New Gerard Fan Fic! *You're Dying In My Dreams*

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  1. Eee!
    I likey.
    More soon!

    xMOTHERxWARx New Member

    i love it
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    have you updated?
  4. Alesha

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    yus, i have, i think i have up to chapter 2 up, maybe three if i tried hard enough, but i do have a second chapter somewhere on here.
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    Me loves it already! xD
    update! xD
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    Love it :)
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    I lurve it!! Update soooon!
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    i've found another ff i love hehe
  9. x.Revenge.x

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    awww sweet!!!

    i likey, updates!! pleaseee
  10. Lenore

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    I think I made my point? xD
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    *You're Dying in my Dreams*: Chapter 3!

    Sorry for the long wait you guys, i couldn't write for the longest time...and then, i got inspired to write again today! haha, so here's chapter 3, enjoy!

    Chapter 3

    " Mmm, that was delicious," Gerard exclaimed, throwing his napkin onto the empty plate.
    " you are so lucky to get to eat here everyday Saree."
    " Well, I'm not that great of a cook, so living close to the best restaurant in the city helps a lot." I said, laughing.
    A silence fell over the table, so I turned to look out the window to watch the cars go by.
    I must have been daydreaming because the nest thing I noticed, Gerard was holding my hand and looking very concerned.
    " Saree, Saree, are you okay?"
    " Yes, why wouldn't I be okay? I feel fine." I said.
    " There are tears streaming down your face, you just looked really sad staring out the window..." he said, gently giving my hand a squeeze.
    " What the....I....umm," I was fumbling for words to say, while reaching up and touching my face. I felt, huge, fat teardrops on my cheeks.
    I was crying.
    " Um...I have to go to the washroom, I'll be right back." I told Gerard, taking my hand back from his grasp, leaving him to sit alone in the warm, cozy restaurant.

    On entering the empty bathroom, I fell to my knees and started sobbing. I kept thinking about the past, my mind kept focusing on on thing,
    " Adam..." I whispered to no one.
    I shuddered in fear at the thought of him, yet the tears that fell from my eyes still proved how much I loved him until the last day...until the very end of it.
    I slowly gained my composure, stood up, and walked over to the sink. I splashed my face with cold water to get rid of the mascara marks on my face, and then patted my face dry.
    I smiled at my reflection in the mirror and walked out of the bathroom back to Gerard who was tapping his fingers impatiently on the table, looking worried.
    " Ready to go Gerard?" I said in a light voice.
    " I guess so..." he said, standing up, putting his coat on.
    After the bill was paid, we walked back out into the frosty night.
    " Are you sure you're okay Saree?" he asked, gazing deeply into my eyes.
    We were standing just outside the restaurant and he started reaching for my hand, but I pulled my hands away from his.
    " No Gerard, please don't...I'm really okay, really." I exclaimed, giving him the fakest smile in the world.
    " Do you have a place to stay?" I asked quickly, so he couldn't get a word in.
    " No, I don't. I just got into the city today acutally. I tried all the hotels, but they are all booked up. So I'm a little stuck."
    " You can stay at my place tonight I guess, that's if you want to..."
    " That would be great, thank you very much." he said, flashing me another bright smile.
    We started walking again and ten minutes later, we were standing in front of the old elevator in my apartment building.
    I turned to see Gerard running his left hand throuh his hair. He saw me looking and smirked,
    " Geez, this elevator takes forever to get down to the main floor." Gerard said.
    " I know, but you get used to it after a while. Plus, this elevator has a habit of breaking down a lot." I said, just as the doors opened.
    " What floor do you live on?" Gerard asked as the doors shut and the elevator started it's slow crawl upwards.
    " Sixth floor, it takes forever to get up there, at least 10 minutes, if we are lucky." I told him.
    "Ugh." Gerard said, slapping his forehead in pretend frustration.
    We started laughing together, when the light on the floor indicator passed "2".
    All of a sudden the elevator came to a crashing halt and the lights shut off.
    The elevator was broken.
    A chill ran through my body and pure terror creeped into my mind.
    " Oh god, please no..." I kept saying over and over, beginning to shake, then I felt a hand touch the back of my neck and....
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    Omg..elevator broke down, gerard, saree, dark.
  13. x.Revenge.x

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    lol!! ^^

    this is good, nice little ending there, updates!!! i wanna find out what happens
  14. Lenore

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    Ö you know..
    you're very mean for stopping the chapter right there Ö
    UPDATE! xD
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    If the elevator breaks down often. id take the stairs. cept gerards in the elevator.. that would be ok.
  16. Becca

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    oh whats going to happen!
    I'd hate to be in a broken down elevator

    that was soo good, I hope you can wrrite more soon :)
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    ahhhh what happened???
    update soon!!!

    i love this story btw
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    oooooo I'm intrigued!! More sooon!
  19. Alesha

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    yes, more very soon! i'm writing the new chapter as we speak!
  20. Alesha

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    *You're Dying in My Dreams*: Chapter 4

    Chapter 4

    I couldn't help myself from letting a bloodcurling scream creep out of my lips. It filled the entire elevator and bounced off the walls that surrounded Gerard and I.

    I fell to the floor and crawled into a corner, shaking badly, just before the emergency light in the elevator turned on and gave the small elevator a soft glow.

    " What's wrong Saree???? Why are you screaming????" Gerard asked, kneeling down in front of me.

    The glow of the light shined in Gerard's hazel eyes, making them look like they were on fire.

    " It's Adam!!!! It's Adam!!!! He's coming back to get me, oh dear god, I thought he was dead, oh my god..." I hysterically rambled on, while my hands shook in fear.

    " Who's Adam? What are you talking about Saree?" Gerard asked.
    I lifted my head up higher and took a good look at Gerard, seeing his face there made me realize that Adam wasn't alive, and he wasn't coming back to get me. It was just Gerard that touched the back of my neck...not Adam.

    Looking into Gerard's eyes made a flood of emotions race through my mind.
    I started to cry.

    " It's okay, shhhh, come here." Gerard said while helping me up off of the floor.
    He held me in his arms, saying comforting things that helped me calm down, even though i couldn't stop my hands from shaking....I would need my pills for that. I could smell his aftershave and feel the stubble on his face. I leaned my head on his shoulder and sobbed. I had only known him for a day but in that moment, in the dark elevator wrapped in his arms, it felt like i'd known him forever.

    Just then, the lights turned on and the elevator started moving again passing floor '3', '4', and '5', then stopping at '6'.
    The doors opened slowly, and Gerard let go of me so that we could both step out onto the sixth floor.

    " Who's Adam?" Gerard asked, as we walked down the narrow hallway.
    "'s a little hard to explain....I don't really like to talk about it to other people..." I said.
    " Oh...oh I understand." he said.

    I stopped in front of the door that read '625' and took they keys out of my purse.
    " Looks like we are here." I said, wiping away the last of my elevator tears before opening the door.

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