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    I missed so much of this :( so much has happened, I couldn't even start to describe my feelings for the characters and the story. This is all brilliant, every word. Update when you can ^-^
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    Thanks for the comments you guys.
    I'm totally going to try and update before I leave for vacation.
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    Chapter 13: Scraped Knees

    Here's my update. I would've posted it earlier, but I had to babysit and pack. I won't be home until next weekend, but I'm packing my laptop up with my stuff ;) I might not be able to update, but I'll be on for a few minutes each night. :ninja:
    Caution: This chapter contains strong language; also it's a little longer than a few of the other chapters.


    That evening, I went to pick up Mikey and Frank and my heart nearly shattered when I saw only Mikey wandering out of the gargantuan, brick school. Scanning the area, I saw no sign of him; just Mikey Way. He opened the passenger’s side of the car, sat down in the seat next to me, and huffed in aggravation while he gave me a weak gaze.

    “Where is he?”

    “Last time I saw him, he said he was going to the nurse’s office,” he responded weakly. “Maybe he’s still in there.”

    I pulled my car up and thanked God that I had changed out of my pajamas, “Stay in the car and lock the door when I get out.” I crawled out of the car and literally jogged towards the two open front doors. It then hit me that I had no clue where the office or the nurse’s station was, so I approached the nearest teacher and ask.

    “The nurse’s office is down the hallway, to the left and there should be a sign on the door,” the elderly woman responded politely.

    “Thank you, ma’am,” I stated before I calmly walk out of her sight then commenced jogging once again. Eventually, I approached the door and could see Frank lying on a couch through the tiny window. I knocked politely and another elderly woman opened the door.

    “How may I help you, miss?” she asked with a grand smile on her face.

    “I’m here to pick up, Frank. Someone told me he was sick and I got here as fast as I could,” I explained short of breath.

    “Good, I was about to call his parents, but since you’re here, he can go with you,” she stated weakly. “His parents aren’t that great. I’m glad to see someone who actually cares about him besides Michael Way and I. I’ll let you wake him up.”

    “What if his parents…” I began.

    “I’ll take care of them, miss,” she stated seating herself at her desk. “They don’t deserve such a son.”

    I could have cried, but I instinctively walked over and hugged the nurse, “You’re the best, ma’am.”

    Walking towards Frank, I knelt down next to the couch and placed my hand on his shoulder. “Sweetie, wake up. Let’s go to my house, okay?” He sleepily nodded and sat up. “Are you feeling okay?” I rubbed his upper arms and gained a wince of pain from him. I rolled up the sleeves of his button-down shirt and frowned; there were bruises in the shape of teenage boy’s hands on his arms. “Honey, what happened?” Today is an ‘amazing’ day.

    He groggily gazed at me before looking up at the nurse behind me, “A few of the guys that we saw this morning jumped me in the bathroom.”

    “You’ve got the worst luck, don’t you, baby?” I stated brushing my fingers through his hair. “Anything I can do?”

    As soon as I asked that, I saw tears swell into his eyes, “Can we go home?”

    “Yes, we can,” I replied lightly. Standing up, I helped him up from the couch and looked at the nurse once more, “Thank you so much for taking care of him, ma’am.”

    “It was my pleasure, dear. He’s a little sweet-heart,” she replied with a weak smile on her face. “I’ll take care of his parents, so drive home safely and don’t worry about a thing.”

    “We will and thank you so, so much,” I stated firmly assisting Frank out of the nurse’s station.

    Wandering down the hallway, I hoped she stayed true to her word, but I shook the thought away and gave Frank’s well-being my full attention. Does he need medical attention? The nurse said nothing about him needing a hospital visit. I could take pictures for evidence, just in case the police drop by. Honestly, I should ask about everything that had happened because he seemed too out of it. We neared the door and were approached by the boys we had seen that morning.

    “Where you takin’ the fag?” one of them scoffed gaining laughter from the two other boys.

    That’s it, he’s getting hit. I leaned Frank against the wall and eyed the two other boys that were laughing then neared the boy that called him a “fag”. “I’ve had it with little prick ass guys like you. I had enough of them when I was in high school. Do you think it’s mother-fucking hilarious? How much of a man does that make you? You’re pathetic.”

    “Oh, I’m so afraid of a girl,” he stated bluntly then leaned forward and pointed to his jaw with his middle finger. “Make my day.”

