New Gerard Fan Fic! *You're Dying In My Dreams*

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  1. Alesha

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    Here is the new Fan Fic everyone! Hope you like it! sorry for the short first chapter, but that's all i have so far.

    Chapter One

    Excuse me, hello? Miss, can I ask you something?
    The middle aged woman stading in front of my till, actually the only till in the small store, knocked me out of my daydream.
    Ugh, look at that bad dye job I thought, looking up at the lady's hair.
    " Yes, what can I help you with?" I managed to say in my sweetest voice.
    " Is this C.S. Lewis book set really 50 percent off?"
    Ah, the perks of working in a bookstore.
    " If it says it is on the price tag, then it must be." I replied.
    The lady with the bad dye job stood there, looking as if she was thinking about whether or not to purchase the set; and ended up buying it.
    " Have a nice day."
    " You too." The lady said, walking out of the store.
    As soon as she left, I finally took the fake smile off of my face and looked at the clock on the wall; it read 6 pm.
    Finally, I can go home. I thought greatfully, while walking out of my designated area at the till.
    I yelled to the store,
    " Closing time!!!!!!!"
    hoping that the last few people that might be hiding in between the rows of bookshelves would leave. Just to make sure there wasn't anybody left, I quickly walked past each row of shelves. My eye caught one lonely straggler at the back corner of the store, looking through the comic book section.
    " Excuse me sir, we are closing, can you please finish up? sir?" I said a little uneasily, walking towards him. I hated confronting customers like this, it was so rude.
    As I got closer, I noticed that the guy was digging through a stack of new comics. He had short, black hair and seemed to be on the shorter side. From behind, he definately didn't look like one of the usual nerds I saw here on a daily basis.
    " Um, excuse me sir." I said with more authourity, gently tapping his shoulder.
    The guy spun around and my breath caught in my throat.
    The guy that looked at me now was none other than Gerard Arthur Way.
  2. Jenn

    Jenn Active Member

    It's gee.
    Yay, I can't wait for more.
  3. mcrluvr_21

    mcrluvr_21 New Member

    wow, thats really good.
    cant wait for you to post more!!!!
  4. ldedgnz

    ldedgnz New Member

    nice. :]
    I like it so far!
  5. Sweet Revenge

    Sweet Revenge New Member

    O.O!!! cool story! udate soon!!!! Yay Gerard!
  6. Butterscotch

    Butterscotch New Member

    O_O thats amazing!!!!!! write more :^_^:
  7. Becca

    Becca Lady of Sorrows

    oooh,imagine meeting him like that!waoh!
    very good,need more!
  8. Manda

    Manda Liar Liar

    love it!
    can you send me a message everytime you update (if its not to much to ask)
  9. ZippyBisquits917

    ZippyBisquits917 New Member

    EEEE GERARD! in the bookstore. ohman.

    I LIKE IT :D
  10. Alesha

    Alesha New Member

    sure, i can do that for ya.
  11. xMOTHERxWARx

    xMOTHERxWARx New Member

    gerard. yayayayay!!!
    im liking this :]
  12. Stephanie

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    LOVE IT<3

    eek can't wait for chapter two!
  13. Green_pixie

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    Me likes so far. I love bookstores (sorry random thought haha).
  14. Alesha

    Alesha New Member

    *You're Dying In My Dreams*: Chapter 2!

    sorry i didn't update sooner, i've been getting a lot of homework from school lately and ya....enjoy the update!


    " Oh, I'm sorry, is it closing time already?" Gerard said, giving me a little smile.
    Oh my god, his smile is more amazing in person... I thought.
    " Yes, actually it was closing time 15 minutes ago and by now, I could've been halfway home." I said angerly, trying to conver up the shock and excitement I was feeling about being in an empty bookstore with Gerard Way!
    " I am really sorry! Sometimes I lose track of the time when I'm in a bookstore. I guess this is one of those times." Gerard chuckled.
    " Yeah, I guess." I said, smiling cautiously.
    " Um...ya...Well I'm Gerard Way, you probably know who I am already, ha, but it's nice to meet you." he said, sticking out his hand.
    He wants to shake hands with me! I'm SUCH a fan girl! I thought before raising my own hand and shaking his.
    " I didn't catch your name." he said, letting go of your hand.
    " I'm Saree. Same as the nametag." I said, pointing to the pin on my shirt.
    " Well then Saree. Since I wasted so much of your time, why don't I make up for it by taking you out to dinner tonight? If that's what you'd like..." Gerard asked.
    " That would be great! Just let me grab my jacket and we can go." I said cheerfully.
    I walked to the back room of the store and grabbed my jacket and purse, then walked to the front of the store, where Gerard was waiting at the door.
    " Ladies first." he said, opening the door for me.
    " You're such a gentleman." I said, laughing.
    I locked the store up and stuffed the keys into my purse.
    " So, where are we headed to?" I asked, just as a fresh batch of snow started to fall, making the city seem magical.
    " I did see this cozy looking restaurant just a couple of blocks from here, I think it was called The Blue Cafe, or something of the sorts."
    " I LOVE that place! It is my favourite, I go there all the time!" I said.
    " That's good that you like it. Let's get going then." Gerard said, starting to walk down the street.
    The night was cold, and I couldn't stop shivering.
    I should have brought my mitts... I thought, while catching the occasional glimpses from Gerard.
    " Are you cold Saree?" Gerard asked me, looking a little concerned.
    " Just a little bit." I said, clearly shacking from the cold.
    Geez, I'm such a baby. Can't even walk a couple of blocks with out freezing your ass off...
    " Here, give me your hand." Gerard said.
    " Wh-Wh-What?" I said, teeth clacking together.
    " Give me your hand."
    " Ok, but what do you..."
    Gerard grabbed my hand and stuck it into his jacket pocket, convering it with his own warm hand.
    " At least one of your hands can be warm." he said, giving me one of those heart-melting smiles.
    "Thanks." was all I could manage to squeak out.
    A couple of minutes later, we came to a halt in front of the restaurant doors.
    " Here we are." Gerard said.
    " Great, I'm starving." I said, looking up into his mesmerizing hazel eyes, giving him a huge smile.
    As we both stepped into the restaurant, I took a look back at the dark sky. A shooting star passed by my gaze.
    Make a wish... I thought,
    make it a good one...
  15. Becca

    Becca Lady of Sorrows

    awwww,that was sooo sweet!!!!
    thanks for posting that chapter!
  16. Jenn

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    Really sweeet. Awh. I loved it.
  17. Stephanie

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    I love it!! its so cute
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    Cute!!! I like it. I've gotta hunt down chapter one now or summat..
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    Gah I Love It!!!!
  20. ZippyBisquits917

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    AHHHH that was great!!!

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