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    Aw that's so sad. Marie really should go talk to Frank. How can his dad do that to him? I still can't believe parents can do that sort of thing. :(
    More when you can. <3
  2. That's a bit freaky man. I just want to go over to Frank and give him a biiiig hug.
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    Chapter 18: Understand

    What can I say? I was in writing mode today (technically it's still the 24th of June to me haha).

    “Sure he understands that his now ex-girlfriend sounds like she’s already completely over him and that she doesn’t care. I would understand if he left right now,” I stated bluntly staring at him.

    “I wouldn’t understand; he’s not one to run from someone he cares about,” Mikey reassured me. “He’ll be ready to talk when you are.” He hopped down from the banister and opened his arms.

    I took the hint and hugged him tightly, “Thank you, Mikey. You’re a sweetheart.”

    “No problem,” he responded lingering towards the door. “I’m going in to talk to Gerard.”

    “Keep us sane,” I stated wiping away tears.

    “I shall.” He reentered the house and I stood on the porch for a few more minutes.

    Soon enough, I found myself standing outside of Frank’s bedroom door and I had been standing there contemplating for a while. Eventually, I cracked open the door and saw that he was asleep, but I went in anyway. He’s like me in a way; he’ll lay there for hours before he even thought of sleep. I sat on the edge of the bed and rested my elbows on my knees. Deep down, I knew if he wanted to talk, he’d roll over to give me a sign that he was, indeed, awake. Several minutes had passed and he never rolled over, so I carefully lied down next to him. My mind racked up what to say, but nothing morphed into a clear thought. Closing my eyes, I took a deep breath and hoped to fall asleep. The guilt wouldn’t let me leave the room without a conversation, yet my heart told me to exit. An arm wrapped around my midsection and five fingers laced with my own. I cautiously looked over my shoulder to find his sleeping face nuzzled against the back of my arm. If I were to escape, he’d wake up, so I silently lied there.

    The guilt led me to getting no sleep that night, even though I was wrapped in arms that belonged to someone I truly cared about. That entire night, his arm never left my waist, nor did his hand let go of mine. I felt warm and safe, but still guilty for what I had shouted the night before. Yes, by his sleeping position, I know he wasn’t truly heartbroken or too angry, but it put a large crack in mine knowing what I said and how much I meant it at the time.

    Around seven in the morning, the door opened and Mikey’s head popped in. I quickly shut my eyes as if I had been asleep the entire time and a weak smile formed on the teen’s face before he reclosed the door. Soon after, I heard his voice tell Gerard that he was off to a school function he was roped into and would be back around six that evening. I smiled hearing Gerard say that he loved him and thanked him for last night’s conversation. The kid was Heaven sent and I will believe that to the end of my days.

    Nine o’clock rolled around and Frank yawned. I was about to finally go to sleep when I felt his cheek rest against my arm, “Are you awake, Marie?” I nodded and he resumed. “I understand why you think it would be better if we weren’t a thing. We kind of jumped into it anyway, I think.”

    I rolled onto my back as he propped himself up on his elbow, “It’s not that I don’t love you, it’s just… Easier, you know?” He nodded and smiled; it was a real smile, but not a strong one. “I mean, I really care about you and I’m just afraid that I’d break your heart someday like I’ve done to a few guys before, but you’re one that doesn’t deserve such a thing. Does that make sense?”

    “Kind of, but I do get what you’re saying,” he muttered before kissing my forehead. “You’re warm; are you feeling alright?”

    “I didn’t get any sleep last night,” I admitted. He unraveled the quilt from his body then wrapped it around me. “You don’t have to do that.”

    “But I want to,” he blurted tucking the cover under both of my sides. “You don’t look like you’re feeling well, so I want to take care of you like you’ve taken care of me.” He crawled out of bed then walked over to my side, “I’ll wake you up before Mikey gets home, okay? I’m going to get cleaned up and hang out with Gerard.”

    I nodded as he kissed my forehead once more, “Thanks.”

    “Don’t mention it,” he stated sweetly. “I’ll get Gerard to cook you some breakfast before you go back to sleep, okay?” I nodded after thinking that Gerard’s breakfast sounded rather great at that moment. “Okay. One of us will bring it in.”