    Winding back, I slammed my fist as hard as I could against the spot he pointed at. To my own surprise, the boy went down fast and I felt a large grin forming on my face. “I don’t know about you, but that made my fucking day,” I chirped facing the other two boys. “Now, call me a bitch and see what happens.”

    “No,” one of the others stated. “I don’t want it.”

    He seemed serious and I glanced over at their friend, “Think before you act or your prissy ass might end up in worse shape next time. I know me standing up for my boyfriend doesn’t look good on him, but he’s not the violent type, ya’ know?” I bent over and helped Frank back up from the tile floor. “But I am…” I reached for the door and one of his goonies opened it for me, “Thank you, kind sir. Let’s get you home, baby.”

    Mikey hopped out and opened the back door for me then helped me set Frank in the seat. Neither of us said a word on the way home nor did we say a word when we walked through the front door, but once Gerard saw Frank, he broke the silence.

    “What happened?”

    “It was taken care of,” I stated hastily. “Some boys jumped him in the bathroom and he has been in the nurse’s office for a while. She doesn’t even like his parents. What the fuck!? How are they not in fucking jail? Frank’s just seventeen and he’ll be eighteen on Halloween! What are we supposed to do until then? Pray he doesn’t fucking die by that time? I’m not going to stand by and let two adults treat someone his age like this!”

    “Shhh… Calm down, you’re going to wake him,” Gerard cooed grasping my shoulders, but once I saw the violet rim around his eye and the bloody cut on his lip I commenced shaking my head. “Marie, calm down.”

    “How do you know how I feel? You don’t know how this is, Gerard,” I cried in a calmer tone.

    “I know I don’t, but I’m someone to be here for you two,” he reassured me with Mikey nodding behind him, who had been setting his homework out on the table. “I’ll always be here.”

    I rested a hand on his cheek and ran my thumb across his cheek bone, “How could someone do this to you, Gerard? He’s such an asshole… I can’t…”

    “Shhh…” he cooed bringing me into an embrace. “I’m not dead; I’m still here. A few punches never hurt anybody. I know you empathize with Frank because you basically went through the same thing, but you have to see it through his eyes. The only parents he has ever known are his worst enemies. You had your aunts and uncles to escape to. Hell, you even came to my house and spent a few weeks there. We just have to try and keep him here as much as possible, okay? Any other time, where he’s forced to go home, we’ll keep a phone within arm’s reach. That’s all we can do.”

    Wiping a few tears away, I gently pulled out of his embrace, “Okay.”

    “Now, go sit in the arm chair and I’ll help Mikey with his homework,” he suggested.

    “Okay,” I replied and obediently walked into the living room.

    Sitting in the arm chair, I stared at the blank television screen debating on whether to turn it on or not. Finally, I reached for the remote on the coffee table and noticed the death glare Frank had. It actually frightened me. The expression on his face looked as though it came out of a horror movie and that expression was normally found on the murderer’s face.

    “Hey, uhm, how are you feeling?”

    The glare switched from midair to me, “I heard what you said to Gerard and you punched that guy in the face. Do you know how much of a pussy that makes me out to be now? My girlfriend took up for me! Tomorrow they’ll probably rape me in the bathroom! Do you even understand how that makes me feel?” He sat up and continued, “I might not be the fighting type, but I’m not going to look like you’re fucking tougher than me!”

    “Frank, watch what you’re saying,” Gerard exclaimed from the kitchen.

    “Fuck you, Gerard!” he shouted back.

    I dug my nails into the arms of the chair and kept my mouth shut. No one in the world would understand the need I had to jump up and shout right back at him, but to me, I did the next best thing; I stood up and walked upstairs then slammed my bedroom door behind me. Everything I had held back, I let out by tossing the nearest thing I could grab across the room, being a glass cup that Frank left on the bed side table a few nights ago. As soon as the shards of glass sprinkled across the floor, the house fell silent and along with it, I fell to my knees. How dare he talk to us like that after we got him away from his parents for a weekend?

    I heard a gentle knock at the door and gradually turned my head around, “Leave me the fuck alone, I’m busy!” Without a doubt, I knew it would be Frank. I then heard the door crack open and quickly stood up, “I said leave me alone!” Turning around, I saw Frank with a different expression on his face, “What? I thought you’d being shouting at Gerard or vice versa. You know, that was mean. Gerard doesn’t deserve being told to fuck off.”

