I don’t feel like seeing my mother and her drug dealer in Hell just yet.

    continue or not?
    i figured i'd start a new fic since im almost done the other......
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    Fucking love this.

    Keep going.

    FUCKIN EDIT: I am the number 1 fan of this.
    Fark, haven't called that in a while.


    haha,okay its not that disturbing then?
    and thanks love.

    Chapter Two.

    I stopped my car at a gas station, I had been driving for a fucking while now, but I was good on gas.
    I just needed something to eat.
    I walked around, they didn’t have any decent food in there…just junk like chips and candy.
    I was pretty sure there was a Mcdonalds somewhere in that rest stop town but I didn’t feel like wasting time and looking for it.
    I picked up chips and a coke and took them to the tall fat man at the counter.

    “2.50 please” he said looking half asleep and in a thick dirty south accent.
    I paid with a five.

    “Hey if you don’t mind me asking where the fuck is this? I’ve been driving for days” I asked the man, as he handed me my change.

    “You’re in Tennessee” he replied in that already annoying thick accent.

    “Tennessee” I repeated, all I knew was that Tennessee was in the fucking south and I didn’t really like the goddamn south.

    “Where you headed anyways, son?” he asked, mother fucker now interested.
    Where was I headed? I didn’t even know.

    “Up North” I replied to him, maybe New York I thought.

    I ate my chips and drank my soda in that fucking car soon after that.
    Then I was on the highway again, making a run from my previously fucked up life.
    As I drove along the road with many other cars all reminding me of like a flock of lost sheep I couldn’t help but wonder what would happen?
    I knew New York was supposed to be an amazing place, a place of opportunity but what in the world was I good at?
    What could New York offer me?
    In a way I imagined New York to be like the California of the East coast and that thought made me shudder.
    I decided I was pretty good at being a fucking killer, hey sounds like a good occupation I thought with a twitching smile.

    I got to Virginia that night and stopped at some shitty motel there.
    I paid the guy 60 for a night’s stay.

    It gets pretty lonely when you’re driving highways in the morning and staying at shitty motels by night, but someone has to do it.
    I was trying to watch this old horror movie called “Psycho” but it was too creepy and boring.
    In a lot of ways this guy Norman Bates reminded me of myself…and the whole thing with his mother freaked me out.
    I almost pictured myself dressing up as my dead mother and killing people.

    I decided to take a shower before I freaked myself out too bad.
    I smelled horrible anyway.

    I washed my tangled black hair that had grown down to my shoulders now.
    It was the first time I showered since I killed Donna and Ed.
    In a lot of ways I felt like I was washing away what I had done.
    As the water went down the drain I felt like a free man, free from a world of misery and my mother.
    I felt joy, I laughed to myself and felt pure joy as I hummed random tunes while putting my clothes back on.
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    this is utterly AMAZING.
    I love your writting, it seems so personal and real.
    Keep it up hun.
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    I love it!

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    cool,so we have both number one fanspot and number two taken=]
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    i'll be posting chapter 3 like tomorrow...because today was fathers day and i was out with my father all day....so yeah i have it all done and it should be up then.
    thanks again though guys,im glad people like it.
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    thanks for the patience guys.
    and just to let you know ahead of time this frerard story isnt like "zomgiloveyou" really quick,like not at all.
    hah.okay here:

    Chapter Three.

    The next day I drove through the remainder of Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania….I had started early in the morning and by night I found myself in New jersey, just when I felt like “hey maybe you’ll make it to New York” Ed’s fucking car started getting goofy.

    I pulled in to some gas station somewhere in north Jersey.
    I got out and went up to the ugly 30 something that worked there.

    “I’m having car problems man” I told him, he told me he’d take a look.

    I followed him out to where my car was and he picked up the hood looking inside.
    He explained to me why the car broke down in what felt like a fucking lecture I just nodded.

    “I can have a guy come in and fix it in about a day, maybe two or three” he explained while we were inside the connected mini mart.
    I was stuck in this stupid town, somewhere in dirty Jersey.
    The guy told me the place was called “Belleville”. What a shitty name. His name was Ted…

    I sat on a plastic chair inside the store like the guy asked me to, I had nowhere to go and nothing better to do.
    I listened to him ramble about business being not so well, because there was some cheaper gas station that just opened up down the road, I didn’t care.

    Two kids walked in and I decided not to even pay attention, people kept coming in and out anyway.

    “So where you staying tonight?” the gas station guy asked me, I had no fucking clue.

    “Is there a motel around here?” I asked him.

    “’Bout 5 miles from here” he told me, in a thick Jersey accent, I hated accents.
    And I couldn’t walk 5 miles.

    “Could you drive me or some shit I cant walk five fucking miles” I told him.

    He looked at me apologetically.
    “Sorry I’m working all night, you can keep me company” he smiled.

    “Fuck” I muttered.

    The two boys or more so teenagers were right there now, at the register.

    “Whats the problem Ted?” the shorter boy asked.
    My eyes locked onto him as soon as he opened his mouth, he had tattoos and his hair was fucking funky black and red.
    He was some piece of ass though, I’d fuck him.
    Wow a gay murderer, aren’t I a sight to see.

    “This guy here, Gerard” he said my name awkwardly “hasn’t got a place to stay tonight, he drove all the way from California but his car broke down” Ted told him.

    The short boy and his tall friend looked at me apologetically too.
    The tall one with glasses whispered something to the other boy and they continued to talk to each other in mumbles, rude fuckers.

    The short boy turned to me “You wanna stay with us, Gerard our parents are out of town” he offered.
    Stupid motherfucker, for all he knew I could’ve very well have been a killer…wait.

    “Hey you sure its okay?” I asked, I’d take anything at that point.

    He nodded.

    I got up off the chair, jumping at the chance before the fuckers could change their minds..
    “I’m Frank” he said putting out his hand.
    I shook it awkwardly.
    “And that’s my brother Mikey” he motioned to the tall boy, he just gave me a shy smile and a little wave.
    The boys bought their shit after that and offered to drive me to their house.
    I sat in the back while Frank drove and his brother sat shot gun quietly.

    “So where are you from again, Gerard?” Frank asked, glancing back at me through the rearview mirror.

    “California” I replied emotionless.
    I wasn’t in the mood for 20 questions.

    The skinny tall boy…Mikey chuckled.

    “I always imagined California boys to be like tan with like blonde hair or something” Frank smiled.
    I didn’t reply.

    They both mumbled to each other like at the store and I was starting to regret taking them up on the offer, but as soon as regret set in Frank exclaimed “We’re here!”
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    I think we're seeing a different side of Gerard after all...
    Brilliant update, loved it.
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