On The Mend

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    On the Mend
    Rating: 15+ (for crude language, violence, vague references)

    Genre: Angst, Love, Drama

    Summary: When she feels that her world has finally calmed, she meets a boy with bigger troubles.

    Main Characters: Marie, Frank, Gerard, & Mikey

    Disclaimer: I do not own any band members that are mentioned in this story, only the order in which the words are written(typed). This story comes from my mind; it never happened.

    Chapter Index:
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    Chapter 2 - Page 1
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    Chapter 4 - Page 2
    Chapter 5 - Page 3
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    Chapter 20 - Page 10
    Chapter 21 - Page 11- Final

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    Chapter 1: Floating

    The water engulfed my entire body except for my face. Every time I exhaled, I found myself sinking then rising again when I took a breath. The heart in my chest seemed to set still, but gently thundered in my ears. Closing my eyes, I embraced the fact that I was floating without the help of any outside force besides the water. Once my eyes opened, I could see the outside world where I had left it; untouched and full of life. It greatly contrasted from me.

    Suddenly, I felt something move around in the water. Struggling for a moment, I finally completely emerged my head to see who or what made the water move. I saw a mess of dark hair and a boy about my age clad in dark clothing. He seemed very familiar, but I couldn’t place the face with any name I knew, so I settled for something simple that wouldn’t completely scare him, “Hi.”

    His eyes met my gaze and his expression saddened me, “Hey.”

    “Are you okay?” I asked trying not to barge in on his own family and life issues.

    Shaking his head, “I’m fine, just had a bad day.”
    The chapters will get longer soon enough.
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    Agh! I love it already! Thanks for the fan spot!
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    okay this time I'm going to keep up with your chapters because you're a great author and I always fall behind. This time that's going to happen!

    X Nuky
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    No problemo! =] I keep up with promises.

    Aw. Thanks, Nuky. I'm honored to have an awesome writer like yourself reading my story. lol

    I'll try to update tonight because my weekend is not full of homework. :shock:
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    Oooh this is good. ^-^ Bit short though :S But I'm definitley going to be an avid reader ^-^
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    Chapter 2: Drown

    Spreading my limbs out in the lake water, I gradually swam towards him and rested my chin on the small dock he had been sitting on. I shall not lie; the boy is adorable and looked younger once I saw him up close. He had beautiful eyes that looked as though they didn’t experience sadness too often. The bruises that painted his arms were quite large to be place there by accident, though I had no intentions of asking about something that he probably didn’t want to talk about.

    “Why are you swimming fully clothed?” he asked breaking my train of thought.

    “Self-conscious and couldn’t find my non-school swim suit,” I responded glancing between his gaze and the bruises. He must have noticed because he placed his hand over the biggest one. “Is something wrong?”

    “Nothing,” he stated grimly. “Just had an argument with my folks and said I’m going to drown myself.”

    “Are you?”

    “No,” he uttered sloshing his bare feet in the water. “I want to though.”

    “I wouldn’t; drowning is the hardest way to die,” I replied trying to lighten the mood in a morbid way. “Shooting yourself would be easier, but that’s just my beliefs.”

    He smiled weakly, “Don’t give me ideas.”

    “I’m not,” I stated with a half-smile forming on my face. “Want to join me for a swim? It’s soothing.”

    Shaking his head, he said, “I’m not that well of a swimmer.”

    “I’ll make sure you don’t drown; floating is easy,” I blurted in a chipper tone then patted the surface of the water. “It’s not that cold today.”

    He again gave me a weak smile, “I’m fine.”

    Tugging at his feet, I gave him a large grin, “I’m Marie, what’s your name?”

    He giggled lightly, “I’m Frank. Do you really want me to swim?”

    I nodded, “It’s a bit quiet and it is boring swimming without someone to talk to.”

    Before I knew it, he gradually eased into the water and shuttered at the sudden chill of the water. Soon enough, we swam around in the small man-made lake. He didn’t swim as bad as he said; he probably wasn’t in the mood for swimming, but at least I got him in the water. Eventually, we swam around each other and carried on a conversation.