    “Marie, I’m sorry,” he stated. With every step, I could hear glass crackling underneath his shoes. “Your knees are bleeding. Let me clean them up for you.”

    Deep down, I wanted to stay mad at him, but I couldn’t. “I can get it.”

    “No, you’ll get glass in your feet; sit on the bed,” he said softly disappearing into my bathroom then emerged with a first aid kit, a small flash light, and a towel. Seating himself on the bed next to me, he placed his hand underneath my thigh and pulled my knee up to where he could get a better look. Why did I where Bermuda shorts today? Jeans would have saved me. He shined the light on my knee and carefully examined the cuts on it to make sure no glass lingered in them; he did the same with the other. He placed the towel under my legs, which were now on the bed, and pulled out bandages and peroxide.

    As he poured the liquid over my knees, I cleared my throat and spoke. “What got into you down stairs?” He shook his head and padded off the excess peroxide and placed bandages over my cuts. “I hadn’t ever seen someone with so much built up rage.”

    He glanced up at me with a saddened grimace, “That’s years of built up rage, I guess.” He stood up, “Stay right there, I’m going to get…” Before he could finish his sentence, Gerard had stepped in the door with a broom and dust pan. “How’d you know?”

    “I know her; she threw a glass at me when we were younger and I said something along the lines of what you said to her. That’s a bad idea,” Gerard explained as he handed the broom and dust pan to Frank. “Pissing her off would be the worst mistake anyone would ever make and possibly their last.” He smiled at me, “Cheer up. He said sorry and is going to clean up the glass.”

    “I can’t stay mad at him,” I stated bringing my knees up to my chin and stared at the pillow at the top of my bed.

    Gerard disappeared, leaving me and Frank alone. I listened to the glass scraping across my hardwood floor. Eventually, I took my attention from the pillow to Frank; he was bent down in the floor sweeping glass into the dust pan. I let out a shaky breath and repositioned myself to where I had my head laying on my pillow at the top of the bed. “Let that rest. Lay next to me, we should talk.”
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    Eeeppp, You updated before you left!
    That just made my week.
    That was awesome, I can't wait til you get back so I can know what they're gonna talk about.
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    I was about to shower and I saw that you commented. =] *hugs*
    I love my readers!

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    Ahhh! I hoped you would update but I didn't know if you really would!
    I'm so glad she stuck up for Frank like that, but I definitely know why Frank got angry about it. That did kind of make him look like a wimp. Ah, but I'm excited to read more, especially about what they're going to talk about! :D
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    Guys really need to sit back and let girls handle things every now and then.

    But this was amazing. I absolutely loved it. <3
  8. New reader ;DD
    Wow, that's really good.
    Can't wait for more :)

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    That was awesome! I wanna know what they're gonna talk about!!
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    Chapter 14: Half Way

    Resting my chin in the palm of my hand, Frank glanced up at me from the dust pan full of glass shards. The expression seemed to be understanding, but very confused. I patted the empty spot on the bed near my waist and he hesitantly set down. Taking a deep breath, I grasped his hand, “Where do you see this going, Frank?”

    “Our relationship, or this conversation?” he murmured gaining nothing but a feared look on his face.


    “Well, I really care about you and I would really like to think that this will work out,” he replied to the first part then resumed. “This conversation kind of scares me.”

    “Okay. I feel the same about our relationship, so let’s put that aside.” I rubbed my thumb across his knuckles, “The conversation, on the other hand, is about how you need to meet me half way on what’s going on. If not, we’re wasting our time.”

    “Half way?” he repeated me.

    “Like, instead of working against me, you have to work with me,” I explained. “Frank, we can’t keep you from your parents until you turn eighteen and that is indeed the point where you can make your own decisions. We can only call the police so much. They cannot keep him for a long time unless you’re near death, dead, or very beat up. I want to protect you as much as possible, but we both know that’s impossible.”


    “I cannot keep an eye on you twenty-four seven, judging by what happened today. We need to go to the police and show them evidence that you do have injuries and scars that’ll prove that the issue is worse than they thought,” I explained as clearly as I could. “I hate saying this, but you have to go home. What happens will happen and we’ll go to the police, okay?” I felt a lump forming rather quickly in my throat. “I feel like I’m sending you to war, or something.”

    Gnawing on his lower lip, he nodded, “I understand. The injuries will show and they’d lock him up longer with that imagery, right?” I nodded and he took in a shaky breath, “I love you. If something bad does happen, remember that you and the Ways are the only people I ever cared about.”

