Oh The Things People Say.

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  1. [CrimsonKid]

    [CrimsonKid] Time Traveller.

    My godsister's five year old cousin at my birthday dinner last year:
    "You can't just eat the whole thing, you have to trust the noodle".

    She says the funniest things sometimes :p
  2. My little cousin Jacob (3) associates how tall you are with your age. Cause the 'big kids' are older than him and mum and dad are older than them.

    Jacob Nanna Queen how old are you?
    Nanna I'm 78
    Jacob You can't be that old! You're not tall enough!

    Aww whatta cutie
  3. Freiheit483

    Freiheit483 Member

    Sitting by my four year old nephew on the plane and the pilot walks by.

    Me - That's the pilot.
    Nephew - THAT'S THE PILOT?!
    Me - Yeah, That's the pilot.
    Nephew - That's the pilot? But B! The pilots a girl!
    Me - Yes, pilots can be girls as well.
    Nephew - But its a woman, a woman pilot!
    Me - Yes, she is, what's wrong with that?
    Nephew - It's a woman, a woman pilot! Why is she a woman?
    Me - Because she wanted to be a pilot
    *The rest of the flight, he kept brining it it. As we got up to get up to get off*
    Stewardess - Did you see the pilot?
    Nephew - Yes! It's a girl! A girl pilot!
  4. xokay_nowx

    xokay_nowx Become, become, become

    Me: I need a girl to live with next year, I don't know anyone who wants to live on campus.
    Doug: I'll get a sex change and live with you!

  5. Freiheit483

    Freiheit483 Member

    Between me and my friend, who is gay.

    Andreas - My eyebrows looks like a guys! *Studying his eyebrows in my mirror*
    Me - You are a guy...
    Andreas - Yeah! But I'm gay! They shouldn't look like that!
    Me- ... What the fuck are you on Andi *Laughing*
    Andreas - Nothing! I don't like my eyebrows!
    Me - Pluck them
    Andreas - Good idea, got any tweezers?
    Me - *in hysterics* Oh my god, you're so funny Andi! In my make up bag.
    Andreas - *Giving me the evils* Alien!
    Me - 100%!
  6. I was talking to one of the guy in my class about this mansion these people built near where I live, and I google mapped it, and the lecturer walks by

    Lecturer: "WHAT is that?!"
    Emerson: "It's a mansion!"
    Me: "It's UGLY!"
    Lecturer: "Please tell me you don't live in that."
    Me: "Oh no, but this is like, down the road from me."
    Lecturer: "Why on earth would anyone build that?"
    Emerson: "So they can say they live in a MANSION. Who cares if its ugly. IT'S A MANSION"
  7. Freiheit483

    Freiheit483 Member

    My friend Andreas and I again, plus another.

    *Today in college having a cig*
    Andreas - Don't you find it weird that your face came out of a vagina?
    Me - What if you came out the sunroof?
    Andreas - Sunroof?! What did a pregnant woman explode and the kid went through the roof?!?!
    Me - *Chokes on the drag I was taking* No you penis, I mean a C-section.
    Kirsty - I was born that way
    Andreas - What was it like?
    Kirsty - How am I supposed to know?!
    Andreas - I don't know... My face came out of a vagina... B did yours?
    Me - you're a weirdo, yes same way as you.
    Andreas - It's beautiful
    Me - Jeezus christ Andi.

    *After college at home with my mother*

    Me - Shut up, Mother dearest.
    Mum - Ugh don't call me that Lady B
    Me - Its true, can't change that I'm afraid, unless you want to disown me..
    Mum - Well I'm not going to try and put you back..
    Me - EWWWW! Mum that's just gross! Disgustingly gross! Don't say that again!

    Interesting day...

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