    “Frank Iero!?” a voice shouted from the small dock.

    We turned around and saw a man standing there yelling obscene things at the boy that was accompanying me. “I’ll be there in a second; can I not finish my conversation first?”

    “Fuck no! Get you short ass here, we’re going home!” the man shouted.

    “I guess I’ll see you later, Marie,” he murmured making his way towards the dock. “It was nice meeting you.”
    Chapters might be a little bit longer than this, but I'm trying not to jump into it head first at the moment. =] Might update again this weekend.
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    I absolutely adore this.
    I love everything you write, and I'm glad I started this before I had too much to catch up on. :)
    I'll definitely stick with this one. <3
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    Aw poor Frankie I can imagine what happened. :(
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    Not, terrible not at all!
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    Chapter 3: High School

    Emerging from the water only seconds after him, I tried to pull him in for a hug but was denied access by the older man who yanked him towards a decent looking car. That nice car couldn’t hide what really went on in it or in the house it is parked in front of. I walked towards my own car in hopes to steal a glance over my shoulder of the poor teenage boy staring outside of the window. When I did look, my heart nearly broke.

    The older man looked as though he were shouting at Frank and probably calling him disturbing things that he didn’t deserve. That’s when I noticed a bruise on the teen’s upper right cheek bone; nothing could have hid that, not even his dark locks. The man shoved him which resulted in Frank’s already bruised cheek being forcefully slammed against the window. Those eyes, they met my own; I’ve never heard such an echoing yet utterly silent scream for help and mercy. I glanced up at the man with tears forming in my eyes and realized he knew I had been watching. Would he come after me for knowing? Before I could answer that, the car peeled out of the parking spot and out of sight within seconds.

    “I wish I got your last name, Frank,” I muttered aloud to myself. “Could I even help you or are you in too deep?"

    Gazing around, I hoped no one heard me and found that I was the only person there with the exception of the three men floating on the lake fishing. I grabbed the burgundy handle attached to my old Malibu and forcefully opened the door. I was determined to find that car. My clothes soaked my seat, but I didn’t care; it would dry. Driving through two yellow lights, I saw the car parked outside of a gas station and pulled in behind it. I noticed Frank peering into the rear view mirror, but I stepped out to act like I had to actually refill my car.

    “Hey,” I heard a familiar voice say to gain only my attention.

    I turned around expecting Frank’s father to be standing there, but only saw Frank, “Hey.”

    “What are you doing?” he asked in a whisper.

    “Getting gas,” I responded. “What’s your last name?”

    “Iero, why?” Frank asked curiously.

    “Have you tried escaping?”

    “Once; I wish I hadn’t,” he murmured bowing his head. “My father’s name is Frank, look up my number in the phone book.” He quickly jogged back to the passenger’s side and quickly hopped back into the car.

    I leaned on my car and stuck the gasoline-nasal into the gas tank then stared forward as Mr. Iero walked by me. My skin burned from the glare he must have given me on his way to the car. The determination I had for staring forward was stronger because he soon jumped into his car and settled in as I jogged inside to pay for the three dollars I put into my already full car. Walking back out, a defeated feeling rolled through me. The Iero car was gone, but at least I had a last name. I approached my car and heard a whisper.

    “Hm?” I turned around and saw a filthy man standing nearby. His stench nearly singed the hairs in my nose, but I truly didn’t want to be rude to this homeless looking man. “Are you talking to me?”

    The man glanced at me and I realized I had seen him before, “Didn’t I graduate with you?”

    “Could you spare some change?” he muttered stepping towards me. “And y-yes. I’m Gerard Way, I sat behind you in pre-calculus senior year. We also had art together.”

    “Nice seeing you again,” I replied politely extending my hand. I didn’t want to ask what happened to him, but I asked for him to give me a second. “I only had a debit card.” I spent the last of my actual money on the unneeded gas. “How about I go get you a pizza?”

