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    That was extremely moving
  2. That hits hard at home for me. I just lost a load of weight the last few weeks and I looked in the mirror and saw my ribs. I have never been able to see my ribs before 0.o

    That's such an amazing chapter. It's an eye opener. Really well written too.
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    Chapter 47

    Lying on his back on his bed, still in his jeans and teeshirt, Gerard looked miserably at the ceiling. Despite having only eaten a few mouthfulls of his dinner, his stomach felt sore and bloated. It was a feeling he hadn't experienced for a long time, and filled him with a sense of disgust tinged with nostalgia. Turning onto his side, he shut his eyes and hugged his pillow, willing the nausea to go away. If this was what eating again made him feel like, did he really want to get better?

    The smell of freshly baked cookies was amazing, slinging his schoolbag onto the floor, Gerard leaned over the bench and grabbed a couple. They were still warm from the oven, the chocolate on top half-melted and inviting to be licked off. By the look of Mikey's face, he'd already been doing a fair bit of that.
    "Gerard, put one of those back," said his mom from where she was cleaning the benchtops.
    "Aw, why?" he remonstrated, "Mikey's already had heaps, why do I only get one?"
    "Because Mikey doesn't need to slim down," she replied.
    "Yeah Gee," said Mikey, yoinking the second cookie from his brother's hand, "do you know how fat you are?"

    Turning onto his back again, Gerard listened to footsteps coming up the stairs. He tensed in anticipation of being disturbed in his misery, but whoever it was went into the bathroom instead. Sniffing back tears, he shut his eyes again.

    Amber leaned closer, as if she was about to kiss him, "so Jenny told you I liked you?" she asked him, tilting her hips and lacing her hands behind his neck.
    "Uh huh," replied Gerard shyly, gazing into her laughing blue eyes.
    She burst out laughing, "as if!" she squealed, "no one could possibly find you attractive you beached whale!"
    Eyes widening in shock, Gerard had run away to the bathroom and locked himself in a cubicle. But by the time break was over, everyone knew.

    Donna was standing in front of him, arms crossed and lips pursed, "have you managed to wreck your new jeans already?" she asked, "how did you do that? I only got them for you a month ago."
    "They're too small," replied Gerard in a small voice, wishing he could sink into the ground. "I sat down and the button just ripped off, I didn't do it on purpose."
    "Give me a look," she snapped, pulling up his top and grabbing the waistband of his jeans, "no wonder you ripped them, the sides don't meet by a couple of inches. Honestly Gee, these jeans fit you when I bought them, I don't know how you've managed to stack on the weight so fast, I'm going to have to put you on a diet."

    Crying now, Gerard held his pillow over his face to muffle the sound. There was a knock at his door. Rubbing his face quickly and sniffing, he sat up on his bed.
    "Yeah?" he called, struggling to keep the tension out of his voice.
    "You ok in there honey?" came Donna's voice.
    "I just feel a bit sick," replied Gerard, "I'll be fine."
    Opening the door, Donna came in and sat on the bed next to him, "Are you sure? I can get you something to eat or drink if you like."
    "Trust me mom, that's the last thing I want," replied Gerard, shuddering, "my stomach's just not liking having food in it."
    "I never thought I'd be having to coax you to eat," she mused, putting her arm around his shoulders, "I always used to have to try hard to get you to stop."
    Angrily, Gerard shrugged off her arm and turned to glare at her. "You know what mom?" he snapped, "that's part of the problem. You were alway having a go at me, always telling me I was fat, putting me on diets, now you've got what you wanted and I'm thin. I hope you're happy."
    Hurt, Donna turned to look at him, "Why would I be happy that you're unwell, Gee?" she asked, "there's a big difference in my wanting you to drop a few pounds and be healthier and wanting you to starve yourself."
    Pouting, Gerard curled up in a ball against his bedhead, hugging his knees to his chest. His ribs grated against his knees painfully, whilst the bones in his back rubbed against the wood of the bedhead. "You just want me to be fat again so you can pick on me about it," he muttered sulkily.
    "Now you're just being silly," she replied, pulling him into a hug, "I want you to be healthy, I want to be able to hug you and not feel your bones poking out. You need to grow up and stop being such a baby."
    "Oh yeah," returned Gerard, tearing up again, "you need to realize that what you did messed me up."
    "Trust me, honey, I know and I'm so sorry," Donna was tearing up now too. Hugging him tightly, she rocked backwards and forwards, stroking his hair.
    "I'm sorry too mom," replied Gerard, hugging her back, "but I'm still mad."
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    Wow...that was sad
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    Chapter 48

    Over the next few weeks, Gerard slowly allowed himself to start getting better. Maria had moved out of home and in with the Toro's, sharing a room with her friend Gemma. She'd attempted to stand up to her mother, but it had just resulted in screaming matches and when her mom broke Maria's wrist whilst attempting to force her to make herself sick after eating some chocolate, Maria had packed her bags and moved out.