    Gently squeezing his hand, I gave him a calm gaze, “Let’s get your stuff together and get you home, okay?”

    Soon enough, we gathered up what clothes he had and headed out the door. The ride there, I mentioned to him that I needed to invest in a cell phone and that I’d get a plan to where I could sneak him and Gerard a phone in on it so we’d have contact at all times. I pulled the car up to the sidewalk merely a block away from his house.

    “I love you, Frank. Be safe, call at anytime and I’ll keep the phone on me,” I stated kissing his cheek.

    “I love you, too,” he replied softly, returning the kiss. “I’ll call and act normal.”

    We said our last goodbyes for the day and I hopped back into my car to watch for any signs of his parents or him hesitating on heading home. Eventually, I saw him turn, glance in the direction of the car, and wandered into a house. My heart died at that moment; I feared driving off, but I knew that if I didn’t go home, no one would be there to answer the phone. On the other hand, if he ran out and I was gone, it would take him a while to get to my house or somewhere safe.

    I had a little free time while waiting on my family to get back from grocery hunting... I mean shopping, sooo I decided to post a short Chp14 because it burned my insides to keep this stuck in my head.

    Vacation is okay, so far. Family is arguing and I'm keeping my mouth SHUT. haha. It's for my own good and the well-being of others' feelings.
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    I hope Frankie will be okay. If his dad hurts him I'm going to fucking kill him!! :guns: Hehe I can't wait for more. Sometimes keeping your mouth shut is for everyone's benefit XDDD Hahaa.
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    Definitely. Especially, me and my family. They're loud and I pretty much stay quiet, but I put my sense in. haha.

    If I get anymore free time like I did tonight, I'll try and post another short chapter because I'm getting way more computer time than I thought I'd have.
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    Haha yeah I just keep quiet too. My family gets way loud when they fight. I hope you can update soon. I want to know what happens toFrankie now that he went home. o_O
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    Chapter 15: It'd Break Her Heart

    Rain violently pattered against the windshield as I cautiously put the car into park. Frank seemed to have disappeared off of the face of the planet; no phone calls, no new text messages on our new phones, nothing on the answering machine or voice mail, and Mikey hadn’t even seen him around school. It had been nearly a week since I had heard from him. Of course, I worried and I have experienced sleepless nights, but the police said they couldn’t go in without knowing the true story.

    Climbing out of my car, I felt the cool water rolling down my face and bare arms. The dock seemed to be my only sanctuary, yet would not help me in any way besides letting me go somewhere else to worry. The day I snuck Frank a cell phone, I promised him I would not go back to that house; I’m thinking about breaking it by the end of the day. His father probably found the cell phone and got rid of it.

    Seating myself at the end of the dock, I crossed my legs and closed my eyes to attempt to let the peaceful feeling out-weigh the worry, which never happened. I sat there for what seemed like hours, letting the rain soak the clothes on my body to the point where my shirt felt as if it weighed a million pounds. I eventually stood up, stormed to my car, and quickly turned the key—I couldn’t let Frank go.
    Arriving at his house, I swiftly hopped out of my and car jogged to the front door then knocked, not knowing who or what would answer the plea. Soon enough, an elderly woman answered the door with a weak smile on her face, “May I help you, miss?”

    “Is Frank home? I-I really need to talk to him,” I stammered, shuttering from the frozen rain.

    “Come on in, sweetheart; he has been in his room all day,” she stated kindly.

    “Which one is his room? I’ve never been here before,” I replied weakly stepping into the corridor.

    “Oh, it’s the last door on the right in the hallway, upstairs.”

    “Thanks, ma’am.” I walked by her and saw Frank’s parents seated at the kitchen table. Both of them eyed me, but said nothing. Quickly, I jogged upstairs and wandered down the hallway, and as she said, I found the last door on the right and cracked it open. What I found was a normal teenage boys’ room; posters of his heroes, dirty and clean clothes scattered across the floor, and a lump lying amongst a pile of pillows underneath a comforter larger than the bed. “Frank?” I closed the door behind me and tip-toed to the edge of the bed. “Frank, it’s Marie.” I shook him thinking the lump I saw had been pillows, but I felt his small frame buried under there.

    All I received was a groan as I peeled the comforter away. I conjured up a fake smile as he rolled over onto his stomach to rebury his face. “Now, Frank. Is that how you’re going to treat your girlfriend?”