    “Could you bring it, if it’s not too much to ask for? I’m ashamed of how I acted in front of him last night,” I asked hesitantly.

    “I will.” It wasn’t too long before he reentered the bedroom with a tray that I don’t remembering having. It had what looked like soup and a package of crackers with it. He carefully set it on the nightstand and rubbed the back of his neck, “Gerard was asleep on the couch, so I found some chicken noodle soup in the cabinet. I didn’t know whether you liked crackers or a small sandwich with it. There was only water in the fridge, so I brought you a bottle. Do you want a sandwich? I could go make you one.”

    “Crackers are fine, sweetie,” I stated staring at the tray from my spot under the covers he had cocooned me in. “Thank you.”

    “No problem; I’m going to shower, so if you need anything, I’ll be in there,” he explained briefly before exiting the bedroom once again.

    Frank taking care of me like that made me feel worse about the night before. I dangled my feet off of the bed and picked at the soup and crackers he had prepared for me. No one had ever been that sweet to me, aside from Gerard. I heard the faint sound of the shower as I sipped at the unusually amazing tasting broth. Maybe I had come down with something and didn’t know it. Whatever was wrong, I’d find a way to look over it and resume my daily life; the bookstore probably thinks I’ve disappeared off of the face of the planet. I wandered through the house and found the phone sitting on the coffee table, then scurried into the kitchen to call. Maurice told me that it was fine that I had missed; she said that Ivory wanted to work some overtime and she ended up taking my shifts the days I hadn’t worked. I explained to Maurice that I would come back, but I had some stuff to work out. Thankfully, my boss explained to me in a professional tone that she would just have me work on Thanksgiving and on a few of my off days to make it up; in a more friend-to-friend tone she explained how bad she felt for making me work so much to pay off for the days I missed.

    “I understand.” I’ve heard and said that word a lot within the last twenty-four hours. “I’ll call and come back as soon as everything gets worked out.” We said our goodbyes and I set the phone on the kitchen table.

    “Why aren’t you in bed?” Frank caught my off-guard and made me gasp slightly. “I didn’t me to scare you.”

    “It’s fine, I just called my boss to apologize for my work absences. She said she would just make me work some off days, on Thanksgiving, and just put this down as my vacation time. I have a few weeks built up from last year and not taking any sick days until now. It’s fine though,” I explained.

    “I’m not a reason to skip out on work,” he stated pulling his shirt over his head. His wounds didn’t look as bad as they did the day before; there were only a few scratches and bruises when all of the blood was gone. “But I thank you.”

    We wandered into the bedroom together to talk, so we wouldn’t disturb Gerard. We sorted things out and concluded that a relationship wasn’t the best thing, but hugs and kisses were innocent enough. I kept an eye on the knot that Mikey mentioned the night before; it was puffy, but as long as it doesn’t swell, go down, and then swell again, it would be fine—if it did, it would be a sign of a concussion. Eventually, I laid back down and took a short nap before Frank, who must have went into the living room, came into the room to wake me up around four. It took me a second to wake up and drag my ass to the shower.

    Back in the living room, I towel dried my hair and talked to Gerard and Frank as if nothing had happened the night before. The door opened and I glanced over my shoulder, expecting to find Mikey’s smiling face, but found a police officer. My heart sank for a moment, assuming he was going to be the bearer of bad news, but I was relieved to hear him say, “The neighborhood is clear. I’ll be back later on to tell you if anything changes. Have a wonderful evening.”

    “Thank you, sir,” Frank stated as all three of us smiled in the officer’s direction.

    “I’m just doing my job; protecting citizens,” he replied with a proud smile. “I’ll be back later.”
  4. :D two updates wooooot. Frank's so keute. Just one little thing, its lay down, not lied down.
    More when yu kan.