    Arms around each other's waists, they were walking home from school on a Friday afternoon. Maria was going to stay over and they were going to go shopping for clothes to wear to the junior prom in the morning.
    "So, bright or dark?" asked Maria, shaking her free left hand to try and get the cast to stop itching so much.
    "I think bright, maybe purple or hot pink," replied Gerard, "you've got the best colouring for bright colours and you'll be the most beautiful girl there. You've got to go fitted too, show off your curves and make all the other girls jealous of you and the guys jealous of me."
    "It's strange having breasts, I've always been flat, even when I was chubby," she said, leaning over to kiss him.
    "I like them," he said, leaning over and unbuttoning the top button on her blouse, knowing that with a cast on her arm, she couldn't hit him.
    "No shit, Sherlock," she giggled, blushing and wriggling away from him, "don't do that, your mom might see us and then I'll never be allowed to stay the night."
    "She's planning on me sleeping in Mikey's room," replied Gerard, catching her around the waist and squeezing her, whilst kissing her neck, "we just need to wait until he's asleep."
    Glancing up at the sound of a loud breaking sound, Maria turned around and kissed him back, "speaking of Mikey," she said, breaking free, "look up at your roof."

    Mikey appeared to have fallen off the roof. He was dangling by the back of his jeans from a broken bit of guttering, whilst Frank leaned out a window trying to help him free himself.
    Running over, Gerard shouted up at Frank, "What the fuck are you two up to?" whilst Maria tried hard not to laugh.
    "We were on the roof getting Mikey's football down and he slipped," replied Frank, "he broke the gutter on the way down and now he's stuck. You have to help, I can't reach him from here or the roof to help him down."
    "Please, guys, this is really starting to hurt," gasped Mikey, swaying in the breeze slightly.
    "Maria, can you go inside and see if you can reach him from the window?" suggested Gerard, "I'll climb up the trellis and try to unhook him when you've got his arms."
    "Sure" she called, running towards the house. A few minutes later she was leaning out the window, whilst Frank had climbed out onto the ledge and was about to make a leap for the trellis to help Gerard unhook his brother.
    "Get ready to jump if this doesn't hold all our weights," Gerard told Frank, as he reached up to grab Mikey by the back of his pants and pull him off the broken guttering and Maria leaned as far as she could out the window to take his hands.

    Mikey was panicking and hyperventilating by this stage, but between the three of them, they managed to get him loose and halfway in the window before the trellis that Gerard and Frank were balancing on started to give way.
    Leaping like a cat, Frank dived for the downpipe and slid down onto the lawn, whilst Gerard scrambled down the trellis as fast as he could, falling the last couple of feet to land on his backside, whilst the ivy and trellis landed on top of him.
    "You fucking owe me big time, Mikey!" he shouted, kicking the trellis with both feet to try and get it off him. It was a lot heavier than it looked.
    Frank dashed over and tried to lift it off him, but it took a few minutes for Maria and Mikey to get downstairs before, with all three of them pulling, Gerard was able to wriggle free.
    "You're doing my turn at the dishes for the next month, you fuckwit," he shouted at Mikey, who as laughing so hard that he had started hiccuping, "and what's so fucking funny?"
    "Nice jocks, Gee," sniggered Frank.
    Looking down, Gerard realized that his jeans had come off in the struggle to get out from under the trellis. His legs were covered in scratches and he was sitting there in his blue underpants.

    "Ahem." There was a stage cough behind them. Donna was standing there with her arms folded. "What have you lot been told about climbing the trellis? Gerard, why are you in your underwear?"
    "Mikey can explain," offered Gerard, "I'm going to get some pants on before one of the neighbours sees me."
  6. *snigger* nice one Gee >.< oh, and maria and gee, tut tut. Shouldn't be doing that now XD
    Good chapter(s) cause I missed the other one. Looking forward to more!
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    Oh my god! That was such a funny chapter!
    I was laughing the whole time
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    Chapter 49

    "You two look just lovely" smiled Donna, taking a photo of Gerard and Maria as they posed awkwardly for her "now make sure you have a good time."
    "Sure mom," replied Gerard, grabbing his car keys off the kitchen table and kissing her goodbye.
    "I'll leave the door unlocked if we all go to bed before you get home, now drive safely," she called after them, as they headed out the front door for the car and the junior prom.

    The school gym was decorated with balloons and streamers, with photos of students taken at the start of the year to mark their places at the tables. Gerard turned his over as soon as they sat down, but Luke, who was sitting next to him, grabbed it.
    "Woah, I'd forgotten how much you'd changed this year," he said, passing back the photo, "you must be pretty proud yeah?"
    Gerard, blushing, took the photo back and turned it over again, "nah," he replied, "just glad I've survived really. Anyway, your hair looks pretty special in your photo Luke."
    "Mum did it, mate," replied Luke, ducking his head, "but if you tell anyone, I'll have to kill you."
    "So who are you thinking of for prom King and Queen?" asked Gemma, sitting down with drinks for her and Luke.
    "No idea," replied Gerard, accepting a glass of soda from Maria before standing to pull her chair out for her, "with the dynamic duo of Dean and Matt now history, it's anyone's game I guess."