    “Turn the lights out and I’ll get up.”

    His muffled response hit my ears, but I turned off the light, “Now. Get up. I believe your parents are playing nice, so I’m taking your ass elsewhere.”

    When he sat up, all I could see was the silhouette of unkempt hair, “Only if I can wear a ski-mask.”

    I sat on the bed next to him and squinted. The horrible picture came to life when I vaguely saw what looked like someone that I couldn’t recognize. I rushed over to turn on the light and wish I would’ve kept them off. “Frankie, what happened?” I could have sworn an elephant somehow found its way into my throat when I saw his swollen eye, bruises, and what looked like dry blood.

    “Shhh…” he cooed racing over to turn the light back off then wrapped his arms around me. “I’m okay.”

    Gently, I wrapped mine around him in return as tears rolled down my face that was still damp from the rain. I could not speak and barely could even breathe. All I could think about was what I saw. “How could he? We should go to the police, or I’ll call them right now.”

    “No one’s going anywhere,” he murmured. “That’s my grandmother down there and if she sees me; it’d break her heart.”

    I softly pulled away, “If she really loved you, she’d fucking understand why I’m crying right now. Have you seen your face?”
    This chapter would be longer if I wasn't so tired. I got home at 12 last night and barely made it to the bed. So tonight, I'm barely awake. Sorry this chapter is short, but I'm wiped out. I'm being redundant haha. I'm going to bed as I promise to have a better chapter up soon.
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    Awwwwwwwwww poor Frankie. :( Fuck his dad!!! I hate him! Can I kill him please?? :guns:
  16. Yay yu updated, more when yu can?
    -hands gun to Sade-

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    Chapter 16: Paper Work

    Grasping his hand, I gently squeezed it and scanned his room. Out of everything there, I saw a solid black baseball hat and a hooded sweatshirt, “Put those on and pack your duffle bag.” The look he gave me worried me because normally he would protest in some way, but this time, he let go of my hand and walked over towards the items. Folding my arms, I watched him slide the sweatshirt over his head then placed the hat on his head then dug out some clothes from his closet and out of the floor. Carefully, he stuffed them into a duffle bag and slung it over his shoulder. He reproached me and I carefully pulled the bill down to cover his face then pulled the hood over the hat. “Let’s go.” I laced my fingers with his and led him downstairs.

    At the bottom, we crossed paths with his grandmother. He bowed his head as I gave her a weak smile, “Frank’s going to spend some time with me, if that’s okay with you ma’am.”

    “Sweetie, that’s fine with me; you look like a trustworthy girl,” she stated rubbing my shoulder. “Give grams a hug before you go, Frank.” She opened her arms and Frank cautiously hugged her. “I love you, sweetheart…” Her voice then went into a whisper and I saw Frank nod before they released each other. “Take care of my grandson, Marie.”

    “I will; how’d you know my name, if you don’t mind me asking,” I said quietly.

    “Frank told me about you over the phone last night,” she responded sweetly. “Now, I don’t want to keep you two here. Go out and be merry.”

    The rain seemed to be coming down much harder. I led Frank to the passenger’s side and he set his bag in the floor between his feet as I shut the door. Once more, I looked at the house and saw his grandmother smiling and waving in the window. I waved back and jogged to the driver’s side. Frank kept his head bowed and his face out of my sight the entire time until we arrived at the police station.

    “Do I have to go in?” he murmured without looking at me.

    With no answer, I climbed out of the car and jogged around. “He’s going.” I opened the door, “Come on. I’ll be sitting right next to you the entire time.”

    For the first time since we left his bedroom, he looked up at me. The rain rolled down his face and mixed with the dry blood. It seemed to cleanse his wounds, but they never changed. He took my hand and stood up from his seat, “I’m sorry.”

    Upon entering the police station, we gained various grimaces and slightly sadistic stares from potential inmates and officers. I held Frank’s hand tightly and wandered up to the front desk to find a short, pudgy man clad in a navy blue police uniform.

    “Sir, I have proof that Frank Iero is a monster; here’s his son,” I stammered bluntly over my words. “Look at him.”

    The man stood up from his chair and pulled his glasses from his face to give the teen a closer look. He made a face without even seeing Frank’s wounds, “Follow me.” He scooted out from behind his desk and led us into another room.