    “That’s too expensive, but thanks for the offer,” he responded shyly.

    “Do you have a home?”

    “Not really,” he responded. “I’ve been staying at a shelter for… Nevermind.”

    Bowing my head, I felt awkward, but felt terrible for someone so young being in this shape, “Drugs? Alcoholism?” That’s what it would’ve been in high school; I’ve been to a few of his parties.

    “Uhm… It’s a different shelter than that,” he responded bowing his own head.

    Gazing back up at him, I took in how roughed up he was compared to how he was in high school. The pale skin, tattered shoes, shredded clothes, and smell contrasted greatly with the squeaky clean image he used to be. “How about I take you somewhere to clean up and feed you? Would you like that?”

    His eyes met mine and shifted emotionally, “Would you really? I don’t want to smell up your car.”

    “Nonsense,” I stated letting him climb into the passenger seat. Before I knew it, he had all of the windows rolled down, “What are you doing?”

    “Marie, you’re insane having me in your car,” he retorted with a smirk. “You haven’t changed a bit within the last two years."
    I've always loved using both Gerard and Frank in my stories. :$:
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    Frank seems to always need help and Gerard is screwed up hahaha. Awesome update!
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    I have an easier time making both of them helpless for some odd reason...
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    *New reader* Aww poor Gerard on the streets. Haha. ^LostConvos it is easier!
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    ^ I agree, it's always easier to write about misery than it is to write about joy. Plus a story where everyone is all happy-hunky-dory would bore everyone to death.
    I'm excited to find out what happens next, and how the three different worlds of Frank, Marie and gerard will ultimately collide. A brilliant update ^-^
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    Chapter 4: You're Staying

    Moments like this makes living alone a good thing. If I still lived with my parents, they would be asking why I brought a homeless guy home. The answer I would give them would definitely be blunt and to the point; ”At least I have a heart.” That much is true. My parents, they never had good hearts and I always will love them unconditionally. Gerard’s parents never really gave him a chance. They put him out on the streets once he hit eighteen and he was still in high school. The poor guy had to drop out because he never liked asking anyone for help; maybe that’s how Frank is? His situation is slightly different though. He cannot get out of the hell he lives in, while Gerard found himself eating pavement.

    Unlocking my front door, Gerard kept his distance behind me. I opened the door and turned around to face him, “Do I smell bad?”

    Gerard shook his head, “No. I don’t want you to be seen with me.”

    “Now, what kind of optimism is that?” I stated rhetorically then took a few steps towards him and grasped his wrist. “Come on in.” I gently guided him into the entry way and shut the door behind us. “Do you have any clothes?” The poor guy shook his head. “How about you set your clothes in the hamper and slide it out? I’ll wash them while you shower. I’m sure I have some pajamas that you can fit in while I wash them.”

    “You don’t have to do that,” he stated as I led him towards the bathroom in the hallway.

    “Nonsense; showering and putting dirty clothes back on would defeat the purpose.”

    I could have sworn I saw his cheek turn pink as he opened the door, “Give me a second.”

    A few minutes later, the door cracked open just enough to have the hamper fit through. I smiled weakly hearing him ask where the towels were, but he shortly said never-mind. Giggling lightly, I took the clothes hamper that had some of my own clothes along with his own clothes resting on the top. I scurried down the hallway into the laundry room and tossed his clothes into the washer. Knowing that it would be a while until they needed drying, I walked back into the living room to search for my phone book.

    Thirty minutes had passed by when I made a trip towards the laundry room to check on his clothes with my face buried in the book of telephone numbers and bumped into something. I heard a nervous I’m sorry and glanced up from the book to find a squeaky clean guy standing there in nothing but a towel. “No, I’m sorry. I should have been watching where I was going.” My cheeks burned as I reburied my face and lingered down the hallway. “I’ll bring you something to wear while your clothes dry.”

    “Thanks,” he muttered.