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    Aw I'm glad they got that worked out. :D I got a little worried when I heard the cop came in. I'm glad his dad hasn't caused any trouble.
    More when you can dear. <3
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    I blame microsoft. I had lay down and it brought it up with "spelling errors", I pushed ignore so many times then got tired of it correcting me and hit change XD
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    Actually, it's neither of those, it's "laid"
    (Also, I can't help but find it funny that you're correcting her word usage, but spell "cute" "you" and "can" completely weird. It's actually in the rules to use proper English, so in the future, don't type like that, please. It's hard to understand, especially for those whose native language is not English. Thank you.)
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    Those updates were amazing, Shawna.
    I was a little late commenting, but I loved them a lot. They were wonderful. :]
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    ^ Lateness is fine =]

    A friend of mine is staying tomorrow night, so I might not update (or be able to get online) until Monday night or some time on Tuesday.

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    As long as you update before I leave for Washington, I'll be happy.
    I need an update to hold me over til I get back!
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    ^ I definitely shall.
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    Ohhman, I'm really excited now. :]
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    Chapter 19: A New-Old Friend

    Sorry, I was going to update yesterday, but my friend ended up spending another night here. We stayed up all night and here I am after she went home with a late update.
    Oh, I have rekindled my love for the 100 Monkeys and Jackson Rathbone in time for his role in the Last Airbender. I love that man ;) haha

    The day trudged on and the police officer never actually returned. A part me considered it a good thing, but deep inside me, something screamed aloud that there’s a possibility it was truly something bad. Since I felt slightly optimistic that day, I went with the lesser bad one. My spirit seemed to be slowly lifting itself and resulted in me being in a rather good mood, but the doubt still lingered on whether Frank was angry with me or not. I knew that he always seemed really honest with me about a lot of things, but I do not know if what I said would be something he would lie to me about just to make our lives go smoother. Honestly, I wouldn’t blame him if he was angry with me about it—I was definitely surprised that Gerard wasn’t mad at all. By the end of the day, I let go of that thought because I cannot live in the past, for living in the past would only get me hurt.

    Eventually, Frank fell asleep on the couch while the three of us watched a couple of movies. I didn’t worry too much when the officer never came back before eleven, mostly because I assumed that he forgot or he might have been called elsewhere. Without meaning to, I dozed off for several minutes and woke up to Gerard carrying Frank into his bedroom as he muttered to me that he would be back. I sat there and watched the ending scene of the movie.

    The scene was beautiful. An unreal sunset in the background as two lovers held hands and stared into the magnificent distance. Multiple trees surrounded them, but you would think that they were on the moon and away from every being on Earth. The boy looked at what will be his girlfriend and gave her the most amazing smile. The kid was real; dimples, crooked teeth, and a little shadow lingering on his cheeks and chin below a pair of brilliant hazel-green eyes. He whispered to her how amazing the scenery was, especially since she was a part of his view. No guy has ever said anything like that to me, but I’ve been told that I’m searching in all of the wrong places.

    A subtle knock sounded on the door and I groggily got up to answer it. Gradually swinging it open, I saw a boy a little shorter than I, but had to be the cutest guy I had ever seen. He looked lost, but he also seemed like he was there to serve a purpose. “Can I help you?”

    “Hey, I’m Jackson,” he stated nervously, yet confidently as he held out his hand.

    I took it, “Hi, Jackson; I’m Marie. What brings you here?”

    He tucked his slightly long brown hair behind his ear as he replied, “I’m a friend of Frank’s from elementary school. I went to school with him a few years ago, moved away, and moved back a few days ago from Texas.”

    “How did you know he lived here?” No one would ever know how confused I was at that moment.

    “He called my cell phone and we talked, then he told me where he was livin’ now,” he stated and pocketed his hands. “Did I come at a bad time, Marie? I know it’s late, but I had to sneak out.”

    “No, come on in. I was watching a movie with a friend and Frank went to bed not too long ago.” I let him in and closed the door behind us. He seemed to be a sweetheart, but I just met him. “I’ll go wake him up.”

    “I didn’t know he was in bed; I can come back tomorrow,” he stated looking as if he felt intrusive.

    “No, he hasn’t been asleep long,” I stated before he had the chance to walk towards the door. “Just make yourself at home and I’ll go get him.”

    “Okay.” He carefully sat on the couch, removed his shoes, and tucked them under the coffee table.