    The room was much smaller than the one we were previously in and had a smaller desk that had what looked like random files from whoever had been there last. He ushered us to be seated in the two chairs then sat back the desk, then asked for Frank to remove his hat and sweatshirt. Hesitantly, Frank took them off and gave them to me to hold. The officer’s eyes softened once he saw what Frank had been covering.

    “How long has this been going on?” he asked Frank whom had become very silent.

    “Since I could remember, but at least ten years or more,” Frank muttered staring at the floor.

    “What?” the officer asked before I had the chance to. “I understand that he has been reported, but we’ve never had evidence like this. Are you telling me the truth?” Frank nodded and bowed his head as the officer commenced rummaging through the drawers.

    “Sir, could we get a restraining order? Maybe, at least an EPO?” I asked gripping the sweatshirt and hat Frank handed to me. “I’ve seen the damage too much within the past few weeks.”

    The officer nodded and pulled out a Polaroid camera and a small stack of papers, along with a cream colored folder. “We can file the EPO right now and I need to take pictures of his injuries. Is he staying with you, ma’am?” I nodded; he resumed, “I’ll need you to put your address down so the police will be able to patrol your neighborhood. Don’t worry; all of this will be strictly for my eyes and the judge’s eyes only.” He turned attention to Frank, “Are there any injuries that you would like her to leave the room for?”

    “No, just the upper half of my body, sir,” he replied softly. “Do I need to remove it too?”

    “Yes; it’ll be put into this folder as well,” he stated as Frank peeled his shirt off of his body.

    I couldn’t help, but to stare at the blue and violet marks that marked his pale skin. No words could explain what I felt at that moment. Eventually, the officer asked for me to fill out a paper with my information on it as he took photos of Frank’s injuries. Soon, Frank pulled his shirt over his head and began filling his own paper work out. I set back and patiently waited for the officer to tell us that we could safely go home.

    Frank set back and mindlessly grasped my hand as the officer read over what we had written and placed the photos and the papers in the folder. “I’ll have these processed tonight, but the emergency protection order starts now. I’ll have a cruiser follow you home.”

    As soon as we pulled out of the parking lot, I noticed the police car was—as promised—following us home. Honestly, I’ve never been so happy to see a police car behind me.
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    Oh, thank god Marie got him out of there!
    I can't believe how horrible Franks dad is. It baffles me when I hear about people beating their children. I just don't understand how someone can be so harmful to someone they brought into the world.
  19. Woah, that's fucking brutal.
    How could his father do that to him?
    Love it, more soon

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    Chapter 17: Bottled Water

    Chapters are beginning to get back to their regular length. lol.
    The inspiration of this came from a mixture of a few of my favorite songs; "Empty With You" being one of the most influential ones for this chapter.

    Upon arriving home, the officer that followed us home informed us that he would patrol the area and keep an eye on my house. Gratefully, I shook his hand before ushering Frank through the front door. Inside, Gerard was fast asleep on the couch with the television muted on what looked like the music channel. Frank wandered into the guest room after murmuring something about lying down; I understood and never told him to do any different. Rest seemed to be needed by everyone under my roof.

    Soon, I fell asleep in arm chair and let my thoughts take over. Deep down I knew Frank would be safe for at least a little while, but another thought still lingered; how long would it be this way? I threw my leg over the arm of the chair and nuzzled my head against the back rest. Thankfully, I fell completely asleep for the first time in a few days.

    A loud shriek echoed through the house, but I figured I dreamt it, so I ignored it until it bellowed again. A pair of hands gently grasped my wrists and they woke me in a frightened manner. “What’s going on?” I opened my eyes to find that the hands belonged to Gerard, whom had a frightened expression on his face.

    “Frank. He has been screaming for almost an hour,” Gerard stated worriedly. “He won’t let me near him. He said it hurts, but I cannot figure out what he’s talking about.”

    Quickly, I stood up and Gerard ushered me to Frank’s room by my wrist, “See. He’s beginning to scare me.”

    Gazing into the room, I saw a silhouette in the corner of the room that had to belong to Frank. I gradually stepped towards him and watched him cower back as close as he could to the wall as if I were some kind of animal he feared. Kneeling down in front of him, I rested my hand on his knee and rubbed it, “Frankie, it’s me, Marie. What’s going on? What hurts?”

    Slowly, his frightened eyes emerged from his shaking hands. He never said a word, but he shook my hand away from his knee and backed as far as he could against the wall; any further, he would have probably broken through it. I didn’t know what to do because I hadn’t seen anyone act like this before.