    The band was pretty decent, so Maria and Gerard spent most of the evening on the dancefloor.
    "You look so beautiful tonight," he whispered to her during on of the slow songs towards the end of the night, "I can't believe you're with me."
    "Hush," she whispered back, putting her index finger on his lips, "you look pretty stunning yourself."
    Leaning down, he kissed her. The world seemed to stop. The music faded into the background as all there was became that moment, her lips, the flashing lights against his closed eyes and the warmth of her slender body in his arms.

    "And the winners of this years junior prom Queen and King are Maria Lucci and Gerard Way!" came the booming voice of the headmaster over the loudspeaker. The spotlight was on them suddenly and the band struck up a lively number, Blur's Song 2.
    The world started again as they danced in the middle of the floor, under the lights with everyone looking on. Laughing, Gerard spun Maria around and they hugged. What a way to end the year.
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    aww they won prom king and queen yeah what a way to end the year :p xx
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    Aww that was cute
  11. Aww happy >.< So sad the photo though :(
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    Chapter 50

    "So, you've go a week left before exams yeah?" said Ray as him and Gerard ran around the park on Saturday morning. Gerard was allowed to run again on the proviso that he didn't lose weight, it had been a week since he's started running again so he was pretty sore.
    "Yeah," Gerard panted, "one week of classes, then a week swot vac, then three weeks of exams. You?"
    "In the middle of swot vac now, then three weeks of exams." replied Ray, "fuck but I can't wait for this year to be over."
    "I'm hearing you on that one," said Gerard, "I'm well and truly over all the shit that happened this year."
    Circling the park one last time, they set off back to the Ways'.

    Mikey was sitting on the front steps when they arrived, Gerard waved goodbye to Ray before running up the front steps and giving his brother a hairburn on the way through.
    "Ouch, dumbarse," squealed Mikey, "Dad says to get showered and changed quickly, because he wants us to help re-hang that trellis you broke."
    Gerard stopped and turned around, "who broke?" he asked, "I was just trying to rescue you, you little shit."
    "Yeah, whatever, it still landed on you," yelped Mikey, standing up and backing away.

    Showering quickly and pulling on some clean clothes, Gerard grabbed himself a bagel and glass of apple juice before joining his father and brother on the front lawn.
    "So how did you two manage to pull this off in the first place?" asked Don, shaking his head as he unfolded the ladder.
    "Mikey got stuck up there, so Frank and I had to climb up and untangle him" replied Gerard, shoving his brother, "the trellis didn't want to hold all three of us."
    "It's not my fault you're both too fat," grumbled Mikey.
    Gerard smacked him on the ear.
    "Stop it, both of you," snapped Don, "now help me get this upright so we can nail it back on."

    It took all morning and most of the afternoon to fix the trellis. By the time they finally stopped for lunch, it was 3pm and Donna was furious.
    "You know you're not supposed to skip meals!" she shouted at Gerard as he washed the dirt and blood off his hands in the kitchen sink, "do you want to get sick again?"
    "I didn't realize it was so late," he protested, "and Mikey told me I'm fat again anyway,"
    "Mikey did what?" she yelled, turning on her younger son as he finished drying his hands on a tea-towel. "Explain yourself Michael James Way!"
    "Aw, I was just kidding," he protested, aiming a kick at his brother. Unfortunately, he got his mother on the ankle and ended up being shouted at for the next ten minutes.
    "Jerk," Mikey muttered to Gerard when their mother had finally finished bawling him out.
    "Right back at you," Gerard replied, finishing the last of his sandwich and tossing the crusts at his brother.

    That night, as they were brushing their teeth ready for bed, Mikey leaned over and hugged his brother.
    "What was that for?" asked Gerard, startled.
    "Cos I'm glad you're better and now I can pick on you again," smiled Mikey.


    thanks for reading everyone, this was the final chapter x x x
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    :( You should write an epilouge!! ;)
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    hes getting better what a sweet moment at the end well i think so anyways :p x
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    Woah what!!
    That was the end??? Holy crap!
    Now I'm sad....great story though
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    Just finished reading the whole thing through. Loved this :)
  17. This was awesome :) so glad he got better and loved the ending lol Mikey kicking his mom...and getting stuck on the roof..epic...You did amazing XD
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    I'm stoked everyone liked this! I've got a new fic, but given it's another high school one, I'm wondering if I should post it or go with something else?
    Enjoy your weekend lovelies x x x
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    You should post it!
    I love your writing style
  20. definitely post it, I would love to read more fanfics by you

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