    Stuffing his now clean clothes into the dryer then emerged from the small room with the phone book underneath my arm and an old t-shirt and pajama pants. “They’re not that girly,” I stated referring to the black t-shirt and red plaid pants.

    “Do you think I could fit in those?” he asked hesitantly.

    “I believe so,” I replied handing them to him. “Or you could run around in that towel.”

    Smirking, he laughing lightly, “I’ll try them on, then.”

    I returned to the living room and eventually found an Iero, Frank then picked up the phone with every intention of making the phone call. Placing my finger on the first number, Gerard joined me by sitting in the arm chair nearby. “My PJs look good on you.”

    “They’re actually really comfortable,” he stated in an amazed tone.

    “You can have them if you want them; I don’t wear them much anymore,” I replied staring at the number and the telephone.

    “Do you need to make a call? I could let you have some privacy,” he suggested standing up.

    “No, I’m debating,” I replied unsure of myself. “Do you know anything about Frank Iero?”

    “His father is a dick, unless you’re talking about the father,” he responded lightly. “Frank Iero Senior is nice. He owns a restraunt I used to go to all the time and he gave me free meals.”

    “I’m talking about the youngest,” I began then resumed after a short pause. “I saw his father yelling and shoving him, along with bruises all over him. What do I do?”

    “If he’s a minor, call the police,” Gerard replied bluntly. “Domestic violence is my least favorite thing in the world beside of heartless people.”

    “So am I your favorite person right now? I hate violence and brought you home.”

    “You’re tied for first with my younger brother,” he responded in a weak tone. “But by all means, call the police on that bastard.”

    I nodded, “I will.” Instead of dialing the Iero’s number, I called the Hoboken police station. “Hello, I would like to report a case of child abuse anonymously, if possible.”

    “Everything’s confidential ma’am. Where has the abuse taken place?” the polite older sounding woman asked. I gave her the address of the only Frank Iero in the phone book and received a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach. “What will happen to his son? I believe he’s seventeen, ma’am.”

    “If it is only one of the parents abusing him, then he’ll stay will that parent, or another relative who will be filled in about what has happened,” she answered clearly.

    “Okay. I’m worried because I saw the man yelling at his son and shoving him in their car, and earlier today I saw bruises all over his son’s arms,” I stated quickly in one breath.

    “I’ll send the police and a social worker there a sap,” she replied. “Thank you for reporting it, ma’am.”

    I hung up and combed my fingers through my hair, “Gerard, I have a bad feeling about this. What if they take the kid away? I don’t even know him and his well-being could be set on fire because of my own values.”

    “Marie, you’re nature; what happens will happen and it will probably be for the best,” he briefly explained.


    I pulled my legs up onto the couch and relaxed for a moment. Everything had gone back to how it was between us in high school. Both of us still had the ability to speak freely about anything and know the other person would have something positive to say. “Do you want me to call for pizza?”

    “You don’t have to,” he replied shyly.

    “You’re spending the night, I might as well feed you something good,” I said without asking him.

    “Spending the night? What about…”

    I cut him off, “I don’t care what you’re about to say. I don’t like knowing a good friend of mine is on the streets of New Jersey.” I glanced over at him and saw a grateful smile on his face, “I take it that you approve of my dominance?”

    He laughed, “You’re a tricky girl.”

    “What’s wrong with that, Mr. Way?” I scoffed sitting up. “You’re already wearing my pajamas, might as well have you stay here.” He laughed again and it gave me a more comfortable feeling about the current situation, “Cheese, then?”

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    What's gonna happen to Frankie? Hehe I see something happening between Marie and Gee. :D Of course I expect drama too especially from that ass(Frankie's dad)
    More soon?
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    I really enjoy this.
    I can't wait for more. <3
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    I'm really liking this! It's good.

    Looking forward to more :)
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    I wonder what's going to happen to frank, I can't tell whether he'd be appreciative of the help, or be angry that she interfered? I can't wait to find out! ^-^ Great update, Gerard's shyness was adorable. I know how he feels, wanting the kindness but scared of being intrusive.

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