    Entering Frank’s room, he was awake talking to Gerard. I didn’t want to interrupt so I let them finish talking before I told Frank who was sitting in the living room. A smile spread across his face, “Holy shit, I haven’t seen Jackson in a long time. Tell him that I’ll be in there in a few minutes.”

    I nodded and wandered back into the living room to find Jackson staring at the credits of the movie I was watching. He seemed to be truly reading every name and word that scurried up the screen. Normally, I was used to seeing very distant and pained filled eyes, but his were different; they took in every little detail and seemed to be very rich in life. “Frank said he would be in here shortly. He was already awake.”

    His eyes peeled themselves from the screen and landed on me, “I really appreciate you letting me see him, ma’am.”

    “It’s completely fine and you can call me Marie,” I responded kindly. “Do you want something to drink?”

    “No thank you, I drank a bottle of water on my way here.”

    Frank finally appeared and Jackson stood up. Both of them seated themselves on the couch and talked for a while. I dared not to go upstairs or fall asleep while I spent that time in the kitchen talking to Gerard, who was completely awake. Jackson entered the kitchen and extended his hand towards me and Gerard.

    “May I come back tomorrow at a not so dark hour?”

    “It’s completely fine with me,” I replied as Gerard nodded in agreement. He didn’t hurt Frank or seem to make him angry, so it would be nice to have a friend of his over to visit besides Mikey.

    “Okay, thank you. Is three o'clock an alright time?” he asked hesitantly.

    “Sure is,” I stated giving him a reassuring smile.

    “Okay. I’ll see you all then,” he responded as he exited the kitchen and soon after, the door.

    “Frank, who’s Jackson?” I asked from the kitchen hoping he would hear me.

    “A friend from a few years ago; he used to take up for me and moved in the middle of sophomore year and that’s when Mikey and I became friends,” he bellowed from the living room.

    “He seems nice,” I responded loudly.
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    Yayyy, you updated before I leave!
    You're awesome, and so was the update.
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    Aw. No problem. =]
    I was typing the hell out of it trying to get it updated 'before Wednesday'.
    I was dying to write; my imagination almost exploded.
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    Aww Frank has a friend. :3 Awesome update. :D More when you can. <3
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    Awwh, I love that. :]
    The 'cutest guy' thing kinda maybe hinted something between him and Marie later? Or maybe that's me reading too far into things..

    Anywho. I loved this.
  18. Awwh keute <33 Been waiting for someone else to update, it is so keute that he has another friend :) More when you can hun??
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    Chapter 20: Only a Crush

    Several days had passed and Jackson paid a visit at least every other day. Found out that he was really creative and besides his crazy pranks, he hasn’t truly been into trouble, which was really good. On my way home from work, I had received a random phone call from Frank’s cell phone, but it was his new-old friend that was on the other line. The kid was out of breath and sounded as if he were in a bathroom—they both skipped out on school that day.

    “Whoa, wait, Jackson! What’s going on?” I stopped in my tracks and leaned against a power pole. Gerard had my car, so I was walking home from work knowing that the police were patrolling the area.

    “Frank, he just passed out! I-I don’t know what happened, he just passed out!” he shouted. “We’re in the park. What do I do?”

    “Hang on, I’ll be there,” I stated. “Where at in the park?”

    “Uh… Near the fountain,” he responded quickly. “This is the first time I’ve been here, so…”

    “I know where you are; I’ll be there as soon as I can,” I stated calmly.

    The line fell silent and I stuck my cell phone in my pocket as I commenced jogging down the sidewalk. I knew it was going to be a long jog, but I never trusted taxi drivers and the police would just think he was overheated or assume that Jackson did it. Jogging by Frank’s home, I kept thinking of whether his father had been put in jail or not. Nothing inside me would believe how a man could treat his son like that, especially when he doesn’t seem to do anything to deserve it. I slowed down once I neared the entrance of the park and could actually see Jackson looming over his friend underneath a shaded area. Jackson seemed to be very worried and clueless as to what he should do, but I soon enough made it to them and knelt down next to him.