    “Frank, sweetheart, it’s Marie. What’s going on?” I asked softly.

    “You’re not,” he stammered.

    What the fuck is wrong with this kid? I scooted on my knees towards him and gently grasped his shoulders, “Frank, snap out of it. You’re safe. It’s just me and Gerard.”

    “What’s going on?” another voice stated.

    “And Mikey,” I continued adding the newest person in by their familiar voice.

    “Mikey?” Frank croaked looking up from his hands.

    Soon enough, the other teen joined me. He placed his hands in the same place I had mine moments before and gently pulled him up from the floor. “Frank, you’re safe. Snap the fuck out of it, dude!” Mikey ushered the trembling teen over to the bed and set him down, “You’re at Marie’s house. No one is here to hurt you in any way.”

    That’s when I walked out of the room; I was too tired to deal with it and Mikey looked as if he had it under control. Gerard must have followed me because once I entered the kitchen, I felt a hand making itself comfortable on my right shoulder.

    “Gerard, I’m not awake enough to talk,” I stated bluntly.

    “Come on, it needs to be talked about,” he protested hastily.

    “What if he fucking does this all the time? I couldn’t handle it; I’m not a human service worker or a psychologist. I’m a college drop out that works at a fucking book store. Maybe Frank is better off without someone like me. He should be in the hospital, but did I take him? No, I fucking brought his ass here and all we could do is have police patrol the neighborhood like it’s a freaking petting zoo and we’re the fucking new exhibit,” I blurted grabbing a water out of the refrigerator. “And look, I can’t even keep food in the refrigerator to feed him, let alone feed us.”

    “Hey, whoa, no one said anything to you,” Gerard stated softening his voice. “He probably just panicked. He’ll be okay.”

    “What if he’s not? I don’t have the money to pay a doctor bill,” I spat slamming the refrigerator. “I barely have enough money to pay the mortgage every month.”

    “I’ll start helping, okay?” his softened tone morphed into an angered one.

    “Gerard, what if it’s not enough? Are we going to sell the house and buy a shitty one to keep everyone safe?” I glanced at Mikey who was entering the kitchen. Our argument silenced for a moment as he made his way to the refrigerator for a bottle of water before he disappeared once more. “Mikey seems to be the only person that Frank can trust; he’s better off without me!”

    “Now shut up! Stop putting your-self down like that! You’re the best damn thing that has ever happened to him!” he shouted stepping closer to me. “He’s your boyfriend for crying out loud!”

    “Not anymore!” I bellowed.

    “What?” Gerard stated hesitantly. “What the hell does that mean? Do you even know what you just said?!”

    “Shut the fuck up!” I shouted leaving the kitchen and heading towards the front door. “Don’t fucking wait up for me!” I slammed the door behind me and stood on the porch for a moment. No, I hadn’t realized what I said, but I thought it would be better if Frank and I weren’t in a relationship. Things would be less complicated that way.

    Crossing my arms, I leaned against the supporting post of the porch and stared out at the street. A patrol car wandered by and the cop waved at me; I waved back and gave him a fake smile as if everything were okay. I debated on going for a drive, but my keys were inside and I couldn’t face Gerard after our argument.

    The door opened and shut behind me. I assumed it was Gerard, so I said, “Gerard, I can’t even look at you right now.”

    “It’s Mikey.” He hoisted himself up onto the banister and wrapped his foot around the post I had been leaning on to lock himself in place. “I heard everything you guys said; as did Frank. Do you want to go talk to him?”

    “I can’t face him, or your brother right now, Mikes,” I stated softly trying my best not to cry. I gnawed on my lower lip so it wouldn’t quiver.

    “You are the best thing that ever happened to him,” Mikey explained softly. “I understand that maybe it is quite complicated for you two being in a relationship. Frank more than likely understands too.”

    “Why wouldn’t he talk to me?” Tears formed in my eyes when I finally gave Mikey my full attention. “He wouldn’t even look at me.”

    Mikey wiped away a tear that had wandered away from the others, “He was frightened. Frank had spent a long time at that house without being able to contact any of us. He wasn’t used to feeling safe. Also, he has a bad bump on his head that he probably should keep an eye on.”

    “I still can’t face him after he heard all of that,” I stated. “Especially the last part.”

    “He understands,” Mikey murmured giving me a reassuring yet very weak smile.

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