Oh lovelies, please help.

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  1. (M)(e)(g)(a)(n)

    (M)(e)(g)(a)(n) New Member

    Okay so I need a monologue for my acting class.
    Of course I can't think of a single one that isn't Shakespearian, incredibley mainstream or well...good

    So can anyone reccomend some?
    It'd really help me out.
  2. HeyKids

    HeyKids New Member

    ...look up sinple monologues on google and see what you get?

    i read this funny one about a TV the other day. But, alas, i forgot the name.
  3. Pansy_Face

    Pansy_Face Setting my friends on fire

    I had to do a monologue today for drama. I did the first verse to Admit It! by Say Anything. It was pretty awesome. But I kept cracking up in the middle because of my friends. Anyway, thats what I did.

    Some other people in my class did one from Legally Blonde, Remember the Titans, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, and some books I forget.

    Sorry if that didnt help.

    Hearts, Kp.
  4. Skyllines

    Skyllines New Member

    I would do
    i was going to do it for my dramma class but it feel through
  5. (M)(e)(g)(a)(n)

    (M)(e)(g)(a)(n) New Member

    Muchas Gracias.
    Really though. Thank you for your suggestions.
  6. Black_Miriah

    Black_Miriah New Member

    i would do romeo and juliet.
    i like that one.

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