    “Frank, sweetheart, it’s Marie,” I stated reminiscing the day he freaked out on me and only Mikey got to him. I opened his eyes and saw that they were weak looking, but didn’t look too dilated. “Do you think it’s the heat?” I glanced at Jackson then back at Frank’s closed eyes.

    “I don’t think so; he has been drinking a lot of water today. My grandfather had a heatstroke while I was in Texas; could that be it?” he replied referring to the water bottle next to him.

    “Is that really water?” I asked him reaching across Frank for the plastic bottle.

    “I guess so, he had it when we met up a few hours ago,” he replied.

    I did remember Frank carrying the bottle out of the house that morning. Twisting the cap, I sniffed it, “No wonder; it’s some kind of alcohol. Has he been acting weird?”

    “Happy; I didn’t want to say anything to ruin it for him,” Jackson explained looking down at his friend. “Is it alcohol poisoning?”

    I examined the bottle, “I don’t think he could get poisoning from not even a half of the bottle. If we can’t wake him up then we might have some problems.” I patted the sides of Frank’s face, “Sweetie, wake up.” Luckily, his eyes fluttered open, “There’s those hazel eyes. Have you been drinking?” He nodded guiltily. “Well, let me and Jackson take you home and we’ll talk about this later, okay?”

    “I’m sorry,” he slurred as we helped him up from the grass; he swayed slightly, but giggled, “I think it’s worf-it. Sorry Jax. Sorry Marie.” He slung his arms over our shoulders as we ushered him towards the entrance. “Eh, Marie. I think Jax has a thing for ya.”

    “Shut up,” Jackson muttered.

    “Friends before girls, right? I gotcha,” Frank stated loudly looking as if he were going to kiss his friend before he turned to face me. “No offense.”

    “None taken,” I stated feeling my cheek burn.

    Eventually we got Frank back home and in his bed, which left me and Jackson alone. I felt awkward around him ever since Frank had literally spilled his friend’s secret, or blurted his own belief. I busied myself with cleaning the house as my guest seated himself on the couch and watched a silent television. The vodka was placed on the coffee table and I figured it wouldn’t be touched. I glanced into the living room and it was exactly where I had left it. Soon enough, I sat in the armchair when I had nothing left to do and grabbed the bottle from the table.

    “Well, cheers to you, kind sir,” I stated twisting the cap and gained an odd look from the teen on the couch. “How old are you anyway? Seventeen?”

    “I’m eighteen,” he replied. “Are you really going to drink that?”

    “Some, but I have no intentions of getting drunk,” I responded before taking a large drink. “I’m twenty.”

    For a few minutes, he grew silent then asked, “Can I have a drink or two?”

    I sat the bottle down on the table, “Have you drunk before? I cannot do anything if I just so happen to set this bottle on the table, turn my head, and you just so happen to take a drink or two.” I winked at him and smiled weakly.

    He took my hint, “Yes, I have had my share of alcohol before. Trust me, I will not drink when your head is turned.”

    Once I looked at the television, I heard a gulp then a strange cough sound, “Is it strong, or is it just because it is hot?”

    “It’s hot,” he stated making a face. “I’m used to drinking Smirnoff.”

    “Me too,” I replied giving him a half smile. “So, is what Frank says true?”

    “It’s a crush type thing.” He blushed. “We just met, so I’d like to get to know you better. I’m one of those… I guess you can say that I am cautious.”

    “Cautious is good,” I stated smiling and returning my attention to the television then took another drink from the bottle. “Cautious is good.”

    “Yeah,” he stated as I passed the bottle to him. “I just don’t want to move into something too quick, ya know?” He gulped down two drinks before handing it to me.

    My throat had begun feeling warm as I took two drinks myself, which resulted in my tongue tingling. “I’m drawing the line on that stuff for now; my tongue is feeling funny.”

    “Do you mind if I have the rest?” he asked.

    “Go ahead, sweetness,” I stated standing up.
    Sorry it took me a little longer to update. I've had writer's block and I've been slightly busy with things here. (Mostly dad is driving me insane).

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    Oohhh sounds like something interesting is going to happen. Poor Frankie why did he start drinking? D:
    Amazing update as always!!

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